Forestalling A Bloody Revolution in Nigeria

None are more hopelessly enslaved than those who falsely believe they are free.

– Johann Wolfgang von Goethe

The issues of political skulduggery raised in the fourth letter on the Sovereignty Question in Nigeria are the background facts that have informed our stringent call for Sovereign Conferences in 2002. We were aware of the covert stranglehold of the Fulani Imperial/Feudal Family on the political life of Nigeria.

We understood the facts of history that it is only through a bloody revolution that this type of tyranny could be redressed. We are aware of the genesis and the nature of events that led to the American Revolution (1765-1783), to the French Revolution (1789-1799), to the Russian Revolution (1917), and even to the Mohammed Ali’s modernisation revolution in Egypt in 1805.

We knew how Ali’s revolution murderously wiped away the Mamluk of Egypt. The Mamluks, like the covert Imperial/Feudal Family in Nigeria, were an elite class of tyrannical military force of occupation earlier sent to Egypt as slave warriors by the Ottoman Empire.

The need to avoid bloodshed and human disaster in Nigeria informed the suggestion we made in 2002 for the types of Sovereign Conferences we proposed. If violence and bloodshed are needed to build a strong government, thank God, we are not interested in building a strong government but we are keener than ever to work hard so that the building of numerous strong civil societies in Nigeria are made manifest in our lifetime.

There is no natural law that says mankind must always go through the route of violence, bloodletting, persecution, wickedness, war, assassination etc., to dispose tyrants from their thrones of savagery. We are also aware of the beastly level that violence can take a nation once it is adopted as a strategy for obtaining the fundamental human rights to freedom, justice, equality and political self-determination.

A historical look at what happened between Britain and Northern Ireland, between Spain and the Basque Homeland and between Liberty (ETA), Sri Lanka and the Tamil Tigers, etc. tells the sad story that even when the cause of the political struggle is just, violence, carnage and bloodshed can never be a just option for readdressing the problems of injustice, enslavement and inequality.

We are therefore, suggesting a novel approach that has never been tried anywhere before on planet earth. We are pleading, urging and even begging Nigerians to please give this suggestion a chance to proof itself. The proposal may look too common, too pedestrian but still it might have enough merit of common sense in it.

Let us go via the route of common sense. Political theories in textbooks are very good at stimulating and awakening the mind but each must allow the awakened mind to cook up these theories to the relevant taste and flavour of the culture and attitudes that we intended to influence and change for the better.

There is no way Nigeria can import the political ideology of Britain, or of America or of Russia or of Saudi Arabia or of any other culture into Nigeria and expected it to yield a good bountiful harvest. Each culture must be allowed to sow and to germinate the seeds relevant to its environment. Just as it is found in nature, some very good seeds will grow effortlessly in temperate climates but same seed will wither away in the tropical climate and vice versa. This is the truth of life.

The Fulani Imperial Feudal Family of Nigeria have failed to understand the common-sense perspective to life. Hence, their reason for adopting dastardly acts and savage banditry that ingloriously destabilised the serene and harmonious social and political structures of Nigeria since 1804. As well as their use of incessant beastly habits of terrorism, barbaric violence, bloody ethnic cleansing, fear mongering, vicious intimidation, Machiavellian form of patronage of planting and maintaining seditious corruption on the people, thereby able to exercise a permanent stranglehold on the political hegemony of Nigeria.

The barbaric methods of acquiring political hegemony by visiting violence, brigandage, slaughter and wicked abominable acts on innocent and friendly neighbours can never yield the fruits of a long-lasting peaceful, united, productive and prosperous societies. This evil method of obtaining hegemony is definitely bound to come to ruin and to nought eventually.

Notwithstanding what we know so far about the Fulani Feudal Family, we shall still be pleading with the followers and those who erroneously believe in the religious and political ideologies of the Fulani Imperial Feudal Family in Nigeria to reconsider the cruel political game that was played and is still being played by the Family on the indigenous people of Nigeria.

The game of guile and deception could only succeed under a cultivated and sustained climate of fear born of ignorance. But, as soon as the glorious light of knowledge and truth begins to shine on the polity, this macabre tyrannical political arrangement of lies and deception is bound to collapse and it is surely going to collapse sooner than later disastrously.

Fighting a True Jihad

We shall be pleading again with those who believe in the ideology of the Fulani Imperial Feudal Family not to do anything foolish again. It is important for each of you to begin to fight a true Jihad. A true Jihad is the fight to free your souls from the ideological poison that political religious leaders have fed into your mind.

A true Jihad, in my opinion, is the continuous search for freedom outside the narrow viewpoint built on the love of power; on the desire to enslave other fellow mankind; and on the use of injustice and corruption to perpetrate evil in the name of political religion. This is the true Jihad – to set oneself free spiritually- that this writer will humbly recommend to you as worthy of your religious devotion and attention.

Please do not get involved with a Jihad for the acquisition of territorial political power or a Jihad of false belief that there is something called a Islamic country or a Jihad of hate of other fellow Mankind who refused to accept the incomprehensible political dogma of the orthodox/reformed political Islam.

A true Jihad should be a spiritual struggle that shall make each of us to submit, willingly and freely, to the unseen power of the creator of heaven and earth. A true Jihad should be a spiritual struggle that shall free our souls from the domineering control of those that use the name of Allah (God) and the religion of Islam to enslave humanity.

This type of spiritual struggle is expected to emancipate you mentally and spiritually from the psychological and political manipulation of the so-called Ulema. And it is the type that can set your mind and soul free from all other religious zealots who are only interested in gaining power, money, position of honour and prestige over you.

This is the true Jihad we are recommending to all the followers of Islam who have not yet been blindfolded completely by the lies of the spirit of Shaitan.

It is important to draw this lesson home clearly. This writer will therefore like to ask the following questions from the true followers of Islam:

• Can any true Muslim argue sincerely against the pertinent observations that the total political philosophy and the practices of the Imperial Feudal Family in Nigeria are different from idolatry – the worship of man and man-made objects?

• Is there any way a true Muslim can excuse the Fulani Imperial Feudal Family from the woes and calamities of Nigeria, if we remember that, the Family had willingly given unabashed support to all the despots and tyrants who have disgraced the political landscapes of Nigeria?

• Can the social and political actions, both overt and covert, of the members of the Fulani Imperial Family that tend to arrogate to themselves a divine supreme power in Nigeria and the conspicuous, opulent behaviour that demands as royal rights subservient obeisance from their subjects as they pretend to be as great as Allah, be called Islamic?

• Can we not construe, from the everyday practices of the Fulani Imperial Family that is lording supremacist powers over their subjects/slaves as a form of idolatry? Aren’t these type of acts those that promote a form of idol worshipping of members of the family? Aren’t these forbidden acts – ‘Haram’ – which, are recognised as unacceptable cardinal sin in Islam?

These are serious matters and they must and ought to be brought into the open. The use of religion, a noble and sacred philosophy, to pervert justice, to institute inequality and to deny other humankind of their inalienable freedom, is contrary to the teaching of the ancient prophets and teachers.

These are the issues. We invite every indigenous people of Nigeria to face the truth now or choose to remain joyously at bliss in the slave plantation/colony of Nigeria.

Knowledge, Truth and Repentance

The Nigerian political situation is like the case study of a microbiologist who sent out a warning to the community during a pandemic infection. He says, “Do not eat this particular food. It is infected with dangerous and deadly micro-organisms.”

An ignorant fool in the community replies, “Don’t be silly, I cannot see any dangerous germ here. Give me the food, I’ll eat it and nothing will happen.”

Of course, something will happen to him/her eventually. But because the fellow lacks knowledge and understanding of elementary biology, the fool runs the risk of exposing his/her life to avoidable health danger – if not outright death.

The inference from the above is similar to the situation when an Awakened person tell other Nigerians about the contributions of the covert Fulani Imperial/Feudal Family of Nigeria to the underdevelopment of Nigeria. Fellow Nigerians will respond, “Don’t be paranoid”.

When they tell Nigerians that this Fulani Imperial/Feudal Family is deliberately very invisible but it has tentacles that have reached into every part of our political life. Nigerians say, “It is the awakened ones who are seeing things or reading meaning to what is not really there.’

When Nigerians are told that there is a diabolical Mafia-like clique running the political affairs of Nigeria, albeit behind the shadow. Nigerians will say, “Now, you have lost your senses”.

When the awakened ones remind Nigerians and urge them to think about the June 12 1993 Debacles and the circumstances surrounding the annulment. And when Nigerians were advised to recall that up till today, nobody knew the author of the unsigned Press Release written on a plain sheet of paper that annulled the 1993 Presidential election. Nigerians say, “We need to move forward and we must learn to forget the past.” In short, Nigerians are saying, let bygones be bygones.

Unfortunately, the past shall continue to haunt Nigeria until Nigerians do what is morally and ethically right. We must revisit the past with open minds and with common sense. It is only under this desire to know the truth about the past that the Indigenous Peoples and nations of Nigeria can be healed mentally and spiritually before we can be truly set free.

I sincerely believe that there is a great need to resolve the hegemony of Nigeria on the side of the Common Nigerians. And will continue to recommend that the reconstruction and reconstitution of the commonwealth of Nigeria is the only project worth embarking upon in the country at this calamitous moment in our history. But the sovereign project that can work is only feasible after a genuine understanding of the political and spiritual problems we are facing as well as knowing that we need a sincere contrite heart that is willing and ready to seek forgiveness after a genuine repentance.

Facing the Larger Picture: Who Owns Nigeria?

Together, every indigenous person in Nigeria need to know who really owns the country. We must individually and collectively find answers to the question of, What is the true status of the ‘ownership’ rights of Nigeria and her people are :

• Are Nigerians internally displaced persons (slaves), like is found in every other colonial make-believe countries created in Africa?

Is Nigeria a truly independent country populated by indigenous freeborn men and women?

• Who are those wielding the overt and the covert despotic political powers over Nigeria, and inadvertently holding the indigenous people down and preventing or sabotaging their mental and spiritual emancipation?

Moreover, the indigenous people of Nigeria need to resolve all the grey areas of whether they have any inalienable right, whatsoever, to enjoy the universal and fundamental human rights to freedom, equality, justice and political self-determination.

These are the questions that we must address before Nigeria can move forward as progressive nations and as emancipated people. This is the larger picture.

It is important that every Indigenous Person and particularly our opinion leaders need to see the larger picture of Nigeria’s problems so that we can stop beating about the bush of inanities.

The groups gaining from the status quo of Nigeria have a fondness for manipulating public opinions and national discourses. These special breed of Nigerians have perfected the skill of political subterfuge by their foxy ability to throw selected worthless bones at the chattering Nigerians to distract their attention from serious fundamental issues.

While the uninformed Indigenous persons are struggling and maiming each other over the dry bones thrown at them, the manipulators would have secured another round of cruel bashing and more time to rip-off, to loot and to cart away the wealth of the innocent and gullible indigenous people of Nigeria.

These clever breed of Nigerians that are wielding the enormous power of the state have learnt from the masters of the political trade – Great Britain. They have mastered the statecraft of subterfuge and of a divide-and-rule manipulation that craftily set brothers against brothers. All these cruel political games have enabled these evil lots both local and foreign to reap where they have never sown.

Under this inauspicious political climate, it amazes the mind when we find fellow nationals, who claim to understand the problems of Nigeria, and yet can only offer any or all of the following impractical solutions to the fundamental problems :

• the reformation of the already moribund civil and public administration of governance;

• the zonal and electoral rotation of the President;

• the reformation of a deliberate arrangement of faulty electoral processes; and

• the review or the amendment of the intentionally fudge military 1999 Constitution of Nigeria that was covertly imposed, without seeking any approval from the ‘citizens’, on the indigenous people of Nigeria.

In a politically correct climate where the embedded elites see or hear no wrong, Nigerians are advised not to give a thought anymore to the question, How shall we resolve the status of the sovereignty of the various Nigeria nations and her people? And, How shall we carry out the necessary fundamental reviews and the reconstruction (if applicable) of the entire political, cultural and economic structures of Nigeria?

When we find that the Opinion Leaders are making and throwing down, from their gated and gilded high towers, such mediocre suggestions as we see above, it seems that these ‘leaders’ are clearly trying to ridicule and insult the intelligence of other sincere Nigerians looking for genuine answers.

The Futility of Political Reforms

We shall try to illustrate the futility of undertaking reforms of governmental institutions in a country allegedly established on a republican spirit but where the fundamental human rights of the citizens to freedom, equality and justice are brazenly neglected or sabotaged.

Let us consider an historical case of one Mr Rich Heartless, a plantation owner of South Carolina in the 1860s during the Civil War in America. When Mr Heartless perceived that the Federal Troops of the Yankees were advancing and may soon reach his plantation, he decided it was time to reform the pathetic and inhuman conditions of his slaves.

In so doing, Mr Heartless hoped to persuade the plantation slaves not to give in to the federal propaganda that promised to set them free without conditions. Mr Heartless’ reforms stated that each slave would henceforth have a pair of boot, two pairs of Sunday best wears, and a new modern cabin with partitioned rooms instead of the dormitory presently in use.

Moreover, he declared that every slave would have the use of a small plot of land for his/her personal farming. Each slave would have an hour to tend his own farm after the regular 15-hour shift on the plantation. In addition, he declared that Sundays should now be taken as a free day of rest.

Now for any of the slaves who has had his eyes opened by knowledge to the truth of existence – the truth of equality of persons, the truth of the injustices done to his human dignity and the truth of liberty – would this reform package satisfy his hunger for an inalienable and unconditional right to freedom?

The above case study is exactly the nature of the truth of the slave plantation of Nigeria to which we are trying to draw the attention of every indigenous person in the country.

We are saying that Nigeria is still a slave colony. That the original British owner of the make-believe country merely stepped out of the Estate virtually. While putting in its place carefully selected puppets to oversee the slave plantation on its behalf under a remote supervisory arrangement.

Therefore, any reform package that failed to answer the questions of equal opportunities for all Indigenous People; equal rights to justice; equal rights to freedom; and the unencumbered rights to self-determination satisfactorily, can no longer be good enough.

We understand the role of culture and religious beliefs in the political affairs of societies. Our general or specific attitudes to life are invariably conditioned and influenced by our belief systems. Hence, it is possible for an ethnic group to believe it has a superior culture or superior natural endowment to all other ethnic groups in a polity.

There is a tendency for such groups to uphold and to teach this ‘supremacist truth’ as a divine oracle to its members. The onus to reject such discriminatory belief lies with the other ethnic groups who happened to be occupying the same political jurisdiction with the supremacists.

There is a need for a vehement rejection of such supremacist claim, more so, if other peace loving group in the political enclave have a contrary belief that placed emphasis on the principle of commonality and equality of the human race. It is therefore a justifiable duty to reject vociferously any imposition that such primitive and exclusive beliefs might wish to force on the peace loving people.

The Middle East is in crisis today because each of the warring parties is claiming to have some peculiar revelations, promises and injunctions from God. When a nation allows allegedly revealed ancient beliefs and religion to dominate and drive their political, social and economic institutions, there will always be trouble ahead for such nation.

Nigerians need to know and to learn to separate the truth of Islam that is premised on peace, equality and justice from the culture of the people of Arabia. In the past I used to think that the truth of Islam is a universal truth but that it was only the culture of Arabia that is peculiar to the Arabs. But now with a better study and understanding of the holy books of Islam, one has become much more informed with an enlightened insight that things might be quite fundamentally different.

However, we still wish to reiterate that when the Imperial Feudal Family imports the cultures that contradict the revelation of truth they have inadvertently perverted the revealed universal truth.

When they introduced a family dynasty as a legitimate principle of political succession and of governance, they have perverted the truth of equality of persons before God.

When they established and promoted the superiority of one ethnic group or of sex or of belief or of language or of colour of skin over others who are different from them, they have perverted the truth of equality.

When the Imperial Feudal Family practices a political arrangement that continuously hoards the wealth of the nation and the juicy political posts among selected family members, they have perverted the truth of justice as well as the truth of peace.

When the Fulani Imperial Feudal Family uses a different measure in the judgement of others outside their gilded family, they have perverted the truth of justice. According to the Quran, “Woe to those who deal in fraud – those who, when they have to receive by measure from men exact full measure. But when they have to give by measure or weight to men, give less than due.” (Qur’an 83.1,2)

The larger picture of Nigeria is to help both the oppressor and the oppressed to understand what the truth of life is. It is glaring that both the oppressor and the oppressed are guilty of the sin of stupidity, ignorance and negligence (SIN)

While the spirits of vanity and greed drive the oppressor, the oppressed is cowered by the spirits of fear and ignorance. The oppressor needs help to understand that vanity and greed do not lead to a successful life. These vices corrupt people and societies and drive peace away. And moreover, without peace and stability in the society, the political and economic oppressors cannot enjoy the loot and booty they have acquired by fraud and brigandage.

However, we are not downplaying the fear that are manifested in the lives of oppressed Nigerians. It is a legitimate fear. It is a product of vivid historical accounts that were orally transmitted by the ancestors of the oppressed and brutalised indigenous people. Many cruel stories have been told and retold about the sheer callousness of and the outrageous wickedness perpetrated by the feudal oppressors in the past and in the present. The seeds of the trauma and the fear experienced by the survivors have been passed from generation to generation. It had since become a rehashed historical experience and a received knowledge transmitted through superstition or folk tales from one generation to the next.

Every lover of peace in the country have to repudiate the unfounded claim of the Fulani Imperial Family of having a divine right to the religious and political leadership position in the Nigeria state. This claim is a product of fraud, deception and banditry. The only way that the Feudal oppressors can hold on to such illicit political power is by a continuous display of unbridled brutality on members of the oppressed class. As well as the occasional dangling of bread and butter, carrot, gold and lucre in the face of the wretched poor in order to lure and to maintain the oppressed people into a perpetual servitude.

The first step a truth seeker must have to take in securing the inalienable rights to freedom in Nigeria is to seek knowledge and gain understanding about the various strategic devices of political manipulation used for holding down the indigenous people by the Fulani imperial feudal family.

As Prophet Mohammed and other ancient wise people have advised, there is a need for each of us to “seek knowledge to the end of the world”. Seeking truth and knowledge is the only unparalleled beneficial activity that can empower the human spirit. Courage will come shortly afterwards to strengthen the resolve of an oppressed people to stand up and to fight for their inalienable natural rights to freedom, equality and justice.

From the experiences of other free nations, we know that the political oppressors succeed because the oppressed people are riddled with inherited fears. Inherited fear, which is curable, is often written all over the oppressed people when they come into contact with the political oppressors. With this initial psychological advantage, the political oppressors have gotten a free licence to tread underfoot, to kill and to maim the people at will. Seeking truth and knowledge is the only way out of the psychological and political mess. The feudal/political oppressors understand the tremendous power of mental emancipation and the potential power it has to destroy the status quo of power. This is why the system of education has been rigorously monitored and the national curriculum has been terribly dumbed down whenever schools are allowed to operate in the country.

However, in many cases, the feudal oppressors deliberately killed off the institutions of education in their domains. Unfortunately, when the oppressed people in Nigeria refused to seek knowledge out of either sheer mental laziness or negligence or carelessness then they have simply given away their birthrights to the feudal oppressor forever.

Henceforth, the battle lines between darkness and light, ignorance and knowledge, hate and love have been drawn in Nigeria. The battle is between those Nigerians, who just wish to enjoy life without a care in the world about the meaning of what life means, and the awakened Nigerians who had made effort to seek for knowledge and search for understanding of the meaning of life. They are now saying to the careless and ignorant Nigerians that you cannot enjoy something you do not know or understand. It is a battle between those who want to sit on the fence and watch the struggle for freedom and those who want to be at the centre of the independence struggle. Each Nigerian has a duty to choose either to be an observer who sits on the fence or a diehard participant who is willing and ready to give all it takes, even his life, to be free.

However, for those that have decided to fight in the dark corner, the truth is, when the light of the sun rises at dawn it is mandatory for the darkness of the night and all its work to disappear. This is the natural law.

In the season when knowledge and revelations were in short supply in Nigeria, it was then that the rule of darkness was supreme. Now that the season of light has come, it will be advisable for those fighting in the dark corner to throw in their towels honourably.

Need for Spiritual Healing

We must continue to reiterate that Nigeria is destined for greatness. But first each of us must seek healing for the spiritual ailments in our personal and political bodies. It is important to emphasise that we cannot fully understand the problems of Nigeria in a purely academic term. It is fundamentally a spiritual problem.

Again, we need to clarify what we mean by this. To be spiritual does not necessarily mean one has to be religious. It is possible to attain a spiritual state of existence with or without any of the established religious institutions. We shall recommend the spiritual path that is fundamentally routed on the love of knowledge. This writer understands that God is knowledge or Knowledge is God. Therefore, the love of knowledge is the love of God.

The issues facing Nigeria are not the kind that can be cleared in one lengthy sermon. Every awakened Nigerian should continue to seek knowledge, to seek understanding and to seek wisdom about the truth of human existence. It is under this intellectual engagement that the knowledge and revelation of what we need to do to be set free to pursue the goals of equality, justice and freedom can be realised.

We have to remind our eminent personalities in the political arena, who are presently braying for the blood of their political opponents, that there is nothing in this world that is worth losing a soul for. Neither Nigeria nor political offices nor fame nor fortune is worth the price of a soul.

When the political gangsters keep on telling Nigerians that the evil they are engaged in, is for our sake, for the unity of Nigeria, and for the progress of Nigeria, we are now more than aware that they are just filthy liars. We can now say to them, ‘Tell that cock and bull tales to the Marines’.

To fellow Nigerians please stand clear and allow these fools in our midst to continue with their political electioneering, with their character assassinations, with their murderous engagements, and with their bullying and terrorising. When they have fully destroyed each other, then the coast shall become clear for the meek at heart to take over the political space. For the meek are destined to inherit the earth.

Now, we know the political gangsters never had a single thought for our well being. From the beginning it has been me, me, and me. They wanted everything for themselves even the whole country. They are totally devoid of the spirit that shares. All the pacts and deals they have so far made were made just for the benefit of themselves. In addition, for the sake of the useless political honours, fame and riches, they were willing to offer their souls to another humankind. It is a shame.

Hope Arising

In the meantime, let every awakened Nigeria accept the truth that he/she has a job to do, the job of touching and waking up other Nigerians from their careless slumber. The light of Nigeria shall shine when all the sleeping souls are awakened and are alert to their sacred responsibilities. The noble responsibility of just being true to oneself and of the willingness to stand firm at all times as a pillar of little light and salt in one’s community.

We must keep up the light of the Sovereign Conferences burning in our hearts. The suggested phases of the conferences are still valid. Again, as mentioned earlier, we must not wait on the government or on the calibre of self-serving political deal makers to liberate Nigerians. We must accept the truth that governments and their dishonourable agents are part of the problem and so they cannot be the solution. We must creatively learn to by-pass them as we fashion a new approach to the governance of our communities.

This is the time to urge creative, analytical and critical thinking Nigerians to set their horizons higher and beyond the American or the British or the Russian or the Saudi Arabian models of government and governance. We must recognise that each of these models is a perversion of noble ancient ideas.

It is possible to make and to turn Nigeria into an oasis of new values, new culture and new institutions in our present confused world for the pursuit of true human happiness. It is therefore very important for our thinkers to see the obvious and the hidden flaws in the present Global Order. It is under a diligent intellectual and spiritual engagement that new thoughts and revelation can come to us. It is through this method of knowledge acquisition that we shall be able to appreciate the great tasks and challenges facing the awakened people of Nigeria.

We must neither allow nor accept to be pushed into a blind-alley of global inevitability; into believing there is no alternative options to the present political and economic abracadabra on the ground; and into accepting as a gospel truth the contemporary Ivory Tower pronouncements on justice, on equality and on freedom from the Western and Middle Eastern pulpits.

We must and we have to pull our intellectual resources together in order to crack the seemingly complex yet simple jigsaw puzzles of establishing appropriate institutions for true governance that will bring joy and happiness to the many rather than the few in our societies.

I am sure this is what the Sovereign Conference is promising and this is what it shall deliver whenever we decided to give it a chance. If we allow historical experiences to be our guide, Nigeria cannot find peace and progress by duplicating the existing models of economics and politics of the Western and Middle Eastern worlds. These models were not designed to provide for the happiness of all peoples and nations but for only a powerful few people and few nations of the world.

Under the current economic models and political paradigm, the only option opened to the disadvantaged people is to use brute force or sophisticated violence called competition to displace some of the careless few that are holding profitable positions of power and wealth before the dispossessed can have access to the good things of life. This model of wealth distribution or hijacking is disaster prone. It is a war-enhancing model. Peace can never be assured under this model.

Definitely, Nigerians are lovers of peace and that is why we must reject the present global economic order. There is much work to be done in the realm of knowledge acquisition. Nigerians cannot sit on their oars when it comes to the issue of seeking and searching for knowledge. It is in developing the sacred habit and in embracing a healthy desire to seek and to search for knowledge that each of us can come into a better understanding of the spiritual problems facing humanity generally and of solving the peculiar man-made problems facing Nigeria in particular.

And until the people of Nigeria overcome ignorance and stupidity, the country cannot do better than what each of us is doing right now all over the country. At the moment, there is a macabre orgy of assassinating, killing, maiming, murdering, robbing, stealing, slandering, terrorising, torturing, kidnapping, etc., going on all over the country.

Unfortunately, these depraved behaviours of the brutes and the uncultured are the price the country has to pay for our individual and collective negligence, ignorance and stupidity. And fortunately, the debilitating sickness of ignorance is curable and we must cure it with knowledge and truth

In The Spirit of Truth


Revised: 24.2.2021