A Warning Message to Nigeria: “War changes everything”

“As a young man I’ve lived through the breakout of war in the former Yugoslavia and I served in the Croatian army during the war. The remarkable thing about the build-up to that war was that only days before its full outbreak, most people believed that war would never happen. It seemed unthinkable. I certainly did not think it would happen.

Yugoslavia’s ethnicities, cultures and religions were intertwined in many ways over many generations. While haters did exist, most people by far did not want to hate their neighbours, did not want a war and positively wanted to preserve peace.

However, once the shooting, the victims and the destruction started to happen, everything changed.

Our societies rapidly polarized: nuanced, empathic regard for the other side quickly went out of style, pacifism became unpatriotic, and political opposition became tantamount to treason.

People on all sides closed ranks behind their leaders, patriotism and readiness to fight became supreme virtues and the collective psyche rapidly morphed into the black and white, “us against them” mode.

The business of war then became the nation’s primary preoccupation.” – Alex Krainer

A country must dissolve itself when it fails to work for the interest of the people

The dismemberment of a country is not a new phenomenon in the annals of political world. It happened to Yugoslavia in 1992. It can happen to Nigeria if the elite Nigerians refused to reconsider their intransigence on the need to reconstitute, reconstruct and restructure the present unjust, unequal and enslaved society that is ungraciously inflicting unbearable pain and tremendous suffering on the citizens.

The restructuring of Nigeria can still be done without going into a bloody war as Yugoslavia did. Dissolution of Czechoslovakia into Czech and Slovakia happened in 1993 without shooting a single bullet at each other. Former Soviet Russia (USSR) was partitioned into 15 sovereign countries in 1991 without turning their country into a killing field.

‘Nigerians’ should rethink the ongoing obsession with meaningless political ‘democratic’ elections that will have no positive or beneficial impact whatsoever on the pernicious status quo of power relationships and political hegemony of the country.

After tasting the bitter pills of ‘demo-crazy’, aka “nascent democracy” in 1999, 2003, 2007, 2011 and 2015, Nigerians should by now be wise to this macabre game of in-your-face political deceits and outrageous impunity.

Haven’t Nigerians been fooled long enough?

“Fool me once, shame on you; fool me twice, shame on me.” The shame is on all Nigerians, since we have been fooled (raped) serially five times and yet we are still insisting the next rape on justice, freedom and equality will be different and probably will be sweet and enjoyable this time around.

Shame on all Nigerians, if we refused to use our common sense and intelligence to forsee the dangers ahead and to immediately abort the predictable and wasteful 2019 General Election under preparation.

The forthcoming elections that are under the malevolent preparation of enemies of freedom, justice and equality is not expected and can never be expected to bring relief to the enslaved and suffering indigenous nations of Nigeria.

At this late stage, if awakened Nigeria’s intelligentsia and conscientious civic leaders cannot see the ominous warning signs of danger in the political sky of Nigeria, then common Nigerians should prepare themselves for the worst.

Obviously, when the predictable sad events shall begin to manifest, the elite Nigerians who are the harbinger of the disaster would have disappeared with their families into already prepared safe havens at the other side of the seas.

These impending dangers and disasters, a predictable consequence of the various acts of ignominious stupidity of the political ruling class, shouldn’t be allowed to arrive safely at its logical disastrous conclusion.

Nigerians must not allow a collective ignorance, a general complacency, an apathetic carelessness and a refusal to apply common sense to contemporary political issues of the day, lead the nations into full and unnecessary wars.

Nigeria is presently in mini battles with itself at several theatres across the country. These battles can still be prevented from becoming an all out wars of inter and intra ethnic nations or of wars between religious/sectarian groups or of wars between the north and south or of wars between ‘the Core North’ and ‘the Peripheral North’.

However, if ‘Nigerians’ insist that the unrepentant and irredeemable calibre of sociopathic politicians who have occupied the political space since independence; who have inflicted and are still inflicting untold pain and hardship on the citizens; and who have looted and carted away the common wealth of the country to safe havens for themselves, are still judged to be trustworthy enough to take the country, through bogus electoral processes, to the promised land flowing with milk and honey, then the few Nigerians who are shouting, crying and pleading with Nigerians to consider the need to undergo a therapeutic educational engagement for mental change on ethical values, for cultural reorientation of beliefs and for a wholesome mind restructuring process, have better learn to shut up. Why?

With the way things are at the moment, the few sane Nigerians who can connect the dots and who can see the handwriting of impending danger on the wall of history must be advised to thread carefully. It is obvious that if the articulate Nigerians should persist on the noble and altruistic cause to enthrone justice, equality and freedom for all in the conquered land of Nigeria, through popular enlightenment programme and through sensitisation political struggle, they would likely run the risk of being accused and charged with felonies and given the tag of unpatriotic criminals.

These humane and selfless Nigerians can then be (are already being) judiciously arrested under the unjust extant laws of the country and (are already being) locked up indefinitely for disturbing the peace. Mr President of Nigeria does not hide his abhorrence for civilised niceties. Recently he told ‘Nigerians’ that, “national interest and security supersedes the rule of law and fundamental human rights”

Time is running out for Nigeria. My only wish at this late hour is that more of the awakened and peace loving people can see the hopelessness of the situation and can rally round together to work extra hard to persuade and dissuade fellow Nigerians to jettison the present suicidal pathway that was chosen for them without consultation by the psychopathic so-called political godfathers.

Evil has become Nigeria

Unfortunately, the darkness covering the mind and soul of the people in the land of Nigeria is a total eclipse. Hence, a collective spiritual blindness has overtaken the lives of all and sundry.

The spirits of dumbness and deafness (‘Mumu’ in local parlance) have secured a foothold and are now reigning in the lands of Nigeria as lord and master.

Most Nigerians can no longer see or hear or discern evil anymore because they have become evil personified themselves.

Nigerians are now very comfortable with corruption and they rejoice in their various evil enclaves built on the proceeds of corruption.

Poor miseducated and misinformed ‘Nigerians’!, after several years of brainwashing and indoctrination into all kinds of absurdities, are ready to crucify anyone who says otherwise or who dares to point out the obvious contradictions of the prevailing ‘civilised’ culture and lifestyles in the country.

It is sad for me to say this, Nigerians now wallow like pigs in a pigsty under a subhuman cultivated lifestyle of beastly greed, gluttonous consumption, sordid flamboyant exhibitions, in short, a lifestyle of buffoonery at all levels by both the rich and the poor in Nigeria.

Fellow ‘Nigerians’, it is high time you knew who and what you have become. Without a clear understanding of “how thou art fallen” from grace to grass, there will never be a conscious desire and a determined effort to repent and to change from your wanton waywardness.

The Warning

The warning is clear and straightforward: 2019 Election is not and can never be the answer to the present political, social, economic and spiritual problems of Nigeria.

If the so-called Nigerians insist that they have no other choice than to go ahead with this predictable, wasteful and foreboding electioneering exercise, it will be a testimony to and a confirmation of the collective spiritual blindness, dumbness and deafness that have taken over the lives of Nigerians in its entirety.

In such a dire situation as this, does it mean reflective and sober Nigerians have no other choice than to join the chorus singers that are singing and calling for “a divine intervention” over Nigeria?

Methinks to relinquish our intellect, our common sense, our intuition and our divine inalienable human rights to take charge of our lives, will be an ignoble acceptance of a life of total hopelessness, unfathomable powerlessness and ignominious denial of the immense divine power that providence bestowed on mankind.

Fellow so-called Nigerians, this is a time that calls for sober reflection, deep introspection and quiet private meditation by each and everyone. The answer to all our problems is flowing in the wind. It is only begging for receptive minds to welcome it home and to make use of it for the benefit of self and others.

Are we ready to listen to the silent and loving summons of the spirit of truth?

Time will tell.

In The Spirit of Truth



22 September 2018