Open Letter to Soldiers of The Light


Soon the Light of Freedom
will be extinguished for a time
while Mankind ponders opportunities lost,
and regrets warnings unheeded.
But even in the darkest hour
there shall be the gleams of little Candles,
bringing hope to a stricken world.

The darkest hour is before the dawn,
and that hour is not yet.
The gloom and despondency of evil men
usurping power shall be lessened
by the knowledge that all suffering
shall eventually pass,
and the Sunlight shall shine again.

Candlelight may bring illumination to some,
hope to others.
Sunlight gives way to darkness,
darkness gives way to Sunlight,
but even in the deepest dark
a Candle may show the Way.

Candlelight, Lobsang Rampa

Dear Soldier of The Light,
Who? Me?
Yes, You!
All Soldiers of The Light know themselves but the earth terrain and the nature of beings you met on it when you arrived have nearly confused you and set doubts into your mind. You are a Soldier of The Light by the virtue of your innate knowledge and understanding of the true meaning of life. A lot of things that you know about life are known instinctively since no earthly teacher ever taught them to you.

From the moment of your arrival on planet earth you have made attempt to teach and to enlighten your elders about some fundamental truth of life. Unfortunately, you were quickly shouted down for speaking blasphemy. You realised very early that the job at hand, to which you volunteered was not going to be easy. You perceived and realised that the spiritual darkness on earth is total since there was no longer any ray of spiritual light shinning to quicken the soul of the earthlings.

Because you were exceptionally vigilant, you sensed the danger lurking around if you persisted in your free offer of wisdom lesson. As a result, you clamped up and decided to bid your time. With time you realised why the spiritual darkness on earth was so intense.

Through the recorded history of mankind, you learned that soldiers of darkness who have constituted themselves into the rulers of the planet earth dealt every soldier of the light who came down to earth before this time deadly blows. As a result of the perpetual war on those bearing the gift of light, the planet earth has become dead to life. It is a known scientific fact that where there is no light, life seems to disappear or lie dormant or hibernate.

Here you are, a Soldier of the Light in a world of total spiritual darkness walking and living among dead and dying souls. You are aware that it is only through the power of the unquenchable inner light in you that has helped you to survive so far. Now the quickening has started like a pregnant woman sensing the first tickle and movement of the birthing process. You can feel the urgency in the air to start on the mission to which you were called and for which you signed on.

Looking at the world, you cannot but wonder and say to yourself, “where/how do I start? What can I do that would make a difference to the prison complex we call earth? The problem, by the assessment you conducted after many years of observation and analysis, is terribly gigantic. It is massive and overwhelmingly beyond the capacity of anyone born of a woman to address or take up. You realised that without a divine intervention and assistance no human being should attempt or even contemplate to confront the problems that have sent almost the whole of humanity into spiritual slumber and bondage.

All these and many more you can see with your inner light: that the people on earth are living an up side down life; that they seem to be walking around on their heads; that everything on earth is in the reverse of the natural order of things; that fools are ruling over the wise; that the most decadent of humanity are called the honourable; that those who should be put on the leash and led to the gallows are the leaders leading other innocent folks into perdition; and that indeed the first have surely become the last and the last have become the kings of our world.

You cannot stop wondering and asking, how did all these perversions on earth come to be? Who was the mad professor that turned the world up side down? In your desire to find answers to the conundrum, you have done a lot of research work starting with the ideas and philosophies that have informed and that is still informing the culture, institutions and practices of politics, economics, religion, science and every other gamut of human endeavours. Your findings were mind-boggling; inasmuch as you tried to see the sense behind all the glittering and worldly edifices, all you perceived is crass assumptions, dumbness of the highest degree and complete ignorance of the truth of existence and the meaning and purpose of life.

Obviously, you have come to realise that the soldiers of darkness have done a tremendous job on earth and on the earthlings. They have, among other things, succeeded in blowing out all the hitherto burning spiritual light on earth. You can see the brilliancy and cleverness of their unholy jobs particularly as they perverted all the messages of love delivered by Soldiers of the Light, who have come down in the past to the world. You have now realised it is only through the grace of heaven that most of you have escaped the traps set for you through the institutions of education, religion and mammon that were designed to capture and to stifle the light in you as early as possible when you arrived.

Dear surviving Soldier of the Light, heaven knows about you and you need to reconnect your spiritual link with heaven in order to renew your eternal mandate of service to the lost people of this world. The agony and suffering of the innocent people of the world is too much to witness and too traumatic to bear without been touched. It is extremely too difficult for any true Soldier of the Light to shrug away the unpalatable and abominable situation and to show an attitude of unconcern for the downtrodden and oppressed. The love within each of you make it difficult to turn away from offering a helping hand to the spiritually hopeless and powerless that surround you.

Dear Soldier of the Light, this short note is a cursory observation of life on earth. The open letter is written to draw your attention to those things, which you already knew but which you have put away and hoping for the auspicious time to act on them. The time is now. You don’t need to be told by anyone what your roles and duties are in the battle for the souls of those on earth who have been captured and put in captivity for so long. It is only you who knows your role and responsibilities. Together, all the individual efforts of your members in various sectors of life that hitherto appear uncoordinated are quietly bearing immense fruit of liberation of souls.

Keep doing whatever you are doing as the spirit of truth directs you. Please do not relent on the effort you are putting into the search for further knowledge and understanding on the truth of life. Drop by drop, the little drops of your individual effort as you light the candles of love, of truth and of knowledge shall drain and clear away the mighty ocean of darkness on earth that has for so long swamped the people on earth to almost an extinction level.

May the spirit of truth be your guide and teacher in this perilous time.

In The Spirit of Truth