The Judas Goats in Nigeria

Judas goat is a term made popular in political discourse by maverick observers of political corruption in USA. These keen observers of socio-political trends of current affairs noticed that some citizens of USA are often sponsored and used by foreigners to infiltrate the leadership hierarchy in politics, mass media, commerce, finance and economics of the country.

The Judas Goats under this clandestine condition are found to be a class of useful idiots who are tempted, forced, blackmailed and corrupted to work against their own country by foreigners. They are used as agents to infiltrate the highest echelon in the corridors of political power in order to manipulate and dictate the policy directions of government that will be inimical to the national interest and detrimental to the wellbeing of their own country.

Although in actual usage, “Judas Goat is a trained goat used in general animal herding. The Judas goat is trained to associate with sheep or cattle, leading them to specific destination. In stockyards, a Judas goat will lead sheep to slaughter, while its own life is spared. Judas goat are also used to lead other animals to specific pens and to some trucks.”

The Judas Goats of Nigeria

In Nigeria and at this election moment, we found the Judas Goat of Nigeria to be quite relevant as a descriptive term for the two candidates from the two main political parties – APC and PDP – vying for the post of the Vice President of Nigeria. Either of them that succeed in this inglorious and vain pursuit will end up as the ceremonial second in command or as an undecorated figure head behind the President leading the sycophant chorus singers or as a useless sidekick and dogsbody to the President.

There is no other word besides Judas Goats to describe these two gentlemen, as they go about beating the drums of support, playing the flute to lure and lull their listeners, fiddling the strings to distract and capture the attention of the people and doing everything unbecoming that you would never have expected of these two gentlemen before they were dragged into national politics.

Such unbecoming things like, lying through their teeth, speaking out of both sides of the mouth and performing similar scurrilous activities as they try to corral their two respective ethnic groups into the claws of either of the two contesting main political parties. It is truly unfortunate how the life of hitherto and allegedly honourable men can be turned upside down by vaulting political ambitions.

Before now, these two gentlemen were held in high regards and with much respect as examples of high achieving ‘young men’ in their professions. They were seen as good examples of successful professional people that the country can trust and rely on to lead us out of the present socioeconomic and political conundrums.

However, to the disappointment of those who had looked up to them as possible role models and change agents in the country, they are now found wanting because of a lack in moral and ethical stamina.

Once again, the indigenous people of Nigeria who have been conditioned and hypnotised over the years into a belief in the magical powers of fairies are now holding on to mere straw men without balls as their role models.

As it were, it seems these two gentlemen haven’t got the courage to say No when the secret powers-that-be in the country sent them on stupid political errands and on a wild goose chase to pursue the shadows.

Judas Goats and 2019 General Elections

The scenario of Judas Goats leading Africans into bondage have been played out repeatedly since Africa had the misfortune of rude (uninvited) visitations from alien forces.

The uninvited visitors came in different kind of disguises, such as religious priests, traders that specialised in human cargoes, colonialists looking for military bases for conquest, domination and cheap raw materials at no cost at all or at peanut prices, etc. In the historical past, it was the African Judas Goats that paved the way for the eventual conquest of Africa.

Here we are, as Nigeria faces a sham fait accompli 2019 General Elections, the Judas Goats have again been specially selected amongst their own people and are being sent out to corral and to lead their respective ethnic groups into the ‘cattle/sheep pen’ of the two main political parties for the usual cultural, economic, and political slaughtering once again.

The absurdity of the whole scenario becomes obvious and sickening when one looks behind these two supposedly brilliant Judas Goats to see the two old fogeys they are fronting for. The two presidential candidates are from every yardstick of assessment – physical, mental and psychological – for the job of a president of the country are found to be extraordinarily clueless and extremely incompetent. There is no sign that any of them has got a scintilla of gravitas for the most important job in the land that they are vying for.

The present President of the country has been tested for the past four years and found to be outrageously deficient in all respects for the job he sworn on oath to do for Nigeria. Yet the clueless and the sycophants of Nigeria, who are unfortunately in large numbers, are still urging and egging him on.

The only qualification these two presidential candidates possesses for the job of the president of Nigeria is the fact that they belong to the ‘royal blood/house’ of the Fulani Caliphate. By the nature of the unfathomable political power arrangements in the country, these two are automatically imbued with a sense of entitlement and hereditary right to vie, without any serious opposition or contest from all the other ethnic nations, for the highest office in Nigeria.

I wonder why the so-called Nigerians are not bothered by the fact that in a country of more than 250 Ethnic Groups and made up of many nations, the two presidential candidates for the 2019 General Elections from the two main political parties of APC and PDP just happened to come from the Fulani ethnic nation.

One would have expected ‘Nigerians’ to ask, What manner of mathematical permutations or political computation or under-the-table gimmicks could have produced such magical results without some behind-the-scene magical hands loading the dice?

Oh no, such ‘mundane’ issues, as nepotism, the mother of all corruptions doesn’t bother Nigerians anymore. Nigerians are now very well trained, very well mannered, very well domesticated and too well brainwashed as to no longer see corruption of injustice, inequality and slavery as anything of great deal or of any importance.

Nigerians are such a good people who are working very hard, very busy, unable to spare a moment even to read and learn, and are well focused to build a good country on sand without a solid foundation. A country where all men are not born equal and are not expected to get equal opportunities in life. Such a contented and happy go lucky people, cannot be expected to see, to smell, to hear, to feel or to talk about high level corruption in the political configuration of their country anymore.

What a people! What a country!

This is one of the irrefutable facts that confirms what the Awakened Nigerians have been saying all along about the Master-Slave political structure of Nigeria that was hijacked in 1966 and has since been firmly tucked and held under the strangulating armpit of the Fulani Caliphate.

If such is not the case, we ask, How is it that Nigerians can’t see the insidious roles of our present day Judas Goats that are working so hard in the 2019 election season to keep the status quo of the Fulani Caliphate colony in tact? A colony that was built on the foundation of bloodshed of the indigenous people; and on political inequalities, social injustices and inhuman slavery.

Under this incomprehensible, insane and ungodly political arrangements, the so-called Fellow Nigerians will be on the queue once again next Saturday to affirm their status as the captive slaves of the Fulani Caliphate with their thumb prints on the magical Permanent Voters (Vassal) Card (PVC).

Why is that so, if we may ask?

Because Nigerians, seriously and religiously, do believe Nigeria was created by a “Divine Ordinance”. Therefore, the political status quo of inequalities, injustices, slavery and the fictitious political unity of the federation of unequal nations yoked together by force and cajolery, have been stupidly accepted by all and sundry to be a “Not Negotiable” construct.

Hence we say, Viva Nigeria! as it rides the poor Nigerians into the sunset.

Enough said.

In The Spirit of Truth



We still stand by the advice we gave in the last essay that it is better to abort the 2019 General Elections when Nigerians still have a slight window of opportunity for amicable and rational settlements of the Nigerian Question.

Dialogue between and among ethnic nations will offer a better chance of achieving justifiable arrangements for managing the political affairs of the indigenous nations within Nigeria. Dialogue as equals and not as master and conquered slaves will surely prevent the need of going into inter and intra ethnic wars.

The prevailing high level of poverty of the mind and body in Nigeria have seriously dehumanised Nigerians to the point where the majority have lost their souls and are now operating at the level of animal existence.

Such a damaged people, if they finally managed to break lose from their slavery after shedding their mental and psychological chains, will be impossible to contain when they go on the attack and rampage to destroy everything of value in their vicinity.