COVID-19: The Cult of Death and The New World Order

When we reflect about the current global lockdown programme, it is exceedingly unconscionable that 8 billion people in the world could be ordered to stay at home under a compulsory lockdown policy. And it is even more mysterious that the whole race of humanity could be prevented, without a whimper, from pursuing their legitimate daily economic activities of preserving and keeping our bodies and minds alive.

There should no longer be any iota of doubt that those that fashion the policy of global lockdown have only one thing on their minds: to reduce human population either directly or indirectly by killing off the mass of people.

What else can we expect when the people of the world are locked up without making adequate provisions for their means of sustenance as well as prevented from seeking food outside their homes? This is surely an indirect death sentence by starvation.

And when the vulnerable people refused to die quietly in their shacks/hovels/homes and they decided to venture out to seek food and refuge dictated by the natural law of self preservation of life, the lockdown managers have again put in strategic places, armed military/police officers to hunt and to gun them down at sight. This is a policy of direct killing by extrajudicial execution.

The question is, how did the human race in totality get to this sordid state of moral and ethical degeneracy? Where is compassion in the world? How come the spirit of love have totally disappeared from our human make up? How could the majority population of 8 billion people on earth carelessly and ignorantly allow a very minuscule psychopathic minority among us to openly enact death policies and to nonchalantly declare a genocidal war on the whole human race?

The Open Secret

The callous development we are witnessing is more bizarre to comprehend when we realised that the secret rulers of our world, who are less than 0.01% of the world population, have never hidden their satanic intentions and conspiratorial plans over the ages.

These cold calculated intentions and step-by-step plans can be easily garnered from their recorded public pronouncements, their Foundation’s Think Tank reports, their predictive simulation and stage-managed events like “Event 201”, and their other made-to-order Hollywood futuristic films, etc.

These aforementioned instances, which emphatically and unmistakably promoted the insatiable blood fest of the world rulers and highlighted their murderous need to cull the world population to a very small number by any means possible, were never hidden. And on top of the occultist list of the inter generational-agenda is their wish to establish a New World Order with One World Government, One World Currency and One World Court of Justice.

Similarly, the ingenious preparation for a Final Solution that will be achieved through unprecedented global wars are openly displayed and annually showcased by all the so-called civilised and developed nations in the last 70 years. These open events are very difficult to miss by all careful observers of global political affairs.

The mother of all Wars code-named War of Mass Destruction (WMD) has been put out for popular discourse and bantered about in the public arena since the 1990s. The envisaged wars are principally aimed at the mass destruction of the human race through the use of deadly biological weapons and other similarly dangerous mechanical and chemical armaments.

The operational method designed for the biological component of the WMD are: injecting vaccines laced with poisonous concoctions in children and the elderly; spraying deadly chemicals over cities and countryside and geoengineering the weather; weaponising common flu viruses and other bacteria to make them more potent and more deadly to human wellbeing; cunning farmers to produce genetically modified food that are devoid of beneficial nutrients to the body; and engineering pharmaceutical drugs that are designed to compromise the body immune systems in order to pave the way for incurable sicknesses and death, etc.

For more than seven decades, the governments of the so-called civilised and developed countries have diverted the bulk of the national budgets to funding and servicing secret black undercover projects of the most macabre kinds. Greater percentage of national capital expenditures were committed to war efforts while there was no fund to fight endemic poverty as human deprivation and total degradation of the populace run wild across these countries and the world at large.

These and many other sickening activities have been going on around us shortly after the end of the Second World War in 1945 and were institutionalised as Cold Wars from the 1950s to the 1990s.

Under these absurd secret plans, the entire world population have been deliberately programmed, brainwashed, indoctrinated and totally hypnotised through fake religions, fake news, and a dumbed down system of education. We were therefore conditioned to sheepishly follow the dictates of the accursed political leaders of the world.

In the process, the psychopathic leaders craftily divided the people of the world into two irreconcilable adversarial political camps of Left versus Right. This is a sleight of hand ruse that weaves two identical but made to look as different incomprehensible ideological fronts mainly for the purpose of achieving a divide and rule strategic realpolitik of the world.

Hence and as a result of the spell of hypnosis cast on the human race, the people of the world could neither see nor hear nor understand the meaning of the deadly plans that were being fashioned and implemented in their names and funded with their tax money.

Here we are, after such a massive open preparation, the world is now bent low on its knees and locked down under a whimsical silly excuse. By sorcery and magic, COVID19, the great bogeyman of 2020, was released with fanfare and with a coordinated global propaganda of fear-mongering, the great and the small of the world were scared to the point of fearing their shadows.

Global Adjustment Programme of the Economy

Now and as a result of the unprecedented psychological war waged on the mind and psyche of the people, the fear of COVID19 has inevitably become the beginning of the global wisdom. And under the darkness of global lockdown, an irreversible Global Adjustment Programme of the world economy has been stealthily implemented.

According to Prof Michel Chossudovsky,

“the underlying objective of this restructuring of the global economy […] and the consequences [are]:

• A massive concentration of wealth and corporate capital,

• The destabilization of small and middle sized enterprises in all major areas of economic activity including the services economy, agriculture and manufacturing.

• [It] facilitates the subsequent corporate acquisition of bankrupt enterprises

• It derogates the rights of workers. It destabilizes labor markets.

• It creates mass unemployment

• It compresses wages (and labor costs) in the so-called high income “developed countries” as well as in the impoverished developing countries.

• It leads to an escalation of the external debt

• It facilitates subsequent privatization” (

There are no other words to describe this infernal agenda of the New World Order than a catastrophic and apocalyptic world events. Even if the programmes of death that have been called into reality since January is stopped now, the economic and social life of the world would never be the same again.

This is the more reason why the whole world should be awakened to the realisation that we have entered the last stage of the macabre programme of death and totalitarian rulership. There is no doubt about it anymore. This is the dark season of hell when the Global Dead Ripper is freely allowed to roam the world undisturbed.

The President Bush’s Extraordinary Pandemic Vision

Countries like the USA that had a foreknowledge of the planned and scheduled mass culling programme of the world population have been making preparations for this moment since 2005.

It is on record that in 2005, President Bush had an extraordinary vision to prepare for a pandemic that would be worse than the 1918 Spanish Flu. He passionately “set out to spend $7 billion building out his [pandemic] plan.” He strongly believed that “If we wait for a pandemic to appear, it will be too late to prepare”. He passed an Executive Order 13295 (and an Amendment 13375) — Relating to Certain Influenza Viruses and Quarantinable Communicable Diseases.

Guided by President Bush’s prophetic vision, the USA have since then built more Deep Underground Military Bases across the country to house the selected and the chosen few when the shit hits the fan; constructed Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) camps to lock up dissidents and the deplorable infected citizens; spent $1billion to order and store millions of Disposable Large Coffins in anticipation of the expected dead bodies; built massive industrial facilities for cremation and mass burial, etc.

However, while preparation for a future pandemic was going on and several billion dollars were being committed to the projects, in the meantime, endemic poverty, homelessness, joblessness, hopelessness, nationwide infrastructural decays, etc., ravaged the great country of the free.

Isn’t this a glaring case of insanity in the highest places of governance?

Is there any solution or any way out at this late hour to a worldwide pogrom?

The demonic programme of mass culling of the world population can be stopped even at this late hour if there is a mass awakening on the part of the people on earth. Also very much needed is the earnest desire on the part of each of us to seek to know and to understand the unimaginable depth of the truth of the moment.

It is only by knowing the important truth about the nefarious project of the New World Order that mankind can have a ray of hope of freedom and can carve an escape path from the real pandemic of planned mass destruction and the racial cleansing and extinction programme earmarked for those classified as undesirable human beings.

The people of the world can no longer close their eyes and feign ignorance as if the humongous dangers that are speedily bearing down upon the heads of humanity are not happening or are taking as mere fairytale told by idiots.

Knowing the truth, it is said, is the first step towards true mental and spiritual freedom. Since knowledge is power, it is my humble opinion that the only project worthy of the attention of the people of the world at this momentous juncture in the world history, is to help each other to wake up from the spell of the age long hypnosis cast upon us.

The hypnotic spells placed on mankind have conditioned humanity to no longer see or hear or feel or know the meaning of evil anymore. The few awakened mankind must help other fellow mankind to relearn how to see the world again in its true colours of love, peace and fellowship.

And we must rise up as our true brothers’ keepers to help each other to connect all the dots of facts and figures flowing freely all around us.

We must as a duty of love assist each other to understand the seriousness of the nature of the planned pot of disaster cooked up and the brew of bitterness set down for the consumption of humanity.

I am truly convinced that our salvation as a human race will greatly depend on how far the few awakened men and women in the world can succeed in the onerous task of awakening other slumbering humanity to face the reality of the doomsday facing our generation.

All that is needed to turn the doomsday clock backwards is a mass awakening of the people of the world to the knowledge of the pestilential evil planned for all humanity.

Awareness among the mass of the world population about the facts of these disastrous plans, is all that is needed to turn the trajectory of human existence away from a doomed global madness of hate and ruthless competition towards a glorious global sanity of love and mutual cooperation among fellow mankind.

In the Spirit of Truth


28 April 2020