Christendom in Nigeria: Tithe and Tithing

In 2017, Nigeria’s Christendom was briefly sent into a state of frenzy and pandemonium by a young man who came out swinging with some ‘biblical truth’. The truth propounded by this young man ruffled the feathers of the big General Overseers, Venerable Bishops, Archbishops, Pastors and such likes. His truth simply challenged the orthodoxy of the peculiar Nigeria’s church doctrine on tithe and tithing.

The proposition he submitted, like any bible-believing truth crusader would do when faced with a new epiphany or ‘understanding‘ about his faith, was to alert fellow believers about the error of their ways. His proposal says, among other things, that the theology of tithe and tithing in the new biblical dispensation is unscriptural; that churches in Nigeria are collecting tithe by deception, manipulation and cajolery; that those who pay tithe to the rich coffers of the fabulously wealthy church entrepreneurs are in error and stupid; and above all, that the ways and manners the tithe is utilised for personal consumption and for promoting self-aggrandisement of church leaders, are morally and spiritually wrong.

In no time the axe was out from many church quarters to send biblically sanctified curses from the pulpit and to insinuate the need for a divine physical injury/death on the loudmouth behind the revelation of non-biblical practices on tithes and tithing.

The earthly kings and princes of the church asked, who gave this theologically uncircumcised and unlettered neophyte behind the tithe and tithing debate, the right to raise issues with the Great Daddies and Mummies of the church?

It is not in my place or any non-member of the Christendom to be nosy about all the incredulous happenings in the churches. But since the dirty linens were put in the public space, it should be expected that all passersby, with a civic responsibility, would customarily offer unsolicited opinions. It is not out-of-place to ask whether the dirty linen is white or blue or black. What soiled the linen? Was it soiled intentionally or accidentally? Was the soiled linen displayed to the public gaze by error of omission or commission?

The Larger Picture

However, what should concern any of us, either in the flock or outside the flock, is the larger picture. It doesn’t make sense to cherry-pick leaves while looking for ailments troubling a tree which is about to collapse. It will be auspicious to look at the bedrock, the tap roots and the stem of the tree, if the purpose of concern is to rescue the tree from falling to the ground.

Tithe and tithing in the Christian world, as far as every awakened person is concerned, is “a little storm in a teacup“. The for and against debate and the anger expressed by those  who are either paying or collecting tithes will not add any meaningful value to the serious business of setting Nigerians free from religious bigotry and the concomitant mental and spiritual enslavement.

Nigerians are in the thrall of the basest brainwashing program of all times. A population of over 100 million is completely bogged down and trapped in a medieval time machine. With the nature of the present cultivated religious culture prevailing all over the nooks and crannies of Nigeria, a science-induced progress can never see the light of day.

Never mind that all and sundry in Nigeria enjoy the usage of the various technological gadgets made available through the efforts of non-believing scientists. But the path of reason and fact-based knowledge that abhor faith and beliefs without evidence, is of little interest to the Christendom in Nigeria.

Miracle and Manipulation

As will be expected in a religious-dominated culture, Nigerians are sheepishly led through the path of miracle and prayer by their self anointed General Overseers. Neither does the magic process expect the application of common sense nor is it accompanied with any hard-work.

For curiosity sake, Why are the Nigerian church leaders called General Overseers? General Overseer!!! What a title. Isn’t that the title that the supervisors in the slave plantation of North America called in those days of infamy? It seems someone is playing games with the gullibility of Africans.

These important General Overseers often boast that they regularly have dinner with the gods and they do eavesdrop on the gods’ conversations. From time to time they regale the flocks with topical gossips they overheard and assure those followers willing to pay the right premium fee for a regular updates and taylor-made special prophetic pronouncements straight from the mouth of the gods.

We have heard of Preachers and Televangelists that pray for their members and command them to believe that a hefty sum of money will be paid miraculously into their bank accounts in the next few days by Anonymous Donor. However with a caveat, only on the condition that the followers have paid the right sum of tithe or have sown seeds of money handsomely into the money plantation of the general overseer.

When the awakened realised that all those involved in the debate of tithe and tithing have premised their individual position on the inerrancy of the holy bible as the incontrovertible “word of God”, it is easy to conclude that there is no argument worthy of the attention of observers outside the flock.

The Awakened Ones and the Holy Book

The awakened ones who have taken the time to look at the history of this wonderful book cannot help but wonder as to what happened to African Homo sapiens who are richly endowed with elaborate brain power but refused to use it.

It is necessary to remind Nigerians that history shows that the holy bible is a collection of scrolls (pamphlets) written by anonymous ancient cavemen from the Middle East; that this holy book is made up of carefully selected stories, myths, fairy tales from among many other ancient common mythological stories and fairy tales; and that the book was put together by anonymous editors with special interests and finally translated into many languages by carefully selected philologists.

If we may ask, what will it take to remove the delusion of mind of Nigerians/Africans that make them to put absolute faith on a single book to solve all the problems besetting Nigeria/Africa? How do you convince Nigerians/Africans that no book was ever written by the gods? How do you explain to Nigerians /Africans that every book, every act, every thought of mankind are all inspired and therefore no single book or act or thought should be raised above others?

The consequences of focusing all our attention on one book above the myriads of other books of wisdom is the loss of a great chunk of knowledge from several other sources. As a result of lack of comparative study of all the available materials that are useful for mind cultivation and development, Nigerians have remained spiritually unhealthy. This kind of ailment is similar to what happens to persons whose nutrition habit is not made up of balanced diets and hence suffer from avoidable physiological health problems.

It is unfortunate to see Nigerian so-called believers behave as if they were the first to hear about ‘the word of god’. There is a serious need at this time to quietly tell the religionists some salient facts of history.

Nigerians need to learn a few historical facts about our world. It is a known fact that for many centuries Europe was similarly brainwashed, just as in Nigeria today, to worship the ‘holy book’ as well as pay obeisance to the custodian (priests) of the book who took Europe through hell that led to the Dark Age in world history;

That Europe was only able to break free about 700 years ago from a religiously induced culture of intellectual inertia brought about by a theology that encouraged mass ignorance and that indoctrinated fear of either loosing the reward of paradise or of gaining the punishment of hell;

That it was men and women like you that challenged the theological premises under which the Pope of the Holy Roman Catholic Church was exercising a ruinous and strangulating power as Vicar of Christ on earth over the people of the world; and

That without the efforts of a few awakened thinkers imbued with fearless courage through knowledge and who were ready to sacrifice their lives for truth (many actually did), the world would still be under the physical and spiritual bondage of the princes of the Holy Roman Catholic Church.

Transformation Power of Truth and Knowledge

Today, Nigerians see the pictures of Europe and America and they wonder if these countries are on this planet. Of course they are on planet earth and what you see and admire are products of the efforts of men and women like you. What you see and desire about these countries are the by-products Nigerians or any people in the world will get when as a conscious people we allow common sense, reason, love of truth and knowledge based on evidence, practical investigation of facts and scientific experimentation of stated propositions or theories, to govern our lives.

Europe and America and other developed countries are not the kinds of civilisation and physical development you will find in a culture where people sleeps all day and night in church praying for miracles and wonder; where the only book introduced to a kindergarten as worthy and adequate for all needed knowledge of life under the sun is the holy bible; and where the study of philosophy and science are ridiculed or pursued half-heartedly.

Nigerians have cultivated a popular religious culture that seems to be asking, what do you need science and technology for when you can easily get everything you need from the gods by fasting and prayer? Obviously, a people with such simplistic mental attitude to life cannot go anywhere near up but are destined to go straight down into the lowest pit of human existence.

It is my fervent hope that the debate on tithe and tithing will not be allowed to go to waste but will become the beginning of a process of peeling away the layers of lies that have blindfolded Nigerians from seeking to know the truth of existence that can truly set them free.

The prevailing intellectual deceit and the on-going psychological manipulation must be stopped if Nigerians desire to see freedom and progress in the country. No-one can procure for another person freedom and salvation from religious servitude as well as from mental and intellectual slavery.

When each of us is really serious about knowing the truth that can set us free, we shall henceforth behave like the merchant in the parable of the Kingdom of God when the Teacher of Galilee said in Matthew 13:

45 ‘Again, the kingdom of heaven is like a merchant looking for fine pearls.

46 When he found one of great value, he went away and sold everything he had and bought it.

Relief and freedom can only come when each of us begins to check out the meaning of all the coded overt and covert concepts in our religious texts. These coded concepts were designed for the purpose of mind programming. Nigerians need to understand that our present mindset is a product of deliberate psychological conditioning or brainwashing. We need to know and understand that Nigerians are at the mercy of the mind programmers that derive sadistic joy from the power games of manipulating humanity. It is high time we accepted the inconvenient truth that because of our credulity, Nigerians in the religious cults are being played around like zombies.

Just take a look around you. Does the behaviour of fellow so-called Nigerians around you look normal like those of a people with functioning common sense?

Listen objectively to the sermons of the celebrated men and women of god, Do most of their claims and sophistries make any sense to you?

Look at the soulless leaders of economics, politics and religion, Are there anything godly about their official acts or anything compassionate about their behaviours to fellow mankind?


The above reviews are the larger picture. What we see in Nigeria particularly and in Africa generally is the end result of a people under serious psychological siege and of a people undergoing the pains of a merciless, ceaseless mental warfare waged on them. The different religions of all shades and colours doing the rounds in Nigeria/Africa have become convenient weapons for war on our minds as well as weapons of mass destruction of our inalienable right of freedom to natural life.

It is needful to reiterate that all forms of religion are deliberate dumb down of serious cosmological and philosophical thoughts. The dumbing down of religions are all designed by the same irredeemable cabal of psychopaths ruling our world to prevent human souls from coming alive as in the “reborn or born again” into a spiritual state of existence.

And for this war on mind control to be effective, the hidden psychopathic rulers through their minions in religious institutions have ensured humanity is regularly supplied with daily dose of the cool aid of soporific words. These are the sweet sounding words we hear daily and weekly but with no power to impact our lives positively. But instead these carefully chosen words embedded with subliminal messages are keeping us permanently sedated to remain in a sleepwalking state of existence.

As long as we leave our senses open without a cultivated mind that is filled with worthwhile knowledge to filter out all the brainwashing programmes coming from diverse sources (television, radio, entertainment, music, education, religion, politics, economics, etc.), we shall forever remain susceptible to the heinous dictates of the mind programmers and controllers.

At this time in the history of the world and by the practical experiences we’ve had so far in our life time, we need not be told that the psychological programmers and propagandists do not wish us well except when we are at their beck and call as useful disposable idiots.

This brief remark on Christendom in Nigeria is just a little titbit about what happened in the Church Matrix of Nigeria in 2017 and the lessons we need to take away from it. And most importantly, it is to bring to our awareness, at least of those that still have ears to hear, that everything that you think you know about yourself and the world around you is built on lies and you are under the influence of a pack of artificially created illusions. In order to allow sanity to take its rightful place in Nigeria and in our lives, each of us must disconnect from the onslaught of the 24/7 world propaganda that are designed to keep us in a state of perpetual slumber.

Please wake up and fight the good fight of self liberation from the World Matrix.

In The Spirit of Truth



“You have to understand,
Most people are not ready to be unplugged.
And many of them are so inured,
So hopelessly dependent on the system,
That they will fight to protect it.
Sooner or later you’re going to realize,
Just as I did,
That there is a difference between knowing the path
and walking the path.
I’m trying to free your mind…
But I can only show you the door.
You’re the only one that has to walk through it.”