Arise! Women of the World

The time has come for women all over the world to take their rightful places in the world once again.

You are the ancestral feminine creator and the illustrious mother goddesses on planet earth.

You were once the pathfinders of human consciousness on this planet before you were savagely dethroned and comprehensively demonised.

Your noble character was badly impugned and damaged.

You were disrobed of your virtue and honour.

You were defiled and consigned to the dungeon of the slaves.

You were bound, bruised and chained with lies, innuendos and treachery.

It is time to tell your story.

Humanity desires freedom and you have the divine power to set humanity free again.

Your story has to be told. You were in the ancient past, the true giver of life, the selfless nurturer of our body, the unceasing inspirer of our minds and the one that quickened the rebirth of our souls.

Arise women of the world.

Your children are in danger of annihilation and in bondage of tyranny all over the world. We need you more than ever before.

You have done it before.

You can do it again today.

Arise, Women of the World. This is your time.

In The Spirit of Truth


6 October, 2020