Evidence of a Covert Imperial Family in Nigeria


Dear Fellow Nigerians,

In continuation with the discourse on the Sovereignty Question and the proposal for the organisation of sovereign conferences, it is necessary again to review the state of affairs in the fatherland.

This current review is coming at a particularly emotional period for the writer. Personally, I see October as the month of our collective shame as a people. It is the month when a ruthless international imperial power transferred the key of the jailhouse called Nigeria to a local equally ruthless feudal imperialist. It is the month of the anniversary when a calculated and deliberate gerrymandering of Nigeria was finalised and sealed. This month reminds me of my status as a dressed up slave under an imperial local feudal lord.

The month of October, since this writer became awakened into the truth of the political set up of Nigeria, has ceased to give me joy. October is the month of mourning. It is the time to cry silently and to lament quietly for my seized, withheld, sabotaged fundamental human rights to freedom, equality and justice.

This writer is aware that the inability of most Nigerians to understand the problems facing us from the viewpoint of a brilliantly crafted deception of fake political independence is one of the reasons why Sovereign and Sovereignty Question have failed to become a crucial political agenda in Nigeria.

We believe that to understand ones status as a slave who has been fooled into believing otherwise because of empty constitutional dressings of fake equality, justice, and freedom, that were carefully made ineffectual with deliberate unjust clauses in the body of the constitution, cannot but bring out a moral outrage for instant redress.

Most of the issues we raised in 2002 were revelations of truth. I was as dumb and as blind as the next Nigerian until 1998 when through the grace of heaven I began to see and to hear. I was equally as complacent as any ‘educated’ Nigerian until the episodes surrounding June 12 1993 threw some light into my dark, sombre and seemingly peaceful world.

In all seriousness, I can say I am one of the children fathered by the June 12 Saga. Whatever I am doing today has a lot to do with the trauma of the seismic shock that followed the unprecedented acts of brazen shenanigan inflicted on Nigerians by the owners of Nigeria through the annulment of the election of June 12, 1993. The episode succeeded in turning me into a seeker. It is the desire to share the little knowledge and facts so far discovered in my search for the truth of Nigeria that motivated and drove me to become an amateur letter writer to educate and enlighten fellow Nigerians.

Nigerians should join me in thanking God for the life of people like Harold Smith who through his Libertas Webpage has helped to fill in some of the missing chapters in the Nigeria’s history. Harold Smith’s life is another evidence of the special place Nigeria has in the divine programme for planet earth.

People like Harold Smith should not have been alive to tell his story of Nigeria, going by what we know about imperial powers of this world. Harold Smith’s types are wasted before they can start to sing. That Mr Smith was alive long enough to tell us about the Nigeria’s pre-independence shenanigans is a testimony that truth can never die. It is a fact that Britain played havoc on Nigeria and they had and still have collaborators among us who are always prepared and willing to do the dirty jobs for Britain’s Deep State.

To understand all the dirty, murky political history of Nigeria and the cruel activities of the powers-that-be, then and now, and yet for any Nigerian to refuse to take the issues of personal and national sovereignty seriously, is difficult for me to fathom.

It is unfortunate that though most Nigerians claimed to be literate they have serious aversion to reading and learning. Hence, all the earth-shaking revelatory materials posted on the World Wide Web have attracted very insignificant readership among Nigerians.

It is not uncommon to hear our ‘educated’ friends, acquaintances and relations that say to us point blank when being advised to take up reading as a hobby, “I am no longer interested in learning or reading. I have done enough of reading for a lifetime. My children will read whatever remains to be read.” Mind you, this kind of statement is coming from a twenty-something or thirty-something year old Nigerian who has managed to purchase by hook or crook, a useless HND or BA or BSc certificate in a generic discipline called Ignorance.

With this type of mindset and lazy mental attitude to intellectual pursuit, how can Nigerians do justice to the wealth of intellectual materials floating about and around them? Yet, without learning and without seeking an intellectual understanding of the problems facing us, the right and relevant solutions cannot just come out of the blues.

It is under the search for answers to my problem as a Nigerian that the awareness of my status as a yet to be redeemed slave hit the core of my consciousness. This writer realised that he was merely transferred like a purchased cattle from the British imperial colonial court to the Nigerian imperial feudal court. It is from this position that we shall undertake the current review of the Sovereignty Question.

We need to ask ourselves again whether the nations of Nigeria have made any significant progress in the last twenty years.

• Have the political situations seen any drastic improvement to the extent that we can say the call for Sovereign Conferences is no longer necessary?

• Is it right to say that the nascent democracy is yielding the desired fruit of peace, unity, progress and prosperity?

Current Burning Issues in Nigeria (2002)

As usual, let us quickly review the current news that are making waves in Nigeria. This exercise is necessary to buttress our position with respect to the inevitability of Sovereign Conferences.

It is extremely difficult to resist being impatient when one observes the unfounded optimism of fellow nationals who wish to reform the status quo without tinkering with the fundamental sovereignty questions.

It is difficult not to be impatient when one reads the erudite submissions of fellow nationals on necessary reformation packages that will see the country out of the woods.

It is difficult not to be impatient when one observes the zealous efforts of octogenarian senior statesmen and women and their selfless devotion to mend the leaking roofs of Nigeria, to patch the worn and torn political and economic fences, and to renovate the burnt and moribund moral and ethical structures of the Nigeria state.

It is difficult not to get impatient with these fruitless exercises that will obviously lead to nowhere.

At this stage, one is forced to begin to question ones mental state and to seek assistance of medical professional colleagues for a thorough medical and psychological check up.

Is the writer going insane? Why are other Nigerians not seeing and shouting themselves hoarse about the fundamental contradictions of the Nigeria State?

Why is it that fellow nationals are blind to the obvious?

If Fellow Nigerians are seeing the larger picture why are they offering puerile, cosmetic and palliative solutions when only fundamental revolutionary actions are needed?

However, if indeed this writer is going crazy, at least , there is enough evidence to show that there are more chronically mad people among the members of the so-called political class of Nigeria.

If my condition of being able to see the glaring contradictions of Nigeria State is called madness then the members of the national and state assemblies, federal, state and local governments must definitely be the sane Nigerians under the popular conventional wisdom.

This is the dilemma facing me as an amateur analyst and writer. If indeed l am sane and if the medical professionals have given me a clean bill of health, how do I bring the members of this generation to the state of awareness of all these critical and pertinent issues that need our immediate attention?

What other modes of communication must I adopt to attract the attention of fellow suffering Nigerians?

How can I arouse the sleeping Nigerians from their slumbers in order that they can address the sovereignty questions with utmost devotion, passion, intellect and spirit?

The current revelations in the political mad house of Nigeria cannot surprise keen watchers of Nigeria. It is what is to be expected as a natural outcome that should flow out of a state under the governance of groups of dishonourable men and women.

As it were we have instituted mediocrity or ignorance as the state religion and sycophants can be found all over the country always on their knees to pay obeisance as they worship the little gods – the Imperial Family – that owns Nigeria. Let us take a quick snapshot at the most pathetic story that took place in the last three months.

 The Agura Hotel Clandestine Affair and The Political Bombshells  

Agura Hotel in Abuja entered the history book of Nigeria as the place of the great confirmation of what every awakened Nigerian has always known.

The episode of political arm-twisting by a group of blue-blooded Nigerians that was brought to light by President Olusegun Obasanjo in 2002 was not a new development. What was new about the revelation was that it was the first time in the history of Nigeria that the members of the Imperial Family had been careless to leave behind pertinent evidence of their diabolical handling of the affairs of Nigeria.

Every thinking Nigerian understands that since 1960, there has always been a clandestine, cloak and dagger covert government behind every open government. The political bombshell released by President Olusegun Obasanjo in 2002 is bound to reverberate and will continue to reverberate until the cathedrals of ignorance built across the nations are completely demolished. We are in the least bothered about his motives. We are not in the least concerned whether the release of the information was done carelessly or deliberately.

As far as we know, it is clear that without a high dosage of national ignorance in the polity, the cruel and ruthless Imperial Family that has held Nigeria to ransom would not have succeeded to this extent. We give thanks to heaven that we are now coming into factual evidence and knowledge of how Nigeria had been run and is being run since its creation.

This information is a common knowledge to most federal civil and public servants. A good number of dedicated civil servants were kicked out of the civil service with ignominy because they refused to pay necessary obeisance or failed to accord royal respect to the members of the Imperial Family.

It is at times like these that we wish Nigerians who had first hand information and experiences about the master-servant political arrangement of Nigeria would have the courage or the moral concern to enlighten other Nigerians. I would like to appeal to friends and families of people like Professor Humphrey Nwosu, the former Chairman of Federal Electoral Commission and retired Commodore Ebitu Ukiwe, the former Chief of General Staff to prevail on them on the need to write their memoirs for the sake of posterity.

It is in knowing the truth of some of the degrading relationships that these Nigerians encountered in the hands of other blue-blooded Nigerians and the unsavoury experiences they suffered in the corridor of national power that the next generation can understand fully the meaning and the essence of freedom.

What are the issues that transpired in Agura Hotel?

The Guardian Newspaper reported that a group of Nigerian Northern elders and politicians who called themselves a Committee of the Northern Caucus in the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) told each of the presidential aspirants that the North has “agreed to allocate political power to the south.”

As part of the brief of this Committee, the members declared that  “[we] have a duty to all Northerners to ensure that we protect the vested interest of the North as a political entity within the federation of Nigeria. For this reason, this committee of the northern caucus of the PDP has the onerous responsibility to identify what are these interests.”

To accomplish this project, the committee prepared a document for each of the 1999 Presidential aspirants listing their wishes and requirements. The aspirants were called individually to face the committee in an interview setup in Agura Hotel. They asked about the aspirant’s loyalty to the North and demanded each of them to testify that they accept in principle to fulfil all the requirements in the shopping list and also to put a signature of agreement to the document.

Can anyone in Nigeria believe this?

Yes, it did happen.

And how was this vested interest of the North identified?

How is it to be protected?

We can only speculate and we shall not even try to conjecture such things that are above our status. This kind of issue was not meant for public consumption. It is supposed to remain in the domain of those who own Nigeria.

But so far, we are now better informed that this important duty of the Committee is to secure juicy political appointments in the Federal Government for Northerners.

And who shall be the beneficiaries of the identified powerful lucrative positions?

Going by what we are hearing since 1999, the beneficiaries can never be the common peripheral northerners. We have been told under the politics of marginalisation that there is a Core North that is different and distinct from the Peripheral North. What this clearly means, to the best of our understanding, is that there are superior northerners that are quite distinct and different from the inferior northerners.

Moreover, any Nigerian that does not know this important classification, particularly in the political arena, might be committing a serious sin of insubordination. If we are following this drift attentively, the next question is to inquire,

• How would the sharing of special and privileged posts eradicate poverty in every community in Northern Nigeria?

• Can these special appointments improve the conditions of education, health, road, agriculture, etc., in the North?

• How would the gains of these posts trickled down to the almajiris (beggars) and the talakawas (the peasants)?

The Political Implications of the Agura Hotel Escapade

Let us milk the Agura Hotel Affair for all its worth. This is definitely a rare opportunity of a lifetime. We must endeavour to use it judiciously to help Nigerians to see the inglorious state of our situation.

There is nothing more depressing for a slave who has been behaving as a full-fledged member of the household of his owner to be told to his face and in the presence of his wife and children the sordid truth of his circumstances. It is very easy for a comfortable slave to forget where he came from and how he came to be what he is.

However, there are always some people in the neighbourhood, the Amebos (gossip mongers), who would just feel offended by the happiness and probable ignorance of the slave. These good or bad neighbours, depending on how you are looking at the story, will seek the most auspicious opportunity, when the news will hurt the most, to point this salient fact to the slave.

The way I see it, the neighbours who spilled the beans have not done anything wrong. They have merely sown the seed of freedom in the mind of the ignorant slave. From thenceforth, nothing shall matter to the slave until his/her fundamental rights to freedom, equality and justice are secured. This is why the biblical dictum that says, “You shall know the truth and truth shall set you free,” shall forever remain true.

Fellow Nigerians, knowing the truth about our degrading circumstances is the panacea against slavery and it is a potent weapon in the fight for freedom.

Please, let the truth of the Agura Hotel Affair be the seed of our freedom. Let the seed of this knowledge germinate in your souls. Give it a chance to grow into a sturdy plant of courage and thereafter let the fight for freedom begins in earnest.

The Unveiling of the Political Class as Empty Barrels

We have always thrown scorn at the so-called political class and the self-styled eminent Nigerians. We knew from the bottom of our heart that they are paperweights. We knew they are fickle-minded beings. We knew they are the soulless bunch of humanity. We knew they have no self-respect, self-dignity, or shame. Down in the depth of our being we knew these lots do not worth our attention and trust. These are the facts at our fingertips all along and that is why we could not accord them any iota of respect.

Therefore, knowing all these things about these detestable characters,

• How could we give support or encouragement to the political process of insane party politics that will recycle and inflict these characters on us?

• How do we silence all the warning signs that say, there is danger ahead?

• How do we preach bliss and blessing when the telltale facts are pointing to gloom and doom?

• How can we act as the hypocrites when the fire of the truth of life is burning in our soul?

Prior to 1960, thanks to Harold Smith, we now have evidence that:

  • the departing British colonial power gerrymandered the population;
  • silenced by blackmail and covert operation the vocal nationalists who, maybe, would have made a difference to the fortune of Nigeria;
  • rigged the election in favour of the Imperial Family; and
  • handed over the political key of Nigeria to the chosen Imperial Family.

From the short history of Nigeria, it is now obvious that the federal political structure that the brilliant Nigerian nationalists negotiated astutely and cleverly was totally against the national interest of Britain. This oversight was carefully corrected when the young idealist but naive Nigerians hashed and executed the coup d’état of 1966.

The coup, contrary to the objectives of the planners, succeeded in turning the table against the federal political structure. The January 1966 coup and the subsequent June 1966 coup, inadvertently resuscitated the moribund colonial unitary political structure of government.

It is under the over-centralised “federal unitary system” (a misnomer) that the Imperial Family succeeded like a true Royal Family to capture and to consolidate the political power of Nigeria.

Like any royal family, the strategy of keeping power is to institute a system of patronage. It is customary for a royal family to let its subjects know at all times who owns power in the land by an adroit ability to make and unmake any of the subject.

A subject becomes Mr Somebody by the generous grace, favour and privilege of the royal family. As soon as a favoured subject begins to show disrespect to any member of the royal family, the royal family would give the order to the royal courtiers to pull the rug under his feet. As an example to others, they ensure that the ungrateful subject falls from grace and privilege like Humpty Dumpty that can never be put together again.

The royal system of governance is a classic Machiavellian political set up that relies on a master-slave relationship. The slaves must know their places in the social ladder if they desire to live.

With hindsight on the nature of governance in Nigeria, we can safely propose an hypothesis that, ‘Every Southerner or Middle-Belter or Peripheral Northerner that made it big, both economically and politically in Nigeria since 1960, did so as a collaborator of the most devious Machiavellian political set up’.

These obnoxiously ‘successful’ Nigerians must definitely have been stooges, lapdogs and turncoats from every community of Nigeria. This group of detestable Nigerians must have sold their souls and their people for the price of pottage.

It is becoming clearer that no Southerner or Middle Belter or Peripheral Northerner could make it big in Nigeria without accepting to respect and to maintain the status quo of Nigeria; without accepting a subservient relationship with the members of the Imperial Family; and without acknowledging the royal and divine hegemony of the Imperial Family to the political throne of Nigeria.

We need to begin to see these successful Nigerians as the charlatans, the miscreants, the idiots, the fools and the political prostitutes of an odious, hideous system. It is now obvious that no Nigerian outside the Imperial Family could make it big without first selling his/her soul to the Imperial Family. It is in this light that Nigerians should see the Agura Hotel Affair. It is a simple confirmation of the truth of our continued enslavement as peoples and nations.

When we began to call for Sovereign Conferences, this is one of the facts about Nigeria that informed our position. We are more than convinced that this camouflaged slave colony must be brought to an end. We sincerely believe that the power of heaven is in charge of the redemption operation of Nigerians and nobody should doubt the outcome. It is surely going to be freedom for all and sundry.

From 1960 to the Present

Looking back over the last 60 years, we can safely say that the political arrangement of 1959 that produced the first republic was conducted under patronage. It seems the Northern People Congress/National Council of Nigerian Citizens’ (NPC/NCNC) pact was similar to the Agura Hotel Affair. The NCNC party must have agreed to play the second fiddle after acknowledging the pre-eminence of the Imperial Family.

Similarly, the National Party of Nigeria/Nigerian People’s Party (NPN/NPP) pact of 1979 must have been negotiated under the same understanding of master and slave relationships.

It seems it is in the same spirit that General Obasanjo in 1975 covertly agreed to serve as a mere figurehead Head of State of Nigeria while a very junior officer in the person of Shehu Musa Yar’Adua was the de facto, but behind the cover, Head of State.

However, an attempt was made between 1985-1998 to hijack political power away from the Imperial Family. Inasmuch as we are never fond of Ibrahim Babangida but we need to recognise his contribution to the present decay of the Imperial Family.

IBB, as a faithful disciple of Machiavelli, single-handedly wrecked irreparable structural and psychological damage on the Imperial Family. The bungling affair recorded in Agura Hotel is a testimony that indeed the havoc set in motion by IBB has gone very deep into the marrow of the Imperial Family.

The inept group that held the 1999 presidential aspirants Don Obot Etiebet, Alabo Graham Douglas, Jim Ifeanyichukwu Nwobodo, Alex Ifeanyichukwu Ekwueme and Olusegun Aremu Obasanjo to ransom are the pretenders. The original Imperial Family of the olden days does not do business that way.

With the Dasuki-Maccido succession struggle for the throne of the Caliphate that IBB covertly orchestrated and later crudely finalised by Sanni Abacha, the real Imperial Family has been sent under.

In addition, we believe it is because heaven has taken the covering off the Imperial Family, that is why the family is dying and that is why there can be a future of equality, justice and freedom for Nigerians. As a drowning Imperial Family that is about to sink to the bottomless pit, there shall be the tendency to hold on to any straw, to battle recklessly and desperately for life and to choke life out of all those that are foolish to think that this Imperial Family can be rescued. It is finished.

The die is cast. The golden age of the Imperial Family is over. Like all things in life, this particular Family has had its moment of glory and should be allowed to pass on where all mortals go.

May the spirit of truth open your minds to the truth of your enslavement and give you courage to creatively begin to do something about setting yourself free.

In the spirit of Truth


A Concerned Common Nigerian