The ‘God’ Imitators and The New World Order


“Don’t be in a hurry to condemn because he doesn’t do what you do or think as you think or fast. There was a time when you didn’t know what you know today”
Malcolm X

From the observation of life and of the living, particularly of mankind, it seems there is a desire in everyone to be a god or to act like one. To be god-like might be difficult to accept as an instinctive goal of man but this innate desire to be god is distinctly paramount in everything that human beings do. Either we pursue this goal consciously or unconsciously, the intention or desire runs deep in our daily lives.

However, the problem each of us faces is the nature of our understanding or misunderstanding of who the gods are and what their characters and manners look like. Children imitate the living persons around them and through these role models, children imbibe the norms of the environment and the culture of the society in which they are born and bred. In the true nature of life and when the sense organs are fully functioning, the brain automatically code the various stimuli that impinge on it into logical formats for easy recall and usage as at when needed or necessary.

Most societies take their norms from a cardinal principle that believes in the power of a creator who created them and everything in the world around them. The creator god is depicted as almighty, omnipotent, omnipresent and omniscience. The creator god is associated with power and it is acknowledged by all and sundry as the owner and giver of all powers.

Accordingly, the form and character of a god painted and ingrained in the mind of a growing child becomes the template on which his/her later desires of imitating god will depend. The adult falls back on this imagery of god created and taught by his/her elders in the family, community, religion, politics, society, culture, etc. It becomes the model around which imaginations of the characters of God are drawn and expressed.

Therefore and on the basis of the above assertion, we can speculate that everyone that desires power over others is unconsciously trying to emulate god – the all-powerful and supernatural being. By the code earlier written in the mind during the childhood days, the God imitators have already acknowledged and accepted that God has all the powers. Moreover, some religious doctrines teach that God wields power alone without consultation and never shares power with anyone or anything.

In that sense, it seems a man of means who has captured the political and economic powers of his society can easily transmogrify into a domineering tyrant of all that is beneath him. As absolute power is said to corrupt absolutely, it is not uncommon to find the powerful persons acting the role of a mini-god that wields power alone as erroneously conceptualized. This type of god is found in the Abrahamic religious faiths brewed from the Middle East. The god of the three principal religions from the Middle East is depicted wholly as dictatorial, autocratic and tyrannical. It is this type of untruthful knowledge coded and logged in the psyche of power lovers that lead them to embrace tyranny and autocracy.

Hence, every tyrant that has graced the political, economic and religious seats of our world is in all fairness trying to imitate this type of god, as he/she understands god to be. If this is true, can we blame or be in judgment of the degenerates, mostly psychopathic subhuman beings, that desire and actually act god-like? Since these sick people behave according to the false image of god painted and taught to them in their infancy, it behoves on the Awakened Souls to pity them and never be angry at their insane acts.

It is under this false premise of belief that some psychopaths in our world are most likely playing or imitating god. We must henceforth use this assumption to assess the ignoble roles of the principal characters behind the creation of the ongoing project of the New World Order.

Indeed, these deluded geo-political players crave to be god and they believe that all the covert and overt evil activities they are indulging in is for a good cause. Since they see themselves as mini-gods, they believe they have the power and the right to recreate the world to fit their demonic will and tyrannical desires to control all and sundry on planet Earth.

In their warped minds, they imagined what it was in the beginning when the gods created the worlds and they see themselves in that mould of a mini-demiurge. Therefore, they truly believe they have earned the privileges, since they have conquered all the economic and political spheres of the world, to refashion it to their vulgar taste. Without consultation with the ‘common people’ or ‘lesser’ human beings, these psychopaths believe they have the exclusive right to recreate the world to suit their wishful thinking.

This is the crux of the conundrum facing the world at this time in history. Is it possible to checkmate the very sick psychopaths presently in control of our world? These are the  hidden pilots steering the wheel of the ship of the current political, economic and social engineering of the world. They are not bothered that the ship is speeding down uncharted waters with a very high risk that it is most likely going to end up in a calamitous shipwreck. They are so headstrong, they don’t seem to care if the whole world end up at the bottom of the sea because of their fanatical belief in the demonic course they are pursuing.

They have weaponized our world to the brim with all sorts of destructive war machinery. They have already thrown down the gauntlet to the few Awakened Ones who are whistleblowing and seems to be disturbing the finalisation of the New World Order programmes. They have declared to those standing in their way that “it is either our way or no way at all for the world”.

In this scenario of making a choice between the devil and the deep blue sea, what shall the sons and daughters of the light do or be doing? It is practically impossible for any human being living on planet Earth today to resist being drawn in to this macabre world-war games of engineering a total domination and absolute control of the world. The accompanied propaganda machine of this program have done very well to subjugate, blindfold and strip the people of the world naked of our inalienable divine nature of freedom and power.

We have been programmed to accept helplessness, powerlessness and hopelessness as our lot in life. We have been taught through religious indoctrination to give our life away to ‘god’. We have been pounded from childhood to accept that we are pathetic, odious sinners who should be on our knees begging eternally for mercy from the false God they created for us. All the psychological programming we are bombarded with 24/7 from every angle, have played their part in reducing us to marshmallows – soft and malleable for every spiritually destructive message the masters of our world wish to write in our minds.

The awakened sons and daughters of the light of truth must never forget where they are coming from and how far they have come to rescue themselves from the machinations of the evil masters of our world. Knowing and remembering this spiritual struggle all the time should help the Awakened Ones to show sincere sympathy to the throng of the mass of the world that are still holding on to all the fake programmes written for the sole purpose of breaking down and enslaving their souls. Like Malcolm X says, “Don’t be in a hurry to condemn because he doesn’t do what you do or think as you think or fast. There was a time when you didn’t know what you know today”.

So the job at hand for those who are already awake is to keep on learning and to try to teach others, at every opportunity, the little knowledge that you have gained about our upside-down world. We should never think we have the power to change anyone’s perception or to make anyone see the chains of slavery around their soul. We don’t have that kind of power. The idea of such powers over others are the kinds of delusional beliefs found amongst the psychopaths. This way of thinking should be left to the psychopaths because we know and we respect the truth of equality of all living beings.

It should be mentioned that the awakened persons also desire power. They also pursue the goal of being god-like. The difference between us and the psychopaths is found in the definition and meaning of the God-concept. The Awakened Ones know intuitively that there is no separation between mankind and God; and that God is the divine force/love that holds all lives together.

The Awakened Ones hold fast to this truth: “Mankind exists in God and God exists in us. Therefore, Mankind is one with God”. Hence our “will to power” is mainly directed at overcoming the personal foibles, the material acquisitiveness and the self-created egos in order to elevate our spiritual consciousness to its true potential of the God-like beings.

In that case, the only task is to keep showing those who are eager and willing to seek after truth the only way that we know and can lead to true freedom. This is the unceasing seeking and searching for the truth of the meaning of life. We cannot do more than this; we can only point those that are half-awake among family, friends and acquaintances to the way of truth.

We must respect the right of those who are still fast asleep or those who wish to remain in the illusory comfort zone of a make believe world. They must be left alone to make their choices when they are ready and to enjoy their present slumber in the world of illusion that the psychopaths have created for them.

The way of truth is simply the dogged desire to seek and to search for the truth of existence wholeheartedly with single-minded determination. The love of truth and the desire to know the truth of life is the only free and thorough way that opens the narrow path to spiritual freedom.

And of course, we must not forget to emphasize that the truth of life is within each of us. It is not and it has never been out there somewhere but it is deep within each of us. So we must encourage others to start digging and they will surely find the golden fleece of spiritual freedom when they dig with all their hearts.

In The Spirit of Truth

17 June 2017