I have always wondered why anyone should bother to establish a website anymore when there is almost a glut or a deluge of sites in the world-wide-web universe. As people in commerce will say, find your niche in the market place and bingo you are in business of making loads of money.

Although this particular business of mine is not about making money, it is a business that is seeking to know what it means to be a living human being. It is a business, that I will advise, if taken up as the first cause of pursuit in life, will surely make a world of difference to the way we relate with every other life that crosses our path.

The niche I discovered is that knowledge of spirituality is not prominent in the world wide web. There are loads of noises on the web, particularly noises about how to be prosperous and successful materially. There are many sites for the celebration of achievers and for promoting the worship of all kinds of heroes. Past and present heroes and heroines of religion, of business, of wars, of mammon, gold and silver, of political power etc are conspicuously placed on very high pedestal for all to see and emulate.

There are ample number of sites promoting material consciousness and some even deceptively disguise it as spiritual consciousness. These sites are sustained by ‘forcefully’ attracting our attention through repetitive marketing onslaught on our senses of perception under all kinds of psychological deceptions that appeal specially to our human weaknesses and spiritual disabilities.

SAM ABBD ISRAEL decided to enter the world-wide-web market not as a promoter of any product, be it material commodity or human hero/heroine but to promote the knowledge and spirit of self. My market researches, (as advised by entrepreneurial experts before entering the market) have discovered that there is a gap in the knowledge-base of self. Mankind, it seems, is being blindsided or outright blindfolded not to perceive and to know who we are.

We are saddled with materiality to the point where the only thing we know about each other is how much political power a person has got in the society and how much money a person has in his bank account. By the popular culture of every society, a knowledge of the material well being of a person determines the amount of attention and respect other fellow mankind will accord to him/her.

We have been brainwashed after many centuries of deceptive religious teachings to see and to know nothing about ourselves more than the temporary body we wear and the adornment of gold and diamonds the materially ‘successful’ ones among us wear to separate themselves from the throng of the masses.

SAM ABBD ISRAEL is not a proselyte or a preacher of any archaic doctrine whatsoever. I am a seeker of truth and I am eager to share the fruit of my findings with those who are in the same boat as me – fellow seekers. Love demands given to others all of oneself because the spirits of truth and of love know that all creations are of one essence.

I am not a philosopher of morals or a theologian of righteousness. I am hoping to simply present my discoveries of what truth is likely to mean. I have no absolute answer to all the complex questions of life. I am a simple user of common sense and I rely wholly on the various stimuli my sensory apparatuses picked up from my habitat. I also depend strictly on the interpretation my mind is able to give to the multitude of stimuli my brain collects.

My mind is a trustworthy companion because its present state of being depends on our (body and mind) joint efforts.  Together since our birth, like conjoined twins, we have worked together amicably to set ourselves on the path of seeking, searching and knowing.

So, fellow travellers and seekers of truth, come and join us as we walk and work together, as we share together our findings and as we bond together under one spirit of love for truth. We hold fast to the principle that spiritual freedom depends on the knowledge of truth. Conversely, we also think that spiritual bondage depends on the knowledge of lies.

The principal objective of the site is to be of a quiet assistance to setting truthful seekers on the path of conscious devotion to the art of seeking and searching for knowledge of truth. It is in the knowing of what the truth of life is that each of us can secure spiritual freedom.

In The Spirit of Truth


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