A Brief Note on The Psychopath and Soullessness

“The prominent personality disorders are divided into three groups, labelled A, B and C … [the psychopath] fits into cluster B, the group which includes antisocial, histrionic and narcissistic personalities… It is men and women of the cluster B personality disorders who are too often those who succeed and who will later crowd together, not amicably, on the green benches of the House of Commons, will dominate the senior messes in the Armed Forces and control boardrooms. In the past, they created the British Empire.”

Dr Thomas Stuttaford

It is common in conversation to describe a very cruel and wicked person as a soulless human being. There is more truth in the statement than most people realise. When we see a person clothed with body of flesh we automatically assume he/she is a human being. Unfortunately, most of us are yet to realise that what makes us human is more than the body we wear as cloth. In my world, a real human being of high psychological ‘hygiene’ quality is composed as a complex trinity of Body, Mind and Soul.

A person can function successfully with only two of the three components (Body and Mind) on planet Earth. And a person can even function sometimes but much less successfully with only the Body component. A person without the mind component can be easily identified as stupid or idiotic or moronic in behaviour and personality. But when the body is working in perfect combination with the mind, a person’s prominent personality can be described as intelligent, articulate and clever.

However, in the absence of an awakened Soul a supposedly intelligent, articulate and clever person would lack one important attribute in his/her personality profile. This is the absence of compassion or empathy to feel the suffering or pain of others. Sages of old have identified the Soul as the seat of love, kindness, mercy, compassion and all other identifiable virtues, particularly wisdom, that make for true excellence in the spirit of mankind. Therefore, when we call a person that exhibits psychopathic traits of antisocial, histrionic and narcissistic personalities as a soulless being, it is indeed a very deep truth.

In our time, psychiatrists and psychologists working in the field of Behavioural Sciences have done in-depth comparative studies of the psychopaths and their unique behaviours in relation to other category of  mankind. What the researchers in this field found so far is too frightening to grapple with and it is way far beyond the expectation of everyone who is concerned about the state of weirdness of our world.

The scientists were able to see a concentration of people with psychopathic traits (soulless beings) at the highest echelon of all thriving ‘civilized’ societies. The concentration of psychopaths at the very top of all social pyramids – politics, religion, business, banking and the military has helped the scientists in no small way to connect cogent dots. It has brought clarity to the nature of the people who are the masterminds behind every war ever fought in the world and behind every culture of unhealthy and ruthless competitions in politics, banking, business, trade, industry, etc., and in fact, in all sordid human engagements and ruinous relationships.

A further investigation of this cluster of subhuman or alien beings revealed that what makes them to function successfully in such a carefree and merciless manner is a lack of something very fundamental to most other human being in our world. This is the total lack of empathy for other beings be it human or animal. The scientists found that from childhood, these cluster of peculiarly ‘successful people’ have no emotional capacity to feel, take and give love like all other humankind. They seem to have a profound capacity to mimic other normal people in the show of superficial affection but they have no knowledge or understanding of the emotional fervour that accompanies true affection.

Since the psychopaths are good imitators or keen actors, they have the tendencies to display and demonstrate theatrical affection more than all other genuine people. As a result, women/men find them extraordinarily irresistible and too charming to ignore as lovers. They are proficiently skillful  in the artificial display of superficial affection that appears or disappears at will as soon as they are in the vicinity of the human prey they intend to devour. As politicians, the general mass of the population see them as electable materials for political offices because of their canny ability to lie effortlessly without blinking an eye or with any perceptible change in voice pitch.

This group of alien beings succeed in business because of an innate and callous ability to hate their neighbours as passionately as other normal human beings love their neighbours. They have no feeling of guilt as they make unwholesome profit out of their neighbours’ misery and suffering. They see nothing wrong in hoarding and locking up the resources of the world as in the banking and financial industry. And they feel no guilt whatsoever as the majority of the world population go hungry and homeless due to the global monopoly and control the psychopathic cohort exercises on the core instruments and the means of global economic production.

The question that faces the few Awakened Souls, in a world where the many are in deep slumber is, how do you explain the beneficial virtue in the sacred principle of “love thy neighbour as yourself” to a congenital psychopath?

As it were, the only profane principle a psychopath knows and understands innately is one that desires to impoverish, harm, enslave, dehumanise, corrupt and “hate thy neighbour” for profit. As far as the psychopaths are concerned, this is the only pragmatic ideology and most practicable system for the organisation of political and socio-economic relationships.

Hence, when any spiritual Guru or management expert is thinking or planning to change a psychopath from practicing a predatory political and socio-economic system is like asking a carnivorous animal to stop eating other animals and convert to an herbivorous eating habit.

What is distinctly indisputable is the fact that we must accept the predatory habits of the psychopaths as a natural phenomenon. This is how nature created them and perhaps they were wired wrongly for a purpose.

However, we need to mention that this ruggedly “strong and stable” psychopathic global regime has a time frame allotted to it. The normal people who have no knowledge or understanding about the divine dimension of life have tried in every age in the past to go into battle against the regimes of the psychopaths in order to dislodge them from their worldly thrones without much success. There have been Pyrrhic victories when a particular party of the psychopaths are killed or driven away and out of power. Sadly, the poor people have found to their dismay that the new regime of psychopaths have always been worse than the psychopathic group deposed or driven away.

What this means is, until the divine time set for the rule of the psychopaths is completed on earth no one born of a woman can take them out. It seems to me that Nature created the psychopaths as a teaching tool for the soul-possessing mankind.

The psychopaths, in my humble opinion, are created as a mirror through which the Awakened ones can see themselves in order to know the position where each of the sons and daughters of the light is standing in the journey of life. With the inhumane atrocities and the callous practices of the psychopaths so visible and unmistakably of evil and of darkness, the sons and daughters of the light can use the reflected images as yardsticks to assess their own progress on earth. They can easily measure how near or how far they are from the psychopaths on the Psychopath-Normal Continuum Scale of reference.

The more affinity the values each of us have adopted or imbibed in our short stay on earth tend towards the psychopathic amoral values, the sooner we must realise how delinquent our souls have become or how far away we are from the divine principle of loving our neighbours as ourselves.

In a nutshell, sons and daughters of the light must resist the urge to be like the psychopaths who we see on the high pedestal of global material success that are conspicuously erected in every society on earth.

We must not and we should not understimate the various temptations that are being set daily before the gullible and the simple-hearted mankind, which are designed to induce them to join the swinging party of the psychopaths.

However, rather than envy the alleged material success of those that are sowing the seeds of hate, evil and destruction on earth, let us see and acknowledge the ways of the psychopaths as learning tools that should nudge us towards a more wholesome, spiritually hygienic and a truly divine way of existence.

In The Spirit of Truth