Re: The North, “Their North” by Solomon Musa

Hmmm! “Their North”!!

“Injustice anywhere is a threat to justice everywhere.

We are caught in an inescapable network of mutuality, tied in a single garment of destiny.

Whatever affects one directly, affects all indirectly.”

― Martin Luther King Jr.,

The rise of a Culture from Barbarism into Civilisation can only occur when Homo sapiens have evolved the consciousness to see the manifestation of god in other human kinds.

When the killing of anyone becomes the killing of a god in human form.

When love and respect are accorded to each and every living creature on planet earth without discrimination or reservation.

When man-made religious beliefs are no longer allowed to becloud benevolence to others or befuddled a fair judgement of human issues and relationships with others.

It is only at this stage of intelligent evolution, we can say the nature and culture of a particular society are no longer primitive or barbaric.

What is happening in Nigeria today is an example of extreme barbarity as the consequence of a deliberate policy to neglect the cultivation, through education, the raw minds and spirits of everyone in the polity.

The Fulani Elites, who ‘cut off their own noses to spite their faces’, as a result, “Their North” has completely regressed back to the level of a jungle and it is now displaying all the attributes of an animal kingdom.

Can this “Their North” be saved from self-destruction?

No, it is too late.

Unless, the over ambitious Fulani Elites, who decided to open the gates of hell on the indigenous people of Nigeria, can be identified and sanctioned under the international laws.

The Fulani Elites are the mastermind of “Their North”. They created it. They must not be allowed to escape the appropriate punishment that are reserved for traitors.

The Fulani Elites are the traitors to the Independence Agreements made among the indigenous people of Nigeria before the creation of the Federal Republic of Nigeria. Because of their vaulting ambition to expand the political power and the geographical sphere of the obsolete Fulani Caliphate, they decided to trash the Constitution of Nigeria and to make it ineffectual in handling normal political and civil relationships in the country.

The Fulani Elites are the culprits and their hands are soaked in the blood of innocent children, women and men of Nigeria. Every finger of derision must be pointed in their direction for causing the woes and tribulations in the North and in the entire country.

The Fulani Elites are the Arrowheads behind the traitorous activities that militarised the Fulani herdsmen and kitted the Fulani peasants with AK47 and other murderous weapons. Thereby, turning the poor and impressionable folks into killer bandits, insolent rapists, heartless kidnappers and murderous terrorists.

The Indigenous People of Nigeria know them and the whole world know them too. In order to resolve the political crisis that they have created in “Their North” and in Nigeria, the Fulani Elites, who broke the national and the international laws against the fundamental human rights of the indigenous people to life, with arrogance and impunity, must be and should be made to face the wrath of Lady Justice.


17 December 2021