Re: Fulani Terrorism must be stopped in Nigeria By Ozodi Osuji

Dr Osuji’s essay titled, Fulani Terrorism must be stopped in Nigeria, caught my attention and held my interest to warrant a secondment and few additional information to drive home his message properly.

Apart from a misplaced expectation on the international communities to whom Dr Osuji sent copies of the essay to seek sympathy for the woes and tribulations of the indigenous people of ‘Nigeria’ under the Fulani militia occupation of Nigeria, I am in full agreement with the thrust of the essay that the Fulani Terrorism must be stopped in Nigeria. But the effort to stop the Fulani terrorism in Nigeria can and must be under the prerogative of only ‘Nigerians’.

‘Nigerians’ cannot and must not expect any compassionate attention from the international military-industrial complex of the world who have been wetting their lips for profitable arm sales to Nigeria since 2015, the year they earmarked for the calamitous end of Nigeria.

Additional Facts about the Fulani Ethnic Nation in Nigeria

I have always wondered, who and where are the Hausas of Northern Nigeria. I have always questioned the name Hausa-Fulani, the double-barrel identity under which the Fulani Ethnic nation chose to hide their evil and terroristic persona from all prying eyes.

This Hausa-Fulani amalgam has fooled a lot of outsiders who continue to conflate the despotic rulership of ‘Nigeria’ under an omnibus and inseparable people of Northern Nigeria. Only very few ‘Nigerians’ know that a large percentage of the powerful Establishment men and women in Abuja and in positions of political power that are called Northerners are none other than members of the Fulani Ethnic nation.

As a result of the 1804 Fulani Jihad against the indigenous Hausa nation, under the disguise of sanitising Islam, the Fulani political tentacles have been widely spread to cover the whole of the Northern Region.

And because the Fulani Establishment are fervent believers in nepotism as a political force/tool for a mafia-type governance, almost everyone in the top hierarchy of political power in Abuja, regardless of which State of the North they identify with, is either a Fulani or a person married to a Fulani or a confirmed loyal generational slave of the Fulani Caliphate.

By stealth and guile, the Fulani nation infiltrated into the Hausa majority culture by purposeful genetic modification of the Hausa ethnic nation through miscegenation; and by bloody terrorism, the non-Fulani people in the North were silenced and cowered in terror over the ages and the leadership positions of every sector of Nigeria political institutions were surreptitiously occupied and dominated by the Fulani Ethnic nationals.

Through occupying the top positions of power as dominant political masters of Nigeria since 1960, the Fulani Ethnic nation has been dictating inimical policies and retrogressive programs that were and are still geared towards holding ‘Nigerians’ back from adopting a progressive modernisation plan and programme for the country.

The whole political architecture designed by the Fulani Ethnic nation, since their forceful incursion into the geographical space now called ‘Nigeria’, has been to ensure that nobody from any other ethnic nation or tribal group outside the Fulani Ethnic nation can rise up to challenge their total control and dominance of ‘Nigeria’.

We must always bring into our remembrance, in order to educate the indigenous people of Nigeria, the historical antecedent of the inhuman treatment meted out to the Hausa nation in 1804; that it was the genocidal treatment and ethnic cleansing of the time that caused the cultural identity of the Hausa nation to almost disappear from the face of the earth; and that it is the same pattern of cruel terrorism and bloody genocidal treatment of 1804 that we are witnessing again today, as it is unfolding in our own life time, to the indigenous people of the Middle Belt.

Stopping Fulani Terrorism

It is unfortunate that a host of the indigenous people of Nigeria have no knowledge or clue about the Fulani Ethnic nation as masters of political brinkmanship in ‘Nigeria’. And unless we know who the enemy is, going to war to stop Fulani Terrorism will be sheer foolhardiness.

It was Sun Tzu who says,

“Know the enemy and know yourself; in a hundred battles you will never be in peril. When you are ignorant of the enemy but know yourself, your chances of winning or losing are equal. If ignorant both of your enemy and of yourself, you are certain in every battle to be in peril.”

We can only stop the marauding Fulani killers by first creating the awareness among the enslaved people of ‘Nigeria’ to know and to understand:

  • that the Fulani Ethnic nationals in their neighbourhoods are not their best of friends but sworn enemies that are only bidding their time for the right opportunity to raise the flag of “Fulani Jihad” in the name of Islam;
  • that the Fulani nationals can and will only associate with other ‘Nigerians’ in the capacity of a master-slave relationship;
  • that the Fulani culture does not abhor, but take pleasure as a ritual and rite of passage for their young men, to shed the blood of anyone either innocent or adjudged as political and economic enemy of the Fulani Ethnic nation;
  • that the Fulani Ethnic nation do not seriously belong to or adhere wholeheartedly to the teachings of the Islamic faith but are culturally and religiously a nation of Bull/Cattle worshippers;
  • that the Fulani Ethnic nation have used and are still using the religion of Islam as a weapon of conquest and political domination of other nations; and
  • that the Fulani Establishment is convinced, after the successful bicentennial celebration of the 1804 Fulani Jihad in 2004, that the time is ripe to expand their geographical sphere of physical and direct political control to every part of Nigeria and beyond.

Just in case other Africans are feeling unconcerned about the bloody atrocities going on in Nigeria and thinking that the Fulani terrorist onslaught is only a ‘Nigerian’ problem, it is high time they knew that the conquest of the whole of Africa is the final goal of the Fulani Ethnic nation.

Inferences to be drawn from the above facts

Hence, it is under the above salient facts that the recent sporadic attack by the Fulani militiamen terrorising the Middle Belt and some strategic places in the Southern part of Nigeria can be understood.

Hence, the selection of only Fulani Ethnic nationality by President Buhari to occupy all the strategic political positions of security and defence in ‘Nigeria’ can be easily understood.

Hence, the justifiable conclusion drawn by the few awakened indigenous people of Nigeria that say, it is an unforgivable foolishness and outright stupidity for ‘Nigerians’ to still believe and hope that the possession of PVC (permanent voter card) and the organisation of a stage-managed and predetermined political party elections would change the status quo of Nigeria’s hegemony, can be perfectly understood.

Hence, the concerns raised by the awakened ones that without tearing apart and dumping the fraudulent constitution written and bestowed on ‘Nigerians’ by the Fulani Establishment, that no restructuring or reengineering of Nigeria can solve the humongous political, social, economic and spiritual problems created for ‘Nigerians’ by the Fulani apartheid system under the guidance of the Deep State of Britain, can be objectively understood.

Every ‘Nigerian’, particularly the indigenous Hausa people must be helped through the popularisation and exposition of the true history of Nigeria in order for all of us to gain knowledge, courage and power so as to overcome the fears planted in us by the age long cruelty of the Fulani militiamen who have waged and are still waging merciless and genocidal wars of terror on the indigenous people of Nigeria since 1804.

Those among the Hausas and other indigenous groups who have come into full understanding about the vicious political games of the Fulani Ethnic nation that regularly terrorises its neighbours for dominance must devote precious time and generous effort to wake up the indigenous people of Nigeria so as to also understand the evil intentions and practices of the Fulani Ethnic nation in their midst.

It is the duty of those who have been awakened by knowledge of history to help those who are still ignorant of the potential and perpetual dangers the sponsored Fulani bloody militiamen pose to the slumbering communities of the host nations. It is only under the educational program of enlightening the indigenous people that the distasteful Fulani Jihadist history of 1804 can be prevented from being repeated again in ‘Nigeria’.

We must take the Fulani political challenge that seek to always obtain power by terrorising other nations as a serious danger and that it portends possible existential demise for the various indigenous people of ‘Nigeria’ as distinct cultural entities in Africa.

The sensible choice for us to make right now is to take a serious note of these existential challenges before us and to decide, as a sacred duty, to keep warning and alerting the sleeping ‘Nigerians’ on the need to organise proactive preventive measures and to secure practical means of protection against the imminent dangers of foreseeable slaughter and bloodshed.

The awakened indigenous people of Nigeria must accept the truth, supported by the prevailing evidence of ongoing ethnic cleansing all over the country, that the cynical Fulani culture and their pretentious overt religious piety are mere cover for diabolical political practices of the type found in classic compassionless psychopaths; and that it is this heinous political practice of the Fulani Ethnic nation that has held Nigeria down through calculated and pernicious sabotages of all the good intentions proposed in the past by honest and true indigenous leaders of ‘Nigeria’.

Finally, the awakened ones must help the indigenous people to see and to understand how the practice of selfishness and nepotism by the Fulani Ethnic nationalists over the years, have preferred to put uneducated neophytes and uncultured mediocre in top political positions of power which consequently have hindered and disrupted the progress the country could have made towards modernity and civilisation.


The important facts elucidated above, dear countrymen and women, are the crosses we have to bear and to overcome before deliverance and freedom can be ours.

If we discount all the glaring facts before us under “hate against Buhari and the Fulani”, we shall be doing so at our own eventual peril.

The awakened ones cannot hate any creature or person. Saying the truth is designed to heal the spiritually deaf, blind, dumb and crippled. This is not hate but the highest form of love.

Drawing attention to the atrocities of the Fulani Ethnic nation is mainly for the purpose of helping the innocent ones among them to know what is being done in their name and for the perpetrators of evil to repent from their evil ways. This is the first step we must take to heal the blood soaked lands of ‘Nigeria’ from eventual divine retributive justice.

Without repentance there are foreordained consequences for every evil and cruelty meted out unjustly to other fellow humankind and other living creatures as well.

When the sour fruit of the seeds of evil planted in ‘Nigeria’ have ripened and for sure they will ripe, the sour fruits will become the bitter portion of both the innocent and those who know but refused to warn their fellow countrymen and women about it.

This is why, dear countrymen and women, we can no longer keep quiet while Nigeria is about to be set on fire and while there are signs of smoke already smouldering on the mountains of Nigeria.

It is urgently imperative to do everything we can to wake up the sleeping ‘Nigerians’ now. We must emphasise that delaying further, under any silly excuse, to demonstrate and to accord passionate concern to the issue of enslavement through terror and bloodshed by the Fulani Ethnic nation; and to procrastinate any further about putting immediate attention on the need to seek and to search for knowledge and understanding about the truth of Nigerian Questions, the knowing of which shall set us free from further enslavement and political bondage to the Fulani Ethnic nation, is not the options we can neglect anymore or refused to take immediately.

‘Nigerians’! Please Wake Up Now. Time is running out for the country.

In The Spirit of Truth



The use of ‘Nigeria’ and ‘Nigerians’ in my writing is to alert ourselves that when we fully understand the existential predicaments facing us and have overcome them, the names bestowed on us by our colonisers and enslavers must need to be changed. We must give the new constituted Federation of indigenous nations that will emerge from the present chaos a name that is befitting a true nation where equality, freedom and justice will forever be our fundamental guiding principles.