Why Would Government of Nigeria Sabotage Itself?

“In my analysis, what I think played out was a last ditch effort by some shadowy figures to derail the process. Those who have followed the trajectory of the [ASUU] strike and various moves by government, would agree that this is not a conspiracy theory. That is not the first agreement to be spiked since the strike started.[…] So why would government sabotage itself?” — Owei Lakemfa

Owei Lakemfa’s ‘Academics, politicians and rogue elements’ in his column in the Vanguard Newspaper of Nigeria of 17th October raised the above issue with respect to the recently ‘resolved’ 8-month industrial debacle and strike action between the Academic Staff Union of Universities (ASUU) and the Federal Government of Nigeria. It should be noted that for 8 months, the entire 2.5 million students from more than 100 public tertiary institutions were denied education because of the ASUU strike.

ASUU resolved as a last resort, after many frustrating years from an unresponsive government, to go on strike on February 14th, 2022. ASUU was forced to go on strike when negotiations broke down on legitimate demands for “the release of revitalisation funds for universities, renegotiation of the 2009 FGN/ASUU agreement, release of earned allowances for university lecturers, and deployment of the University Transparency and Accountability Solution (UTAS).” (Link)

Now, Owei Lakemfa is asking an important and intriguing question which everyone in Nigeria ought to reflect upon as critically as humanly possible. Without much ado, I think the answer to the political question of conspiracy is simple. The thought of it should no longer be construed as a conspiracy theory. There are ample evidences to show that the Nigeria State has been captured by “Rogue Elements” and the country is inadvertently under the maladministration of a Rogue Alien Government.

In the last 7 years, Nigerians have witnessed deliberate and calculated malevolent acts of sabotage and outright war against the indigenous people of the country in every front of human endeavours. If Nigerians are sincere in their observations and evaluation of the socioeconomic and political situations, we have no choice than to agree that only a foreign occupied force — albeit pretending to be a government of the people, by the people, and for the people — could have perpetrated all the ills that have been carefully recorded by reporters, columnists, analysts and archivists in the newspapers and other mass media during this period (2015-2022) of infamy.

What is amazing is the inability of our brilliant columnists, political analysts and legal luminaries to see and to comprehend that what is happening in Nigeria is a classic war of attrition that is being waged by a foreign ethnic group against all the indigenous ethnic groups in the country. Since 2015, those in the upper echelon of the government (aka the cabal) have been waging a sustained battle to wear down every opponent in the country; forcing the physical collapse of all the institutions of government; and mentally and physically tiring down all the ethnic nations to such an extent that their will to fight for freedom is collapsing.

Then we need to ask, How is it possible that the political eggheads and the legal luminaries in the country have failed to see these covert but in-your-face strategic moves — the covert writing and the decreeing of a dubious Constitution and the appointment of incompetent neophytes as federal administrators — that were aimed at paralysing and bringing to naught all the institutions of governance in Nigeria since 2015?

Are we to take it for granted that it is a normal practice in a country claiming to have a democratic government to suddenly discover that the economy just happened to be running down into bankruptcy, that the security architecture just happened to be in abject disarray, that the education systems just happened to be in comatose, that the power and energy infrastructures just happened to be inoperable, that brigandage, kidnapping, killing and maiming of unarmed and innocent people just happened to skyrocket without financial aid and political assistance from the powers-that-be, etc.?

Are we to take it as a normal practice of governance in a multiethnic and multi-religious country that all the sensitive and strategic appointments made in the last 7 years were dictated by impunity and nepotism in favour of one particular ethnic group in flagrant disregard of the extant laws on the preservation of the federal character principles and practices in the federal bureaucracy?

Are we to assume that it is just a mere coincidence, without an iota of conspiracy, that the federal government of Nigeria has focussed unwavering and extraordinary attention on the sole business of using the federal might to offer exclusive care, welfare and protection to the Fulani Herdsmen and Terrorists (aka Bandits) in the country?

How can the indigenous people of Nigeria forget all the clandestine moves that were made for the proposal to pass the bill on the establishment of Rural Grazing Area (RUGA) settlements; and the bill on Regulatory Framework for Trans Boundary Water Resources in Nigeria and the mega funding of the Rehabilitation of bandits?

Is it not true that for seven years, the alien rogue government in charge of Nigeria see it fit only to pursue with vigour and to implement policies with immediate alacrity which are solely for the benefit and interests of one particular ethnic group in the country?

These few anecdotes should be sufficient to convince all the doubting Thomases that indeed, there is a verifiable conspiracy to destabilise Nigeria and to remake it in the image of the Fulani (Islamic) Caliphate.

The fact that there is another ongoing futile political activities geared towards organising a nationwide political party ‘democratic’ elections in 2023, without first resolving the conundrums of the mischievous 1999 Constitution of Nigeria, is a proof that the indigenous people of Nigeria have learnt nothing from their debilitating experiences and have gained nothing by way of knowledge from the woes and tribulations bedevilling the country since 1960.

Hence, foreign observers of Nigeria seem to be drawing an erroneous conclusion that Nigerians are a very happy people and are very comfortable with their present destructive and dehumanising political situations. If not so, they argue, Nigerians won’t be willing to continue to endure and to maintain the present status quo of the inimical political institutions of the alien rogue government that are crushing them, rubbing their noses in the sand while kneeling on their necks and callously inflicting pain and suffering on the indigenous ethnic nations.

Friends of the indigenous peoples of Nigeria can only hope and can only wish that sooner than later the “suffering and smiling” people of Nigeria will wake up in large numbers from their present political slumber and will throw off their political yokes and their socioeconomic chains before it is too late.

We can only hope that it is not too late to save and to redeem the downtrodden people of Nigeria from the perils of internal colonisation.

Miracles do happen!!!

In The Spirit of Truth