The Indigenous Peoples of Nigeria As The Sacrificial Lambs

“Nigeria is in deep mess because we have the government we deserve. We voted for Buhari to continue in 2019; and the repercussions are being visited on us.”

Dele Sobowale

There is a need to correct the erroneous impression that the indigenous people of Nigeria deserved the present government that seems to enjoy satisfaction in inflicting pain and suffering on the citizens. The Vanguard Newspaper Columnist, Dele Sobowale in an essay titled, ‘We Are In Big Trouble And No Leader In Sight’ repeated this untruthful assertion as quoted above. Like most so-called leaders of the post or neocolonial countries all over the world, Muhammadu Buhari was clandestinely imposed on the country by the foreign owners and their local vassals/controllers of Nigeria.

The imposition of Muhammadu Buhari became more glaring in 2019 when his government, which everyone with functioning brain in Nigeria had acknowledged and adjudged as a mistake that shouldn’t have happened, was again declared the winner of the Presidential election held that year. This was an election where we saw video evidences of underaged children who were voting openly and the industrial thumb-printing of voters’ ballot papers that took place outside the polling stations.

If this was the election that is now being reported as, “We voted for Buhari to continue in 2019,” I think this untruthfulness should be seriously and angrily refuted because it is not a fair and honest representation of the ignoble democratic practices that the world witnessed in 2019. The question is to ask, how could anyone with a living conscience accept or condone the macabre type of democracy, which is being practiced in Nigeria, as a normal democratic practice in the 21st century world?

The indigenous peoples of Nigeria are the sacrificial lambs who are being played about mercilessly in a cruel dehumanising game in the political circus courts of the hidden owners of Nigeria. This unfortunate system is only possible because the hands of the indigenous peoples of Nigeria have been tied behind their backs with legal chains and ropes strung out of the fudged 1999 Constitution of Nigeria.

Without a concerted effort to break the chains and cut off the ropes of the constitutional enslavement that tie the indigenous people of Nigeria together and which have prevented them from acting according to their true consciences, no election in Nigeria is worthy of being called democratic election. Also, without shredding the oppressive and unworkable 1999 Constitution of Nigeria, the world shouldn’t be surprised if it is reported in May 2023 that the indigenous peoples of Nigeria have again ‘voted’ into political office anyone among the political charlatans and economic mercenaries that the owners of Nigeria have selected, polished up, deodorised, presented to the public for election and declared as a winner of the presidential election.

As far as the political, cultural and economic ruiners of Nigeria are concerned, it is just a political game. Unfortunately, it is the lives of the hapless indigenous peoples of Nigeria and the future of the innocent children that are being destroyed beyond repair as they are abandoned in the inhuman and pitiable state of “suffering and smiling”, as it has been the practice since 1960.

Thanks to Mr Integrity of Nigeria, President Muhammadu Buhari, the Nigerian economy is now wallowing in tatters. It is totally bankrupted with mountains of irredeemable loans and debts waiting to be paid. Yet, Mr Integrity claims that he has done his best. What can anyone do about it? Unfortunately, nothing can be done since a President of Nigeria is legally protected from any form of indictment and prosecution by the atrocious immunity clauses embedded deep in the 1999 Constitution of Nigeria,.

The dastardly deeds perpetrated against the indigenous people of Nigeria have been cruelly done and with impunity too. Since 2015, the blood of innocent Nigerians have been flowing freely in all the nooks and crannies of Nigeria; mountains of dead bodies of the kidnapped and slaughtered in cold blood have piled up across the country; sorrow, tears and blood have become the daily rituals in most homes and communities; and mass weeping and the gnashing of teeth are the “repercussions visited” on the people of Nigeria for the democratic’ elections in which their votes were never counted or reckoned with as relevant in the final analysis.

Alas, like political gangsters and economic bandits, Buhari and his henchmen and women are preparing to ride off in peace into the sunset to enjoy their heist and mega loots while Nigeria, the raped and battered country, is left in complete mess and ruin.

This is the terrible price the indigenous people of Nigeria will be forced to pay for many decades to come because of the eight inglorious years of locust-like invasion and immoral infestation of Nigeria brought by Mr Integrity-in-chief himself, President, General Muhammadu Buhari, the Commander in Chief of the Armed Forces of Nigeria. What a waste of space!!!

Is there any hope in the horizon?

None whatsoever. Inasmuch as the benighted 1999 Constitution of Nigeria remains intact and unchallenged both morally and legally, the “suffering-and-smiling” of the indigenous people of Nigeria will continue unabated.

In The Spirit of Truth


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