Ekiti State, Fulani Herdsmen and Governor Fayemi

The headline of Cable Newspaper of Nigeria of December 18, 2019 read, “Bandits take over’ parts of Ekiti community, hoist flag“.

The reporter, Temitope Yakubu, wrote that Residents of Orin-Ekiti in Ido/Osi local government area of Ekiti state on Wednesday protested against alleged invasion of parts of the community by suspected bandits.”

Today, 31st January 2021, The Punch newspaper reported the case of a kidnapped victim at Esure-Ekiti. He was travelling from Ikole Ekiti to Ibadan. The headline read: “”For three weeks, Fulani kidnappers beat me twice daily”, Freed victim.”

In the same Punch Newspaper today, another report screamed: “We expected bountiful harvest but Fulani herders fed our crop to cows – Ekiti maize farmers”

It saddens my heart to republish an essay I wrote prior to the July 2018 Gubernatorial Election that brought the incumbent Governor Fayemi to the Ekiti Government State House. It was titled:

Ekiti Gubernatorial Election: A Vote for Fayemi is a vote for Cow Colony.

In that essay I wrote:

“I hope it is not too late to warn the Ekitis not to forget what happened in 2015 Presidential Election when Nigerians cut their noses to spite their faces.

Agreed, Jonathan’s administration between 2009-2014 was a disaster to Nigerians but to turn to a proven religious bigot and a known irredentist like Mohammadu Buhari, who was tested and found wanting in 1983-1985, was a disaster that ought not to have been allowed to happen.

Nigerians carelessly allowed history to repeat itself and the expected result of suffering and the gnashing of teeth all over the length and breadth of Nigeria have become the lots of most Nigerians since 2015.

Now the enemies of the people of Ekiti have gone ahead to exhume an Aso Rock sponsored candidate and a former Governor of the State to contest the July 14 Gubernatorial Election.

This is not the word of a soothsayer, but if Fayemi wins the election scheduled for July 14, 2018, the people of Ekiti State will have a foreign agent, a mercenary, albeit an indigene, sponsored and supported by the Fulani Caliphate to rule over them.

It is important to remind Ekiti State that whatever Fayose did or did not do in Ekiti State during his tenure is now beside the point.

Now, the critical matter is, if Ekiti State should allow Aso Rock to install a sponsored agent over them, the case of the State will be like a person jumping from hot fried pan into a burning fire.

We must keep in mind the way and manner Fayemi was railroaded into the APC governorship candidacy of Ekiti State. That event should give all thinking Ekiti sons and daughters some food for thought and a serious whiff of pernicious concerns ahead.

Mercenary or Patriot

Drawing from intelligent assessment of events in Nigeria, Fayemi seems to have turned himself into a stooge of the Fulani Caliphate. His turncoat antecedent of disloyalty with his former godfather – Bola Tinubu, should guide the Ekitis to help them understand and make pertinent predictions on what to expect from Fayemi as Governor.

If Fayemi wins the next Ekiti election, he will likely end up as a mere vassal Governor (a Yes-man) of the Fulani Caliphate Empire.

Bearing in mind the kind of support Fayemi has received and is receiving from Abuja, Ekiti State should be weary of any promise he is making and they should not expect him to make the welfare of the State a first priority in his administration.

It is therefore important to sound a note of warning to the people of Ekiti State. This warning is informed by the knowledge of our recent history.


If Fayemi wins the Ekiti Governorship election, we should be able to predict that:

  • Ekiti must expect the establishment of a Cow Colony and the repeal of the Anti-grazing Laws passed by the Fayose era as one of his first task in office.
  • Ekiti will most likely serve as a launch pad for the planned political and religious conquest of the Southwest of Nigeria by the Fulani Caliphate.
  • Fayemi Government will likely and inadvertently bring to fulfilment the professed desire of the Fulani Caliphate to dip the Koran in the Atlantic Ocean as a testimony of the total Fulani conquest of Nigeria.
  • Ekiti State should be ready to say good bye to peace, prosperity and development because Fayemi’s sponsors have sworn ages ago to prevent all other ethnic people in Nigeria, outside the Fulani Ethnic group, from developing into their full potential.

Ahmadu Bello, the Fulani ideologist and the first and only premier of Northern Nigeria said in 1960: “We must use the minorities in the North as willing tools and the South as a conquered territory and never allow them to rule over us and never allow them to have control over their future”.

His political protégés have since been following this disruptive script of causing chaos and of sabotaging the progressive development of other ethnic groups in the country since the 1960s.


Hence, Ekiti State is in a dangerous spot at this moment in time – a place between the devil and the blue sea.

Thinking men and women in Nigeria by now have come to realise, from our contemporary historical experiences, that organising elections under the present fraudulent constitution and the fudged political structure is nothing but corruption on the move.

They know that elections will serve no useful purpose of changing the status quo of a slave colony into a republic where freedom, equality and social justice shall reign supreme. The important questions today for enlightened Nigerians are:

  • How do we raise the consciousness of the indigenous people of Nigeria to understand the political reality of the great dishonesty and hypocrisy in the land?
  • What can we do to help ‘Nigerians’ to see the lies, the deception, the perversion of life and democracy?
  • How can we convince ‘Nigerians’ to withdraw from further participation in a fraudulent political enterprise that was designed to work against their collective interests and well being?

These are the dilemma facing the awakened ones in Nigeria. In case you are one of them, please wake up your family and friends to see, to know and to understand the bitter truth of their enslavement.

Political Party Election is not the solution to the political, economic and cultural problems of Nigeria. Real Political, Economic and Cultural Independence of the ethnic indigenous nations from the foreign Colonial Fulani Caliphate is the answer.”

In The Spirit of Truth