Re: Pantami and Buhari : Between Faith and Fame — By Dr. Umar Ardo, Ph.D

This is a reaction to Dr. Umar Ardo’s intervention on the Pantami-Buhari debacle. I feel a few clarification of the subterranean political issues will be helpful to put his essay in a better perspective.

Briefly, Isa Pantami, the man in the eye of a political storm in Nigeria, is currently occupying a very sensitive and powerful position as a Federal Minister of Communication and Digital Economy. He was recently unmasked as an extremist, terrorist motivational speaker; a venerable, vociferous and fiery Islamic Sheik; and an enabler, promoter and supporter of religious terrorism in the past.

Pantami has publicly repented after he was unmasked. He claimed that those repulsive, divisive and insidious religious statements he made in several videos, were made when he was young and impressionable (at age 34). In his own words, “I was young when I made some of the comments; I was in university,… Some of the comments I made some years ago that are generating controversies now were based on my understanding of religious issues at the time.”

However, Nigerians are refusing to accept his politically correct answer to a very serious national security issue. Therefore, there is a clamour, from all sides of the divided Nigeria community, that Isa Pantami should resign voluntarily from his posh political post for breaking the law against terrorism. That his position as a terrorist mole and sympathiser in government, who happened to be collecting and handling sensitive data of all the citizens, is not acceptable. And that if he failed to resign, his boss, the Ex-General and President Mohammadu Buhari should relieve him of the post.

In the essay written by Dr Ardo he was advising that Pantami should “resign and restate his commitment to his faith if he really is truthful to those views”.

Methinks, this is too high a price to pay by Sheik Pantami. It seems Dr Ardo has no clue about the important assignment Pantami is currently saddled with. If he resigned now as advised, it will jeopardise the serious undercover mission Pantami is working on for the Final Solution of the Fulani Takeover of Nigeria.

However, since Dr Ardo mentioned in passing that he is of the same religious faith with Mohammadu Buhari and Isa Pantami, I have to wonder about which of ‘the Holy Qur’an and Hadith’ he is reading. If he has the same holy book, like every Muslim is supposed to, I think he will find that Buhari and Pantami are doing very fine in their current positions on faith and fame.

How come Dr Ardo doesn’t know that Pantami and Buhari’s acts of treason to the fatherland are both allowed and protected under Islam. Is Dr Ardo saying he doesn’t know that it is Haram to abide by any infidel and man-made constitutional law of Nigeria? Also, is it not true that Muslim believers that do those ruinous things against one’s fatherland, enjoy Allah’s immunity under Taqiyya on “precautionary disposition”? In my layman understanding, I think such Islamic faithfuls are permitted to lie and to be dishonest, with straight faces, in the cause of propagating and establishing an Islamic Revolution in Nigeria.

Also, I think Dr Ardo is in moral error with respect to his expectation that: “Henceforth, it will be difficult if not impossible to extricate the government of charges of extremism, Islamization, fulanization, etc. It will also not help the cause of the current war against terrorism, insurgency and banditry – all because of the allure of a ministerial seat and the desire to protect that seat!”

But these are exactly the opposite views of what Buhari’s Fulani Government was set out to achieve in the first instance. The campaign manifesto of his political party, crafted by sincere but useful idiots, was meant for pretence only. The manifesto was a document prepared for deceptive intents that was never meant to be implemented. It was only published to disguise the covertly guarded plans and to serve as a cover to deceive, to lull to sleep and to fool the prying eyes of the ‘infidels’ or unbelievers in Nigeria.

President Buhari has never refuted his original and premeditated agenda, which have been recorded in many of his past public statements. He promised, among other things, to give an unflinching support to the implementation of the Sharia law; and to bring into fulfilment, his burning irredentist dream and desire that will ensure the Fulanisation of Nigeria is accomplished by fire and by force.

From the onset of the present project of the conquest of Nigeria, it was never set out to be an Islamisation agenda. Historically, the Fulani Caliphate and establishment have always used and abused the religion of Islam as a mere tool for the capturing of political hegemony from all the naive and trusting indigenous nations that happened to be on their migratory war path.

The indigenous people of Nigeria are now more than ever convinced that there was never a “war against terrorism, insurgency and banditry” from the beginning. On the other hand, it has since been established that there is an ongoing war of ethnic cleansing of the indigenous people. This present war is designed to forcefully takeover the lands of the other ethnic groups in Nigeria as booty for the Fulani herdsmen who have come down to Nigeria from all over West Africa at the invitation of some dark forces within the Fulani Caliphate.

Drawing inferences from our tragic ongoing experiences, the indigenous people of Nigeria are now aware that most of those in the Presidency, were in the past, privy to the establishment, funding and provisioning of logistics to the Boko Haram insurgency. And it can be equally inferred that the President and the Presidency are also fully aware of the current insidious developments of killing, maiming, kidnapping, and cold blooded slaughtering of the indigenous people of Nigeria by the heavily armed Fulani herdsmen, militia and bandits. The Fulani Government of Nigeria has neither hidden its support for the herdsmen nor has it denied them unhindered government and military protection.

Mohammadu Buhari and the Fulani cabal around him have slyly engaged in a cynical plot that fashioned diabolical tools for the capturing of the ineluctable political power of Nigeria. The insane motive for the covert operation is to establish a formidable Fulani suzerainty, the type of which had never been known before, over the indigenous people of Nigeria.

Unfortunately, the Fulani Caliphate will meet its disastrous “Waterloo”. Those behind this inglorious expedition that have been visiting carnage and destruction on innocent ‘compatriots’ were mistakenly motivated by Hubris against all the fair counsel and warnings from their wiser nationals. They have refused to allow common sense, humane benevolence and compassion of fellow humanity to prevail.

Now, the Fulani Hawks are going to bring irreparable disaster to their fellow Fulani ethnic groups. And predictably they will suffer the expected natural retributive consequences of doing grievous harm to the armless and the defenceless. The consequences of their barbaric acts on the indigenous people of Nigeria will definitely entail among other things, the payment of heavy price and the possible loss of everything they thought they owned in Nigeria.

“Quos Deus vult perdere, prius dementat :

Those whom God wishes to destroy, he first deprives of reason.”

At this moment, we shall not fail to recall with regret and will never forget the savagery of the inflicted suffering, the barbaric callousness, the beastly wickedness and the outright dehumanisation of the indigenous people of Nigeria done under the Mohammadu Buhari’s administration of a locust-like pestilence.

When we viewed all the disturbing and inhuman experiences that were deliberately visited on the indigenous people of Nigeria in the past six years, there was no reason or noble justification for them. However, we shall be wishing all those that participated in the dastardly and satanic atrocities, the same thing and in abundance too, of everything that they visited on the innocent, friendly and the ever-trusting indigenous peoples of the geographical space hitherto called British-Nigeria.

In spite of everything, we shall still wish them well because we know and we understand better. We do sincerely hope it is not too late for them to repent and to amend their barbaric beliefs, their beastly thoughts and their crooked, monstrous, and primitive ways of life.

And we, the indigenous people of Nigeria, shall still continue to relate with the Fulani Ethnic Nation under the Golden Rule that divinely urged us to “Do To Others What We Wish Them To Do To Us.”

In The Spirit of Truth