Nigeria: Ungodly Religious Nation


Definitely, the title of this essay looks like a contradiction of a sort at the first reading. Sure it is. For, how can you have an ungodly religious nation if religion is the art of godliness? Put in another way, how can a religious person be an ungodly person at the same time? This is the conundrum we shall be looking at in this discourse.

Nigeria is a country populated by all sorts of religious fundamentalist. A look at the census data (whenever they are made publicly available) will show that over 90 per cent of the population claim allegiance or affiliation to one religious faith or the other.

If this figure is right, the questions gnawing at my heart are: does adherence to any particular religious teaching/practice have any effect whatsoever on the present worldview of Africans/Nigerians?

Does adherence to a particular faith/belief have any impact on the national/societal values and ethical standards that influence such philosophical and interpersonal social elements like: morality, virtues, excellence, love, piety, mercy, honesty, goodness, fairness, neighbourliness, economic success, worldly achievement, leadership, corruption, robbery, lies, murder, arson, gluttony, ostentation, humility, vanity, vulgarity, etc.?

Have the societal values, that pertain to the question and meaning of life and that derived from affiliation with any religion, influenced positively or negatively the moral principle and fundamental philosophies of life of the African nations?

Have the teachings and indoctrination offered by our religious institutions contributed to the socio-economic and political underdevelopment or development of Africa/Nigeria?

Is it wise for Nigerians/Africans to continue to rely on the ever-growing large number of the so-called religious leaders in our midst, who we know are fond of pawning lies and deceits for the sake of their stomachs, to show us the way out of the self-inflicted continental/national/personal problems?

Finding answers to the above questions are relevant and important if we are keen to unravel the existential dilemma facing Africans at this moment in time;

If we recognised that the total package of political, economic, social and human development of a people evolves out of the common values that societies hold dear and cherish;

If we accept that no human progress is possible without a thinking process that is first and foremost capable of identifying and defining the operational values and the level of aspirations; and

If it is true that the moral and philosophical values of a nation are the springboard and the powerhouse of social change and economic progress.

Hence, it has been universally acknowledged that the processes of identifying and defining a society’s aspirations and the set goals and levels of achievement that were envisaged have often sprung from a body of belief of what the society has agreed either formally or informally as desirable or undesirable for their well being. This composite body of a properly defined or assumed beliefs is sometimes referred to as the philosophy of life of the society/nation.

The religious, social, political and economic beliefs which will later ossify into the societal values or traditions or customs or mores are simply the interpretation that a family, a community, an ethnic group or a nation has given to what is adjudged to be the core and essential meaning of life.

Therefore, the primary purpose of this discourse is an attempt to unravel the mystery of why a so-called religious nation, like Nigeria, has gone to the dogs:

– In spite of the loud claims of the believers to a superior form of religious beliefs and practices that are adjudged to be better than the age long ancestral worship;

– In spite of the daily and weekly attendances of the mammoth crowd at various houses/shrines of worship;

– In spite of the unfailing hourly and daily prayers, incessant sacrifices and other unceasing religious/fetish rituals;

– In spite of the holy dresses, garments, appearances and holier-than-thou pretensions;

– In spite of the weekly and yearly fast and ablution;

– In spite of paying the prescribed and mandatory tithes, charity and zakat; and

– In spite of everything we claim to be doing in the name and for the love/fear of the gods.

2 Origin and Nature of Religion

This writer is of the opinion that the word religion can be summed up as the name often given to a particular interpretation of the meaning of life. It can also be the label given to the culture or the complete way of life of a people. This might also encompass the philosophy of what life means to them. Religion can again be the descriptive name given to the daily, weekly or annual rituals that were devised to symbolise and memorialise the interpretation of what life means to the founder of the religion.

However, in the decadence world of today, the founder’s interpretations which have been wholly or partially tainted and cleverly transformed after a further fabulous interpretation by religious eggheads who followed after the founder and leader, has become the perversion that are now been fed to the hapless and ignorant followers as religion.

In general discussions, it is very common to use beliefs and values interchangeably. However, for the purpose of this discourse, we shall recognise that our values grow out of our beliefs and similarly our beliefs can also be a by-product of our inherited ancestral values.

The most dangerous form of belief is one that flows out of a cultural or religious indoctrination that neither gives a person an opportunity to query any aspect of the inherited values nor the opportunity to ask fundamental questions about the origin of the faith. It is again further demeaning when followers are discouraged from engaging in original reflection on the sense or the senselessness of some of the packaged artefacts of inherited values of religion.

In a philosophical reflection, beliefs are the final product of a process of sensory observations, sensory processing of observable and collectable stimuli, and the interpretation made by the mind on the processed information. This complex and natural synthesis of sensory activities and human perceptions is the foundation of all sound knowledge.

In a nutshell, a person is said to have knowledge through the perceptual materials the sense organs feed to the brain. For most people, the sense organs are never put to good use. Such people go through life with almost all their sensory outlets firmly shut or barely opened. They are not blind but they never see. They are not deaf but they never hear. They have no opinion about anything under the sun except the garbage fed to them in their infancy. It is as a result of this gullible majority of mankind that religions have developed into big business all over the world.

Historically, a religious belief grows out of the persuasive interpretations of what life means to a charismatic personality in the community. The awakened individual, in contrast to his indolent contemporaries, would have taken the time to observe the environment of his existence. In the process of using the common senses, he would have perceived beauty, mystery, power, energy, force, simplicity as well as complexity of a seemly, orderly and magnificently designed universe.

The next stage in the life of such an awakened individual is to embark on a mental analysis in order to make some sense or meaning out of the observation. He would also attempt to give interpretation to the observations as they relate to his person and community. This analysis will lead our budding philosopher to form and hold various opinions, hypothesis and theories about the origin of life, about The Creator of life, about the relationship between himself and The Creator, about the relationship between himself and his fellow men, about the relationship between himself and other living things and non-living things and so on and so forth.

The birth of religion would follow if our charismatic observer and budding student of life decided to inflict his interpretation on the members of his society. If the thinker succeeded in convincing the people to accept his interpretation of the meaning of life, by either the use of sound logical reasoning and coherent presentation of factual findings; or by the use of fear dressed up in the garb of mythology and fearful superstitions; or by the use of militia force and aggression, a new religion can be said to have been born.

The next stage that will concretise this new faith is the creative process of devising and designing symbols, orders, rules and regulations that will govern the observance of the logic bestowed by the ‘holy man’. This is where the real gods of every society is created with the aid of artistic images, saintly icons, Holy Books, sacred figurines, etc. The tag of holiness is never too far away as soon as the theories of the charismatic personality are accepted by his society.

Traditionally, the institution of religion often evolves by accident as an aftermath of a particularly unprecedented social phenomenon. For example, if our charismatic personality succeeded in finding solutions to a particular natural disaster in the society; or by the application of an inspired ritual put together to appease the forces of nature which he has discovered to be responsible for all natural activities; and if the pattern of such disaster and the rituals to avert it becomes very repetitive, it will gradually get institutionalised into one of the body of annual ceremonies of the society.

With time, such ceremony becomes compulsory for all the members or a selected few in the community to participate in its observance and to contribute to its organisation. This is a sure road to the erection of a new way of life or a new culture or a new religion.

The next and the future generation of believers that were born into the community of the faithful would not bother to look back and to investigate the origin and the history of their avowed faith anymore. This New Age generation will assume that since the body of belief was good enough for their fathers and their forefathers, that it is good enough for them. They will therefore forbid any review of the rituals of faith or any questioning of the foundation of their grand religious rituals.

In essence, the rituals and not the meanings of the rituals have become the religion. These latter day believers would have forgotten that the rituals were mere symbols of a body of knowledge or a philosophy that the founder of their faith put together after a very careful study of the observable physical phenomena of the world around him and as he understood them.

It is very unfortunate that majority of the people in the world seem to merely pass through this planet with their eyes and all other senses firmly shut. They have no awareness or recognition of the awe-inspiring universe; the magical specificity of its structural designs; the unfailing and regular seasonal programmes; the perfect organisation of the world of nature; the ageless reoccurring mystery of creation of life in all its glory and grace; and the perfect unchanging laws that govern, synchronise and hold the universe together.

Since most humankind have neglected to develop and sharpen the natural and endowed ability to observe, to admire, to marvel, to investigate, and to enjoy the beauty of nature, their reasoning faculties have since become atrophied.

Consequently, most humankind could therefore not develop a pattern of reasoning that would have led, first to labelling or naming and next to identifying simple or complex phenomena. Finally, the lack of consciousness of one’s position in the cosmos naturally lead to a spiritual blackout about the unity and the intricate connections between the various observed physical manifestations around humanity.

It is therefore left to the few charismatic individuals in the community who have devoted ample time and energy to the onerous business of careful observation of natural life and of the universe to help their fellow travellers in the journey of life to see and to understand what all these things mean or could mean. It is the interpretation offered by these devoted individuals that would ultimately coalesce into the collective belief of their generation.

A belief therefore emerges from the sum of the interpretations given to the sensory stimuli fed to the brain. In other words, beliefs have a lot to do with our senses – the sharpness or dullness of our sense organs will determine to a large extent our perceptual abilities. If our organs of perceptions are defective, the views or the images supplied to our brain will also be defective.

Again, these sensory stimuli must be processed appropriately by our sense organs so as to accord recognition, meaning, interpretation and weight to every observable phenomenon. If our brain has not been primed by training and practice for critical reasoning, most of the information collected by our senses will go to waste. It is like a factory that has so many raw materials in the storehouse but has no electrical power to run the machinery in the production line. Definitely, no manufactured product can be produced.

3 Senselessness or Mental Laziness

As it were and to the best of my observation, the religious fervour among Nigerians are of the basest type because it seems to put undue emphasis on the mere observance of rituals of faith. Most of the claims of the religions lack any higher philosophical thought. The foundations of most of these religions are laid principally and rigidly on the fear of hellfire.

The psychology of fear created and magnified by the religious leaders has become a veritable weapon for holding on to the believers. A person born and bred with a weekly dose of hellfire sermons ringing in his ear at every turn must be extraordinarily strong-willed to remain unyielding to the fables beautifully dressed up and passed on as gospel truth. It is again made worse when the educational curriculum of schools that could have rescued our youths from the damage of this hellfire bashing is not geared towards liberal education for the development of critical thinking and logical reasoning skills. Most Nigerians therefore grow into adulthood with serious psychological deficiencies leading to unbalanced and damaged personalities.

When we say the religious garbage being passed around lacks higher philosophical thought, we are looking at philosophy as the simple practical art of using observable sensory stimulations as raw materials for the analysis of human existence and computation of hypothesis or theories of what these observations mean and how they influence our lives. This level of reasoning seems to be the missing link among both the elite and the general masses.

Instead, Nigeria is rich in myth, superstition, folklore and taboo of all kinds. Even though these beliefs have no scientific basis but all the same, they have strong psychological effect on both the fundamental and general outlooks of all the nationals. For one thing, they have succeeded in etching the necessary fear in the psyche of the people that is needed by every religion to make the believers as subservient and as pliable as possible to the whims of the religious leaders.

The result of this kind of attitude and tendencies among Nigerians have led to the careless submission of their sensory faculties and intellects to the courts of the religious charlatan in our midst. To my mind, this is the bane of our social, economic and political problem as a religious nation. It is surprising that fellow nationals have not been able to see through the veil under which religion and the custodian of artefacts of religion have sheepishly led us by the nose over the years.

The only claim our religious leaders have to God is in their ability to memorize and chant religious passages or their fluent oratorical skills as they sermonise on the history of the great feat of their religion in ages gone by. Rather than find solution to the problems of our age, these religious leaders will feign miracles, will lie, will deceive, will cajole, and will be swift to condemn into hellfire all those who raise doubts on the claims and dogmas of this religion.

Despite their irrelevance to our age and to our national problems, these fraudulent religious leaders have succeeded in building magnificent altars all over the land collecting sacrifices and appeasement for the gods they have no knowledge about. Since the religion of Babangida became popular, Nigerians have learnt to settle ‘God’ as well in a big way.

Stories abound of armed robbers or pen robbers or contractors who are specialist in over-invoicing scams and other such kinds. After a successful fraudulent operation, they make valuable returns to their very supportive religious leaders with thanksgiving and gift offering of any or all of the following: Mercedes Benz cars or other top range cars; briefcases stuffed with currencies; and keys to a newly completed mansion or a house of worship. The grateful fraudster and faithful follower will say, “This is for you, Imam or ‘Alfa’ or Bishop or Reverend or Pastor or Evangelist or ‘Baba/Mama Aladura’ or ‘Babalawo’, or ‘Dibia’ or ‘Marabou’ just to say thank you for all your prayers. Without your prayers, all the material blessings, which are now mine would not have been possible”

The grateful Nigerian villain or robber or murderer will go home secured in his faith that since he has settled the gods from the bounty of the riches notoriously acquired, he has no cause to fear the wrath of the gods anymore.

This is why it is so easy for Nigerians to lead a Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde life style without any feeling of guilt. In their religious community, a typical Nigerian is a pillar of faith but in the business community he or she is a villain. On Friday or Sunday, every member of the family is gaily dressed up for worship in the houses designated for the gods. They will breathe and exhume holiness in every orifice of their body. They will look holy, talk holy, walk holy and do all holy things but the only place that is important, their hearts/minds, are full of all kinds of mayhem and heinous thoughts.

For one day in a week, all the followers of religion will put on the pretence of a holy worship. Since it is a mere pretence, the worship, the sacrifices, the charities, the zakats are all wasteful exercises. The reason for all this human wastefulness is that Nigerians have not individually taken the pain to challenge the dogma of their faith, to question the philosophy, and to review the origin and the rationale of the rituals of faith.

There is nothing wrong with the rituals of any faith, at least for the age they were addressed to or designed for. But for a man or woman in the twenty-first century to accept all these rituals without making effort to think them through and to identify the essence or core philosophy of the faith beyond these ritualistic dressings smirks of mental laziness.

The realm of physical knowledge has so expanded in the last two thousand years that it is share gross intellectual madness for any person in this age to neglect all these wealth of knowledge as he or she embraces any religion. Making use of these wealth of knowledge will not diminish the belief in the power and love of The Creator but it will surely diminish the suffocating and domineering power the cruel religious leaders wield over the life of fellow nationals.

As it is, the religious leaders are the only ones doing the natural thinking with respect to the first principle of our existence as human beings. Even then, the kinds of thinking these religious frauds are engaged in are of the degrading type. The evidence of this is found in the example given above with respect to the manner of gifts and sacrifices traced to the accounts and persons of these men and women of god that were collected from the scumbags of our societies. A man of ‘God’ (as they loved to be addressed) who has truly found The Creator because he or she has been awakened or born again cannot descend so low.

The fruit of true knowledge will show in the modest life style and in the great effort they make daily and ceaselessly to teach the acquired knowledge of deliverance that can free all men and women from the shackles of ignorance. But instead and because they are equally as blind as bats, they have reduced all their followers and associates to the same base level where only myths and soft psychology are spun like a spider’s web for enticement and enslavement.

What we are trying to draw out so far is that the origin of religion is the effort made by a particular visionary in ages past to seek the truth of life and the courage he displayed, contrary to the prevailing popular views and beliefs of his/her contemporaries, to disseminate such discovered truths.

In this discourse, we aim to disabuse the mind of everyone that there is anything special in the efforts of the men whose original thinking and sayings, as they search for the truth of life, were collated by political astute men and women of their generations to form the basis for the creation of all received popular religions. In fact what they have done is what is expected of each member of the human family as we journey through this life.

We are expected to use the massive faculties of our God-given senses and brain to seek and to understand this vast edifice called the universe. Our Creator, the Omniscience and the All-knowing, is exceedingly happy when any of the Homo sapiens break free away from the wretched existence of day to day life towards the pinnacle of spiritual adventure.

Spiritual is used in this sense to connote a state of being a person has reached when he/she has gone beyond the matter of flesh to the halo ground of contemplation and adventure of wonder and amazement on the higher things of life. Such as, the origin and existence of life; the forces, power and wisdom behind creation; and the position and the role of self in the cosmos of life.

The desire to know and to understand is the only form of worship acceptable to The Creator. It is a great disservice to The Creator when persons, according to the holy books, created in the image of God reduced themselves to the level of a robot-like automaton and mechanically following a path of religious rituals, as prescribed by some holy eggheads. Of course, the custodians of religions are happy to tell us that these rituals were as laid down by the dead ancestors, or messiahs or prophets of years ago. It is therefore sacrilegious, according to the unwritten article of faith, to vary by any bit the pattern and the step-by-step procedures of faith claimed to have been laid out by the founder.

By such senseless habits, all blind followers of religion have degraded the potentials in man for growth that are in-built and are essential part of the natural wealth bestowed on mankind by The Creator. Naturally and by design, human kind is expected to learn in order to grow into the halo ground of an achiever and conqueror in the wilderness of nature.

A mechanical worship of The Creator as adopted by all religions is not and cannot be the worship The Creator of the universe expects from mankind. The whole wide world, at least our galaxy, thanks to serious men and women of science whose daring effort have made this knowledge available to all, is supposed to be our terrain.

We say daring, in the sense that if the scientists had not shown the courage of their conviction and if they had allowed religion to have its way, the world would have been denied all the advancement of the last 500 years. The terrain of life is gigantic and it shows bad manners for any living human being not to show an inkling of interest that could lead to some understanding of a bit of the work of our Creator. I believe, humankind who claims to be the children of The Great Lord, and the highest in hierarchy among all the living beings on planet earth, ought to show some respect and pride in the work of The Creator.

By admiring the beauty and by making effort to learn and understand the architecture, the structure, the mechanics, the chemistry, and the complex organic nature of the universe, I believe, is the only worship worthy of mankind. This type of knowledge cannot be left to just a few among us.

It is the duty of the whole human race to learn and to seek to understand the natural laws that govern our universe in order to be able to manage it efficiently for the satisfaction of our needs, joys and happiness. This type of knowledge can never come through the dogma of rituals instituted by all our religions. In fact some religious bodies frown at their members that seek and search for knowledge outside the religious teachings. They merely encourage the followers and their children to learn by rote the prescribed holy books and the selected history of the founding fathers of their faith.

This type of careless show of unconcern in the work of The Creator could be compared to an earthly father who spent money, time and effort to build a house of his dream for his family. On the completion of the house, he took the whole family down to see the new house. At the site, he was waiting for the wow of amazement from the children but none was forthcoming. He took them inside to show the marvellous workmanship, the decor, the design, the construction and the expensive chandeliers but still they were unimpressed. They offered neither a word of compliment nor show any sign of admiration.

There is no doubt in my mind that the joy of this father would drop by some notches. He would have expected the children for whom he has laboured so much to show appreciation and some pride in his effort. If all these were missing, it shows either the children have a very low intelligence or are totally lacking in manners.

This is exactly what we the Homo sapiens do to the Great Creator of our known universe. The least worship expected of us is to show admiration for the works of TC – the beauty and the designs of all that surround us – particularly the blessings that flow to us from this gigantic universal edifice. Every professor in the university knows how minuscule the amount of knowledge a man can master in a lifetime. It is indeed a very wide world and very wide field of knowledge as well.

But the important thing is for each of us to take time out to study any part of nature that appeals to him or her. The beauty of this exercise in the search for knowledge is that any part of nature we focus our attention on shall take us straight to the throne of The Creator because ‘knowledge is power’. And since The Creator is power, therefore The Creator is knowledge. QED.

In a nutshell the only worship The Creator wants from any Homo sapiens is the worship in knowledge. In seeking to know the truth of life through any of the natural creative works of The Creator are sure testimonies of respect, admiration and love for The Creator and the works of The Creator. There are great lessons to be learnt from the kingdom of plants, of animals, and of insects. Even the tiny one-cellular amoeba has something to teach about The Creator.

The fission system of amoebic reproduction can be compared to the manner The Creator divides and shares itself equally with all creations ensuring that every living creature has an equal part of The Creator. Wonderful awe-inspiring revelation can also be gathered from the world of rocks, mineral ores, climate, stars, moon, sun, other planets in our galaxy, etc. This kind of love for knowledge is the only worship acceptable to Our Lord and Creator.

4 In Search of the Truth of Life

We have come far enough in our preamble and I believe it is high time we stated some fundamental divine truth as this writer has come to understand them both through the works of Sages in the past, through personal reflection and through divine guidance. It was Zoroaster of Ancient Iran who first taught the world about the three elements – Soul, Mind and Body – of the human essence.

These three elements have formed the conceptual basis for all philosophical scholarships since the times of Socrates. As soon as thinkers step out of the visible physical matter they have no other choice for terms than to use soul and mind to underpin the discourse of metaphysical subjects.

The Soul

This writer does not wish to make this discussion sound like an academic dialogue. We shall therefore refrain from unnecessary quotes of what earlier thinkers have said or have not said about the meaning of these terms. The soul, to the best of my understanding is the purest and wisest part of man. It is the only contact of communication with the cosmos or The Creator. In fact our soul is the bit of The Creator that makes us a living being. The soul is the life force of all living things. It is not far from the truth to say the soul is The Creator or a share of The Creator that every living organism carries in his or her person. When we say a share of The Creator, this could be used synonymously to mean the soul as the clone of The Creator in every living being since it is identical in every respect to The Creator.

Let us illustrate this with a simple example of the seawater. If a bottle filled with seawater is taken to the inter-land of the continent, say 1,000 kilometres away, does the name or property of the water in the bottle change just because it is no longer in the Ocean? No, the bottle will still be referred to as a bottle of seawater. Of course we are no longer by the seashore, yet the basic property of the water in the bottle will still remain as salty as any seawater.

Also, because the quantity of the water we’ve taken is so small, would the mighty ocean diminish in size or feel the loss of this bottle of water. Again, the answer is No. It is in this same sense that each of the living beings carry a bit of The Creator without diminishing the size, power or force of The Creator. Is it not true that all the great books and great teachings of the world have the following accolades for The Creator? The Creator is spirit, formless and invisible. The Creator is immortal and eternal. The Creator is Omnipotent, Omnipresent and Omniscience. The Creator is power. It is love. It is Wisdom. It is Light.

If all these attributes describe The Creator alias God and if we agree that our soul is the clone of The Creator, does it therefore not follow that our soul must carry, albeit even though in very tiny microscopic proportion, all the properties of The Creator mentioned above? This is very much true.

The Mind

In the case of the mind, our mind is the repository of memory and all the acquired earthly knowledge. The mind of every human being is blank at birth and so it has to be filled with information and facts through the activities of the sensory organs of the body. Every piece of knowledge acquired from the time the baby is in the womb through infancy is used as the building block for the construction of a sound mind.

Our strong fervent desires and the cravings of every sensory matter in our body to know at infancy is a testimony to the auto-programme in the nature of all living things. Our nature is divinely designed to seek and to search for knowledge. The richness and the abundance wealth of our mind is therefore the result of great effort, enthusiastic industry and painstaking diligence. This is much helped if the environment of our birth is well stocked with stimulating materials that could aid this natural tendency for learning in every human being.

There is therefore no point gainsaying that the desire and the search for knowledge is a must for every human being if we intend to have a rich mind full of worthy materials that can help us to enjoy good life to the fullest. But, this is not the end of the story. The fruit of knowledge is only the first step to a higher and more enduring benefit.

Knowledge is the only energy force that is capable of energising the soul to an active state. The soul, because it is a part of The Creator, is the oldest and wisest part of the three components of a person and it is the repository of all age-long wisdom of the universe. But unfortunately the soul cannot work with an empty mind. This is the reason why a good proportion of earthlings pass through life without enjoying the abundant wisdom of the soul. As long as the mind remains blank, there can be no contact with the soul. And since the soul is the receptor of the life force from The Creator or the eternal mechanism of communication with the Source of Life, then the person with a blank mind can be described as spiritually dead or soulless.

A spiritually dead or soulless person can therefore easily lead a perverted life such as is common in Nigeria because he/she is totally cut off from The Light of the world. These perverted people are perpetually living in darkness. Even though, they sometimes make effort to be good persons. They will resolve at the beginning of every year with wonderful resolution to turn a new leaf but at the end of every year these resolutions would have come to nothing. The fundamental problem is found in the body.

The Body

The body, the third segment of our make-up, is the weakest element in our construction. The materials from which the body is fashioned are corrosive and corruptible. These materials are similar to the body of many beautiful new cars that at delivery sparkle and shine. But after a year or two rust sets in and destroys the beauty of the car irrespective of the care and attention the owner has given.

The simple reason for this is that the materials used for the forming of our body contained corrosive properties both internally and externally. The design of our body is programmed to grow to a particular peak and to regress afterwards towards eventual death. This is the original design. It is not caused by any original sin or any other concocted fables of that nature.

A spiritually dead person therefore spends more time than necessary on the outer dressing of the human person. Driving itself to nought in order to fulfil the insatiable demands of the body and in the process forgetting to take care of the soul via the mind. The body is just like any garment we put in the wardrobe. Cloths are useful mainly to cover our nakedness. The body is the shell or garment the soul uses as it’s covering to give it a form.

Since the soul is eternal or immortal it should be the only element of our being that is worth keeping. The body is a disposable but recyclable material (as fertilisers) and so it should be treated as such. After a disposable nappy has done its duty it has to be thrown away or discarded. Its usefulness is over. Therefore to get unduly obsessed with a corruptible disposable body is foolishness indeed.

We need to get a proper life. Our journey here on the planet earth is a form of a picnic or holiday from our real home. We, at least the rich among us, know about holidays in distant countries or foreign countries. No matter how enjoyable the holiday is, at the appointed time, you must return home to fulfil your day-to-day obligations. Would you therefore for that brief two weeks holiday change your personality – language and accent, skin colour, taste and other life styles etc. to the extent that when you get back to your natural abode nobody recognises you anymore? Would you mess up your holiday resort (planet earth) with filth and corruption to the extent that other would-be visitors were completely turned off from going there? Would you act in such a disgraceful, reckless and abandon manner that the name of your country of origin (heaven) is forever in disrepute? Would that be a wise thing to do?

5 Secret of a Perfect Life

It is the need to energise the soul and to bring the soul to active operation in order to help the body conquer some or all of its imperfections that led to the teaching of The Awakening by Gutama Buddha of India and to the teaching of ‘You must be Born Again’ by Yeshua of Nazareth.

These two great seekers of the truth of life came to full enlightenment with respect to the divine role of the soul in the affairs of mankind. These two teachings, though came to the world at different times in the history of mankind, spoke about the birth of the soul. These blessed and wonderful teachers realised it was only through knowledge that the soul could be awakened or born again from its eternal sleep.

The soul is meek. It is not forceful. Unless sought, it does not interfere or force itself on the will of man. These teachers realised, through personal experiences and of course through divine guidance, that it is the seeking and searching for true knowledge that can bring the soul to life.

Through their lives, they showed the world that when the soul of any man is fully awakened and functioning it is indeed a truly heavenly experience. This basic truth and proof is situated in the fact that, The Force, Power and Wisdom that created and hold this world together are Omnipotent, Omnipresent and Omniscience, therefore if any human being has a direct contact with this force, power and wisdom, the experience is indescribable, in short it is ecstatic and indeed heavenly. Fortunately, this is what all the great Sages in history have experienced. It is from this fountain they drew the inspirational messages they gave to the world.

This is the heavenly state every human being on planet earth is expected to attain. It is not an exclusive club. It is a club opened to all. But the desire to join or be awakened or be born into this glorious club must come from within each person. This is the desire to search for the truth of life in all its nakedness and glory, that is, free from all religious colouring and dressings; the search for the very bare truth and nothing but the bare truth.

This is simpler than you think. The truth of life can be found in every work of The Creator since every created thing in nature testifies and sings of the glories, powers and praises of The Creator. As soon as a person desires to learn, desires to know and desires to understand any of the works of The Creator that person is, surely and truly, on the path of wisdom to a new life.

Please, remember, the main subject matter is DESIRE. Since we have acknowledged that The Creator is Omniscience, it therefore follows that The Creator shall know the desire of our heart as well. Desire, like everything in life has its good and bad types too. In its good form it could mean to yearn, to want, to long, to hunger, to aspire etc. In its perverted form it could mean to lust, to burn, to envy and could also mean avarice.

For the purpose of our discussion, it is the positive desire we shall be focusing on. As soon as we desire to seek fundamental truth of life and not the dressed up rituals and dead fables, the omnipresent spirit of the creator of life takes over to guide and to direct this new student of life on the path of a true spiritual personal awakening, development and growth.

Impact of Defective Education and Religion on Society


The tragedy of our age is the value under which the educational systems of all countries are couched. The education curriculum is designed to train students for one and only one purpose, the capturing of the Golden Fleece – Certificate. Every parent and every crooked teacher sing from the same sad note and unfortunately they produce the same sorrowful and deadly tune as well.

They tell their wards, ‘at the end of the day it is the prestige of the certificate acquired that will enable you have that lucrative job or the career of your dream’. It is therefore not uncommon to find Nigerians fraudulently purchasing educational certificates and presenting same in order to secure fantastic job with mouth-watering salaries without any pang of guilt or shame.

This is a complete perversion of the spirit, meaning and letters of education as couched by the founding fathers of The Greek Academy. The ultimate result of this sickening practice is a nation and societies of spiritually dead and soulless human beings who are utterly devoid of the essential truth of life.

These blind men and women could be seen in every centre, nook and corner of the national institutions – religion, government, social, economic – setting perverted standards for all and sundry. They run after stupid things, which they have, in their twisted wisdom, defined as success and achievement – money, position of honour (or dishonour?), political power, and above all vanity and vulgarity in all its grisly forms.

Their definition of happiness derives from grotesque attention-seeking and praise-grabbing activities in ostentatious living and displays and in gluttony and brutish insatiable greed that is ceaselessly asking for more. They are never satiated despite the volume and the depth of monetary and material properties they have guzzled by robbing, pillaging, murdering and lying. It is purely and simply a spiritual madness and definitely a soul sickness.

Fellow countrymen and women, you need healing and you need deliverance too. But I am afraid it cannot be the type being propagated by your dead and deadly spiritual leaders. The whole conceptual frame of the religious teachings is designed to imprison you and to make you the spiritual leader’s bread and butter for life.


Religion is economic and it is political. Your spiritual leaders know this. It is only you, the gullible, unthinking and non-reflective followers, who are ignorant of this simple truth. Please, in the name of all that is true, of all that is good and of all that is dignifying, seek knowledge. The search for knowledge is the only Way of Truth. It is not religion.

Religion is the dead artefact of a by-gone age when a particular truth was revealed to some particular people for a particular purpose. All the various truths revealed in the ages gone-by were meant for the people of that age. This is the path of nature. Nature is incremental. There is no conflict in all the truths revealed to all those labelled and called Master, Messiah, Prophet, Teacher, Guru or any other obscure appellation.

Unfortunately, those ages are long gone. This is a New Age and we must expect a renewed truth for this age also. Note the adjective – renewed – that means the truth shall not be different from all the truth that have come before now but it shall be the ideal, highly relevant and perfectly custom-made truth for this age.

The Creator is ever Alive. The Creator never sleeps. So the idea that The Lord of creation is not current enough to understand our so-called modern problem should be excised forever from our minds. Therefore, please note, this renewed truth is certainly not rituals of any dead religion. It is not going to be the debased sacrifices being offered in every corner of the land. It can never be the settlements of the gods by bribery (the Nigerian fashion). But, it will simply be the search for the truth of life as taught by nature and every created being in the universe. This is the only truth that can heal and deliver you from both your weak human body and your devilish religious leaders.

Religion is a great drawback to the path of perfection laid out by the omniscience creator for mankind. Religion is an artificially created myth that has done more damage than any other human creation as it causes separation, division, enmity, hatred and jealousy among people and nations of the world.

In very extreme cases religion has pursued outright calculated and stupefying hate, cruelty and wicked thoughts, words and deeds on all those holding opposing views on faith and beliefs. The history of religion in our world is a catalogue of holy bloodshed, holy mayhem, holy murder, holy assassination, holy inquisition, holy crusades, holy wars, holy jihads and holy barbarism of all kinds. Religion has done a lot of grievous deeds in the name of God and in the defence of one particular faith against another.

The defenders of religion feel that just by putting the sacred word holy in front of any of this callousness, it is very much in order even though all the holy books that were purported to be written or inspired by the creator advised all persons against the killing of ones kind.

However, religion has continued to enjoy its paramount place of importance in the world because humanity has refused to use the ‘God’-given intellect to unwrap the painted lies from the plain truth. Religion has therefore created a larger than life fear in the minds of followers.

It is not uncommon to find that when a member tries to make a conscious effort to reflect on the stupidity of some of the claims of religion he/she is visited with a burst of cold shiver and goose pimples (and I won’t be surprised if you are feeling that way even right now). The psychological impact of religion is very intense because for most people the foundation of their beliefs was laid in their minds at a very tender and impressionable age. A lot of the trifles of religion were laid in infancy and they gradually solidify into the rudder of the adult personality anchoring the person, as it were, on a very shaky and sinking soil.

Consequently, the human personality of most Nigerians, that is, the identifiable and distinctive character part of our being that depends wholly on the environment has been bastardised at an early age. Nature supplies the material on which parents and societies at large, must write the codes of their beliefs and culture.

A poorly written code produces a deformed and characterless society. It is characterless in the sense that it exhibits abnormal behaviours and does not conform to the ideal spiritual values of the creator. Therefore, if the predominant values that emerge in a society are those coupled together by superstition, myth and fears of the wrath of gods, of hellfire, and of all other unimaginable kinds, that society can produce nothing else but a people whose lives are fear-governed, fear-driven, fear-dominated, fear-motivated and fear-controlled.

But, if on the contrary, the values of the society are fundamentally rooted in love – the love of the creator, the love of all creations, the love of neighbours – and it is principally love-driven, love-dominated, love-motivated, and love-controlled, the thoughts, words and deeds of that society will, definitely, be different. The society will be more productive, more progressive, more united and more peaceful.

The field of psychology has taught the world to know that we are indeed a product of our environment. The kind of environment and knowledge nurtured by religion are those that tend to breed hate, division, and narrow-mindedness. This environment kills the natural potential in every person to grow in knowledge and in soul towards the ultimate goal of enlightenment and spiritual perfection.

We found that every blind commentator is eager to put down all new ideas as purely utopians and definitely unassailable and therefore practically unnecessary for further consideration. As a result of this spiritual blindness, these commentators have failed to realise that the total design of humanity by the creator is a trend towards perfection.

The journey of human life as conceived by the creator is a divine experiment to fashion a being with a will out of the materials on planet earth and to nurture it and to watch over it as it grows into a spiritual perfect state like all other beings in creation. The creator is aware that without humanity attaining this spiritual perfect state, mankind is doomed to a life of suffering, misery and unnecessary hardship.

Equally, the creator is aware of the make-up of our nature, particularly, our body, and the weakest part of our structure. The one recognised as the bad, sad and incorrigible human nature. This is the human nature that informed the design of the satanic economic system and the oppressive political system of the world. This is the accepted human nature that coloured our judgement from seeing nothing else but war and carnage in the design of solutions to the problems of the world. The one that made us to believe that it is only by cutthroat competitions and not by co-operation that humanity can share the resources of the world.

It is in recognition of this shortcoming in the nature of mankind that the creator has not desisted from time to time to reveal fundamental truths and divine wisdom to all those who desire to seek and to search for the truth of life.

The hopelessness of religion in this direction can be seen in the inability of both the spiritual leaders as well as the gullible followers to follow to the letter the rules and regulations set up by their various organisations. Every religion has a body of laws – Dos and Don’ts – that are recommended to all those who subscribe to the teachings. But in all honesty, how many religious leaders or devoted followers are able to keep and live by the rules of these guidelines?

The few members that strain themselves beyond natural limit to keep or to obey all the ‘injunctions’ or ‘commandments/testaments’ often end up as victims of mental illness. Psychiatrists should be able to reveal, if they care to look closely at the case notes of their patients, that the number who ended up in mental hospital via the route of religion is indeed of a significant proportion when compared to other causative factors.

These victims are the real faithful members that desired to follow without questioning or hypocrisy, the rigid inhuman rules ditched out by the sweet-talking but non-practising religious leaders. These Pastors/Imams are specialists of the doctrine that teaches ‘Do what I say and not what I do.’

The simple truth of the matter is that religion is contrary to the divine will and truth. Each man is created uniquely different from one to the other both physically and spiritually. Each person is a unique individual with unique anatomical and physiological structures, with unique ability and capability and in total with unique personality.

No two persons are same. Even identical twins that come very close in physical similarities still manage to evolve separate unique personalities. It is therefore the result of ignorance and a negation of the law of uniqueness in creation that have led all religions to recommend a general body of guideline or rule to the general assembly of the faithful.

We are constructed to see, hear, feel, think, talk and act differently. Therefore our spiritual self, the soul of man, even though it comes straight from the creator, is still similarly designed differently from one person to the other. Its response to the day-to-day problem of each individual must therefore be custom-made for each person.

However, since the only principal motivation for every action of the soul is love, that is why when a person becomes fully awakened or has been born again in the spirit of truth, the born again or the awakened person would henceforth base all the actions of his/her life solely and squarely on nothing else but love. And when thoughts, words and actions are rooted in love, a person cannot help but to do the right for all creations that are the handiwork of the creator.

The desire to do the right by and for his/her neighbours, his/her communities, his/her ethnic or tribal group, his/her nation and finally for every member of the human/living communities regardless of the geographical location, racial or colour differences, sexual orientation or any differences for that matter becomes naturally easy and effortlessly attainable.

6 Summary

In summary, this discourse has tried to situate as strongly as possible that the principle and the organisation of all religious bodies are the greatest handicap to the social, psychological and spiritual wellbeing of mankind. It is intended to challenge all true seekers of truth to consider as they reflect with every faculty at their disposal the messages of this treatise.

According to the quotation from James Lovelock at the cover-page of this essay, important sensible theories about earth [life] are not taught in schools, they came by intuition. This is to say sensible and earth-shaking theories are the gift of the creator to mankind. In this discuss, we have stated some obvious facts and we have equally propounded some hypothesis for the healing and deliverance of humanity from its wretched existence. The next step as in all sciences is for interested persons to test the efficacy of this hypothesis.

The fundamental principle on which the design of this work is framed is the total freedom of every Nigerian from the shenanigans of religious bigotry, idolatry and share stupidity. The freedom is intended for both the oppressed and the oppressor.

It might surprise you that the oppressor also needs deliverance and salvation. This is true. The oppressor and the oppressed are both saddled with the same seed of ignorance and fear. Both are servants of some useless gods. Every human race needs deliverance from the stupid gods we serve and worship. These gods which are made by the hands of man, especially the god of mammon, are the ones dictating the pace and direction of our pathetic lives. The path on which these human creations are leading humanity is not towards the path of freedom and happiness but it is towards eventual destruction and eternal damnation.

However, the creator of all life that is the greatest designer of the whole wide world and the greatest programmer cannot allow its work to go to waste. I love the sound of that last accolade. It is modern, isn’t it? Let us use modern concepts to describe the creator. The creator has the power and the wisdom to re-write the chips of our mind or to write a new software programme entirely for our world.

If Billy Gates, a human being, can single-handedly dominate the computer industry and every computer in the world by share knowledge of software programming, why would anybody think that the creator of Billy Gates cannot rewrite, reconstruct and redesign the heinous human personality. This is why from time memorial the creator has physically and spiritually intervened in the affairs of mankind.

The method of intervention has always been the same and this has never changed. It is principally to raise up men/women of our own kind – not saints or angels without any wrongdoing but sinful men/women with flesh and blood and most importantly with experience of life both in the fast and slow lanes – from every inconceivable corner of the earth to carry messages of deliverance and salvation that can rescue, if adhered to, humanity away from the path of perils and the unpalatable consequences of our collective global ignorance and folly.

These men and women have again been raised up and they are hidden from the world in the time being. They have been positioned all across the planet earth waiting for the great call to start the harvest of separating the wheat (truth) away from the chaffs (lies).

Before then, some of these men and women shall be given the task of warning and advising their fellow travellers to reconsider their foolish ways and the accursed human systems – religions, economics, politics, societies of inequalities (royalty and slavery) etc. – and their silly and puerile civilisations.

This is the civilisation that has turned our world up side down because it promotes the worst of our nature as the best. It turns vices into virtues. It teaches us that, though it is morally right but it is stupid to be kind, to be merciful or to be honest or truthful at all times without considering the circumstance. This civilization teaches and encourages us that it is brilliant, cool and smart to be vicious, to be ruthless, to be cunning and to be dishonest if it puts the meal on the family table or enhances national interest. These are all the elements adjudged necessary for a brilliant career in business and politics.

Therefore, these men and women – the friends of the creator – who, despite the confidence enthusiastically displayed by their contemporaries in the unshakeable foundation of our world systems, have had their eyes opened by the creator to see the dirt and cesspool in which humanity is swimming.

They are now ready to sing the song of deliverance to this wretched world without fear or favour. If you are one of them The Spirit of Truth will wake you up at the appointed time. And the message of this book will kindle the seed of love already in you to start the process of germination and growth.

So far, the process of intervention as designed by the creator has been moving incrementally fine as planned. Each messenger sent to the world has declared a part about the love, glory, power and greatness of the creator. Each has delivered a very small part of the grand jigsaw puzzle of the truth of life to his/her generation.

It is the duty of the next generation to put together the previous segments of the puzzle in order to understand the whole picture. But instead, each generation has behaved as if it has nothing to do with the past or as if the past has nothing to do with the reality of life and beliefs they hold onto dogmatically. How shallow can humanity be?

This booklet, like Nigeria on Fire written in January by the same writer, is a revelation of truth to this generation. The truth in this work is being made known specifically first to the people of Nigeria before any people else because Nigeria has a special role to play in the grand global plan of the creator.

This booklet is therefore an attempt to reconcile Nigerians with the truth of the past, the visions of the past and the errors of the past. It is also intended to reveal the problems of the moment, the lies and hypocrisy of today and the nature of the stupid gods along with their miserable earthlings who pose as servants of truth but are actually in the business of paying obeisance to the satanic wishes of these gods.

Furthermore and more importantly, it is to open the eyes, the ears and the minds of all humanity to the promises declared in the past on the future of things that will come and which are about to be fulfilled. This is the promise the creator made to every true-and-pure-in-heart prophet and sage about the establishment of the Kingdom of God on earth.

Our Creator never does anything until the plans have been first revealed to the prophets, teachers, sages, seekers etc. Those men and women whose receptors have been cleaned properly by the aid of knowledge, whose receptors are functioning well and have got them tuned to the frequency of the creator. This is what is called divine love and divine democracy. Our Creator has no confidential matter or secret files that should be hidden from the people like the satanic governments of this world. The government of TC is an open administration.

The crux of the discussion of this booklet is to show you that the positive desire of your mind to seek and to search for the true knowledge of the meaning of life is the only way to your deliverance and happiness. Since there are many kinds and branches of knowledge in this world, unless the creator guides you, surely, you will not know what to look for and, definitely, you will get lost. That is why this writer keeps emphasizing that the main prerequisite qualification needed for acceptance into the college of life science is the desire of your mind. It is the desire of your mind that is of interest to the creator and as soon as the desire of your mind is strong enough and sincere enough without any hidden selfish agenda, the omnipresent creator will take over your personal tutoring.

We, who are alive today, are the blessed generation because our age has inherited the precious divine gift of knowledge and skill of writing and printing. We are the custodians of a host of valuable materials, which have painstakingly documented the history of humanity from the recorded time.

These documents have been prepared, stored and are readily available for our education and enlightenment. We, therefore, have no cause to spend a lifetime to observe afresh and to collate raw data from nature. We should be able to move the boundary of knowledge forward by building on the inherited wealthy resource of the past.

In every sitting room, in every library and on the Internet every person can access the wonderful world of books and enjoy an intellectual and spiritual journey of redemption and deliverance. Remember what we said earlier about seeking knowledge as the only way to build and equip the mind to make it ready to energise the soul. Remember, once again, an empty mind is of no use to the soul.

Our mind is the bridge that links the body to the soul. Again, remember our soul is the receptor or the sub-station transmitter for receiving messages from the creator. Therefore, it follows that the more a person searches and accumulates knowledge under the positive desire, the more the mind is strengthened like a charged battery to energise the soul into active service. With the soul on fire and alive, the various messages of the creator flowing all around planet earth but which, hitherto could not register on your soul will now be captured and transmitted to the mind for your personal use.

By now, through the knowledge of science, every intelligent person knows that there are wonderful sound and pictures floating around us unheard and unseen. But with the aid of the simple technology of radio and television, this beautiful sounds and pictures can be captured and brought to our human frequency. The simple truth is that these sounds and pictures are there already around us but we didn’t perceive them because we have no transmitter within our body to receive the sensations at the frequency they are been transmitted. But with a flick of switch on the radio or jukebox, our popular Disc Jockey (D.J) or musician can be heard loud and clear.

Dear seeker of the truth of life, this is the experiment this writer is inviting you to perform. The greatest D.J has been singing lovely and blessed sound all these ages but nobody is receiving on planet earth because the battery (the mind) for energising our receptors (soul) is dead and empty.

The message of this book is designed to heal your diseased soul. The process of healing planned by the creator shall not use the type of soft psychology or degrading marketing strategies, which are common with the American Television Evangelists (the circus/comedy preachers), where human emotions are cheaply and blatantly manipulated and exploited for lucre.

In fact the process of healing designed by the creator for you and me is a Do It Yourself (DIY) method. The goal of this divine experiment is to vacuum clean your receptor (your soul) and to prepare it ready to receive necessary uplifting healing messages that have been custom-made for you by the creator.

Again, remember, the procedure depends on the desire of your mind. You must desire to seek, to search and to know the truth of life. As soon as this desire is strong enough and genuine enough, The Spirit of Truth from eternal creator will lead and guide you on the necessary steps designed specially and specifically for you. You don’t have to copy your neighbour or your friend; each training programme has been individually Taylor-designed and packaged specially for you by your personal tutor – The Spirit of Truth.

7 Conclusions

In conclusion, there are two messages this writer will like to deliver to the people of Nigeria with respect to the havoc religion has caused in/to the body polity.

To The Religious Leaders

First, to the religious leaders, this writer is advising every one of you to come down from your high moral (or immoral?) pulpit or minaret and to apologise to the congregation of innocents in your lucrative and profitable vineyard.

Tell them in all humility that you are very sorry for misleading them all these years. Tell the people about the shameful truth of your circumstances:

  • That you do not care at all about their souls but that your interest has always been in the health and economic well-being of their bank accounts, pockets and wallets;
  • That your excursion into religion was nothing but a brilliant career move away from poverty and want;
  • That you are an incorrigible deceit, liar and a disgrace to the divine grace of the creator; and
  • That you have neither knowledge nor comprehension of/about the meaning of the truth of life but that you have been pandering untruths and deceits in order to bind the congregation of the innocents to your grand design of milking them dry for your personal sustenance.

Mr and Mrs religious leaders, this is a serious matter and unless you confess your sinful and shameful situation openly to the people you are doomed forever. This is not a joke at all.

It is a critical matter between a choice of either an eternal life or an eternal death. The situation of all those who go by the title of religious leaders in Nigeria is a dire straight because your group wantonly set out from the beginning to deceive and to rob the innocent people of their meagre means of sustenance.

You were so pre-occupied with the satisfaction of your bellies that you were prepared to lead the people into spiritual wilderness and bondage. By your life styles you promoted the belief among the people that the creator is dead and if not dead then is blind and if not blind then must have gone to sleep. And since the creator, because of its abundance patience and slowness to anger, never visited the sins of your fathers and your forefathers with any visible punishment, you and all your groups indeed believe it is all a joke or a game of wit.

You therefore colluded to set up magnificent religious organisations purposely to deceive and to collect sacrifices from the people in the name of the creator that you don’t even know or believe in. These are sacrilegious acts. Please repent. I say repent and I repeat again, repent. Please call, with all your heart/mind, on the creator of all life to have mercy on you. There is nothing more to say to you.

To The Poor People In Spirit

Secondly, to the multitude of the people of Nigeria who through share carelessness have submitted their liberty and eternal freedom to the courts of the fake spiritual and religious leaders, you are been invited to step out of your bondage. The creator of the universe is offering you without any price your freedom once again. Just step forward in faith and in truth to collect it. It is by the grace and love of the almighty you were created and the creator that created you knows about your spiritual frailty and human weaknesses.

Your error of commission whereby you placed all your trust on the so-called spiritual leaders is understood as part of your nature that is eager to trust all authorities like a baby. That is why Yeshua in his sermon on the mount said to the meek, ‘Blessed are the meek, for they shall inherit the earth.’ The creator knows, sees and understands your faithfulness. You have no cause to fear your creator. The creator loves you and is calling you once again to allow the desire of your mind to grow towards the need to seek and to search for the truth of life.

To the various religious groups who hold to some fictitious interpretation of the creator, such as god manifesting itself in three persons only – the Holy Trinity doctrine – or that God has only 99 names, please let the words of this message speak to you. The Creator of the whole known universe is definitely more than three persons and has very much more than 99 identities. The Creator is manifested ad infinitum (It looks to me more of a Holy Infinity than Holy Trinity!).

Similarly, the names, accolade or appellations of The Creator are indeed uncountable. If names are derived mostly by the physical attributes of a person or by the nature of work associated with a person, like Mr Shoemaker or Mr Smith that works with shoes or iron respectively, then to list all the known physical attributes and works of the creator and call TC after them like, The creator of man (Manmaker) The Creator of woman (Womanmaker), The Creator of Insects (Insectmaker), The Creator of Billy Gates (Billy-Gate maker) etc., how many names would The Creator have?

Think about it all you seekers of truth. Don’t be biased or prejudiced. Take the veil and coloured sunshade of religion off your eyes then you can see clearly the truth of life. Unless you can do this, the negative emotions running through your mind right now against this writer for ‘slighting’ your faith and belief may run too deep and may lead you to think evil as a defender of faith again. Our creator is capable of defending itself. Leave the fight of right or wrong to the creator, the only true and just One.

The task ahead of you, both the contrite spiritual leaders and the ever-trusting followers is the need and the desire to seek and to search for the truth of life as taught by every creation in nature. You need not rely on any deceitful earthly teacher anymore. The Spirit of Truth who is more than ever ready to teach all mankind that yearns and hungers after the truth of life is here with us in peace, power and glory more than at any time in the history of mankind. Remember, the omnipotent creator can see all the secrets of your heart/mind, so there is no need to deceive yourself or anybody else for that matter. Therefore it is the desire of your heart/mind that is important at this moment.

Do you want to be free from all inconceivable bondages in your life? Do you want to renew your eternal contact and communication with the creator of all life? Do you want to partake in the joy and abundant blessings of The Kingdom of ‘God’ in Nigeria? Do you really want to experience the heavenly bliss and pleasures on planet earth? If the answer is Yes, then all you need to do is to allow the seed of the desire to be awakened or the desire to be born again in spirit and in truth to germinate in your mind and to become the over-riding concern of your life from today.

Please let me sound the warning for the last time, you cannot attain any of those things mentioned above by just share effort, grit and determination. Your failures in the past to do those things, which you know were right and proper, is a proof that your efforts are never going to be good enough. You need help. But do not put your faith on any living or dead human being again. The almighty creator of the Universe is ever alive and is visiting planet earth at this period in time.

May the creator of the Universe bless and nourish the message of this book for the freedom and deliverance of our souls from the weakness and foolishness of our human nature, from now on and forever more.

Sam Abbd Israel

29 June 1999.