Sheikh Dr Ahmad Abubakar Gumi and Prof Usman Yusuf : The Two Mujahideen-in-Arms in Nigeria

Sheikh Gumi and Professor Usman Yusuf are recently claiming the status of Troubleshooter Extraordinary of the Arewaland (more probably Troublemakers of the Arewaland). The two men in their new role, came into national limelight earlier this year when they took it upon themselves to visit the guerrilla camps of criminal Fulani militiamen that were and are still terrorising the Northwestern States of Nigeria.

Sheikh Gumi and Professor Yusuf told the world that they were acting in their private capacity as concerned citizens and Islamic scholars and that their Mission is to help Nigeria to find lasting solutions to the intractable security problems in the country.

These two men told the country that they are trained medical doctors and that they have been friends since they met in the Medical School in Zaria. They emerged from their Grand Tour of the Guerrilla-camps in Zamfara, Katsina, Kaduna and Niger states, to tell Nigeria that they have successfully negotiated favourable terms and conditions with the Fulani criminals in the forests.

But first and foremost, they told Nigerians that we must change our optics and perceptions about the Fulani criminal herdsmen and militiamen. Sheikh Gumi specifically instructed/directed Nigerians that from thenceforth, the Press Media should no longer refer to the criminal herdsmen as terrorists but as BANDITS.

Gumi took his time to educate Nigerians on the Mindset, Motivation and the Business Model of the criminal ‘Bandits’, who have chosen to reside ‘comfortably’ and permanently in various forest enclaves of Nigeria for their lucrative businesses. Sheikh Gumi later told the country in a Television interview, after his successful tour of the Mujaheddin Camps and after he had heard from them directly about what their grievances were: that the Bandits are only interested in “kidnapping children to make money and not to kill them” (Isn’t that heartwarming to know); that Nigeria should not compare the murderous criminal Fulani herdsmen/‘Bandits’ with the Indigenous People of Biafra (IPOB – a Biafra nationality group agitating for political self-determination). Because, IPOB “is attacking the police, the army, Independent National Electoral Commission (INEC) and other government institutions; killing our men in service”.

Furthermore, Sheikh Gumi cautioned the Press Media to show some fairness in their reporting. He rounded up his imperial-like tutoring by reiterating that, “the herdsmen are kidnapping children not to kill them but to get money; so how can you compare somebody who is killing our gallant men directly to somebody who is kidnapping children to make money and not to kill them.”

Lest we forget, a few days later, Gumi’s balloon was duly bursted for his hypocrisy and religious partisanship. It emerged that during his conversation with the Fulani criminals, Gumi told them to be aware that the military armed soldiers who were attacking their hideouts in the forests, were the Nigerian Christian soldiers and not the Muslim soldiers.

This was definitely a carefully plotted strategy by Sheikh Gumi and his pal to sow the seeds of hate and enmity against the Christian soldiers in the Nigerian Military. And to separate them for special torture treatments, if and when, the Fulani Criminal militiamen ever set their eyes and hands on the Christian Nigerian Soldiers.

Isn’t that very brilliant, very instructive and a very helpful contribution to the discourse on finding solutions to the Insecurity Problems in Nigeria?

The truth of the matter is, Sheikh Gumi is keeping more information away from us than he is divulging. His political-cum-religious association with the criminal groups is deeper than he is trying to let out. From the little he had said so far, Gumi and his pal are partisans, sympathetic collaborators and are deeply in bed with the Jihadist ideologies and the Conquest Mission of Nigeria by the Fulani Terrorists in the Forests.

The Jihadist Mission to which Sheikh Gumi and Professor Yusuf are committed, from their activities and pronouncements, has its focus on the whole of the geographical space called Nigeria. The indigenous people of Nigeria must no longer be in denial about Sheikh Gumi and the plans of the Fulani elites to implement a Mission that aims to ethnically cleanse the indigenous ethnic nations out of Nigeria.

The Igboho Drive-By Video Show

Now, we can ask, What is the important Peace Business that took the two Mujahideen-in-Arms to Igboho in Oyo State?

There is a video clip shot in Igboho town and released on the 7th of September. It is currently circulating on the internet. In the video, Gumi and Yusuf were heard mocking Chief Sunday Adeyemo as a detainee in Benin Republic. In their impromptu presentation, they were of the opinion that Igboho town, should be a free zone territory, like every other town in Nigeria, where all and sundry, particularly cattle and herdsmen should be able to roam about freely as they wish.

Briefly, Igboho is the town of Chief Sunday Adeniyi Adeyemo, popularly known as Sunday Igboho of Igboho town. He is a peace and freedom activists who has been leading a peaceful rally to protect the people of his town from Fulani herdsmen and criminals who are openly wielding unlicensed AK47 and threatening the public peace. He has also been leading peaceful campaigns, without guns and bullets, to protest against the injustices of the Federal/State Governments that neglected his people to the diabolical machinations of the Fulani criminals.

Chief Sunday Adeyemo got involved in the protest movement when a member of his family and a prominent farmer in the town was killed by the Fulani herdsmen. His passionate anger is against the criminal elements who are destroying farms and killing farmers, kidnapping people for ransoms, nonchalantly killing innocent people, abducting children and raping women. In short, these vagrant Fulani criminals were generally terrorising the people with the covert aim of cleansing the indigenous people out of their ancestral lands.

And because of the participation of Chief Sunday Adeyemo in the local peace interventions and his broader agitation for the Nationality Freedom and Self-Determination of the Yoruba nation, he was targeted for assassination by the Directorate of State Security (DSS).

On the 1st of July 2021, an armed team of DSS officers invaded Chief Sunday Igboho’s house in the dead of the night at around 01:00am, without a court warrant of arrest. In the ensuing tumult, two unarmed men in the house were shot dead in cold blood. The house was callously ransacked with vengeance. Documents and personal properties were carted away. The house was horribly destroyed and vehicles packed in and around the house were viciously vandalised beyond repair. Chief Sunday Adeyemo narrowly escaped the premeditated evil design to take his life on that night.

In his effort to be far away as possible from the bullets of the State assassins, who were after his life, he fled to Benin Republic. At the request of the Federal Government of Nigeria, he was arrested and detained at the Cotonou Airport on his way to board a flight to Germany. He is still being held up in a Cotonou prison for undisclosed offences by the neighbouring country of Benin Republic.

This is the Igboho town that our two Mujahidden-in-arms visited uninvited and without paying any homage to the leaders of the town. They began to mock the man who volunteered, (just as they also claimed to be doing), to defend his people against a rampaging ragtag militia herdsmen; as well as protest against those who were causing immense devastation and inflicting hardships on the indigenous people of the town; and those who are disturbing the peace and tranquillity of the Igboho town.

The questions we need to ask the two Mujahideen-in-Arms are:

• Was the visit to Igboho town, part of the security solution they were trying to negotiate on behalf of the people of Nigeria?

• Are there any Fulani Terrorist/Bandit Camps in Igboho town, Oyo State that necessitated this important and urgent visitation for negotiation and possible ransom payments?

• Was the visit a part of the covert plans to activate the dormant Cells of Criminal Fulani Militiamen and Terrorists already based and strategically positioned in the Forests of Oyo State?

The Fulani Elites and Nigeria

It is high time, the Fulani Elites and Gumi and Yusuf in particular realised that there is no more a hiding place for them in Nigeria. The indigenous people of Nigeria, who have been targeted for ethnic cleansing, are now fully awakened and have become extra alert to the Fulani demonic devices.

The indigenous people of Nigeria are no longer ignorant about the covert operations that the Fulani Elites have been sponsoring for the sole purpose of implementing a Final Political Conquest of the geographical space called Nigeria.

Sheikh Gumi and his co-travellers need to heed the quiet sensible warnings that are being offered freely now. Enough is enough of the diabolical games of working clandestinely for a political conquest of Nigeria for the Fulani Caliphate. It is a foolhardy project which is no longer relevant or feasible in the 21st Century world.

The Fulani Elites have already failed. The cat is already out of the bag. Your macabre plans have been comprehensively ruffled. It will be highly advisable that the Fulani Elites, who are the brains behind the diabolical plans of political destabilisation of Nigeria by the sponsored and imported Fulani criminals, to shamefully put their tails between their legs now. It is time to quietly disappear and hide your faces where the sun don’t shine.

Enough is enough. The indigenous people of Nigeria are determined to leave you lots (Gumi and his Mujahideen Jihadist Brethren) in your preferred 7th Century (civilisation) World.

However, the indigenous people of Nigeria have decided that they are are no longer going to be part of the Fulani incurable malady that is dreaming and fighting to conquer other ethnic nations in Nigeria by two-faced deception and with a ruthless force of arms.

The Fulani Elites must have to accept that the indigenous people of Nigeria have the inalienable rights to determine and to plan for their future in a free and democratic environment. The Fulani Mujahideen Group should stop believing that they have a criminal and illegitimate rights to disturb the momentum of the processes towards the attainment of the goals of freedom, equality and justice by peace and negotiations, as have already been set down, by the Nigerian Indigenous Nationalities Alliance for Self-determination (NINAS).

The FREEDOM die is already cast in Nigeria. The indigenous people of Nigeria have resolved that the choice before them now is EITHER FREEDOM OR DEATH. There is no middle way and no compromise on the sacred goal of establishing New Nations by, of and for the Freeborn Indigenous People of Nigeria.

Moreover, the indigenous nations have solemnly resolved to work devotedly to safeguard the Fundamental Human Rights of everyone in the New Nations and to ensure that everyone, both great and small, enjoys the natural blessings of Freedom, Equality and Justice.

Towards this glorious end for the birth of the New Nations, the indigenous people of Nigeria are determined to uphold and to give topmost attention to the fundamental principles of Equality, Freedom and Justice, among and between fellow citizens, as the principal ethos of our existence and as the cornerstone of our commonwealth.

May the noble desires of our hearts that are born of divine love for our fellow mankind come to fruition very soon. We pray.

In The Spirit of Truth