Is it going to be Brexit or ‘Brexin’ for Britain?: Independence or In Dependence.

For with what judgment ye judge, ye shall be judged: and with what measure ye mete, it shall be measured to you again.”

Watching Theresa May, the Prime Minister of United Kingdom, as she runs helter-skelter and from pillar to post to save Brexit negotiations from unraveling and coming into grievous disaster for Britain is a pathetic scene to behold.

How are the mighty fallen?

It would have been an unthinkable thought a century ago that Great Britain could ever be reduced to the level of a grovelling country at the feet of bureaucrats in the European Union.

Thinking about this surreal development, of seeing how Great Britain has fallen from grace to grass, took me back in time to the 1940 – 1960 when a good number of British colonies in Africa and around the world were making demands for political independence from Britain.

What is happening to Britain in the hands of European Union today is a reminder of the kind of political game of rigmarole and clever shenanigans that Britain played with her former colonies.

Those of us with long memories will remember how Great Britain toyed with the officials and representatives from the ‘lowly’ overseas Estates of the Crown. What did these colonies do wrong? They had the uncommon effrontery to seek political and economic independence from Britain in the middle of last century.

In consequence of the legitimate demand for independence, Great Britain organised sham constitutional conferences with the ‘natives’ who were seen as political illiterates without a clue whatsoever about the nitty gritty of political power. British colonial administrators wrote the constitutions on behalf of the colonial countries and shoved them down the throats of the representatives.

The few intelligent representatives that understood the unjust political processes protested vehemently against the ignominious and unworkable constitution when and where possible to no avail. What they got for crying out loud were inconsequential amendments that were grudgingly made to the fait accompli constitution.

However, the core principles and the policy objectives that had been predetermined to give a camouflaged independence to the colonial countries were firmly and carefully protected.

Unfortunately, most of the representatives from the colonies had no clue about this covert policy. It was later found that those representatives that accepted the independence offers on a platter without questioning its worthiness had earlier been bought over with promises of future protection under a vassalage arrangement.

In fact, Britain played a fast game of conquer, divide and rule on her colonies throughout the period of colonial occupation. And at departure time, the commanding political and economic positions Britain held over the colonies were never relinquished to the independent countries.

Instead what Britain did was to establish covert strategic institutions that would ensure and maintain a remote control on the internal affairs of the purported independent countries.

In essence, what Great Britain gave to her colonies was a mere re-arrangement of letters of independence. The colonies thought they got ‘independence’ but in actuality, what they signed to was a memorandum where they unknowingly agreed to be “in dependence” to Great Britain till the end of time.

Now coming back to the contemporary political development in Europe, it is disheartening to see that all the herculean work and indefatigable efforts put into the negotiations of an amicable exit strategy from Europe by Theresa May will come to nothing. This is because what Britain will eventually get as settlement will fall far short of the expectations of those who are truly seeking an independent existence for Britain outside of Europe.

At the moment Theresa May’s passionate zeal and her patriotic fight for Britain has been ridiculously reduced to two paltry options – ‘a deal or a no-deal Brexit’ affair with the European Union.

Obviously and under the present emotive atmosphere, where rationality has been brutally sacrificed to partisan politics, Britain will not be able to secure a genuine legal and political papers to leave outright or even stay amicably on an ex officio status in the European Union.

From the look of things, it seems Britain is going to get a camouflaged ‘in dependence’ offer like the African colonies got from her in the 1960s. This time around it will be a clever and legally worded “BREXIN” agreement.

BREXIN will be a situation where Britain is neither outside of Europe nor inside of Europe. If that happens, it is going to be a very costly position where Britain will continue to pay some obscure funds into the European Union but will not be able to influence the policy decisions of the Union.

If we lean heavily on historical facts of some of the underhand diplomatic dealings of Great Britain with other hapless countries and if the European Union decided to borrow a leaf from Britain’s ‘book of clever-dog-eats-the-dumb-dog’ realpolitik, we can easily predict that the legal agreements which the bureaucrats of the European Union will draw up with Britain will be so brilliantly written and will most likely bind Britain, politically and fiscally, to Europe for ever.

This sordid and unpalatable outcome of the earlier promising Brexit election and negotiation out of Europe look like it is going to be a dud cheque and a momentous payback time for Great Britain.

For with what judgment ye judge, ye shall be judged: and with what measure ye mete, it shall be measured to you again.”

In The Spirit of Truth