The Lord’s Prayer : Explanatory Note III – The Kingdom


Not to know what happened before you were born
is to be a child forever.
For what is the time of a man,
except it be interwoven with that memory
of ancient things of a superior age?”
– Marcus Tullius Cicero, 42 B.C

A good number of the Homo sapiens do not know and do not care to know anything that happened before they arrived on earth. With this level of palpable ignorance, their enslavement and oppression are made relatively easy for the overlords of the kingdom of man. Guided by the above quote from Cicero, let us continue with the explanatory note on the Re-Presented Lord’s Prayer for the consideration of all serious seekers of the truth of life.

Explanatory Note On The Kingdom

The next line of The Lord’s Prayer says,

“Thy kingdom come and thy will be done on earth as it is in heaven.”  

In the re-presented version we say,  

“Let your divine kingdom of love come to earth soon. Let your will be done on earth world as it is done in the spirit world.

The word KINGDOM would have had a very different meaning to the audience of the simple teacher of Galilee whose teaching we are reviewing. The Bible historians gave us glimpses of kingdoms like Assyria, Babylon, Egypt and Persia before the time of the teacher. 

Several kingdoms came and went in the lives of the Israelites and Judaeans and all of them left bitter experiences behind. These defunct kingdoms brought forced dispersal/exile, bloodshed, tears and sorrows to the simple folks of Palestine. At the time the Teacher of Galilee was going about teaching a revolutionary message of love among the poor folks, the Roman Kingdom or Empire was in full but chaotic control of the land of Palestine.

It was a time of bloody political rebellion against the unwanted power of the Roman Empire. So, we can imagine the joy of the listeners when the teacher mentioned kingdom in the said prayer. However, the ears of the religious police and the Roman imperial intelligence agents would have pricked with a flashing signal – TROUBLE.  As we said in the last essay, the teacher might have adopted proverbs and parables as a tool of teaching to avoid the law of blasphemy and for self-protection in order to secure a short moment for his work.

A Kingdom (king + dominion or domain) denotes there is a person called king with inalienable sovereign rights to dominion over lands and to power of life and death over people. A king is seen by the poor folks as a god on earth with the so-called divine authority to bind or to lose anything and anyone under his jurisdiction.

Personally, having read a bit of history on the atrocious and psychopathic behaviours of the royals, my spirit often recoil in horror when it hears about kings and queens. The history of this caliber of Homo sapiens known as the royals is woven with bloodshed right from the birth of the monarchical institution on earth. Acquiring power over other human beings does not come on a platter. The Acquisitor often has a high dose of wickedness in his make-up or what psychiatrists would call psychopathic traits. The processes that come with acquiring kingship and kingdom on earth are those evil repertoires that are found in the classic case of a devil in operation. In order to understand the full meaning of the ‘devil’ and ‘evil’ concepts, one doesn’t need to go too far. Just do a short study on the history of kings and kingdoms on earth.

Therefore, when we say, “Let your kingdom come,” we need to ask ourselves, Which or what type of kingdom are we asking for?

A Case Study on Kingdom

In our recent history, we know about the British Empire. To those in the motherland of the empire, the period of the empire reign was a joyous, blissful and prosperous time. It is still remembered and recalled with nostalgic fond memories. But to the various conquered, raped and pillaged races across the world, it is a memory that is better forgotten for its remembrance has never failed to bring sadness, tears and sorrow.

In our contemporary life, we know of the American Empire that has been disturbing the peace of every country that refuses to bow to her diktat. Its intrusion into the affairs of every country that has something of worth that America feels she needs and wants for what she often calls her national interest is legendary. We know of the ongoing big plan to establish One World Government (kingdom) under a new world order. When we studied the processes that went into all the above, we found they entail deception, hate, cruelty, bloodshed and wars. These are not divine acts.

Could the Teacher then be thinking of a kingdom in the mode of a king ruling over people on earth? Could it be a king that can only be installed after many millions of innocent people have been sacrificed in bloody wars? I don’t think so, if we go by what we already know about the evil practices and the tyrannical power of kings on earth.

Although, we must acknowledged that the project of establishing a ‘kingdom of man’ has never ceased to be the focus of psychopaths since the time societies created the male god. The holy books from the Middle East are full of stories and prophecies on the coming of a king or messiah or mahdi to save the world. This is the ancient bait that every believer and follower of the religious orders that emanated from the Middle East has swallowed line, hook and sinker. Mankind must reject the concept of a king that rules over others because it negates the divine principle of equality of persons on earth.

Do you remember what we said when we defined the God concept? We said, “God is the total sum of all things seen and unseen, visible and invisible. God is not a person but it is all persons and everything that exist in nature.”

The Royal Perversions

The principle of equality of life flows from this conception of God. It means that everything within the composite and manifestations that we called God have equal and same property or essence of life. If we are in agreement with this definition, let us ask ourselves, What then can give any earthling the prerogative to carry arrows, bows and daggers and other vicious weapons, in order to attack and to slaughter fellow human beings for the purpose of subjugating them to follow his will?

This is the history of our world and the history of the prim and proper royals and their court jesters: dukes, lords, barons, chiefs etc. Today, those we referred to as royalties seem to look respectable, cosmopolitan and sophisticated.We must no longer be fooled by their outward appearances. They are still a strange inhumane people with endemic heinous characters in all their ways. From what we know so far, the history of the establishment of the monarchical system of governance and the guiding spirit behind the idea of owning an empire, is totally evil, through and through.

So, when the Teacher of Galilee was discussing the kingdom of god, the imagination of the carnal-minded followers could not go beyond their contemporary knowledge of what they know about the royalties around them. Because, they could only see the psychopathic puppet Herods who was then in power and they simply reckoned that the teacher was talking about replacing the royal house of Herod with a new royal house.

The history of how splendidly regal and holy the Royal House of David was, had been told over and over again that most people, even today, have actually believed the legendary spins and fairy tales as true history.  

However, the reality of lives of the royals, even of the Judaean era, was marred in bloodshed both within the “holy royal” family household and with their neighbouring Regions/Peoples.

The New Divine Kingdom

Hence, the rewording of the line that says, “Let your divine kingdom of love come to earth” is to situate a kingdom that has no relationship whatsoever with what has been drummed into the ears and minds of the people of the world as reality.

The present kingdoms in the world are built on the spirit of hate that makes practices based on inequality, injustice and enslavement possible. A divine kingdom of love must indeed be completely different. Because, it is only under the umbrella of a divine love that sociopolitical practices which are based on equality, justice and freedom can be made effortlessly possible.

In my seeking and searching for the truth of life, one thing that struck my consciousness very early in my exploration was the intriguing question of God as King. It occurred to me that the kings of the world are claiming to be an imitation of God in heaven; and that they are God’s representative on earth. 

Accordingly, they set themselves up on a throne made of gold because God has a throne in heaven. They set up court courtiers because there are angels in heaven serving God as chorus singers, messengers and emissaries.

In fact, by their man-made beliefs, everything about royalty on earth is an imitation of what these people imagined heaven to look like. Knowing what we know about the demonic and odious history of monarchical rule in the world, our minds should reject totally and emphatically this carnal understanding of heaven. Our minds when fully sanctified by the knowledge of truth would know that such gods on throne do not exist.

Thus, in praying for a divine kingdom of love (God) on earth, we must be conversant with what a kingdom of Hate is and must have the spiritual discernment to know the difference. The total package of what we know as kingdom so far in the world is of the type which was born from the seeds of hate.

The very important characters behind the kingdom projects from time memorial are the sick psychopaths and the detestable class of humanity that follows them as sheep. These hideous set of people have been running the show since the female deities (goddesses) were dislodged from being worshipped. The difference between the two deities is, while the female deity is a giver and nurturer of life; the male deity since its creation is a congenital taker and destroyer of life.

The worship of any deity is all right just as it is all right to feed a nursing baby with breast milk. But as soon as the baby begins to grow teeth, one or two painful bites on the mother’s nipple is a telltale sign that seems to say to the nursing mother: the baby is ready for solid food.

Evolutionary Growth and Development

Mankind was once a bumbling baby on planet earth. At that early days, we must have been fearful of everything since we knew no better.

Hence, the devoted attention our forefathers/mothers paid to the creation and to the worship of deities were necessary psychological defence mechanism to ward off fears and anguish that life on earth must have brought to our ancient ancestors.

We, who are alive today and belong to this modern generation, can do better now. Thank goodness, our creative minds have thought out various philosophical theories of life, thinkers of all kinds and pedigree have propounded hypothesis and through trial and error of experimentation, the ensuing scientific and technological innovations we arrived at, have made life on earth materially better, more comfortable and more endurable.

Therefore, when mankind is praying to the God in heaven rather than meditating on what our senses feed to the mind, we are like babies who are yet to be weaned off baby food. Our mode of intercourse with the divine has to change when we constantly remember that, “We exist in God and God exist in us and God and us are one.

This mantra tells us that there is nothing out there that is not within us. Consequently, let us learn to converse and to dialogue with the the god within us and the god within us will give us the right answers to all our knotty questions.

The New Kingdom of Man versus The Kingdom of God

It is only by having the knowledge and understanding of the divine essence that mankind can escape the snare that the psychopaths on planet earth are setting up for mankind through the new Kingdom of Man (alias, New World Order). All the strategic instruments for the establishment of this Kingdom of Hate is already in place and their chosen king is about to be crowned.

Yet the simple, the meek and the poor masses on planet earth, who have sincerely believed in the myth created by the three religious Faiths from the Middle East, are still earnestly looking elsewhere for the Second Coming of Christ or the birth of the Mahdi or the arrival of the Mashiach.

A divine kingdom of love can still be established on planet earth. But only when a substantial proportion of mankind have come to know about the truth of their real essence as divine beings. By working together under the guidance of the spirit of truth, the few spiritually enlightened souls who are scattered all over the world, must help the host of mankind to see and to follow the path of truth.

It is very unfortunate that most people on earth are still fooling around with the various religious ideologies developed and promoted by the prince of darkness. As a matter of urgency, each person on earth needs to wake up, work hard and devotedly too, so as to be able to turn around the decadent state of our spiritual health. This is necessary in order to set ourselves free from the evil bondages caused by individual negligence and ignorance.

As a result of lack of knowledge about the historical ramifications surrounding the development of the popular religious ideologies on earth, the naive praying worshippers are now simply walking into the malevolent webs/traps of the preying psychopaths and demonic controllers running the affairs of the world.

It is indeed absolutely correct that only knowledge and understanding of the truth of life can set us free. “Then you will know the truth, and the truth shall set you free.”


In The Spirit of Truth


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