A Message of Hope to My African People

Every Sunday I weep for my African people across the world as I watch them troop into their various cults to celebrate their age long captivity and to rejoice in their inglorious enslavement.

When the awakened ones among my people gently raised the question about “living in sin” of slavery; each argues that the premise of enslavement does not exist in his/her life; and each lays claim to a non-existence salvation over the demons of slavery and that he/she is a freeborn or a born again soul.

My people lay claim to freedom because they are ignorant about mental slavery and it’s insidious power to cuff the mind, to stifle its growth, and to strangle it to death.

My people have no conception of the potential power of the mind within them that is eagerly waiting to burst open like a fragrance flower in bloom.

My people are blinded by all that glitters around them which they assumed to be true gold.

My people are deafened by all the religious noises they assumed to be true spirituality.

My people are dumb because they have lost their natural language of thought and their natural words of communication with their ancestors.

My people babble in foreign languages that are alien to their souls and they have since become confused and alienated from their ancient ancestors.

My people flounder in a rickety sinking ship on the sea of life with no visible shore anywhere in sight for them to land in order to escape from the looming soul-death.

The awakened ones are asking with much concern in their voices, What shall my people do to escape from their mental slavery and the imminent annihilation of their body, mind and soul?

The awakened ones have learnt and have come to understand that the answer to the problem is a simple one.

The awakened ones say to my people, unless and until my people can acknowledge their unpardonable state of servitude in the Satanic World Scheme, the great task of seeking escape out of it and finding their way into freedom will not occur to them.

My people, there you have it. The answer is short and straight to the point. The inspiration to seek and to search for freedom must come from within you.

You need to use your common sense to look around you today and you will easily discover the ‘mind-cuff’ of the miseducation programmes specifically designed for you.

The subliminal ‘mind-cuff’ promoted by modern education has trained you to accept religiosity for spirituality; to embrace paper certification for education; and to idolise material success for spiritual prosperity.

These are the invisible psychological weapons holding you down from overcoming the perils of enslavement.

My people you need to seek knowledge about your unpalatable circumstances. It is only through the power of knowledge you will come into full understanding about how to unlock the padlock of the most ingeniously designed and personalised ‘mind-cuff’ and other physical and psychic chains carefully placed and arranged around your life.

My people, please understand this simple truth: without freedom secured from within and without undoing the invisible chain of mental slavery around your mind, you can not soar and glide majestically unto the mountain top, as the eagles do daily and effortlessly.

And this is where my people truly belong – on the mountain top of life.

My dear African people, let the journey to the mountain top of life begins for you today. It is a personal journey of self discovery not a group thing at all but the destination point shall be the same for everyone. It will be a place where freedom shall reign as king and queen.

Now take a deep breath and let the seeds of this short message of love and freedom find abode in your heart.

As you think or meditate about it, give it time to sink in into the rich fertile depth of your soul and it will germinate like all true seeds are designed to do naturally.

With much love and hoping to meet you on the much awaited and eagerly longed for shore of tranquility where we can finally lay to rest the sinking and moribund ship of mental slavery.

And on our arrival at this shore as a truly awakened people, we can begin the task of building for ourselves brand new ships of Freedom, Love and Peace.

Can we do it?

“Yes we can”.

In the Spirit of Truth



22nd July 2018