Nigeria: The Imaginary Country

It just dawn on me, strongly and more than ever before, that Nigeria is an imaginary country. A dream of someone else from a foreign shore across the seas. Someone who was trying to play god with the lives of ‘discovered primitive’ human beings.

It was a Eureka moment when I came to a clear-headed realisation that innocent people on their ancestral lands were enslaved, indigenous people perished, died, suffered, impoverished, imprisoned and assassinated for a mere fiction – an imaginary geographical expression called Nigeria.

It is very sad to realise that most people under this imaginary enclave, which is more of a massive ‘Indigenous Displaced Persons’ (IDP) camp than a country, have accepted their prisoner’s status as the act of the gods.

It is disheartening to listen to the latter day children of the indigenous people, who have not learnt the history of the fiction and are totally bereft of understanding, as they defend the indissolubility of an ephemeral, an artificial geographical construct that is causing them more harm than good.

It is a bit of mystery that indigenous people of Nigeria have failed to grasp the simple truth that Nigeria was designed to impoverish, to enslave and to rob them of their god-given land, resources and lives. This high level of unforgivable ignorance has not failed to amaze the awakened ones among the indigenous people.

That this artificial construct on paper, a byproduct of the Berlin Conference of 1884 that formalised the Scramble for Africa and the creation of make-believe countries all over the continent of Africa, is still standing and is still doing the job it was designed to do in 1914 is an incredible achievement to the satanic brains behind this inglorious deception; and

That the latter day children of the indigenous people are now fighting with themselves and among themselves to keep this fiction going is the riddle that continues to surprise and to bewilder the mind of every awakened member of this prison construct.

A Personal Odyssey

This writer got into the business of political analysis, discussion and pontification after the Babangida 1993 Election Debacle. I actually resigned my job as a civil servant in a silent protest and out of a personal conviction that if I stayed a day longer as a civil servant in 1993, I would be nothing more than an ignominious collaborator in the grievous ethical injustices and a quiet supporter of the immoral rape ever perpetrated on the indigenous people of Nigeria by a military administration.

Before this time, I was like every other indigenous person of the Nigeria fiction, living a life of lie in the fantasy of a dream country. I was ready to lay down my life for this imaginary country if there was ever a need to do so. Because, I passionately believed doing so would be the right thing to do in a real cause for truth.

After leaving the civil service, I spent a good proportion of my time in reading up on essays and commentaries written by Nigerians and posted on the internet and print media. These were essays written against military rule by various concerned protesters with social conscience. I discovered there were a good number of Nigerians trapped in the prison who were truly ready and willing to lay down their lives, just like me, for a complete package of lies and fiction.

A further library research gave me a much better insight to the plight facing the indigenous people inside the imaginary geographical construct. I was eager to share my discoveries and this led me to becoming a freelance letter writer and pamphleteer at the turn of the millennium.

I ‘preached’ and appealed to ‘Fellow Nigerians’ to think Nigeria first; and to come together so that we can build a real nation out of the fiction haphazardly coupled together for us by alien colonialist, globalist and empire builders.

By the year 2003, I was drained of new ideas and was completely burnt out. I thought I have said all that needed saying and I began to hope that the seeds of those thoughts would find a fertile place in the minds and hearts of Nigerians where they will germinate, grow and bear flowers and fruits of rebirth and freedom.

Unfortunately, I was labouring under a false premise. My basic assumption that Nigeria is a real country was fundamentally flawed and faulty. I was like many others who have devoted their lives to this phantom of a country. We were merely building imaginary castles in the air and like all such fictional castles, they are easily blown away by the wind.

What eventually woke me up from my dream state, was when I looked back at the lives of the founding fathers of ‘independent Nigeria’ and the various great and untold human sacrifices they made in their attempt to fashion a country out of the colonialist deception and fiction.

I discovered that despite the passionate effort and Herculean work they did to make moral claims for the freedom and self determination of the indigenous people, they failed. Their failure was due to the covert actions of colonial overseers who outplayed, outmanoeuvred and sabotaged them at every stage of the process of laying a solid foundation for the building of a true nation.

Apparently, the original designers and creators of ’Nigeria’ had no intention to build or give support to anyone that wanted to build a nation. The intention of the colonial powers and their desire then and now was to establish a slave colony for cheap labour for the exploitation, tapping and processing of the abundant natural resources in and on the land.

In the vile calculation of the colonialists, a true nation would definitely be a clog in the wheel of the emerging, pragmatic global political economy of a core-colonial centre of power and a peripheral colony of servitude arrangement.

As a matter of unassailable principle, the colonialist must have sworn to a covert oath, that they would ensure the indigenous people on the conquered land shall be held as captives for the sole purpose of rendering menial services to the Colonial empire; and that the indigenous people shall not be allowed to escape from their captivity under any condition.

Psychological Warfare on the Indigenous People

By the use of various psychosocial methods and socio-technical systems designed by Tavistock Research Institute in London, the colonial overseers conducted a deadly psychological warfare on the indigenous people across the length and breadth of Africa.

By the use of scientific psychoanalytical tools of group conditioning and cultural programming of the subconscious mind, the African race, in its entirety, was made not to see the chains of enslavement around their persons anymore but rather to find comfort and joy in their servitude.

Miseducation (aka education) and fake philosophy of god/life (aka religion) were the outward sociocultural tools, ideological instruments and political institutions used effectively for this dastardly cruel project of making zombies out of the innocent indigenous people of Africa/Nigeria.

Through a purposely designed miseducation programme, children were mandated to attend colonial schools. They were and are still being taught using a fictitious and make-believe educational curriculum that is totally empty of laudable mental nutrients.

As a result of its emptiness and worthlessness, the curriculum could not elevate the primitive mindset formed by superstition/fear into a civilised intelligent mindset fashioned by knowledge/freedom. And through this calculated and premeditated war on the mind, the culture programmer succeeded in locking down the minds of the indigenous people with fables, myths and legends brewed as religion for the Final Solution.

The Final Solution on Nigeria/Africa was hence designed to take away the natural powers of intuition, to subdue the development of articulate intelligence, to confuse the common sense and to sabotage the reasoning faculties of the indigenous people of Nigeria/Africa.

This is where the indigenous people of these fictional countries all over Africa are presently marooned. It is under this deliberately manufactured zombie persona that the people of Nigeria/Africa are now functioning as dysfunctional human beings.

Because the sociocultural programmes of indoctrination and brainwashing were so effective, the indigenous people have failed to see where the problems bedevilling them actually came from. Only a very few understand that the alleged best friends of Nigeria/Africa in the international community are the same people behind their sociopolitical and economic problems.

Foe or Friend

It is to this same foes acting as friendly countries that Nigerians/Africans run to when seeking help and assistance in time of need and in an emergency situation.

It is to the same countries that the scoundrels among Nigerians/Africans keep all the money stolen from the governments of their fictional countries.

It is to the same countries innocent Nigerians/Africans appeal to in order to be rescued from the kleptomaniacs and kakistocrats the same foes of the indigenous people have installed over them as overseers of their imaginary countries.

These are the revelations we are eager to expose the indigenous people of Nigeria/Africa to in order to help them come out of the hypnotic trance under which Nigerians/Africans are presently operating.

Several keen observers have wondered and asked, What is particularly wrong with Nigerians/Africans? Some have placed the African problems – lack of spiritual and physical progress – when compared with other human races, on genetic flaws and deficiencies in intelligence.

In my humble understanding, there is nothing particularly different about the nature of all the human races on planet earth. Everything present in one race is equally present in variable proportion/ratios in every other race on earth. Nurture/environment is the only overriding factor that decisively determines the outcome of the culture of progress or regress of a race.

However, when the nurturing processes of a race of people are deliberately messed up under intensive psychological warfares, the products of such Weapon of Mind Destruction (WMD) are what we see all over Nigeria/Africa today.

The outcome in the case of Nigeria is summarised as follows:

NIGERIA: The land of generals without war, professors without discovery, politicians without ideology, wealth without prosperity, religion without piety, leaders without vision, the oppressed without worries, courts without justice, criminals without fears, history without glory, heroes without honor, schools without learning, artists without taste, intellectuals without thought, terrorists without identity, appointees without life, hunger without famine, change without progress, next level without foundation, democracy without citizens, unity without love, heroes without sacrifice, policies without plans, crime without culprits, saints without humility, integrity without performance, wars without enemies, billionaires without business, youth without dreams, elders without wisdom.” – Anonymous

Time to Wake Up

The time is long overdue for Awakened Nigerians/Africans to rise up and to intensify the challenges of waking up other Africans from their artificially induced slumber.

Without a quickening of the mind to understand the existential problems of Nigeria/Africa and a fundamental reorientation of the mass of the intelligentsia of Nigeria/Africa away from the embedded lies of fake education and fake religion under which the indigenous people are presently buried, the future of Africans as a race is dangerously at stake.

Today, the 23 February 2019, ‘Nigerians’ are trooping out in their millions to ‘democratically vote’ in a general political party election to elect a new President and Members of National Assembly. By this alleged ‘civic duty’ Nigerians will be reaffirming their continued solidarity with and their faith in the phantom country gifted them by their sworn colonial enemies.

With these deceptive electoral and civic actions presently on going as I write this essay, the host of the Slumbering Nigerians are already sleepwalking to the polling stations and swearing on oath with their Permanent Vassal Card (PVC), that “we are eternally committed to keep this imaginary country going till death do us part”.

Fellow ‘Nigerians’, this writer is not yet ready to give up on the indigenous people trapped within this imaginary country until they are healed and delivered from the ruthless power of the spell of indoctrination and brainwashing cast over them.

It is not going to be an easy task but with the cooperative efforts of the few Awakened Ones among us, who are working round the clock to share the good news of untapped possibilities, the indigenous people shall wake up one by one to see the chains around their persons and minds.

The next stage for an Awakened person is to walk out of bondage. This will become easy and effortless after the indigenous persons have regained the natural powers of common sense, intuition and reasoning that were deceptively taking away from them.

In the meantime, we say, Short live Nigeria!, the imaginary country.

In The Spirit of Truth