Indigenous People of Nigeria, Wake Up!

Give me liberty or give me death”Patrick Henry

The New Fulani Caliphate in Nigeria

When we see or hear about the murderous encounters between wandering Fulani Herdsmen and settled indigenous communities in Nigeria, and aided by the knowledge of history of the Fulani Jihad in pre-Colonial Nigeria, we cannot but think and wonder whether what we are witnessing today is a possibility of the final solution towards the establishment of a full-fledged New Fulani Colonial Caliphate in Nigeria.

If there is merit in the above assumption, knowledgeable Nigerians need more than ever before to earnestly begin singing the song of freedom, equality, and justice.

The few Nigerians that understand the heinous political game that is unfolding must begin to organise the indigenous people for a true political independence movement that will set free the captive indigenous people and nations trapped within Nigeria.

A Brief Historical Review

We, the awakened ones, need to regularly recall the history of our past and we must create awareness for it to be clearly understood by the indigenous people. We must unceasingly remind so-called Nigerians that the political independence of 1960 was an uncompleted project; and that the departing British colonial administrative officers, intentionally and cruelly too, sabotaged the political and economic independence project.

We need to educate the indigenous people about the activities of the British agents in Nigeria before independence:

That the agents and solely for the economic interests of the Deep State of Britain, deliberately chose to favour the Fulani Caliphate of the Northern Region as a retainer of the transferred political power.

That through the use of social research and psychological profiling of the indigenous people, the chosen favourite Caliphate was adjudged as more malleable and easily manipulable than any of the other two remaining geo-political regions.

That in order to ensure that the chosen Fulani Caliphate would win the independence election and subsequent other national elections, the colonial administration covertly and arbitrarily inflated, without any supporting evidence, the census figures of the then Northern Region.

That this singular treasonous act has, since then, made the Nigeria Federal Legislative Assembly forever lopsided to the advantage of the Fulani Caliphate.

That the unforgivable deception of manipulating and gerrymandering the population census figures of Nigeria has led to the detriment of a fair institutional arrangement that could have upheld and ensured the administration of justice, freedom, equality, harmony and development in the country.

And that as a matter of fact, the treasonable and felonious acts of establishing this big deception in the name of a manufactured country is the big elephant in the living room of Nigeria. This monstrous fraud has been and is still the fundamental cause of political disturbances and social disharmony in the rickety political house of a doubtful foundation that Britain built for Nigeria.

Under this clandestine and unjust political arrangement, the Fulani Caliphate, earlier conquered by Frederick Lugard for the City of London International Bankers in 1904, was resuscitated and given a new life to expand its moribund empire to the sea.

Based on the above brief historical background, we can justifiably say that the much vaunted independence of 1960 was a sham; and that Nigeria was merely transferred from a British colonial power to a local Fulani colonial power.

We must equally recall that the Fulani’s feudalistic culture, religion and oppressive administrative apparatuses had earlier been jealously guarded and protected throughout the period of the British colonial administration. It therefore had greater advantage of existing vassalages to effect absolute control of the evolving political positions in the new independent country.

This brief history, dear brothers and sisters, are the indisputable facts about the Nigerian Question which in all seriousness was handed over to us as a Poisoned Chalice.

In a logical sense, the pertinent conclusion we can draw from the history is that Nigeria has never been out of the bondage of colonialism all these years. We have just been fooling each other that Nigeria is an independent country. An independent country that has no control over her natural resources, economic and monetary policies is merely clowning around in the comity of nations.

The Struggle for True Independence

The Fulani Cabal currently occupying the Presidency in Aso Rock, by their unbridled impunity to trample mercilessly on the downtrodden indigenous people; and by their urgent desire, fuelled by hubris, to implement the final solution for the establishment of the New Caliphate of Naijiria, have done the indigenous people great favours.

By the ongoing brutality and brigandage inflicted on the innocent indigenous people; the public statements of support given to the Fulani murderous attackers; and the “body language” of Mr President that refused to act forcefully to curtail the ongoing attacks, the Fulani establishment have made the awareness of the covert enslavement of the indigenous people of Nigeria as a conquered people, glaringly obvious to all those who were hitherto blind, deaf and dumb about what the true Nigerian Question is.

The problem facing us today is similar to those that our forefathers faced, which led to the nationalist movements of the 1940s. Our forefathers sought and acquired true knowledge and they became intellectually and spiritually awakened about the political and social injustices that surrounded them; they became very sensitive to the indignity of being called a second class subject of the Crown; and they could no longer tolerate the dehumanisation that were the lots of Africans under the British colonial administration.

In one accord, they rose up and they clamoured and organised themselves to seek freedom as a fundamental human right; to argue for self-determination on  political and economic affairs of their country; and to demand for democratic self-rule and full political independence from Great Britain.

Our forefathers thought they won the battle for independence but they lost the war of wit and deception. Based on the brief history above, they were unfortunately outplayed and outfoxed by the soulless but brilliant colonial administrators.

Today, the various indigenous nations under the present geographical space, named and called Nigeria, are facing a similar but more brutal reign of terror and injustice. The indigenous people are under a punitive, barbaric, bloodthirsty and myopic Fulani colonial power.

The tyrannical Fulani rulers in our midst do not give a damn about human rights of the indigenous people to justice, equality, and freedom. They have refused, due to a rigid believe in Islamic conservatism, to devote any iota of interest to the issues of modernity, human development and progress.

They have no vision to promote economic prosperity through adding value to productive activities but instead they encouraged the prevailing parasitic rentier culture. And most worryingly, their outright intransigence to accord sufficient support to moral and ethical political virtues and hygiene that could have promoted a good general quality of life for the majority of the people in the country.

As a matter of fact, the Fulani conservative rulers have seen every effort made in the direction of economic, social and political development as a forbidden endeavour (aka Haram, as in Boko Haram) under their peculiar interpretation of the Koran and Hadith.

In a nutshell and as at today, the only struggle that should concern every so-called Nigerian from each of the indigenous nations that make up Nigeria is first and foremost the struggle for individual MENTAL FREEDOM. Each of us need to work very hard to clear away all the covert and clever indoctrinations programmed into our mind that have left us with a colonial mentality, inferiority complex, fear and self hate.

The task for  individual mental awakening and mind restructuring, if and when done properly, seriously and diligently, will naturally and inevitably coalesce into a strong and informed cultural, economic and political movement for freedom, equality and justice. And finally with a popular awareness of what is really at stake – existential existence – a real and not a fictitious independence from the Fulani Colonial Caliphate can be achieved.

Fellow Countrymen and women, let us focus our intellect on this singular goal of mental and spiritual freedom. When and if it can be secured and urgently too, all other things in our political, economic, social and spiritual lives will fall into their rightful places.

Most urgently and with proper enlightenment, the singsong for freedom must be encouraged to emerge from every community under the suzerainty of the Fulani emirates in the land.

To my mind, the only paramount choice that should be made by every so-called Nigerian at this juncture of chaos and calamity is to give an uncompromising support to a strident campaign for independence for each indigenous nation.

Otherwise and if we fail to act now for true independence, we shall forever remain as the indentured slaves of the New Fulani Caliphate in the making.


The important choices of seeking knowledge and understanding about our sad conditions; and of seeking freedom and true independence with everything in our lives are still ours to make. If we delay any longer to make the right decision for the sake of our future and of those of our posterity because we are hoping that 2019 elections will make any difference to the present shambolic conditions, we shall merely be deluding ourselves. 

For the information of the naive and doubting Thomases or Adamus or Amadis or Adebayos, the Fulani Cabals have no desire to plan and organise any free and fair election in 2019. It is a fait accompli – a done deal. The present punitive government creating and supporting the ongoing havoc and suffering in the land must continue. It cannot be moved or defeated by election because it has a serious project at hand.

Whether the indigenous people of ‘Nigeria’ like it or not, Buhari and the Fulani Cabals are firmly convinced that he is the divinely chosen man of “integrity” to establish the New Fulani Caliphate of Naijiria before he dies or retires. According to the prophecy of religious charlatans, Buhari is the Mahdi that the Fulanis have been waiting for since the Caliphate Empire was lost to Britain in 1904.

The indigenous nations must not wait for either his death or retirement. We must act now to secure political independence from ‘British-Nigeria’.

We must accept the present painful reality of our existence that it is a fate worse than death. And we must acknowledge the unmistakable fact that, ‘Nigeria’ is a sinking ship about to go down into the abyss. In such dire situation as we find ourselves and if there is still some life left in us, we must make conscious effort to bail out of the sinking and unrepairable ship RIGHT NOW.

There is no better time than now for the indigenous nations within Nigeria to begin to think about the need to build brand new houses for themselves and their future generations based on our new vision and new understanding of life. We need to do away with the Greek Gift of an ill-fitting political robe bestowed on us by guile and deception. The house that the British built on this “mere geographical expression” of a country has not done the indigenous people any good. It has only brought us too many tears, sweat, blood and sorrow.

We must let this mad house of tribulation go in order for us to be able to reconstruct new relationships of love and friendship among ourselves. We must uproot the trees of Divide-and-Rule stratagem planted in our midst and set them on fire. Unless we can do this, our desires for freedom, peace, prosperity and unity will remain a mirage and a mere dream and will forever remain unattainable.

In The Spirit of Truth


24 July 2018