The Lord’s Prayer : Explanatory Note IV – The Will

We have looked at the first two lines of the re-presented Lord’s Prayer and we have offered some common sense explanations as to why we suggested the use of “the Creator” instead of “our father”; we have explained why we suggested the use of “the Nameless One” for the Creator. The second line of the original prayer is broken into two: Let your divine kingdom of love come to earth soon. Let your will be done on earth world as it is done in the spirit world. 

In the Explanatory Note III, we have looked at The Kingdom and we explained that the teacher of Galilee must have had a different kind of Kingdom in mind from what was known in his time as kingdoms or empires. Those kingdoms, both then and now, have nothing of love in them because the kings and those behind them were hateful psychopaths. We did not go very far to look at what a kingdom of love might be or ought to be.  As we proceed further in the discourse we shall be able to suggest or opine on what a kingdom of love should look like.

Now, what is the will of “the father” that is done in the “spirit world”, which we are praying to see to be done on earth?

Is the will a written commandment or testament available to all mankind or to a chosen few?

Is the will coded and found in the body of all creations naturally or is it to be grafted artificially or esoterically?

What is a WILL?

A WILL is a wish, a desire we hope to be fulfilled. A person of means and of great wealth is often advised to write a Will before his death to avoid unnecessary squabbling or outright bloodbath among his/her loved ones after his/her death.

Such Wills, will contain ample instructions and unambiguous directives as to, who among his/her offsprings, friends and acquaintances should have what and what of the assets and properties left behind by a deceased benefactor. A written Will often give opportunity to wealthy Homo sapiens to act out their imagined nature of God. With much wealth around a person, it is easy to see the rich play the role of a little god as the Rich Fool who attempts to direct the affairs of the life of his/her family and friends remotely from the grave.

Some Wills written by the imitator of God will contain blessings in words and in cash for those who were good to him and curses in words and denial of cash for those who are bad. This short illustration is the manner and form our carnal and limited conception of what Will means on earth.

The WILL of the Creator

We need to know what the WILL of the Creator is before we can devote our lives to its pursuit and to praying for its fulfilment.

How do we know what the will of the creator is for our individual lives?

We have been saying the Lord’s Prayer from forever and yet most people never took the pain to reflect on the words of the prayer.  “Let thy will be done as it is done in heaven” What does it mean?

How is the will done in heaven?

Does anybody know?

What is heaven and where is heaven?

Most religionists use these concepts daily but never bothered to dig deep to understand their meaning. We were taught to memorize the prayers at the kindergarten level and like most things learnt at that stage of life, only very few people in adulthood revisit them to check out what they really mean.

In Explanatory Note I, we offered the following propositions:
“That each of us abides in the creator of life and the creator of life abides in each one of us;

That there is no separation between the creator and us; and that we are one with the creator;

That the creator is not a physical person with either a separate male or female physical attributes; and

That we should no longer be misled in to calling the creator mother or father.”

If according to the above, the creator (alias our Father in heaven) is not a person and its nature/spirit abides in us and we abide in the creator, then to know what the creator is, it will make more sense to look at one of the physical manifestation of the creator on planet earth.

Mankind seems to fit into that bill or just more handy than any creation on earth for our purpose. In order to know what the will of the creator is, then we need to ask the question in plain language, Who and what is mankind?

What is the truth about mankind?

Are we real as in physical form or are we illusion/dream or spirit?

There are loads of theories or propositions as regards our nature in terms of our physicality and spirituality. It is from this perspective that I wish to introduce you to what I speculate to be or maybe as near as possible to the truth.

This speculative discourse will depend on a host of other seekers around the world who I came across. I partook in the sumptuous spiritual dinner these noble authors and thinkers cooked and served. I was thirsty and hungry and these spiritually sighted authors fed me. My appetite was ravenous; I was greedy for soul food.

I savoured every sweet-smelling aroma of knowledge I could lay my nose/eyes on. As one of the teachers from Middle East is alleged to have said, “Seek knowledge as far as China” or rephrased as “Seek knowledge to the end of the world”. I took this injunction seriously and wholeheartedly to heart.

On Body-Mind-Soul Complex (The Trinity)

Let us ask, What is mankind composed of?

We have said, “It is only through the seeking and searching for the knowledge of self that each of us can know and understand the God concept.” I wish to speculate that, the trinity concept/doctrine, which the church fathers of the Christian religion have fashioned into the fundamental principle of a belief system, is based on erroneous foundation.

That, true TRINITY is not the complex wordy constructions like “one person is consubstantial with God” or “homoousios, of one substance.”

Though, when we translate these words, they have some relevant meanings to the truth of self but the church fathers were more concerned about sowing confusion rather than throwing light into a very important matter.

The Church fathers, who were aware of the nature of man, knows that you can only control and manipulate a confused and ill-informed people. Control of the mass of the people was the primary objective and the final goal was power over land and people.

Hence, the obfuscation of truth by the use of strange words to bamboozle the poor folks of Europe was deliberate.

In my humble opinion, TRINITY is the composite structure of all life forms, particularly of mankind. All persons are composed of three distinctive parts – BODY, MIND and SOUL. 

The BODY is the visible part. The MIND and The SOUL are not visible to the sense of physical sight. 

The body is the visible outer covering for the physically invisible mind and soul. It is like a vehicular structure with a covering material suitably designed for the atmosphere on planet earth. 

The Body is designed to grow physically from conception to a potential limit and to regress gradually in old age till it dies. It is a magnificent engineering piece of machine from which scientists and technologists have borrowed copiously for all their engineering works.

The Mind is of a non-matter material and it acts like a central memory bank/reference library/pocket notebook etc. where a person keeps all the earthly treasures he/she has discovered in the realm of knowledge. The amount of hard work put into the seeking and the collection of knowledge materials pays off substantially afterwards because by these intellectual resources, the mind is constructed block by block, like as in the building of a house. The power/strength of the mind depends strongly on the nature of materials used for its construction.

A mind built with fictitious and untruthful materials, will be like a “house built on sand”. It will crumble in no time when the owner faces the stormy tests and the natural temptations of life. The mind when properly built becomes a self-generating battery and a powerhouse that stimulates the second birth – the birth of the Soul.

The Soul is also of a non-matter substance. It is in fact the true essence of all life. The soul is the original part of our being that is derived directly from the source of life.

The God principle at the beginning of life and as an energy/force splits itself equally into myriad of micro-mini or ‘nano-souls’ without keeping anything to/for itself. This is what scientists, for lack of adequate words, refer to as the Big Bang: this was the ‘timeless time’ when all souls or all lives emanated from one single Source, (aka, the “Godhead.”)

The HOW of the Big Bang phenomenon should be left for now to the thinkers and scientists to fathom out. Like many other riddles of life that have been solved, with time and with the usual single-minded dedication by serious scientists, mankind will get the correct answers sooner than later.

At the present stage of life, the Body-Mind-Soul complex is what we have to work and play around with, when we desire to figure out the Will of the Creator of life.

From the above nuggets of facts and propositions, we can deduce that mankind is both a physical and a spirit being. We can safely proposed that mankind is composed of three parts: one part is physical substance (Body) and two parts are spiritual essence (Mind and Soul) .

Waging War on the Mind

Of the three, the mind is the only part of the complex that depends on man for its construction and existence. The body is the outer clothing manufactured through Papa and Mama’s reproductive networking as designed by Nature/God.

The soul is the mini Nature/God that the body was designed to protect. In the Mama’s womb, the soul is the perfect ’craftsman’ that actually built the body as per the codes embedded in the seed material of the sperms and the ovaries. And most importantly whatever is built is according to the intention of soul work that the soul essence desires to do on planet earth.

By the natural design, the foetus starts its learning and educational duties from the womb. Scientists have now discovered that the developing foetuses react to sound stimulation as early as 21 to 42 weeks. Learning is a natural phenomenon found in all living things.

The foundation for the building of the mind starts very early indeed. If there is no disturbance, natural or artificial, the newborn baby goes on acquiring knowledge steadily from every available source in his/her environment.

A stimulating environment, where all the senses can receive necessary and unpolluted information, is all that the mind needs to build for itself a powerhouse and a protective stronghold for survival in the world.

Unfortunately, the overlords of the world are deliberately disturbing this natural educational progress and development. The self-serving political brilliant men-behind-the-mask, understand the frailty of the human mind at the early stage as a malleable and programmable instrument. Through the discovered Science of Psychology and the power of Suggestibility over the mind, the Powers-That-Be deliberately set out to prevent or to distort the natural evolution of our inborn divinity, the original nature of man. By scientifically clogging or programming the mind of a child from infancy with fear-based mythologies, the Soul Being is prevented or distracted from coming into life naturally as was designed to do.

The soul, which is the real being or person, is forced to remain dormant or incognito because the natural design of body-mind-soul progression has been abridged or tampered with. A seamless progression from the physical birth of Body to Mind development to Soul Rebirth is cleverly and wickedly short-circuited. 

The Powers-That-Be deliberately filled up the Mind of most mankind with all manners of useless craps of information and fairy tales of unnatural knowledge of the state of being. Since these knowledge materials are like genetically modified materials, they are therefore infertile and worthless for soul reproduction. The GMO-type of knowledge will fail spectacularly to ignite the fire of truth in the belly of every human being to whom they were exposed.

Unfortunately, without a personal effort to set the mind on fire, through the acquisition of natural knowledge, the light of the soul will fail to shine through. And the Soul, as the carrier of the divine Will, the Light and the Spark of the Creator, most mankind are forced to exist without the main driver and true owner of life of every truly Reborn person.

The perverted state of our world, which all living souls and fair-minded people can see and feel, is the unpalatable consequences of the war that those in darkness have relentlessly waged on the sons and daughters of light, the true kings/queens of our world.

The war objective is designed and geared to prevent the birth or the emancipation of souls on planet earth. The strategy entails the development of warped concepts, principles and false teachings that are unnatural to the human psyche.

The corruption of education in every country in the world can only be understood under this diabolical war objective. Which is, to prevent the divine nature of mankind from evolving.

This is the real abortion – the soul abortion that occurs when ample poison of indigestible ideologies are fed to the mind.

Unfortunately, religion, which is supposed to elevate mankind into the divine state of being, is at the forefront of the war and it is the critical force/weapon behind this satanic mind-war project.

This is the challenge confronting the few souls that have successfully escaped from the prison cell or the sheep pens where a daily and weekly dosage of the soul poisons are being injected. The real miracle of our time is that we can still find a pocket of escapees from the supposedly well guided maximum security prisons designed for the indoctrination and brainwashing programmes. 

How anyone could escape from the prisons, when the war programme of sabotaging the SOUL BIRTH started from infancy, is indeed a miracle. If we were born and bred into the programme of delusion and that is all we know, it will sound crazy when anyone comes along to tell us there is a different way of knowing and doing things. The allegorical tale of Plato’s Cave in ‘The Republic’ should readily come to mind.

In summary, it is only possible to know the Will of the creator when the soul is alive because each living soul has the chips and codes of The Will. Each individual has a tailor-made and person specific Will from the creator. The confusion in the world arises when the priests or those behind the worldly power games write a general Will for mankind and compel, by “craftiness and guile” and mostly by brutal force, that everyone on earth must follow and pursue the self-serving man-made carnal Will as the Will of The Creator/Source.

Is there a way out of the Cave or Prison?

Of course there is a way.

Awakened Souls are singing loving melodies across the length and breadth of planet earth. The liberating melodies are rendered to let you know that there is a serious problem on earth; that everything that you think you know are grave errors and falsehood; and that the prevailing knowledge circulating in the world were purposely designed to enslave mankind and to put humanity in a state of hypnosis and thrown in a sheep pen as enslaved brute flocks. 

Just listen to the new songs of liberty being sung on the Internet before they are taken away. Awaken your instinct of curiosity to exercise its will power and to revive its eternal desire to observe afresh every gamut of things you think you know and understand. 

In no time the debris of all the obnoxious waste matters called knowledge that were deliberately fed and offloaded into your mind shall be cleared out. Then a brand new mind will surely begin to grow and when it is fully built, the ever waiting and patient Soul will take over and repossess its Body as the new divine driver and manager of your brand new life.

In The Spirit of Truth


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