Re: A Daily Trust in the Media, not the Army by Owei Lamkefa

The countdown to Tyranny has begun in earnest in Nigeria. Though Nigeria is supposed to be under a democratic governance, the military boys, since 2015 have been carrying on as if the country is under a military occupation.

Since Tukur Yusuf Buratai’s appointment as Chief of Army Staff of Nigeria, Nigerians have witnessed a descent into a military overkill. The list of military recklessness is long but the Shiite massacre in Kaduna and Abuja and the Python Dance in East Central States are three episodes that readily come to mind. There have been various military and militia skirmishes and extrajudicial killings on a regular basis across the country.

Dear Fellow Country Folks, what is going on in Nigeria?

We understand that there is a plan under another Operation Python Dance to empty the military Barack’s onto the roads of Nigeria from the month of January as part of the security operations for the general elections slated for February 2019.

What is going on?

I pray thee, dear Country Men and Women, shouldn’t you be asking loudly and clearly now that we still have the chance, What’s going on in a supposedly civil democratic regime?

Can’t you see some serious abnormalities, beyond the pale expectations and flagrant absurdities in the activities of the military under a civilian democratic government?

I think every ‘Nigerian’ should be worried. The signs of the immediate future is not looking good at all for the citizens regardless of who you think you are. No life is safe under any government whose appointed or selected or elected officers wilfully and arbitrarily decide to operate outside the laws of the land.

So-called Nigerians, please wake up. There is fire on the mountain of Nigeria. It is the staff and properties of Daily Trust today, it could be your turn tomorrow.


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