“Hatred for Goodluck Ebele Jonathan. One among the few Nigeria leaders that actually wanted Nigeria to work. Hatred became a unifying force to push forward a false narrative.They exploited his humility.They exploited his kindness.They exploited his humanity”

I wholeheartedly align myself with the core issue of exposing and shaming “the prominent names that helped send BUHARI to Aso Rock” in 2015. In my humble opinion, the roll call of shame that featured names of prominent Nigerians is a testament to the paucity of noble character, knowledge, intelligence, common sense, morality and ethical excellence in Nigeria.

But I vehemently disagree with the writer’s sentiment that seemed to look at what happened in 2015 in Nigeria with a distorted prism that it was a gang up of haters against the person of Goodluck Ebele Jonathan as quoted above.

Nigerians must accept the uncomfortable truth that Goodluck Ebele Jonathan, as the President and Commander in Chief of the Armed Forces of Nigeria, was pathetically clueless about public administration and constitutional responsibilities. Jonathan governed Nigeria without the guidance of any high moral principle, intelligence, knowledge and understanding of the power that providence bestowed on him on a platter. And Jonathan as a person definitely lacked a moral backbone that the Office of the President demanded.

Had Jonathan possessed moral courage and ethical stamina, he could have consciously, knowledgeably, clinically and devotedly pursued all the serious political, social and economic issues on the presidential desk that were begging for the attention of a pragmatic, decisive, visionary personality.

Jonathan and his principal handlers had serious problems of a lack of knowledge and understanding about the core problems facing Nigeria. Particularly for a man who miraculously arose from the most benighted regions of the country that have suffered and are still suffering unimaginable degradation in the annals of internal colonisation, it is unconscionable.

As far as I am concerned, the saddest part of the Jonathan’s tenure is that he failed to appreciate the gravity of the political power he held and that he had no clue about what to do with the enormous political power of Nigeria in his possession. That he failed appallingly to solve the myriad political and economic problems of his own people and that of the generality of Nigerians, is the greatest tragedy of the Jonathan tenure and this is beyond any meaningful comprehension or what any partisan can afford to gloss over.

Hence Jonathan failed woefully to pursue a onerous policy of liberation and pragmatic programmes that could have solved, once and for all, the ill-fated political and economic structures of Nigeria until the belated organisation of the national conference in the last minute to departure from power.

Instead, Jonathan, like every other stupid Nigerians who have graced the highest political office of Nigeria, established and promoted a bizarre bazaar of mammon worshippers solely for the trading and exchanging of humongous corrupt practices that hugely and immorally enriched his political cohorts, friends and immediate family.

The canonisation of impunity, the elevation of mammon worshippers, the gluttonous acquisition and display of unearned mammoth wealth, the incompetence of leadership and lackadaisical attitude in handling political and security problems, etc. were some of the issues that disgusted and galvanised every Nigerian from all the social classes and all walks of life to rally together to send Goodluck Jonathan out of Aso Rock, the Augean stable and citadel of Corruption in Nigeria. The choice of who was to replace Jonathan among the motley crowd of contaminated political gangsters in Nigeria brought forward the unfortunate incidence of exhuming Mohammadu Buhari from the political graveyard.

In all considerations, no sane Nigerian could have ever believed that the same Mohammadu Buhari who the arrowhead of his resurrection campaign – Bola Tinubu – had earlier described in 2003 “as an agent of destabilization, ethnic bigot and religious fanatic who if given the chance would ensure the disintegration of the country”, would turned out as the unanimous choice from a glaringly ethically-challenged politicians in Nigeria.

Again when we looked back, this shambolic and unintelligent decision by a group of political gangsters of incompatible colours was a foregone conclusion that it would end up the way it did. This is because the already entrenched imbalances built into the political structure of Nigeria that skewed Nigeria’s destiny under the suzerainty of the Fulani Caliphate, would dictate no other particular outcome than what Nigerians got.

However, my personal grudge in all these political shenanigans is that, as at 2014, it was obvious to all fair minded persons that Nigeria could not make any political, economic and cultural progress whatsoever under what is popularly called “nascent democracy”. Obviously, Nigerians have failed to accept the reality that the foundation of the Nigeria’s democratic arrangement was fundamentally flawed. Nigerians have ignored, to their shame and peril, that the Constitution of Nigeria and the population census figures of Nigeria that formed the bedrock and supporting pillars of the political arrangements of Nigeria were made and built on sand mixed with a generous amount of spittle of horrendous lies.

Therefore, rather than organising fictitious elections in 2015 to change one incompetent devil with another worse and more dangerous incompetent devil, the awakened Nigerian intellectuals and the masses should have come together in one united voice to pursue and to fight for a total redrawing and restructuring of the political and economic landscapes of Nigeria on a completely new and rugged canvas woven and adorned with the indelible principles of truth, equality, freedom and justice.

Unfortunately, despite the ongoing untold suffering, hardships and the gnashing of teeth up and down the country, Nigerians are still pursuing the same foolish illusion as they did in 1999, 2003, 2007, 2011, 2015 and 2019 and hoping it will yield good results. As at today, political charlatans are already lining up and making clandestine plans for the 2023 elections.

However, if Nigerians, both great and small, are still refusing, even at this late hour to perdition, to use our intelligence and common sense in the resolution of the damaging political and economic affairs of the country caused by an ill-fated political structure, then objective observers have no other choice than to conclude that there might be a peculiar and serious case of Abounding Insanity in Nigeria.

In The Spirit of Truth