The Underdevelopment of Nigeria: The Fulani Caliphate and Its Cardinal Political Agenda for Nigeria

“The new nation called Nigeria should be an estate of our great grandfather Uthman Dan Fodio.

We must ruthlessly prevent a change of power.

We must use the minorities in the North as willing tools and the South as a conquered territory and never allow them to rule over us and never allow them to have control over their future.”

— Ahmadu Bello (1960), Premier of Northern Nigeria,

Since I came around into properly understanding the vicious intentions of Ahmadu Bello, the Premier of Northern Nigeria in the 1960s, from the above quoted Declaration that planned to embark on a Siege Warfare of Disruption against the indigenous people of Nigeria, I could not help myself from shedding few silent tears for the many years of wasted energy, efforts and missed opportunities as a former civil servant in Nigeria.

It is unconscionable to accept that one of the founding members of independent nation of Nigeria purposefully and openly declared to his followers, the need for them to undertake a subversive mission of outright sabotage that would prevent the progressive development of the then newly independent nation.

Is there still any more surprises that anyone needs to know why Nigeria has been unable to rise up to fulfil the popular expectations that were foretold about the country because of her abundant natural resources, bountiful human endowment and visible economic potentials since 1960?

Is there any country in the world or among the contemporaries of Nigeria, — Ghana, Malaysia, South Korea, Singapore, Indonesia — where an ethnic group within the country swore to “ruthlessly prevent change of [political] power, use the minorities… as willing tools [to subvert progress]… use the South as a conquered territory and never allow them to rule over us and never allow them to have control over their future.”?

It is extremely difficult for anyone to imagine that Ahmadu Bello, Premier of Northern Nigeria and Obafemi Awolowo, Premier of Western Nigeria were contemporaries and founding fathers of the same country.

While Obafemi Awolowo was burning the candles; rigorously searching for the best form of political administration that would lift up the country out of poverty; and offering erudite visionary propositions in his many publications for tailor-made sociopolitical and economic paths for rapid national development and progress of the new country;

On the other hand and in the same country, another founding father — Ahmadu Bello — had only the vicious vision of a deluded savage conqueror, whose dream and sole political mission was to subvert, to repress, and to sabotage every political effort and move suggested by his political colleagues for the rapid human emancipation, accelerated national development and sustainable economic progress of the country.

This generation of Nigerians need to ask the most pertinent question, Were all the calculated and premeditated machinations done for ill or for good purposes of the indigenous people of Nigeria?

Is it for ill or for good of Nigeria?

From Ahmadu Bello’s statement quoted above, we gathered that these malicious onslaught on fellow compatriots were done in order to prevent any other ethnic nation from democratically ousting the Fulani Ethnic nation from the alleged ‘ownership rights’ of the ESTATE of their great grandfather — Uthman Dan Fodio.

It is inconceivable for anyone to believe that within the fold of the then promising new nation, which had all the wherewithal to provide for the needs and comfort of the citizens, that there was a bunch of barbarians within, whose eyes were focused backwards on the setting sun and who are totally bereft of any laudable vision or proposition for the modernisation, progress and development of the people of Nigeria.

Rather than support the various initiatives being made for rapid development, the Fulani elites were vigilant in their abiding intentions to destroy, to delay, to withhold, to distort any important idea, effort, plan, proposal, etc., that was put forward for national growth and development.

It is hard for anyone with conscience to believe that for over 60 years, the Fulani ethnic nation has surreptitiously held the indigenous people of Nigeria to ransom and has deliberately debarred them from moving forward in the direction of modernisation, industrialisation and socioeconomic development. These are the sacred duties that are expected, as a matter of right, from the political leaders in a progressive new nation.

Who else but a narrow-minded and sadistic evil being can deliberately hinder the progressive development of fellow nationals?

It is incredible and too hard to swallow the revelation that this level of wickedness was openly expressed and invoked practically on another human being or whole ethnic group. And at the same time, the evil perpetrator resided among the people and was pretending to be building a nation along with the naive and trusting compatriots. And even joining in singing together a national anthem that says:

“O God of creation

Grant this our one request.

Help us to build a nation

Where no man is oppressed

And so with peace and plenty

Nigeria may be blessed.”

At this moment of reflection, Bob Marley’s song – “Man to Man is so Unjust” comes readily to mind. Link

To everyone in the world who has ever wondered about the unexpected retrogression of Nigeria in the comity of nations, the simple answer to the hitherto inscrutable conundrum of Nigeria is found in the atrocities of fellow compatriots who were determined to disrupt and did actually sabotage every effort of the other fellow patriotic citizens.

It is now very clear and quite understandable why the population of street children – Almajiri – has continued to increase in the northern part of Nigeria rather than abated since 1960. We can now understand that it was a wilful act of oppression, among the many planned repressive tactics, placed on the indigenous people of Nigeria.

When we studied critically, the innate character and cultural dispositions of the Fulani ethnic group, it seems that they haven’t got any milk of human kindness in them, even for those of their own kind. And that’s why and even now, the Caliphate has no apology to offer or shown any regret or remorse for their wilful underdevelopment of Nigeria

Modernisation is Haram (Forbidden)

Obviously, the Fulani ethnic nation is vehemently averse to modernisation and did not wish and is not wishing to enter or to participate in activities that would have led to the modern development of new values and of new cultures for human emancipation in Nigeria.

However, if the Fulani ethnic group is unwilling to move with the time, must the Fulani Caliphate hold down their political neighbours who are ready and who desire to embrace modern economic growth and development?

Unfortunately, this is exactly the ideology of non participation that Ahmadu Bello laid down as his only vision and guiding principle for ‘Estate Nigeria’. He sowed the seeds of indifference to modernisation in the minds of his gullible followers. He popularised the political notion and the religious bigotry that Nigeria was allegedly established by his Jihadist grandfather —Uthman Dan Fodio — as a Fulani suzerainty only.

Sadly, this ungodly mission of ensuring that the indigenous people of Nigeria would have “no control over their future”, has continued even up till today. Ahmadu Bello’s political progenies have subscribed wholeheartedly to and have since adopted fanatically this evil vision, as a worthy manifesto in their personal and collective relationships with other ‘Fellow Nigerians’.

Wake Up Time

Having gained the knowledge about the uncanny covert political designs of ensuring perpetual enslavement for the indigenous peoples of Nigeria by the Political Elders of the Fulani Ethnic nation, must this generation of indigenous people of Nigeria allow the unfortunate development to continue?

Isn’t there an urgent need for all the suffering indigenous peoples of Nigeria to come to a mutual understanding on the best way forward for our development and progress?

Is it not possible for the indigenous people of Nigeria to go back to the drawing board and to redesign a totally different pattern of growth and development outside the grasping ferocious arms of the retrogressive Fulani Caliphate?

Can the indigenous nations in Nigeria afford, any longer, to trust the members of the Fulani Caliphate with their future?

Noting that the Fulani Caliphate has sworn to conquer and to use other ethnic groups, not for progressive engagements but for disruptive activities; and knowing that they see themselves not as partners in progress but as a special breed of humanity who are “Born to Rule” other human beings, should the indigenous people of Nigeria still put hope and faith in them that they can ever be trusted to work for our development and not for our destruction?

And with all that we know after 60 years of unholy alliance in an abusive forced political marriage, would it not be foolish to ever expect that there is going to be a change in the conquerors’ attitude, the bullying mentality and the retrogressive cultural habits of the Fulani ethnic nation?

Is it ever possible or is it share foolhardiness to expect that the Fulani Ethnic nation in its entirety can reform itself to the point that it can emancipate to embrace and to undertake an inclusive, mutual engagement as equal partners with other ethnic groups for the building of a United Nations of Nigeria?

A Call for the Dissolution of Nigeria

If there is no emphatic affirmation that there can be positive changes towards building trust and towards a transformation in the attitudes of the Fulani ethnic group that are favourable to other ethnic groups, then the only option that is left for British-Nigeria is to find a legal settlement for the dissolution of the unpopular 1914 British Amalgamation of Northern and Southern Protectorates of Nigeria.

In my humble opinion and with all that we know now about the current deliberately planned and sponsored social disorder — terrorism, the insecurity of lives and properties, the kidnapping for ransom, the raping and banditry — going on all over the country, isn’t it high time for the culturally incompatible indigenous nations of Nigeria started the process of setting themselves free, once and for all, from the Fulani political bondage?

As it is now, to continue to call the land of the indigenous people occupying the present geographical terrain Nigeria, is a grave deception and a gross misnomer.

At this point in time and as a result of the relentless siege warfare waged on the indigenous people of Nigeria by their Fulani ‘compatriots’, the social, political, economic and spiritual situations of Nigeria have sadly fallen apart; the centre can no longer hold. Everyone and everything are no longer at ease; nothing whatsoever is looking good at all in the country.

Nigeria is at the lowest ebb of degeneracy and she is at a most dangerous position. The country is battling an incurable and insurmountable terminal political dis-ease. Nigeria is depressingly under a political stress of uncontrollable anarchy, anomie and total breakdown of the already inauspicious social order. The day-to-day experiences of the indigenous people of Nigeria is sorrowfully bitter and is no longer conducive for human existence.

The ill-fated Nigeria Political Disaster Train, coupled together by the Deep State of Britain, is already falling apart at the seams and into irreversible pieces like Humpty Dumpty. Yet, the moribund and driverless political train of Nigeria is cruising on with reckless abandon without any care or regard for the lives of the indigenous people. And it is doing so at a topmost and treacherous speed to her final Doomsday destination.

The concerned people of the world cannot continue to look on in askance while the inhumane, savage and untrainable political drivers of Nigeria are allowed to wreck an unimaginable havoc on the already misgoverned country. There ought to be an immediate concerted effort to bring this runaway political train to an abrupt stop. It should be prevented from crashing irreparably with the potential losses of millions of precious lives both within the country and in the neighbouring countries.

We can only hope and pray that the indigenous people of Nigeria will discover, before it is too late, their indomitable spirit, their resolute courage, and their self confidence to stand up, to disentangle the chains of slavery and to throw off the paralysing yoke of political and economic tyranny put over them by the Fulani ethnic nation.

We are calling, inviting and summoning the indigenous people of Nigeria to rise to this providential challenges; to face the momentous occasion of the end of tyranny; to shout out FREEDOM and allow its mighty sound to ring out loud and clear throughout the length and breadth of Nigeria; and to announce unmistakably to all and sundry with everything in their power, that the day of liberty is here.

With passionate self determination, sincerity of purpose and earnest desires of all for liberty, the walls of tyranny are bound to come crashing down and never to rise again on our lands.

Nothing else should matter now in Nigeria more than the important struggle for political independence and economic self-determination. Above all, the need to ensure that the indigenous people of Nigeria regain their inalienable human rights to freedom, equality and justice should become the priority on the agenda lists of the leaders of thought.

And more importantly, it is a sacred duty for all freeborn indigenous persons to break the yoke and the chains of the two-centuries-old Fulani Colonisation — a callous surrogate of neo-colonialist power in Nigeria — that are holding down the neck of the people for political and economic slaughtering.

May the popular slogan on the lips of every indigenous person in Nigeria, from now till freedom and political self determination is secured be: FREEDOM NOW OR DEATH.

In the Spirit of Truth