The Unbeliever


Truly, I would love to believe that the state of our world is normal.
That the civilisation created by humanity is indeed a haven for all.
That there is no suffering, no pain and no ache at all;
Indeed, I love to believe that there is justice, freedom, equality, peace and harmony for all in our world.

Alas, against the best wishes of the mind programmer, I am a sceptic.
My senses tell me everything I behold is abnormal, mere illusion;
That the present civilisation is an assault on the human spirit and soul;
That the world is a prison and concentration camp for the majority;
That a few clever devils have become the untouchable guardians of the most sacrilegious culture ever created on earth.

The clever devils decide who shall have and who shall not have.
They ruthlessly hoard the treasures of the world under a monolithic control like in monotheism where they also hoard the meaning of truth.
They banished and they silenced all truth seekers into a self-censorship dudgeon.

It is a terrible time for the few who succeeded in freeing themselves from the unrelenting global brainwashing.
For these blessed few, what they discovered is too bitter to swallow and too dangerous to spill out.
The truth of our world that they discovered is disheartening and depressing to the pure in heart.

They can see how the prison cells (schools and religion) of the mind are jealously guarded from the light rays of truth.
They can see how the guardians of the hellish civilisation are working round the clock to seal off every crack through which truth can penetrate.
They can see how the guardians pick and destroy every awakened truth seeker; and
They can see how the guardians increase the blue pill that ensures the sleeping majority can go deeper into slumber.

How I wish I could believe that this civilisation is real and normal?
How I wish I could be ignorant again so I can remain in my comfortable cocoon of bliss like most earthlings; scrambling and hustling for scraps (success) like caged animals.

Oh, No! Never again;
Once awakened there is no longer any room for slumbering or slackening;
The Awakened Soul is ever alert, self creating and self-sustaining;
And has the power to grow into its true potential regardless of the poisoned arrows of the jailers.
Guardians or jailers no longer have the power to hold back the Awakened Soul.

The Awakened Soul is free.
Free from the mental prison cells.
Free from the materialistic concentration camps.
Free from the civilisation of hate and darkness; and
Free from the power of the treasure hunters, looters and hoarders.

The Awakened Soul knows the truth.
And the truth has set the Awakened Soul free.
The Awakened Soul is free, free at last and free indeed.

In The Spirit of Truth



19th May 2017