Thank you, Mr Deji Olaiya for raising the much needed alarm on the ongoing Chinese unwanted, rude and disrespectful infiltration into Africa through the generous doping of African political leaders with toxic loans. It is very sad to acknowledge that many countries in Africa have already been fully doped, captured and caged by the Chinese honeytrap.

The kleptomaniacs and the ‘kakitocrats’ in charge of the political and economic affairs of Africa have already taken too much unnecessary and unaccountable funds as aids/loans from China and the escape doors have since been shut behind them.

Again, we are hearing that most of the loan agreements signed with China were written in the Chinese (mandarin) language. How could that be?

It is a known fact that the present African bureaucrats who agreed to and signed for these loans can neither read nor understand the loan agreement written in Mandarin. Moreover, these loans are shrouded in secrecy to the extent that the parliament and the citizens have no knowledge about the actual indebtedness of their countries to China.

Unfortunately, African children begotten by the present Wasted Generation of Africans have no choice anymore about their inalienable right to freedom. They are already being forced to learn the Chinese language since their profligate parents have put them under the Chinese bondage.

It is obvious as day and night that China does not expect the dishonourable African leaders of these benighted countries to fulfil the loan repayment obligations which were cleverly written to obfuscate and to confuse the hapless Africans.

Therefore, the eventual takeover of the land, people and physical resources of Africa by China is a question of time. And it is definitely a very short time. Indeed!!!

Though, this type of chicanery of drawing up ridiculous loan agreements that are based on ‘clever-dog-eat-dumb-dog’ principle is legally acceptable under the international laws; no matter how beautifully dressed up, they shall forever remain an immoral, unjust, inhumane trading arrangement among nations.

However, can you see any sane political leader in the world, other than the soulless Africans, foolishly leading his country into the Eastern Chinese slavery after the purported independence of less than 70 years old from the Western colonial powers?

It is not too late for Africans to redeem our fate and to undo the self inflicted woes bedevilling the continent of Africa. It is my candid opinion that the redemption of the black race will depend solely on how far the few awakened Africans among us can go in expending Herculean efforts to wake up the majority slumbering Africans from sleepwalking their lives and the lives of their posterity once again into Eastern Chinese slavery.

Hence, we shall continue to scream as loudly as we can, Africans Wake Up!!!

In The Spirit of Truth


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