The Human Tragedies in a Lawless Society : “How Abba Kyari-Led Anti-Robbery Squad Murdered Our 27-Year-Old Son, Robbed Him, Dumped His Corpse in a Morgue — Family”

“Society in every state is a blessing, but government even in its best state is but a necessary evil; in its worst state an intolerable one; for when we suffer, or are exposed to the same miseries by a government, which we might expect in a country without government, our calamity is heightened by reflecting that we furnish the means by which we suffer…”

— Thomas Paine, Common Sense

The crux of this macabre and tragic story was a case about the abduction, robbery and murder of a Nigerian citizen in the hands of The Special Anti-Robbery Squad (SARS) in Nigeria. The story, as reported by the Sahara Reporters, is too tragic and too gruesome to recount in full to any decent reader. It is a very difficult story to read and it is equally difficult to comprehend fully the depth of the beastly nature that is found in the hearts of some (if not most) men and women recruited into the Law Enforcement Agencies of Nigeria.

There is no sane and humane mind that can go through the horrific story without shedding a few sorrowful tears for Benson Obode, the victim of a blatant, cold blooded extrajudicial murder. This is more so, when it is asserted that Nigeria is a country with a so-called constitutional government and is supposedly administering justice, law and order under stipulated guidelines of unambiguous extant laws.

The world is left to wonder, How the innocent family of Benson Obode, that witnessed or experienced this sordid murderous event can cope with the trauma of this extraordinary life-changing episode?

How could the members of a society look on without any humane concern as abject impunity permeates the public service of the country?

How can everyone in the society seems to be cowardly quiet in the face of evil and wickedness and unable to raise the trenchant alarms that evil-infested officers of the law are toying and destroying the lives of fellow citizens in Nigeria?

The gross level of barbarity and the extreme beastly callousness regularly found and reported among the members of the Armed Forces and Allied Security Agencies in Nigeria are beyond anything that can be found in or understood by any decent human society anywhere in the world.

Can the Nigerian societies still be referred to as one occupied by real human beings in the 21st Century world? Or, maybe to be more direct, Are the Nigerian societies populated by incorrigible and untameable human beasts?

And to think that this story, a mere tip of the rotten decadence of the Nigerian political and economic landscape, is seen as a NORMAL everyday affair to which everyone in Nigeria is expected to get used to, adjust to and adapt to accordingly like fishes in water, is depressingly and disgustingly mind-boggling.

Furthermore, to realise that even when the story broke out, nothing whatsoever of anything resembling justice was dispensed to those heinous animals involved in this dastardly extrajudicial act, should have sent a killer-blow to anyone who is still marginally alive or half awakened in Nigeria.

Because, one can easily imagine the overwhelming feeling of hopelessness, helplessness and powerlessness that is pervading the life of every human existence in Nigeria. These incessant tragic incidents cannot fail to haunt the mind continuously with the accompanying intense phobia.

As Nigerians think about the inhuman atrocities and injustices that fellow citizens are contending with everyday all over the country, the frightening psychological images that are brought forward by the mind cannot fail to put the body, mind and soul under intense stress. Hence, the high rate of neurosis, mental health problems, anger, aggressive behavioural problems and high mortality rates in the country.

Everyone walking the streets of Nigeria cannot fail to regularly ask the question within oneself, Is there any assurances that a similar occurrence or even worse than this won’t be my fate today or tomorrow in the lawless geopolitical contraption called Nigeria?

I seriously think and hope that Nigerians would realise that this is the time for all of us to stop being indifferent to evil and to the perpetrators of evil among us. When this type of story breaks out in the news media, it should call for a spontaneous nationwide outrage from all and sundry; and should spur all of us into action for a sincere and heartfelt demand for reform or for an outright and uncompromising demand for a complete social revolution.

These are the expected intelligent reactions that ought to be rending the airwaves of Nigeria until a complete overhaul of the moribund political system is achieved.

Since this has not been the case, it shows that something has seriously gone wrong with our mental development and spiritual evolution as members of the human race. This tentative conclusion is an incontrovertible evidence that much work is needed to be done in the re-education, re-socialisation and restructuring of the minds of the people of Nigeria.

However, Are Nigerians ready to embark on such serious mental and spiritual work?

Are Nigerians ready to accept their individual and collective failings as a decadent people marching in the opposite direction to the civilised human races of the world?

And unless Nigerians can acknowledge with humility that something is seriously wrong with their spiritual, moral and ethical wellbeings, nobody in the whole wide world can dig Nigerians out of the sinking hole that the indigenous people of the country are presently consigned.

We need to face the reality humbly and sincerely that Nigeria is a very sick country and is populated by very, very sick people. At this juncture, nothing else should matter besides the healing of the body, mind and soul of the people of Nigeria. This should be the singular project on the list of any agenda for national reorientation, progress and development.

In other word, the popular slogan for political restructuring that is doing the rounds in the mass media of Nigeria should be redirected first to the Restructuring of the Mind and Soul of each individual person in the country.

Except Nigerians can deliberately and determinedly set out to accomplish the important Healing Programme of their Minds and Souls, the extinction of the country as a corporate body shall become a settled matter, sooner than later.

Fortunately, if the indigenous people of Nigeria can make the right intelligent choices to change the present suicidal trajectory of the ongoing insidious nationwide political engagements, we can still be able to pull our different nations back from the abyss of imminent self-destruction.

Can it be done? Are the indigenous people of Nigeria humble enough to accept that the country and everyone in it are in imminent dangerous situations and dire strait?

There is no longer any time left to delay in taking the necessary preemptive and preventive actions. Let us act NOW and change the suicidal course of the Nigeria’s State that is about to hit the rock and sink all of us into an unfathomable abyss.

In The Spirit of Truth