The Dishonourable Africans IX : Lesson of Life on True Leadership


It is difficult at this stage to resist moving away from the analysis of the physical, political, sociological and psychological facts around us into a higher level of analysis of the spiritual reality of humanity. It is very easy for the unenlightened to devote so much attention, energy and effort to the review and analysis of history and contemporary events while looking for the wherefore and whereto of human failures without realising that what they are seeing and analysing are mere symptoms of a deeper reality.

This writer considers such intellectual exercise a wasteful endeavour because it cannot edify or heal humanity except to buttress the pedigree of such analyst as a member of the intellectual class. This writer will count his labour wasted if it is driven solely by the need to be recognised as one of the ‘bright boys’. The abridged story on leadership we are narrating is a true story. This story is not a fiction designed to entertain readers but to heal all hearers and readers from the sin of ignorance – the mother of stupidity and foolishness. This heavenly-sent story touched each of us more deeply than we could ever imagine.

However, the history of our world has convincingly showed that there is a pattern, logic, and a purpose in the seemingly unconnected events, circumstances and phenomena that are ceaselessly taking place on earth. It should not surprise anyone if the non-reflecting people find it difficult to see a pattern in the history of the world as such. This writer believes that there is no accident or mere chance event or coincidental occurrence or action in the history of the world. I tend to strongly believe that every circumstance in life mysteriously inter-linked with one another and purposefully directed to one particular goal. The goal in question is the birth of utopia on planet earth – the establishment of the kingdom of god on earth. Simply, it is a divine drive towards the birth of perfection of life on earth.

While reviewing both the oral and written history of humanity, it has been an uphill task for all analysts to make sense of the recorded chaos, mayhem and absurdities on earth. It is difficult for many brilliant people to see any sense in the design of our universe, in the creation of humankind, or in the creation of other forms of life. We must not blame these intelligent people because until heaven opens up the eyes of humankind to see and the senses to understand, humankind is the most stupid of all creations.

The animals might look and act daft to us but they have not lost the instincts that connect them to the creator of life. The animals live according to the eternal programmes designed for them. As for humankind and because of our inflated ego that tends to believe it knows everything, we have since lost touch with our designer and creator many ages ago. It is obvious that our spiritual link with the creator seems to have disconnected a long time ago. The inbuilt receptor present in every living thing that makes it possible to receive information from the creator has gone dead in most humankind. For a very long time, humankind has been alone, carelessly and foolishly groping in darkness.

We can compare the case of humankind with the story of an astronaut sent to the moon by the National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA) of the United States of America. Sooner after the astronaut landed on the moon, he lost the radio communication contact with the Space Control Centre on earth. He tried to make contact with earth without any success. The Control Centre could see the astronaut but he (astronaut) could not see or hear them. The Centre watched with pity and sadness as their colleague ran from one pit hole into another while performing many stupid functions and silly activities that could put his life at risk and jeopardise all the elaborate hard work that had gone into the design, planning, and preparation of the moon mission. The solution to the problem is simple; the control centre must send another astronaut to rescue their stranded colleague before he puts his life and the whole moon mission into danger.

This is the true story of humankind. Heaven21 that created us could see us as we flounder and suffer. Heaven has never desisted from sending messages to us but our spiritual receptor is defective and so it could not pick up the messages. As a result, from time to time heaven has sent teachers and spiritual masters to us to teach and to show us how we can repair our spiritual receptors so that we can be linked up with heaven again. From every generation in the past that had the opportunity to receive any of the teachers sent by heaven all the peoples that listened and hearkened to the teaching of the teachers were rescued from the perpetual mayhem on earth. Moreover, as each person saw the light that came from the message of love and understood the purpose and the meaning of life, each person became a light to his/her family, friends, neighbours, nation, and race as well as the world at large. Unfortunately and to the dismay of heaven, the latter generations that followed after the death of the teachers often turned the heavenly sent teachers into idols of worship.

It is important for us to recognise that heaven is not partial in its ways. When we look at the history of the age that is passing bye, Africa would seem to have been completely forgotten or neglected. We have read about the stories of several teachers that appeared in the Middle East, in India, in China, and in Greece. It seems that these parts of the world had greater favours of heaven more than the Africa region. This is not true since the timetable of programmes designed by heaven for the redemption of humankind is forever steadfast and the ways of heaven are forever just. Moreover, one might suggest that since those who are more seriously sick would require a priority attention and prompt services from the physicians, these parts of the world might have been in more deadly danger than Africa during this period.

All students of history would have recognised that the history of civilization of the world tend to move in a progressive fashion across the races. Among the important landmarks in the history of the world, is a period of a global phenomenon of spiritual awakening and enlightenment that historians have christened as the Axial Age. This is the period between 800 – 200 BCE when heaven revealed most of the teachings that are still making waves today to the world.22 I do not think that Heaven neglected Africa in this heavenly feast.

Unfortunately, we have no written records of the work of our spiritual teachers. However, the several deities in Africa are testimonies of some revealed fundamental truth that point to some body of knowledge of life. The ceremonies and festivals of ancestral worship amongst Africans, I believe, were telltale symbols of the remains of some fundamental revelations. These cultural ceremonies are full of deep-rooted knowledge and of sacred teachings that pertain to the meaning of life. Every African is invited to take a second and a third look again at those ceremonies and festivals that the so-called elites of Africa seem to take for granted or even ridiculed.

Once more spiritual teachers from other parts of the world that left records of their teachings testified to the universality of the truth of life revealed to them. Although, the human nature and the personality of the teacher might have played a part in the way they relayed these teachings to the people. In addition, the culture of the people that received the message might have interfered with the interpretation given to the universal truth about the creator of heaven and earth and about the nature and purpose of the created. Yet, this writer sincerely believes that all the revealed knowledge found everywhere in the world have some seeds of truth in them but does not believe that we should take any of them as absolute truth.

It is therefore the duty of every seeker to piece together the various segments of these revelations from the various teachers of spiritual life in order to have a complete and unadulterated picture of the truth of life. Africans have no reason anymore to be subservient to any other race in the world. Most of the teachings we mentioned categorically revealed that every life is equal to every other life; and that every creation is composed of same properties of energy or power or force of life. Therefore, no life is of less importance to any other. It is from this fundamental truth that all enlightened souls understand the sacred need to accord equal respect to every life regardless of whether it is a great or small creation.

All enlightened souls understand intuitively the role of heaven in the creation of true leaders. Leaders created by heaven are the ones the scriptures call the light of the world or the salt of the earth. Through their exemplary lives, these heavenly created leaders naturally become pathfinders of new values, beliefs, and goals for the world. The divine intention of these leaders is always to build the mind, to edify the spirit and to lead humankind onto higher level of existence. The heavenly created leaders are neither aggressive, ambitious, greedy, ostentatious, exhibitionistic, power loving nor power-crazy. On the contrary, they are naturally humble – preferring to work quietly behind the scene, refusing to draw attention to themselves or their works, creatively intelligent and deliberately against any acquisition, display and ownership of earthly economic or political power.

The history of the world, as is now being discovered by enlightened thinkers and writers, is an unending saga billed to run forever. It has its moments of tragedy as well as its moments of commedy. However, like any well-written play the story of life must have its several acts and infinite scenes – it must have its exciting ups and depressing downs, its triumphant successes and disastrous failures, its many moments of joys and moments of sadness, and it must have its many other forms of life’s dualities as well. The revelations that have appeared here and there across the globe are pointing to a likely perpetual reoccurrence of the story of life. If this is true, what are its implications for Africa and the world in general?

In the spiritual age that is gradually unfolding, there are some teachers that heaven has gladly sent to earth. These teachers started appearing on planet earth from the 14th century. They have revealed to the world new gospels as they demolished the lies of the old gospels. The truth and knowledge of their revelations have contributed immensely to the present stage of human development. The gospels of Desiderius Erasmus (1466-1536), of Nicolas Copernicus (1473-1543), of Galilei Galileo (1564-1642), of Thomas Hobbes (1588-1679), of Thomas Paine (1737-1809), of Pierre-Joseph Proudhon (1809-65), of John Stuart Mill (1806-73), of Mikhail Bakunin (1814-76), of Friedrich Nietzsche (1844-1900), of John Kenneth Galbraith (1908-2006) to mention just a few, did irreparable damages to the conventional wisdom or foolishness of their days.23

These true gospels have helped in the healing of intellectual and spiritual blindness of tens, hundreds, thousands and millions of seekers of truth in the world. These gospels have cured the collective malignant diseases of spiritual, cultural and intellectual ignorance that have held humanity to ransom for so long. These gospels have exposed the foolishness of every ancient superstition and have driven away the accompanying fears in the lives of true seekers of the truth of life. Through these gospels, humanity is able once again to secure a space of spiritual and physical freedom earlier denied it by the tripartite political establishments of government, religion and mammon created and sustained by great lies from the ignoble stables of the so-called leaders.

Every seeker of the truth of existence regardless of sex, race and culture who listened attentively or read sincerely the unfolding revelations from these gospels found enlightenment, rebirth, freedom, love and peace. In particular, freedom to live according to the specific unique design of the person concerned and not according to the ‘philosophy of men’ in religious cloaks. Each seeker of the truth of life found that his/her inherited and endemic fears of obnoxious traditions and customs, of the oppressive religious creeds and dogmas of priests, of the non-forgiven jealous Gods, of the temptation-setting and trapping wicked Satan, and of the other such foolish fears were miraculously expunged. Indeed, it was truly a case of knowing the truth and the truth of life setting every seeker free, just as one of the old teachers said it would.

This is the tradition that heaven has consistently used since humankind was created. The creator of humankind, as the controller of NASA mentioned above, understands the limit of human comprehension and nature. Therefore, contrary to popular religious propaganda, it is the duty of heaven to keep humanity safe from avoidable harms and self-destruction. Heaven understands the depth of our stupidities and the extent to which our foolishness, if allowed to go on unchecked, can ruin this perfect edifice of our universe. It is therefore a duty of love for heaven to keep us safe and away from danger until humanity learns the lesson, it ought to learn, before it can grow and mature into perfection. In this regard, the timetable of heaven with respect to our training programmes has been progressing in a perfect order.

The journey of life to which Heaven created each of us to perform is a foolproof plan. There is nothing so far that had happened, that is happening or that will happen that is outside this heavenly ordained plan. This is why each of the divine teachers that came before now had spent ample time to correct a host of misinformation about the nature of heaven, the nature of humanity and the nature of the universe. Although a host of these teachings have been codified into religious ‘holy books’ and other cultural artefacts, unfortunately this codification has led to grave distortions, gross misinformation and legendary mythologies that are far away from the sacred fundamental truth that these blessed teachers gave to the world.

Fortunately, the truth of life that is unfolding to our generation is daily confirming that we are individually a part of the history of the world. Serious scientists and seekers who refused to subject their thinking to a narrow conservative ideas are proving the truth of immortality and of the reoccurrence of life day by day in researches and revelations. For example, ancient Africans knew the truth of reincarnation as a proven reality and they creatively wove this knowledge into the culture of most indigenous African societies. Unfortunately, most modern Africans are rejecting this truth because of their contact with foreign religious fables.

Nevertheless, the wise men and women of the world, because of their inquisitive nature, will not take some of the eyebrow-raising revelations that are coming out in books lightly. They will naturally be fascinated to learn more and to understand more of what the fools dismiss as science fictions. These unconventional scientists are revealing that the soul of man is one of the three distinct components that make up the physical entity called human being while the other two components are the body and the mind.

The soul as mentioned by several ancient sages is the core or the nucleus of life while the body is the garment that gives the soul a physical form or shape. The mind is a network of special cells and nerves collectively called the brain. Since the soul is a non-physical substance, it does not respond to any of the physical measurement of science presently in use. The American Heritage Dictionary (third edition) defines soul as the “animating and vital principle in human beings, credited with faculties of thought, action, and emotion and often conceived as an immaterial entity.”24 However, since the beginning of the 20th century, the young science of psychology and other allied behavioural disciplines have made remarkable progress in unravelling some important facts about the enigma called the soul. The report of researches and other inspiring books emanating from this particular area of science should attract the attention of every seeker of the truth of life.25

Without an understanding of what the truth of life is, humankind cannot make progress further than the current mayhem of war and bloodshed. The collective ignorance about the reoccurrence and the repetition of life is behind the foolishness called modern civilization. The conventional belief that was sold to the world by Jewish priests and later over flogged by western religious philosophers and lately by bigoted fundamentalists tends to see life of mankind on planet earth as a one-stop affair. This philosophy of slave owners is the greatest error of religious faith that the sellers of ignorance have bequeathed to the world.

Since life is a one-stop affair, then we can easily understand why the upwardly mobile ambitious people placed so much effort on the need to be successful as quickly as possible and in the perverted sense promoted by lovers of power. Today, the most important commandment handed to every aspiring youth is: accumulate monetary and material wealth as much as you can, as quickly as you can, and by any means as you can. The modern prophets of mammon are saying, since monetary and material wealth is central to life then if any person cannot cultivate and accumulate wealth in high amount that can put the word ‘greed’ to shame then that fellow should count him/herself a loser or a failure in life.

Under this climate of conventional global foolishness, created and promoted by London and New York, is it still a wonder why the fools of the world would go to any extent to secure the most essential commodity of life as propounded by the gurus of our world? The desire to be successful in monetary and material terms is the singular motivation that gives meaning to the life of every modern man. To be rich and famous are the twin goals that keep every aspiring youth awake and focus and the only purpose that keeps many fools alive.

The modern gurus of our world, because of a lack of true knowledge, have completely turned a divine advice upside-down. Yeshua [a.k.a Jesus] says, “But seek first the kingdom of God and his righteousness, and all these things [food, drink, clothing] shall be added to you.”26 Today, the London and New York gurus say to their slobbering followers all over the world, “Seek first the kingdom of mammon and its wickedness, and all these things (political power, material properties, grand positions of honour and fame, etc.,) shall be added to you.” The complete philosophy of life of the modern man is a perversion of reality and a negation of the truth of life.

Therefore, fellow Africans if you are still insisting that there is nothing wrong with our world and the values guiding our behaviours are appropriate, may we ask why would any sane person put so much faith in material acquisition as the sole purpose of life?

How can the end purpose of this beautiful edifice called the universe and this magnificent piece of physiological machine called man be solely to be rich and famous?

How can any man with sense and a living soul look back at the end of seventy odd years on earth and declare in all truthfulness that his achievements in life are the empires forcefully and bloodily acquired/established?

How can any sane person be proud to count as an achievement the number of palaces, castles and houses built with blood and stolen wealth; the number of women sexually conquered and abused; and the number of illegitimate children fathered and forgotten?

How can any compassionate human being with a sound mind sleep easy with multi-million dollars stashed away in the bank while millions of his/her generation have no food or shelter?

In addition, who else but a psychopath would find joy in the number of lives cruelly wrecked or ruthlessly snuffed out in the cause of personal ambition for earthly power and vainglory?

Please let us think deeply about these issues and consider how these sickening perversions can be truly and sincerely the purpose of life?

Unless we get the answers right with respect to the purpose of life, the need to reconstruct our world on new values and cultures will not be easy to fathom. Presently, we have built our world on the foundation of values supplied by mammon. To my mind, the present global arrangement of politics, economics and societies cannot be the best humanity can do.

However, the inability for most people to look at our world objectively with clear unambiguous eyes from the perspective of love and compassion has made the idea of revaluation and reconstruction of global values extremely difficult. It is imperative for Africans to accept the truth that values, beliefs and cultures are intellectual products made or manufactured by the human minds. Our world has created useful values and cultures out of money. Unfortunately, these values and cultures created by humankind have turned into a suffocating god and have become albatross idols on our necks. Mammon has gobbled all the pre-existing idols and gods in our world. As at now Mammon is the pre-eminent idol or god of our generation.

The history of god has shown that each generation creates its own god. We have mentioned briefly in an essay titled The Hypocrites in African how each culture creates its own god. In effect, our generation is the inheritor of an awesome powerful god ever created by humankind. This god has given the world a universal value and a unified global culture that is looking unstoppable day by day as it erodes and demolishes every indigenous values and cultures on its way.

Every awakened African needs to step back from the maddening crowd of worshippers and ask a simple question, where is god mammon leading humanity? Is it into paradise on earth or into hell on earth?

Looking at the way our world is presently configured there is more than enough evidence to suggest that for most people in the world the final destination is hell on earth.

We need to stop the momentum of this god. Humanity has the power to stop mammon because it is our creation. The simplest way to stop mammon and its priests is to revaluate and reconstruct new values and new cultures for our world.

Are awakened Africans ready to consider this Herculean task?

Are we prepared to sacrifice and chuck out the present illusion called modernisation?


22 APRIL 2001

(To be continued)


21] Heaven as a concept is the best word humankind has found so far to express the mystery of spiritual existence and the probable many dimensions of life in the universe. Heaven, in this essay, shall stand for a spiritual reality that accepts the existence of other worlds apart from planet earth. This writer therefore believes that if there are creators behind the aesthetically designed, technically constructed and the magnificent phenomenon called humankind, the abode of the creators is in the spiritually and imaginatively conceptualised place named by ancient humankind as heaven. Hence, this writer shall refer to the physically unseen and mentally incomprehensible creators, the spiritual friend and guidance of humankind, as The Creator (TC) of heaven and earth.

[22] Karen Armstrong, A History of God (From Abraham to the Present: The 4000-year Quest for God). London: Vintage, 1999.

[23] The listed names are of those original thinkers whose works this writer found very rewarding during the search for the truth of life. These men were the unconventional brave hearts of their generation. Their radical ways and thoughts gave the shock of a lifetime to their contemporaries. The willingness of these men to tread on the path where everybody else was frightened to walk at the time when heresy was a sin visited with capital punishment was remarkable. The religious beliefs and dogmas, the conventional wisdoms and foolishness, and the archaic traditions and superstitions of their days failed to dissuade these men from breaking free and flying high in the face of all the demonic powers of their days. Their works are strongly recommended to all seekers of truth.

[24] Davis Hammerman and Lisa Lenard, The Complete Idiot’s Guide to Reincarnation. USA: Macmillan, Alpha Books, 2000

[25] Carol Bowman, Children’s Past Lives. Great Britain: Elements Books, 1997

[26] The Gospel According to Matthew Chapter 6: 33 in Holy Bible. The New King James Version. Thomas Nelson. 1979.