The Lord’s Prayer : Explanatory Note IX – Doxology

“Let the power of your love, glory and honour reign forever in our lives.”

This Note is the last of the series on The Lord’s Prayer. We have used the Lord’s Prayer as an entry point, a gateway and a beacon to attract the attention of this generation.

In social psychology, there is a theory on Selective Listening/Attention, which states that our ears have a way of picking out and selecting familiar sounds in a stream of contesting noises or cacophony of voices. We have intended to tickle your attention by using the Lord’s Prayer, which is a popular and familiar prayer to most professing believers of one of the Abrahamic Faiths.

We chose the Lord’s Prayer as our gateway for this discourse because almost anyone familiar with any of the Abrahamic religions brewed from the Middle East is accustomed with the culture of prayer and more likely to be attracted to a discourse on prayer.

We noticed there are too many noises on religion and the indoctrination of the poor in spirit to a world of superstitious, bogus and enslaving dogmas is completely foregone. There are too many lies superbly dressed up for the enticement, capture and enslavement of the innocent and the gullible. We have observed the misery and hopelessness of life facing the people of this generation who have been drawn and held captive into believing in the illusion presented by religious rhetoricians. We can see how the captives are fastened and held down by the magic power of lies from high places and from the mouth of those they hold in high regards.

When we wrote In Times Like This and Ungodly Religious Nation about the fallacy, chicanery and deception going on in the name of religion, nobody seems to pay attention because it is a totally unfamiliar territory to a lot of people. To question or to critic “the word of God” from the Holy Bible is unheard of in my part of the world. It is seen as sacrilegious or blasphemous or a heretical undertaking.

How do you tell a 50year-old person that everything he/she knows on religion and about God is based on cooked up lies? How do you tell a person born and bred into a culture of religious life that everything Papa and Mama taught you about the God concept is untruthful? Although, the parents never set out to deceive their children. But because they were also swindled due to a lack of spiritual discernment, they have passed down the burden of the deadly deception to their children.

Now the children are more catholic than the Pope and their parents. They talk and sing religiously and just like their parents, the expected fruit of a truthful spiritual life is missing in their lives.

The universal deception we are talking about started a long time ago in history. The Teacher of Galilee had hardly left the scene of his earthly mission when the workers of iniquity ganged up to play their usual destructive game. His murder is a minor event compared to the clever distortion of his life-changing and socio-political revolutionary messages.

The distortion is a simple trick: mix a bit of lies with truth; invert reality upside down; disconnect or confuse the senses of perception; programmed the mind to disbelieve what the senses are feeding to it; call black white, and call stone bread, etc. The occulted process is principally to utilise all kinds of magical tricks of psychology to confuse and to deceive the mind into accepting blatant unrealistic, unnatural and wholly man-made principles/propaganda as the truth of human existence.

It is difficult to know where to start to unbundle the package of an intricately built edifice of the religious institutions that were based on a crooked foundation of nothing of truth but on intentionally made up lies and myths. As we said in earlier discourse, this writer was born and bred into a religious culture that holds its ritual of worship very seriously. The writer can easily claim he was once a fundamentalist believer. I am one of those the religious practitioners will call a backslider.

Backsliding is a powerful concept in all the Middle Eastern religions coined to hold any doubter from bolting away. Indeed it is a ‘miracle’ for anyone brought up in any of the three Abrahamic religions to escape the stranglehold of the faith because the blindfold is supposed to be tightly secured and impenetrable to the light of truth. I did escape and a host of other simple folks, who decided to seek and search for truth with all their hearts, across the world, are also escaping soon after they’ve regained the use of their common sense.

Unfortunately, some of the escapees are turning into reactionaries as they engage themselves in a futile discourse of proofing whether there is God or there is no God. These friends of freedom should be reminded that it is not a question of there is no God but their angst should be directed at resolving the incomprehensible spin and illogical interpretations adduced by apologist of religion when answering the crucial questions on the meaning of life.

It is very difficult to look at any of my family and friends of the faith straight in the eyes and tell them, the “father of lies” has swindled you; and that everything on which they built their religious beliefs and faith is untrue. It gives me no joy to break their hearts but the truth must be told. Truth must be told with much thoughtfulness and carefulness so as not to destroy my friends and family completely to the point where they can no longer pick themselves up.

Hence from time memorial, truth is often released wrapped up in parables or myths and ditched out in piecemeal like when you give medicinal drug to the sick. For example, when a patient requires a 1000gram dose of a particular drug for a cure, the doctor and the pharmacist will advise the nurse to give the patient in a piecemeal of either 5 or 10 or 50 or 100 gram per session or per day. Why? Because to give the full dose at once may likely kill rather than cure the patient.

The objective of this discourse is not to kill but to heal the spiritually blind, deaf, dumb and crippled. We have been careful throughout this discourse not to be flippant. We have stated what we know to be the truth under the present circumstances. The truth we presented is based on verifiable materials of current human experience and recorded historical records.

We observed the political and economic principles, policies and practices of the world, the serious problem of dichotomy of life and the state of human existence between leaders (political, economic and religious) and the subjects or citizens or followers or slaves. We noticed the avowed governing principle of justice, equality and freedom that are never respected or followed and the rivers of injustice, inequality and slavery flowing and swamping the people of the world. We are convinced there is a serious disconnect between the established and acclaimed ethical and moral philosophy of the world and the reality of a godless, ruthless and compassionless world.

These are the concerns that led to the project of calling attention to the deceit in the religious community and the need to point our attention in the direction of an old and effective reality of plain and pure spirituality without any religious dressing or colouration. If the lesson of this discourse is clear and understood, it will be obvious that the hitherto meaning and interpretation we have given to the God Concept and the ensuing religious and political institutions that grew out of this misleading concept would have to be looked at afresh and reviewed completely from the root or foundation.

This fundamental review of interpretation and meaning of God will in turn have drastic impact on the concept and practice of the rituals of prayer. Under this new understanding of the God Concept, the addressee and the address where we post our prayer requests will also be impacted because of our new knowledge of self.

The knowledge that the almighty, the supreme reality exist or live in each of us and that we exist or live in the supreme and the almighty; and that each of us is one with the supreme reality and the almighty. This is an awesome piece of information of a very deep knowledge. As soon as each of us has a breakthrough in comprehending what this information means, nothing in your life will ever be the same again.

It will be a moment of the greatest WOW! A moment when we can say time stands still. Indeed, a life changing moment when a new chapter of review, deconstruction and reconstruction of every value hitherto held dearly in ones heart will begin. The hopelessness and powerlessness that regularly force each of us to cry to “our father in heaven” in prayer will surely disappear when a person realises the untapped potential energy and power contained within our body/temple where the creator of life resides permanently.

For thine is the kingdom, and the power, and the glory

The Original Prayer says, “For thine is the kingdom, and the power, and the glory, forever and ever, Amen.” This part of the prayer called doxology (“a short hymn of praises to God in various forms of Christian worship”), is alleged to be an addition by English Bible editors. According to biblical scholars, “the original Gospel of Matthew did not have the doxology. They believe this because the earlier Greek manuscripts don’t have the phrase, and neither do early translations of the text, while there is a clear motivation for adding it in later Greek manuscripts.”

This titbit of information is important and relevant to our expositions that have tried to impress on readers that there is no infallible or inerrant book to the point where any particular book should become a worshipful idol. We will like to reiterate that every book that was ever written and that shall be written is an inspired holy work and therefore must manifest something of and about the creator. It is therefore a redundant exercise to add “holy” to any book. If we must do, every book should carry the prefix “holy” because all books talk and sing about THE CREATOR, GOD, NATURE, UNIVERSE, LIFE, MANKIND, etc. Inasmuch as a manuscript is written, compiled and edited into books by the hands and minds of mankind, it is expected to be susceptible to errors, corrections, reviews and revisions.

We have briefly discussed the concept of kingdom in Note III and our conclusion is that the Teacher of Galilee would have had a totally different concept of kingdom from the notions of kingdom prevalent in his time. Now the doxology says, “For thine is the kingdom, the power and the glory”. We have a sneaking suspicion that the translators that added this bit to the prayer in the English Bible are being clever by half. Since King James of England was the promoter and the financier of the translation project, the only kingdom the translators would have had in mind would be the Kingdom of England. Therefore, the power and glory they are praising would have been none other than that of King James.

We know that making this claim is dangerous and could be classified as a high treason or a sacrilege. You will remember Bible scholars said that this bit of the prayer is neither found in the original Greek manuscript of the Gospel of Matthew nor in the Catholic Church version. In my view, it is a superfluous addition intended to serve a political purpose of covertly indoctrinating the king’s subjects to pray for the kingdom, power and glory of their earthly king so he can reign over them for ever and ever.

This is a part of the war on the mind we mentioned earlier that sets barriers and limiters on the mind in order to disallow it from growing beyond the artificial ‘glass ceiling’. With the various psychological limiters, particularly of the religious kind in place, the progression of the human psychic growth in the direction of spirituality is forever sabotaged. We are therefore left with a throng of wailing humanities who cannot see beyond their noses as they mutilate and punish themselves to perform all manners of mind-boggling sacrifices, as prescribed by their self-serving spiritual masters, to appease the destructive power of their angry and avenging gods.

The Power of Love, Glory and Honour

Our view of a kingdom where the power of love, glory and honour shall reign forever in our lives is completely different from what has been made popular by craftiness and guile in the world. This is what we are presenting to our readers, family and friends for their consideration and reflection. Each of us, when fully developed and has evolved to our natural potential through the paradigm of body-mind-soul complex, is a natural king. Such a kingdom where everyone is king and the creator of life is the king of kings will be too difficult to comprehend by those that are not aware of the spiritual nature of our being. A closer study of the operation of the human body is a microcosm that such a kingdom is possible.

Each of us is a natural sovereign king over the kingdom of 50+trillion cells that make up our body. Most humanity have failed to understand the amount of psychic work and power needed to govern, harmoniously, all the 50+trillion conscious cells. The total population of the people on earth is a mere 10 billion and we know the kind of deadly power tussle that goes on among the unconscious mechanical human beings who desire to be king over others. The body with the gigantic number of living and conscious cells needs a wise king to govern them if a person desires to avoid and not fall into temptations or if a person desires to pass the examinations daily set before it by “the tempter”.

For those who have followed the previous discourses closely, you will recall the emphasis we placed on the valuable role of the senses to equip the mind with necessary materials needed for knowledge acquisition; that the acquisition of knowledge is the foundation stone for the building of a spiritually healthy and awakened mind; and that a well-built mind is the eventual citadel of the soul who is the true king in a person’s life. Although, theologians have often conflated the terms mind, spirit and soul and this have confused a lot of believers who throw up these terms without a proper understanding of their meaning. The onus is still on each of us to seek knowledge and understanding of their true meaning.

The real essence of mankind is the immortal Soul. The mortal Body is a vehicle designed for the mobility of the Soul on planet earth. The Body has the capacity and capability to grow and to develop the mind to any level that is required and necessary for the work the soul intends to do on earth. The development of the mind when done properly under the fundamental premises of love, as its abiding cornerstone, will attract the Soul to take its rightful place in a person’s life.

Unless and until the serious work of building or cultivating the mind is done, a person will remain soulless or dead to life. A soulless person can still perform all the mechanical functions of the body but it will lack a godly touch or what is called virtues – divine love, charity, compassion, mercy, forgiveness, humility, contentment etc. These are the godly elements that separate spirituality from religiosity or sacred from profane.

The Powers That Be in our world, the overlords understand the proper role of the Knowledge of Self as the fundamental pillar of a spiritual life. This is the core knowledge championed in all the mystery schools. This is what they teach their acolytes in the secret societies under the so-called occult or hidden knowledge. But to ensure a servile and submissive population of slaves they’ve made this a forbidden knowledge to the general population.

Instead, the people are fed with non-nutritious knowledge that are based on lies in the established schools and non-nourishing preachment of made up “words of men” in the religious institutions. With these two-prong attack that started from the kindergarten, it is only the very few resilience and the strong willed persons that can survive unscathed mentally and psychologically, the powerful indoctrination.

When one is truly awakened, the ‘mind-cuff’ that the political establishment and the priests of religion have woven around the mind will be broken asunder. And the fantastic myths bestowed generously and unceasingly on the faithful subjects and followers will loose its hypnotic effect.

The phrase, free at last and free indeed will surely manifest in the life of the truly awakened. It is only the truly awakened Souls that can comprehend the truth and power of freedom, justice and equality. It is only in the lives of the awakened Souls that the power of love, glory and honour of the creator can manifest and reign forever.

In a nutshell, the thrust of this discourse is essentially to nudge you in a new direction of valuation of reality. The-Powers-that-Be of our world that do not have our best interests at heart have crafted a lot of soporific assumptions that we hold dearly on the meaning of life and existence. All they wanted of and from us is our absolute obedience to their ungodly control of our world. Their stranglehold on our lives is unjust, cruel and abusive. Unfortunately, the indoctrination and the webs of lies over the masses have been too successful beyond their wildest imagination.

Presently, they are so sure of the efficacy of their deceptive methods and strategies that even if they come out behind the screen to reveal the hidden hands of the puppeteers and the tricksters, the people of the world whose minds have been deliberately locked up in religious bondage for many generations, would refuse to believe or accept the confession as true.

You just need to listen to the religious ideologues as they passionately propound unverified and unverifiable dogmas with gusto to appreciate the seriousness of the situation. The palpable passionate zeal in their cultivated hypnotic voices and the theatrical delivery of their emotive messages are still strong enough to convince and to hold spellbound their gullible audience.

Without the spirit of discernment, even an awakened soul can still be misled by the power of their sophistry. It is mere sophistry because as the Teacher of Galilee said, by the fruit they bear we shall know if their testimony is truthful.

The fruit the psychopathic overlords among us, regardless of their chosen discipline (politics, religion or banking), are bearing is evident across the world. As a result of the sacrilegious teachings propagated by the world conquerors and controllers, more souls are dead and dying than are alive due to the false teachings, precepts and practices on the meaning of life.


Dear Family and Friends, you need to wake up. This is all I can impress upon you, Please Wake Up!

Regardless of the volume of words expressed in this dialogue, it cannot change your age long perception of life. In fact, it is not expected to change your perception. It is designed only to wake you up.

It is only an awakened mind that will be conscious of its divine needs and place in the world. The Powers That Be of our world prefer it when you are in a sleeping state. Their agenda for world control and world domination is based on the assumption that the prescribed sedations: school education without the knowledge of truth and religious indoctrination without the power to set the soul free, will hold. And as long as you remain in the sleeping state, they will succeed with their diabolical plan.

Please take the following information with a calm and reflective disposition and do not react angrily at the first reading.

I wish to humbly submit that anything outside of mankind that claims to be God, that demands from you a ritual worship and sacrifices is a pretender and a deceiver.

The notion of God worship violates the unity and oneness of all things. “God is not a person but it is all persons and everything that exist in nature.” God is not something that has a separate existence from all the created beings. It is part and parcel and the embodiment of all things in existence.

A person is like a white corpuscle or red corpuscle in the blood system; a real minuscule bit among the 50+trillion cells of the body. Yet, the red or white cells cannot be separated from the body since neither the body nor the cells can remain alive for long when separated. The body does not demand a ritual worship from the red or white cell before it provides for its needs and vice versa. The white cell does not demand ritual worship from any of the other cells in the body before rising up to fight all invading enemies that infiltrate the body system.

You cannot demand a worship of yourself and from yourself if one is sane unless you are of the narcissistic bent. The tongue, the teeth, the body organs etc cannot be expected to worship the body because they are members of the whole body.

Similarly, each of us is a minuscule bit in the uncountable universe of beings. Though, you are really very tiny in the scheme of things still  you are a very significant part of the God or universe or nature complex.

Mankind is not expected to worship God in the fashion the religionist have designed and impressed on us because mankind is part of the God principle or system. Your recognition of your place under the God concept will invariably awe and humble you when you realise that the whole system contribute indisputably to your creation and continued physical existence.

This awesome knowledge of yourself and your place in the universal scheme will definitely stimulate the desire and the inclination to seek to know more and to discover how the system was established and how it works. This quest for the truth of existence will henceforth become a life long challenge.

The quest to know who you are is what we shall expect of a soul that has woken up. Each awakened soul must set out by itself to discover what it is, what it was and what will be the purpose of ones life. None can offer another an answer; each awakened soul must set out to discover its own unique answer.

However, it makes sense to compare notes with your neighbours, friends and family who are your co-pilgrims in the journey of life. The comparative studies with others of like mind will likely quicken or shorten the time of your search and will definitely make the journey of life less arduous, more exciting and more interesting.


In The Spirit of Truth