Dear Maazi Chukwudiaso Onyem,

Your story as reported in Saharareporters pulled a string at my heart. Your heart-rending experiences in the Nigeria’s Chapter of the Kingdom of Hell on Earth is touching, moving and will surely draw out a heartfelt sympathy from those who have been set free from similar exposure.

Hence, I am moved to write this short letter to encourage you to stay focus as you begin the real task of seeking more knowledge and more understanding about the meaning of your experiences and the lessons embedded in them for your spiritual freedom and soul edification.

The courageous position you have taken by coming out of the religious bondage is a revolutionary act. It is an extraordinary achievement when a once upon a time faithful but delusional and brainwashed fundamentalist believer in the profane religion of the unscrupulous and crafty men of the church, finally see through the lies and deception. It is not a mean feat to escape from the self-serving religious establishments that are purposefully set up to deceive, to lie and to steal the meagre earnings of those who are poor in spirit. The types of mind-bending and soul-ruining popular religious institutions/businesses found in the length and breadth of Nigeria today are far from sacred; in actual fact, they are the fountainhead that are seeding and spreading profane teachings of materialism into the hearts of innocent Nigerians.

The disclosures you made in the viral video showed that you were so faithful and so gullible to the extent that you opened a personal investment account in the Investment Bank of Heaven set up by the President/General Overseer (aka Man of God) of your religious cult. You were so convinced of what the snake oil preacher-man sold to you and that’s why you decided to join the scam in order to ensure that you will get a grand and prominent position of honour in the propagated and marketed fictional heaven.

But now and because of the downturn of your pecuniary circumstances, you have been forced to wake up from the effects of the religiously induced hypnosis, brainwashing and indoctrination. However, the steps you have so far taken — going by your video broadcasts — as a way to getting back a pound of flesh from your once-upon-a-time ‘spiritual father’, is unbecoming of a truly awakened person. It only shows that you are not yet fully awakened. You are still in a groggy state of unconsciousness after a lengthy deep slumber.

It is my contention that if you are truly awakened, you will not go about making such ridiculous demands as you are now doing. You should be in a joyful state of mind giving thanks to your star, fate, providence and to Christ, the Saviour and Redeemer of all lost souls. To be counted among the fortunate ones rescued from the bondage and dungeon of the so-called Men of God in Nigeria is a very big relief that should truly call for an ecstatic celebration in spirit.

Although, the charlatans running the religious institutions in Nigeria like a fiefdom are definitely in the employment of the “Unlawful Prince of this World”; That they have perverted the truth of existence and have polluted the truth of grace and deliverance from material bondage, does not mean that we should completely throw out the precious baby of the spirit of truth with the contaminated water of the spirit of materialism.

Having woken up from an induced generational slumber, you just need to walk away. Walk away to begin a truthful search for the truth of life and the meaning of what your experiences in the world of hell created by the ‘men of god’ really meant to teach you. You are supposed to have learned some valuable lessons from your lamentable experiences. The lessons learned will surely serve as a stepping stone and will enable you to begin the journey of life afresh in conscious awareness as one who has been genuinely reborn by the spirit of truth.

You don’t have to hold yourself back by making reckless and stupid demands for the bad investments you made while you were soundly asleep. Excise from your mind the pains of those pecuniary losses. Count your losses as a bad dream and that is what it was. Begin the real mental work of seeking and searching for the genuine truth of life that has power to set all sincere seekers free from stupidity, ignorance and negligence.

This message is not only meant for you but for many other millions of people who are destined to wake up from the prevailing and overwhelming religious stupidity, ignorance and negligence in Nigeria. When you do finally and fully wake up, don’t rock the boat, don’t attempt to change the dogma or reform the doctrine of your old cult. Do not entertain the thought that you can change/reform the putrefying decadence of the cult. Just walk away and don’t look back. Remember the wife of Lot in the Sodom and Gomorrah saga.

Leave everything and everyone behind. It is more dangerous for your mental sanity to try to persuade your friends, families, fellow brothers and sisters in the faith to see what you are seeing or hearing or feeling in the spirit. This new spiritual awareness, new perception and new perspective of life are your personal and unique experience. It will be very difficult for you to express them properly in words at this early stage.

Just Walk Away to begin the process of decontaminating your mind and of detoxifying your soul from the age long lies that have put you in fearful religious bondage and submissive enslavement to the worldly kingdom of ‘men of god’. In the meantime, embark on further research into the meanings of the truth of life and invest more time in quiet meditation. Put your trust in the omnipresent power and love of the Spirit of Truth to cleanse your damaged mind and to heal your wounded soul of all the embedded toxic religious dogmas. Keep on searching and discovering the knowledge and the meanings of the truth of life; the discovered truth shall surely set you free from all the pollutants thrown at you over the years.

I sincerely wish you a speedy full spiritual recovery and a blessed journey of freedom in your new spiritual life.

In The Spirit of Truth


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