This is a commentary on the content of a video titled, “MIND BLOWING – Our Youth Knows NOTHING!”. The video showed youngsters in the prime of their youth in the US who were unable to give correct answers to simple general knowledge questions.

If we assume that the intention of the producers of this video was designed to amuse and to make people laugh, the contents are actually not funny at all. Rather, they are heartbreaking to watch the consequent effect of the deliberate programme of dumbing-down the educational system in the US.

The interviewer casually ask these young persons questions like: what year was the US founded?; what is 15% or 50% of 100?; how many moons does earth have?; how many states make up the US?; how many inches are in two feet?; how many weeks in a year? What country is the queen of England from?, etc. Each of the questions drew a ‘I don’t know’ response. And when prodded to offer a guess, the answers given to the questions were woefully disappointing.

What one sees in the video and what it portends is the final proof that the United States of America has been conquered and brought low from her previous lofty heights of glory. The founding fathers of the USA would be shedding tears of sorrow now if they could see what their nation has become. This is a country that the founding patriots fought so hard and shed precious blood to establish as an independent and a free nation outside the grasping fingers of the Imperial British colonial power. Today, the promising independent nation, a showcase for the world at her prime, is no more. It is, sad to say that the glorious USA has gone with the winds.

Remarkably, the Founding Fathers of USA and the Statesmen like Thomas Jefferson, John Adam, George Washington, and other great Americans had premonitions about what might likely happen to their country in the future. Hence, they left auspicious warnings on the need for the people to remain eternally vigilante and to protect their freedom at all cost. They also left ominous words to the effect that should the people become negligent and complacent about their precious freedom that it would be taken away from them and that they would end up as slaves on the land.

Unfortunately, when enemies pretend to be citizens within the fold of a country, and these enemies deliberately, surreptitiously and incessantly waged wars of annihilation on the institutions of government, particularly on the education system and in turn on the minds of the children and youth, the predictable consequence is what the video portrayed.

Looking at the ongoing social, economic and political events in the world and particularly in the US, it seems that a significant number of young persons in the world and in the US have been turned into sophisticated illiterates. The youths are outwardly looking pretty good, like dressed-up and made-up mannequins; but inwardly their minds have been terribly messed up. They are like a soulless group of people whose minds have been filled to the brim with trashy and trivial knowledge of the meaning of life and human existence.

What the world is seeing is the shocking degradation of a once-upon-a-time great country. This depressing scenario of our floundering youths is repeated in every western country and more intensely and more destructively in the African continent. The youth of the world have been comprehensively ‘Zombified’. The future of our world can no longer be assured anymore that it can escape an imminent extinction of the human species. It seems the structures of doom and gloom have been cleverly laid and cruelly erected in every country. And if this pernicious psychological wars being waged against the mental health and the spiritual well-being of our children and youth can not be reversed and quickly too, then the world must expect manifold social, political and economic implosions in every country on earth sooner than later.

Therefore, the lesson that should be learned from this impromptu survey of the Young Persons and their poor performances in basic general knowledge should make everyone on earth to sit up and to ponder about the future of nations. This is a cause for alarm, if the ‘mighty’ USA can fall as we are seeing it today, what are the chances that other smaller developed or developing or the under-developed countries of the world can protect themselves from suffering similar fate?

Can any country survive the diabolical machinations of those among the human race, who have acquired the financial means, the political power and who nurture the plan of a demonic grand delusion to bring the people of the world, in its entirety, to our knees as chattel slaves or as sub-human subjects under the dominion of a satanic World Empire?

Is there any hope for mankind?

Of course there is hope. But it all depends on the willingness of the people of the world to WAKE UP from their induced slumber. And if we, the people, are ready individually to perceive correctly, to comprehend clearly and to understand deeply the nature and the dangers of the destructive spiritual and political games that are going on all around us, then it will be possible to act decisively and in unison to stop the global marauders before they put the nail on the already prepared global coffin.

In The Spirit of Truth