An Epidemic of “Nationwide Political/Spiritual Insanity” Syndrome in Nigeria.

In my day and night reverie about Nigeria and her people, the recurrent thoughts that consistently intrude and invade my consciousness is the word, insanity. It seems my mind can’t figure out any other way to describe Nigeria and Nigerians at this moment in history. I think this is because my mind sees the total package of Nigeria’s present culture and civilisation as extremely unique, definitely out of this world and practically impossible to support and sustain any form of physical progress and any genuine spiritual development.

What is insanity?

Insanity in a supposedly normal person is often described in modern folklore as “the continuous repetition of the same process with the same wrong results, and still expect a positive difference at each turn.”

In other words, insanity is an appropriate terminology for describing a person or society that engages in irrational and foolish actions whose consequences are likely to have disastrous effect or “extremely bad results”. And yet the person/society has neither the mental capacity to comprehend the errors nor the physical capability to change the foreboding behaviours.

However, psychologists give a more precise definition of insanity as: “mental illness of such a severe nature that a person cannot distinguish fantasy from reality, cannot conduct her/his affairs due to psychosis, or is subject to uncontrollable impulsive behavior.

Wondering about Nigeria: the Enigmatic Country

When the Awakened people of the world looked at Nigeria and her people at this moment in time, particularly, when they observed the kind of irrational, emotion-driven political passion and the reckless fervour running through the lives of ‘Nigerians’ as they go about the political business of organising, conducting and participating in the scheduled 2019 General Elections, they couldn’t help but to ask, What’s going on in Sonny Okosun’s “Papa’s land”? (

Again, the awakened world wonder, How is it that Nigeria and the unfortunate people who are called ‘Nigerians’ got themselves stuck in the jigsaw puzzle of a revolving wheel of political foolishness, like the hamster trapped in a rotating wheel, that is forever restrained from going anywhere good and from making effort to escape into glorious freedom?

After 20 years of a peculiar form of democratic practices, the world have noticed that the promised pleasant journeys on the overhype democratic-train in Nigeria have failed to leave the train station of political and economic hopelessness where it was parked since 1960. This is because somebody forgot or purposely refused to build and fix an engine to the train.

The few Awakened ones in Nigeria are asking, Why are the so-called Fellow Nigerians still keeping faith with their nemesis in the belief and false hope that a competent driver of democratic-train is surely coming around to move a train that was designed and built without an engine?

An Inevitable Diagnosis of Nigeria and Nigerians

The questions begin to arise in rapid processions, as the mind seeks to understand what is truly ailing Nigeria and Nigerians: Is it out of place for the few Awakened Nigerians to conclude that the extreme odour of ignorance pervading the country and the exceedingly pathetic gullibility playing havoc on the life of over 100million (?) people, might be due to a serious case of “an epidemic of nationwide political/spiritual insanity”?

This type of insanity that presently has its foothold in Nigeria and is injuring, tormenting and decimating Nigerians is an infectious, debilitating sickness of the mind. Its primary cause seems to have emanated from an unusual epidemic bout of amnesia. This is a virulent strain of memory loss and unfortunately, it has befallen the whole population of Nigeria in its entirety.

The Nigerian sufferers are found to be exhibiting a peculiar inability to recall or to remember all the sad political experiences of their past and particularly, even of the very recent events, like those of yesterday, in their benighted lives.

The observation of a form of madness that is now being tentatively diagnosed as the onset and spread of an epidemic sickness, hereby declared and named as a ‘nationwide political/spiritual insanity syndrome’ in Nigeria has led the sane people of the world to ask again:

How can Nigerians, both the intelligentsia and the mass of the population, be pushing for another general election that is definitely going to give the same result as other similar general elections did in 1959, 1979, 1999, 2003, 2007, 2011, and 2015?

The Awakened ones in Nigeria are asking, Have Nigerians sought and got tangible, truthful and convincing answers, that are relevant and powerful enough, to solve the crippling and unresolved Nigerian Question, which has confronted the country since the amalgamation of 1914?

Have Nigerians discovered whether anything has actually changed among the many man-made political factors in Nigeria, which have hitherto aided, abetted and contributed immensely to the production of the past ruinous political results?

The Awakened ones in Nigeria are asking, How could Nigerians have wilfully forgotten that it was the past political results, which have essentially and consistently elevated the spiritual and intellectual dregs of the Nigerian societies to the high worshipful pedestal of political and spiritual leadership?

And equally, How could Nigerians have failed to see the linkages between the deceptions of embedded fake religions, fake education, gangster-type political parties, and the sham and often rigged ‘democratic elections’ as some of the primary causes of the ‘nationwide political/spiritual insanity syndrome’?

A Need to Recall the Essential Truth

In order to revive the dormant memories of the so-called Nigerians, we shall like to ask, Has the covert population census that was gerrymandered in 1952, for the purpose of producing and reproducing the inimical political results of the past general elections, been investigated and corrected?

Has the colonial secular Constitution, brilliantly vetted by our forefathers but suspended since 1966 and replaced by a shariah-friendly Constitution in 1999 to support and to produce the abysmal political results in the recent past general elections, been reviewed and put on the right path to serve the sacred cause of justice, equality and freedom?

What is really going on?

We ask again for the umpteenth time, What is really going on in the “Papas land” of Nigeria?

Are there no cures whatsoever for the type of political blindness and dumbness that is ridiculously prevalent among the people throughout the length and breadth of the country?

What else can the few awakened Nigerians do to wake up the slumbering majority that are carelessly and ignorantly sleepwalking into spiritual and political death?

What else can the awakened Nigerians amongst us do to alert the so-called Nigerians that the 2019 General Elections will likely be the final nail in the coffin already prepared to seal off and take away freedom, equality and justice forever in the “Papa’s land”?

An Urgent Advice

The advice from the awakened Nigerians must remain unmistakably clear to those that still have ears to hear and are ready to listen to words of truth and wisdom: Abort! Abort!! Abort!!! The 2019 General Elections

Nigerians, please for goodness sake, do everything in your powers to abort the inimical 2019 General Elections.

Why, at this late hour?

Yes, you ought to ask indeed, why at this late hour? It is because, what the end result of the 2019 General Elections portend to offer you is another bitter Blue Pill of national “blissful ignorance of illusion”. It will only promise to give but will never deliver on security, freedom, justice, equality, economic prosperity, human happiness and political unity.

That is why Nigerians must not make the mistake of allowing the 2019 General Elections to go ahead as covertly planned by your tyrannical slave masters.

For the awakened minority in Nigeria, if you think it is too late in the day to make all the necessary patriotic contributions that can ensure that the abortion of the monster-carrying pregnancy of 2019 General Elections is performed successfully, please, Boycott! Boycott!! Boycott!!! The 2019 General Elections.

It will be in the best interest of everyone in the polity that loves and understands the meaning of freedom, equality and justice to boycott and to refuse to participate in the 2019 General Elections.

We are hoping that Awakened Nigerians will refuse to partake in the sham democratic process and will do whatever they can to stare Nigerians away from the path of existential danger ahead.

We are seriously hoping that this last minute call to civic duty and personal responsibilities will wake up other Nigerians, so that, together we can avoid the expected disaster the elections will bring and the shame that is bound to come our way from the sane world.

If Nigerians, fanatically and dogmatically, did go ahead with the inimical political party elections that are known to be “detrimental to genuine democracy”, the sane world will be justified to point a finger of derision at every Nigerian.

Every Nigerian must then be prepared to carry the mark of shame on his/her forehead boldly written: There goes the Nigerian man/woman who, out of fickle mindedness, spiritlessness, spinelessness, fearfulness and cowardice, participated in the signing away of his/her inalienable rights to liberty, justice and equality as he/she stupidly puts a seal of approval, via the ubiquitous, magical and propagandised Permanent Voter[Vassal] Card (PVC), to his/her own political and spiritual death.

Enough said for now.

In The Spirit of Truth


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