Are Nigerians Witnessing a Revival of the Fulani Jihad Revolution of 1804 in Nigeria?

Remembering the 2004 Bicentenary Celebration of the Birth of the Fulani Caliphate of Northern Nigeria.

At this important and confused moment in the history of Nigeria, every Nigerian is urged to recall that in 2004, the Fulani Caliphate celebrated the bicentenary anniversary of the establishment of the Fulani Caliphate Empire. The Sokoto Caliphate, according to history, is a colonial empire that was established by violent and bloody conquest of a large portion of the Savannah and Sahel geographical landmass now known as Northern Nigeria between 1804 and 1808. 

During the 2004 anniversary, the then President Olusegun Obasanjo and his cabinet ministers naively joined their Fulani political overlords to mark the supposedly nostalgic, festive and joyous occasion that commemorated the historic enslavement of some of the indigenous people now called ‘Nigerians’. 

I can only opine that it was either President Obasanjo was abysmally ignorant of history or he was just carelessly nonchalant and therefore could not give a moment to think and to consider the feelings of the indigenous people whose ancestors were slaughtered, murdered, massacred and turned out of their homes forever between 1804 and 1808.

Prior to the 2004 bicentennial celebration and with foolproof confidence in the fudged and illegal 1999 Sharia-Friendly Constitution written and decreed into law by their minions in uniform, the Fulani Establishment from the year 2000 and starting in Zamfara State launched a Sharia Revolution. The sharia revolution has since covered 12 States in the present day Northern Nigeria. Still, President Obasanjo was neither perturbed nor did he seem to understand the political implications of what was going on under his watch. 

Nigerians need to remember that President Obasanjo, the 36 State Governors and all those elected into the National and State Assemblies in 1999 swore to uphold the 1999 Constitution before they saw and read it. They never saw it before the election because the final draft constitution was hidden away from the so-called elites of Nigeria. Why? Because of the Sharia bomb-shells that were carefully lodged within, mandated to be the law of the land and profusely scattered around the pages of the constitution.

President Obasanjo was confronted in interviews by the Press Media about what his government was doing about the developing sharia revolution in the Northern States. He replied with gusto that Nigerians shouldn’t worry themselves about the sharia development. He added, because the Sharia Revolution would soon fizzle out. Sharia didn’t fizzle out but it grew rapidly into an inferno. 

The predictable outcome of the sharia revolution led to an upsurge in Islamic fundamentalist teachings and beliefs that later gave birth indirectly to Boko Haram. Boko Haram means western education is sinful. This is the notorious armed militant group kitted with modern western weapons, contrary to the espoused claims of Boko Haram. They are presently in the trenches of Sambisa Forests fighting against the infidel Federal Government in the Northeast as they seek Islamic political power to establish a brand new Federal Sharia Government of Nigeria. 

Secondly, it led to another on-going merciless onslaught by a well-armed militias composed of a ragtag group of alleged Herdsmen that are killing men, pregnant women and children, raping and abducting women, murdering innocent farmers and destroying communities and turning them into grazing land for cattle. This allegedly disparate covert groups can also be attributed as an offshoot of that initial climate of silence and complacency of the Obasanjo administration.

By connecting the various scattered dots of all observable socio-political incidences in the country, it shouldn’t take a prolonged or an in-depth analysis for keen watchers of current affairs in Nigeria to understand why the Herdsmen troubling the peace and harmony of the country are being labelled as Fulani Herdsmen.

From the seemingly unconcerned attitude of the Government when the victims of the carnage cried out for help; to the very concerned and rapid action taken by Government to protect the Herdsmen and their herds of cattle when the victims seem to be in a position to defend themselves; and to the open partisan approach of government officials at the highest seat of power to only give priority attention, security protection and welfare facilities to the Herdsmen and their cattle, the impression was created that the present Federal Government of Nigeria favours the ‘foreign’ killers of Nigerians more than the Nigerian citizens and victims.

A Personal Observation on Herdsmen Phenomenon

In 2001, I travelled to the South-West of Nigeria after a ten-year absence and found the Fulani herdsmen and their herds of cattle grazing in the forest and farmlands of most villages. This surreal scenery, of cattle grazing in the forest and woodlands, was repeated in every state in the South-West of Nigeria. I wondered, why are the herdsmen leading herds of cattle to forage in the forest and woodlands for food when grass is the naturally preferred food of choice for cattle?

By 2007, on another visit, the Herdsmen and their cattle were then everywhere up to the capital town of Ado Ekiti. People that needed cows didn’t have to travel to Sokoto anymore to get them. A buyer would just go to the vicinity of Christ School, Ado Ekiti less than a mile from the city centre, to purchase cows for the usual ceremonies of birth, death, wedding, etc.

Still, nobody in position of authority for health and safety thought anything was wrong about this ugly and retrogressive social and ecological development. Seeing human beings living cheek by jowl with herds of cattle in the villages and towns, outside the natural habitats of cattle in the Savannah grassland, has since become the new normal all over Nigeria. 

In the meantime, reports of farmers and innocent people being killed by herdsmen are becoming daily occurrences and are regularly reported in the mass media. The survivors of the ferocious encounters are crying and wailing as their livelihood – farm with growing crops; ripe and ready-for-harvest crops; harvested crops in the barn; and tender crops in the nursery under preparation for the next season cultivation – were being destroyed and consumed by itinerant cows.

These strange occurrences should have attracted the attention of all thinking men and women in the country and should have forced the government to rise up in the defence of the innocent citizens; to consider necessary emergency steps to take to stop the suffering; and to act quickly and decisively on finding the most appropriate solutions to the problem of sporadic clashes between sedentary farmers and itinerant herdsmen in Nigeria.

However, when those of us who are keen observers of socio-political events noticed the passive and unconcerned attitudes of the Federal Government of Nigeria to these devious activities, we were compelled to ask the following questions: 

• Are these frequent or episodic, vicious and bloody attacks on farmers and their families; and the vandalism, destruction and arson attacks on farms and farmlands, mere communal disagreements between neighbours?

• Are these attacks deliberately planned and conducted with some premeditated motives and goals? 

• Are the motives behind these bloody activities driven by any or all of the following: political, economic, religious, ethnic and cultural factors? 

• What is the true spirit (Love or Hate) moving the actors, the sponsors and the financiers to plan and to conduct these dastardly and diabolical affairs with impunity all over Nigeria at this moment in time?

Recourse to Historical Records 

However, when we turned to the pages of history books, we found some probable clues about the enigmatic and diabolical scenario unfolding before our eyes in Nigeria.

History tells us that prior to the “1804 Fulani Insurgent” that consumed the Savannah and Sahel regions of West Africa, the Fulani herdsmen have quietly circled this region of Northern Nigeria with herds of cattle. It was noted that wherever the herdsmen settled/camped on their annual reconnaissance journeys in the region, the Fulani settlers would choose their own chiefs called Serikis who would administer their affairs without consultation with and in parallel to the Chiefs/Heads of the indigenous communities of their host.

By 1804, Uthman dan Fodio started a mutiny against the Hausa Kings and Chiefs for power, control and dominion over the age long established political institutions. Although, the mutiny against the monarchs of the Hausa kingdoms was later renamed and called an Islamic Jihad against infidels and against Muslims who were not properly upholding the tenets of Islam. 

Uthman dan Fodio, whose father migrated from the present day Senegal, grew up to become a Muslim scholar and a fundamentalist believer of the Quadriyya Sufi sect of Islam. As an itinerant Muslim teacher, he found favour in the courts of the King of Gobir kingdom as a Koranic teacher of the princes.

As each Hausa kingdom and chiefdoms around the Northwest fell, the news travelled round among the Fulani herdsmen residing as far away as Kanem-Bornu Empire in the Northeast. The Serikis (Head) of the communities of Fulani herdsman that were scattered all over the Savannah region travelled down to meet Uthman dan Fodio in Sokoto and to seek permission to raise a Jihad flag of rebellion in the community where they were peacefully residing.

With such inhuman and satanic bloody victory, the hitherto unnoticed and unknown Serikis were transfigured into the rulers of their various host communities as Emirs. Emir is the name given to Islamic rulers of a political administration over a group of conquered communities called Emirate, as it is known today. And all the emirates so created by usurpation and regicide were formed into a unified council of vassals under the supreme leadership of the Sultan of Sokoto.

The New Fulani Jihad in the Making

The 2004 celebration of the Bicentennial of Sokoto Caliphate and the rehashed history told about the brave exploits of the Fulani ancestors kindled a new spirit in the present generation to repeat the performance of 1804.

We need to ask some pertinent questions about the Fulani Ethnic nation in Nigeria, if only for curiosity sake. By now, every thinking Nigerian ought to wonder and to ask the following relevant questions: 

• Who are the people called Fulani? 

• What is it with the strange cultures of our Fulani neighbours that seem to have no humane regard for the life or the persons of other human beings outside its ethnic fold? 

• Where does the inherited bigotry of the Fulani culture came from that bred the belief that seems to say, it is unnatural for a Fulani to serve under the leadership of a non-Fulani? 

• How did the Fulani culture come to nurture and to imbue its people with a super ordinate and obsessive superiority complex over every other human being on earth? 

• What kind of spirit is leading the Fulani as an ethnic group that makes them so easily prone towards violent and truculent behaviour like petulant children; and that makes them ready to kill and to slaughter everyone that stands in their way of gaining the leadership positions of every society where they found themselves? 

Drawing inferences from our contemporary history, the Fulani culture seems to condone and to enjoy the rituals of blood shedding particularly if it is of the non-Fulani human beings. Any little excuse is enough for the Fulani, either as an individual or as a group to go on a revenge-killing rampage. We have seen this blood rituals played out before our eyes several times over and over particularly in the last few years.

Based on my personal experience, study and research, it is my considered opinion, and this is not offered lightly, that it seems the so-called Nigerians and the present generation are about to witness a covert plan by the Fulani Establishment in Nigeria/West Africa to re-enact the wanton destruction and ethnic cleansing of their host population wherever the Fulani herdsmen are presently residing. 

Identity Problems: Hausa-Fulani Nomenclature

Most Nigerians due to an unforgivable ignorance of the complexities of the people in the northern part of Nigeria refer to everyone from that region as Hausa-Fulani. There is no true blooded Fulani person who will answer to this pejorative nomenclature because it is an ascription that separates the slaves from the master.

It is very unfortunate that most so-called Hausa-Fulani are not aware of their history or have been deliberately misinformed about how they were formed in order to perpetuate the fraudulent Master-Slave cultural set up. And of course, the culture of inter-generational servitude is rigorously entrenched and is underpinned by misapplied religious indoctrination.

The Fulani culture, from time memorial, practices a rigid caste system that meticulously separates the minority purebred Fulani who formed the upper class from the mixed-blood majority of the lower classes.

Although, at the moment the hegemonic power of Nigeria is already in the hands of the Fulani Ethnic nation but, it seems hubris is leading them to embark on this new adventure of making an open declaration. They seem to be eager to announce to those still in the doubt about the Fulani political authority and slave ownership of Nigeria. They are in a hurry to demonstrate openly the true position of who wields the political power in Nigeria. And they hope this new and improved jihad over the so-called Nigerians will confirm the inevitable reality of their lordship and suzerainty over all and sundry in Nigeria.

2019: Year of Final Resolution

Having learnt and understood the seriousness of all that we stated above, we have no option but to warn the so-called complacent Nigerians about what we envisaged the year 2019 is likely going to bring. And from every perspective of observation and analysis it is promising to be a year of a break or bend for Nigeria as presently constituted and structured.

The blood shedding events happening all around Nigeria today seems to point to a Fulani coup de tat in the making. From my humble study and understanding, I judged the Fulani Take Over Plan was initially planned for actualisation in 2015 had Goodluck Jonathan “won’ the Presidential election of that year.

It was a wise move and we should thank Providence for guiding Jonathan on the right path of peace. The blood of Nigerians would have flowed like flood had the Fulani Establishment been denied the shift of political power to the Caliphate. I am sure, many Nigerians have not forgotten that Muhammad Buhari promised to visit mayhem on Nigerians shortly after he lost the 2011 presidential election in case the same scenario of a loss of election repeats itself in 2015.

The planned Fulani coup de tat and the covert plans to take the political power over Nigeria back to the Caliphate in 2015 were designed around the cattle herdsmen who have been encouraged over the years to forage into the dense forest of Southern Nigeria.

This is the unfortunate situation where we found ourselves as indigenous people. The Fulani Establishment have spread the tentacles of bloodthirsty militiamen all over the nooks and crannies of Nigeria and have been preparing for this moment since 2004.

Fiction or Reality

This is not a fictional story; it is a true contemporary and experiential history. We are calling on the so-called Nigerians to rethink the political situation of Nigeria and their careless engagement with the Fulani rulers. Our fellow brothers and sisters in the Middle Belt have suffered immensely over the years under the Fulani unceasing onslaught to subjugate them.

Unfortunately for the Middle Belters, there are few political turncoats and lapdogs among them who enjoy some pieces of crumbs from their masters’ table. These are those men and women in politics and in the military who are regularly bribed and gifted with useless political offices. They have since become willing saboteurs and mercenaries sabotaging the efforts of the few awoken men and women that continue, since the time of Joseph Sarwuan Tarka, to resist the satanic genocide plans of ethnic cleansing and total extermination designed for them. 

The awakened among us have been watching and studying this evil plan for so long and now we are doubly convinced that the above brief expositions are the hidden truth of the matter concerning Farmers and Herdsmen clashes. We must not allow this evil plan to be fulfilled in our lifetime. That is why we are raising the awareness now and we hope every thinking so-called Nigerian will wake up and reflect on the next steps to take to stop the malevolent plans and macabre designs over you by the alien enemies among us.

The Fulani as an ethnic group are different in ethical orientation when compared to other human beings. We must understand this simple truth in order to accept that the Fulani do not think humanely like others do. The natural gift of love, compassion and kindness found in most human beings are the missing links in the culture of the Fulani ethnic group. Pulaku as a Fulani cultural ideology nurtures hardness of heart among the male children. “It’s rare to see a young Fulani without a well-sharpened machete at his side”.


As a matter of urgency, Nigerians need to recall the history of the Fulani Ethnic group in Nigeria since 1804 in order to understand what is really going on all over the country in our time.

It is only by knowing the truth of your personal, social, economic and political circumstances as a slave that you can truly be awakened to take the necessary steps and actions to redeem your inalienable rights to freedom, equality and justice. As it is often said, it is only by knowing the truth of your personal existence and circumstances that a true human being can begin the process of setting him/herself free from mental and physical slavery.

The so-called Nigerians can still decide to continue to live in ignorance about the invisible shackles of mental and psychological slavery around your persons, your families, your communities and your ethnic groups. You can allow your perception to be covered up with lies and your mind to be buried under propaganda. But mark you, the choice is still yours to make. The sacred choices are placed before you today by providence. It is a choice between freedom as a free sovereign human being and slavery as a conquered and bonded person.

There are too many very sad tales in the media being told by farmers and indigenous people all over the States of Nigeria with respect to violent and murderous encounters they’ve had and they are having with Herdsmen (Fulani?). And as it were, nobody seems to have an answer to the problems of cold-blooded massacre of men and pregnant women, and rapes and abductions of young children and non-pregnant women. There is a little lull in the pogrom and the slaughter of the innocents at the moment. We can easily put this quiet period of unilateral armistice down to the need to hold the forthcoming general election. 

Those behind these heinous acts in the country may have temporarily suspended their bloody activities, as they are looking forward to a landslide victory in the forthcoming general elections. They might reason that an electoral success will definitely boost their legitimate democratic rights in the eyes of the world as they would have delivered the covert political plans of the Final Conquest of Nigeria through a smooth democratic election process. 

The so-called Nigerians will be foolish to expect peace in the land after the 2019 General Elections. The ultimate goal of the Jihadist plan is the establishment of a Federal Sharialand of Naijiria. It is only those who belong to the Fulani ruling families or those who have willingly accepted to be slaves on their ancestral land, that will surely be among those who shall be living safely in the ‘sharia paradise’.

Nigeria is in the twilight zone and the last chance to do what is right for you and your posterity is before you. It is the moment of the most important decision of your life. Please choose wisely by rejecting slavery, by seeking equality, by promoting the establishment of justice and by embracing liberty. The future of our posterity depends on the choice each of us is going to make in the next few days.

The choice is simple and straightforward enough: Political and Economic Independence for the Indigenous People of Nigeria. Anything short of this cardinal objective is clearly accepting to be slaves under the Fulani Caliphate of Naijiria.

In The Spirit of Truth