“The soldiers of light are the youths of today. The selection of the youth by heaven, I believe, is because the bulk of the present generation are irredeemably lost and we can no longer reach them. Not because it is impossible to redeem them but it is because they have blatantly refused to accept or to acknowledge that, they are ill and needed the help and attention of physicians. The sages have said that unless a person knows and accepts that he/she is ill, it is difficult for such a person to receive healing.

Sages called such people the greatest fools, because they are the ones that do not know that they do not know. Based on this fundamental truth, the true leaders have no choice than to work with the youth. The genuine and honourable leaders shall find their ways into the hearts of the institutions of education of their societies where they shall have greater opportunities to reach out and to touch the younger generations with selfless devotion and loving care.

This writer believes that heaven has specially prepared these younger generations with new improved hearts before sending them to planet earth. The reflective minds must have noticed a unique characteristic common to the children born from the 1980s. These children have remarkable habits that consistently refuse to accept abrupt ‘yes’ or ‘no’ answer from their parents when they asked fundamental questions about life. These children are the ‘Why-Babies’! Since their arrival on our planet they have kept their parents alert and on their toes with incessant why-questions. Every unsatisfactory answer from the parents attracts a volley of, whys. Truly, I love these children; they are the precious gifts of heaven to this generation.

These children are the hopes of the future of the physical world. Without them, the apocalypses foretold by the prophets of old would have become a self-fulfilling reality. However, with these children around, once again there is hope for the world. I sincerely believe Heaven created these children in order to expose the foolishness in the life of their parents.

These children will challenge the unquestioning attitudes of their parents that seem to accept all hideous traditions and customs of their society as sacrosanct. They will challenge the gullibility of their parents that always seem to endorse every murderous scoundrel as leader of their society.

Moreover, they will challenge the historical fabricated fears and superstitions that the hoodlums of the world have used to justify and to maintain immoral, unethical and unjust powers over the economic and political thrones of societies. These New Age children shall shatter every value and culture of slavery in place in our world. Of course, charity shall begin within each home; this is a warning to every parent in Africa and the world.”


See the video below as an example of what the future holds for our world. too.”


15 JULY 2013