Don’t Cry for Nigeria

As things stand today with respect to the 2019 General Elections, Nigerians seemed to have made their choices to remain in slavery under the dominion of the Fulani Caliphate Colony. Since it doesn’t really matter who won the Presidential election between the two main political parties, the hegemony of the Fulani Caliphate power, domination and control over Nigeria will remain unshaken.

There is nothing anyone can do about that now. As one of the salient facts of life, it falls within the inalienable right and prerogative of each Nigerian to make choices as he/she deems fit and per the level of ones knowledge and understanding. And like everyone else in the world, Nigerians will have to learn to live with the consequences of their not so clever choice.

Having accepted the reality of the situation, I will like to make a few passing remarks as I let go my worries and my incessant cry in the wilderness. Even though, to the best of my understanding, no one in Nigeria seems to notice or heed the warnings contained in the earlier messages.

I always tend to forget that Nigerians are rather too busy pursuing more serious matters of “financial and material breakthrough” than thinking about such philosophical issues like freedom, equality and justice.

Fellow Nigerians, kindly accept my apologies for disturbing your peace of mind.

On my part I have decided to let go of my worries about Nigeria before I become a bothering nuisance and a tiresome idealist to fellow Nigerians.

Let me quickly point out a few things we needed to have done that could have made the last twenty years a remarkable period of great transformation. Unfortunately, the last twenty years witnessed how Nigerians have moved seamlessly from a prodigal wasteful military occupation period to a civil administration of kakistocratic political gangsters.

The Population Booby Trap

From 1960, there was the booby trap of a fictitious population census figure that Britain left in Nigeria. We could have detonated the bomb but we failed to even understand its threatening significance.

Nigerians could not understand that the contraption called Nigeria can’t fulfil its civic obligations if we don’t even know how many people we are and how many we need to plan for.

But the population bomb is the joker created by the departing British colonial administration in order to ensure that the Fulani Caliphate shall forever hold the political advantage as a vassal of Britain and as the trusted keeper of British investments and assets in Nigeria.

The Constitution Conundrum and A Wasted Twenty Years (1999-2019)

For twenty years, Awakened Nigerians made strenuous and concerted efforts to draw the attention of Fellow Nigerians to the incongruous Sharia-friendly Constitution that was bestowed on a supposedly secular state by Abdusalam Abubakar’s military decree, to no avail.

For twenty years, Nigerians wasted precious opportunities to put this felonious constitution into its proper perspective as an anti-freedom, anti-equality and anti-justice document; and to put it on the table for serious dissection, intelligent vetting and rigorous debate on its uselessness for the building of a nation based on democratic principles.

For twenty years, the fundamental issue on the fact that the 1999 Military Constitution was fudged by a partisan Islamic-scholar cum-editor; was unvetted and unapproved by the people of Nigeria; was imposed by a military decree on the nation; and the non-secular clauses contained within it was never taken up as a serious political issue for refutation, correction and reconstruction.

For twenty years, the fudged Constitution has been used for beating the heads of members of the National Assembly into line and the Sharia-friendly clauses have been effectively cited, as at when appropriate, to defeat every ‘un-Islamic’ issue and debate in the National Assembly. (Examples: bills presented to the National Assembly on age of marriage for girls, measures to prevent child abuse and child marriage, and to protect women’s rights, etc. were easily defeated on the basis of conflict with Islam)

All these were burning issues that begged for attention but were never allowed to see the light of day in the past twenty years.

Too Late to Cry for Nigeria

It is too late in the day to cry for Nigeria. Nigerians have put their hands on the plow of the slave plantation and have decided to continue with their servitude, suffering and smiling and they have no wish whatsoever to look back.

Nigerians are joyously saying to all concerned friends of the indigenous people of Nigeria who are raising the voice of caution; and to the faithful warners amongst them who are blowing horns to alert Nigerians about the dangers ahead, that “it is our choice; and don’t worry about us. We are fine. Honestly, we are doing well. Stop crying for us. We are really enjoying the plantation/prison in the Fulani Caliphate and ‘slave kingdom’”

All Awakened Nigerians who are already in tears and mourning for the wrong choice the indigenous people of Nigeria are making, should be advised to hold back their tears. We must remember, we can only lead a horse to water but we can’t make it to drink, if it is not thirsty.

Nigerians are not yet thirsty and hungry enough for freedom. It seems Nigerians don’t even have knowledge and understanding about what it means to be free. Hence, the lack of passion and desire to seek it, cultivate it, and pursue it with everything in their lives.

Final Note to Awakened Nigerians

Awakened Nigerians, please leave Nigerians alone to enjoy their peace of the graveyard. Face your individual lives. Protect yourself and your family to the best of your abilities and leave the rest to Providence. You have tried your best, but unfortunately and at this juncture in the history of the evil contraption called Nigeria, it is not good enough.

It seems the Indigenous People of Nigeria have decided to commit political hara-kiri because they are insisting they have no alternative political game plan for seeking, protecting and securing their inalienable rights to freedom, equality and justice from the clasping, grasping and blood-soaked claws of the Fulani Caliphate Empire.

In trooping out to participate on Saturday with their magical Permanent Voters[Vassal] Card (PVC) – (a dud cheque); and in voting for any of the clueless political parties and their equally geriatric and dimwitted candidates in the sham and fait accompli democratic elections, Nigerians have agreed to sign their names on the Permanent Slave Warrant (PSW) as they are moved, as if blindfolded and effortlessly too, into the Fulani Caliphate Colonial Empire of Naijiria.

On this note, I hereby hang my writing tool on the election matters in Nigeria as I prepare to move deeper into my hole. But before the gates of the slave plantation is closed behind me, I will love to leave Fellow Nigerians with William Butler Yeats’ prescient warning poem, The Second Coming.

Please read carefully and meditate on the words and allow the poem to speak to your mind, if there is still a receptive little window in it.


    Turning and turning in the widening gyre

    The falcon cannot hear the falconer;

    Things fall apart; the centre cannot hold;

    Mere anarchy is loosed upon the world[Nigeria],

    The blood-dimmed tide is loosed, and everywhere

    The ceremony of innocence is drowned;

    The best lack all conviction, while the worst

    Are full of passionate intensity.

William Butler Yeats (1865-1939)

In The Spirit of Truth