Nigeria on Fire : The New Beginning IV

 A Divine Vision For Nigeria

Finally, by the power of the living God, The Creator of Heaven and Earth, the alarm bell has sounded. The Almighty Creator is saying to the wicked people of this land that enough is enough. The same Creator is speaking to every Nigerian as you read this material that help is at hand. Your freedom is assured. No force, no matter how clever they have been in the past, can stop the momentum of the development that is about to begin.

Dear brothers and sisters, the words flowing into this paper is beyond my comprehension. I am a Nigerian like you but I have been bowed down with worries and have agonised for many years asking why the country of my birth, with all the visible potentials she is blessed with, could not lift herself up from mediocrity. I have not ceased to seek the eye of The Creator since I became aware that the problems facing Nigeria has a spiritual dimension. I have ceaselessly sought and searched for the truth of the matter and the above is the result of this search.

This is no wishful thinking, Nigeria is a blessed country. It is the site chosen by The Almighty for the foundation of the millennia of peace in the world. Nigerians did not choose to be what they are. This is the doing of The Creator and it will be marvellous in our eyes when the full revelation is made known and fulfilled.

The summary of the vision is that Nigerians shall be the first set of people on planet earth to be truly set free from political, economic, social, and spiritual bondages. The procedure and process of this deliverance are not going to be by war. War is the instrument of the children of the godless. Peace is the goal and knowledge, truth and love shall be the weapon. The government and the civilisation of this world, which is about to pass away, were built and rooted in hate and warfare.

The economic and international relations among nations are all rooted on hate and warfare. These are all wrong and they are not the divine will of the Creator for humankind. These are the creations of the wicked souls. Nigeria was chosen from the foundation of the world to set divine examples for the world.

Dear friend, don’t laugh and don’t guffaw. This is a miracle that is about to begin in Nigeria and in your lifetime. The messages of this treatise are specifically meant for now to the people of Nigeria and not to anyone else. The experience Nigerians have passed through is a divine arrangement.

How could Nigerians know about despotic rulers without living through one?

How would Nigerians know about insatiable greed and irresponsible gluttony if they have not seen Umaru Dikko, Adisa Akinloye, Ibrahim Babangida, Sani Abacha, Shehu Musa Yar’Adua, MKO Abiola, Ismaila Gwarzo, Abdulkadir Ahmed (the ex-Governor of CBN) and many other foolish ones?

How could Nigerian know about leaders with feet of clay without seeing and experiencing Ibrahim Babangida and Sani Abacha’s demonic military rule?

Any knowledge that man pretends to is derived by a divine arrangement that is based on the sensory receptors in the sense organs. A person cannot know or imagine what has never been experienced or seen or felt, or smelt or heard. This is the natural law.

Nigerians have been taken through a practical course in the Art and Science of Life. There are two types of life – the perverted or profane life and the divine or spiritual life. The perverted/profane life is what has been shown to Nigerians like a movie but this time as an interactive documentary movie of the last 100 years.

The divine life is the type found in the original messages of every Sage from Lao Tzu of China, Socrates of Greek, Gutama Bhudda of India, Zoroaster of Ancient Iran, Yeshua3 of Galilee, and to Mohammed of Arabia who have passed through the face of this earth. These noble men were saying the same message in different languages. Any difference in their messages was purely a matter of their cultural background and human personality.

They all talked about the Creator of the universe and they stressed the unique power of love as the only binding force in the universe. They all gave divine messages that could help humanity to enjoy the wonderful bliss and wealth of this world.

Mohammed for example stressed the unity and universality of God as well as the equal status of all men before God. As a matter of historical fact, Mohammed was the first to elaborate on the principle of equality of persons.

Yeshua, the one Anglicised or Hellenised to Jesus talked about the kingdom of God on earth and how each person can qualify for immigration into the kingdom. He also gave divine revelation that we are all Gods that had lost touch with our roots and so have become aliens in the wilderness of the world. The foundation of the teaching of Yeshua was rooted on freedom from political, economic and social slavery. He stressed the sacred need for every person to seek and search for knowledge as the only passport to the rebirth of souls and to a brand new eternal life.

Zoroaster was the one who first drew the attention of the world to the ‘System, Order, Principle and Rule’ seen in heavens and on earth as the testimony of the infinite being of the Almighty Lord. He taught the world that God is the “Greatest, the Best, and the most excellent in Virtue, Righteousness and Goodness.” Zoroaster who named the supreme god as Ahura Mazda was the first to describe God as self-created, omniscient, omnipresent, holy, invisible, and beyond human conceptualisation. He also gave spiritual revelations on the concepts like the soul and the mind; God and Satan; thoughts, words and deeds; good and bad, etc.4

Gutama taught the world about the process of enlightenment away from the evil of imperfect, mortal existence of humanity to the divine state of The Awakened in order to enjoy the bounty of this world.

Socrates talked about the dual make up of man as body and soul and about the immortality of the soul. He also gave fundamental teachings on the moral and ethical philosophy of the essentials of life.5

Lao Tzu of China wrote one of the shortest moving treatises on earth. Every word of the small book is divine wisdom. His messages on the relationship between God and man and between man and man have remained ever true and still incontrovertible ever since he wrote them.6

All these messages have never ceased to attract all seekers of truth and wisdom throughout the ages because they cover every issue that is at the root of instability, disharmony and war in human societies.

What we are trying to draw out is that for every Nigerian who is truly worried about the perverted life in Nigeria, there are relevant materials in print to help you understand that this world did not start yesterday. Hence, there is no reason why you should not learn from the wisdom of the past and to use them to re-order your own life. The sense of powerlessness and defencelessness against the type of people who have held you and your forefathers to ransom these many years are due to your present state of ignorance.

However, regardless of your stupidity and mental laziness, the work of The Creator in Nigeria cannot be stopped or held back any further. It is either you join or you found yourself being left out. The choice is yours, but you must be born again or be awakened after a true knowledge and enlightenment to partake of this divine project. Your deformed soul must be rejuvenated by knowledge and truth or else you stand no chance of qualifying for an entry into the Kingdom of God.

This is no religion. This writer sincerely believes that all religions are false. Although, the teachings of all the genuine saints mentioned above are true. We are not talking about the interpretations given to them by ambitious men and women who organised and built these divine messages into institutional religion to satisfy their base nature and desires for power and positions.

All the men mentioned above never started any institutionally organised religion. They only declared the truth to their contemporaries as they understood it or as the heavens revealed it to them. It was only Mohammed who was compelled to lay out rigid rules and regulations of daily living because of the circumstances pertaining to the wild and very difficult nature of the people of Arabia to whom his message was directed.

Dear Reader, when the imminent true rule of The Almighty Creator is established in Nigeria very soon, all Nigerians will be able to see the difference without been told. Like the Seven Up advertisement slogan, ‘The Difference is Clear’. It will be clear because Nigerians would have had points of reference from which to draw comparisons. The only law of The Creator on which this New Nigeria shall be built is love. It will be the simplest concise jurisprudence on earth and it will not be written in any law book but in the specially designed new heart of humanity.

Have I lost you here? You should definitely be lost because this writer has moved away from a straightforward scientific analysis of a political problem into something that looks more like mystic than science. Exactly that is the point, the modern persons have outgrown the idea of God. They know it all. Every inventor likes to claim originality and tries as much as possible to leave out the greatest inventor. However, a closer observation of the invention often reveals a serious case of plagiarism from nature without a single word of acknowledgement to the Author of all life and all things.

This writer will not like Nigerians to fall into the trap of the sin of self-pride. There is nothing happening on planet earth that is outside the knowledge of The Creator. The journey of life conceived by The Creator started millions of years ago. We who are alive today are about to witness the great peaceful change from a warfare system to a peace-fare system. The present world system has outlived its usefulness. The Creator has passed the final judgement and the time for a change over is now. As we said, Nigeria is in the thick and in the centre of this change over. Nigeria is the epicentre of the war of peace on earth. You don’t have to believe this now but when the action starts to on-fold you will remember.

Dear fellow Nigerian, what you have been reading so far is spiritual dynamite. It will smite you and it is designed to blow your old heart away. It is a message of peace and it has the power to create a new heart in you that will be receptive to the Will of The Creator. And with your brand new heart your old life will pass away and you will become new.

This divine operation is very simple. The Omniscience Creator discovered that there was a problem with the heart of some group of humankind. The original heart given to this group of humanity was found to be stony and therefore unable to receive and retain messages from its Creator. Unfortunately, this group have become the main dominant force that seized political power and have been dictating the direction of the journey of humanity ever since. They are the masterminds of our present civilisation who strongly believe that it is only by selfishness, greed, hate, deadly and ruthless competition or by bloody warfare that humanity can successfully share the bounty of this planet.

The Creator conceived a masterstroke, even long before men invented heart transplant, to perform a heart transplant for this group of humanity. This spiritual heart transplant will remove the deformed heart and replace it with a heart of flesh on which The Creator will write a single law of love7. This is the fulfilment of all the messages delivered by the sages, philosophers, prophets, shamans and many others in many tongues and in many diverse languages and forms. These messages were all true in their original forms until ambitious political astute men of their Age with deformed stony hearts turned them into a means for power acquisition and for political and economic domination of their fellow travellers.

However, with this new heart, the value re-orientation of the world will be transformed without any of us realising it has happened or when it happened until the evidences start to show. The evidences shall be the fruits of love each and everyone shall be producing afterwards.

This world and its fantastic physical structures created by the hands of men and women under the inspiration and in emulation of the true character of The Creator who is the Maker of Heaven and Earth will not change. What shall change is the value content under which we relate in business, in politics, in society and everywhere. We shall no longer build the world system on war and competition but we shall henceforth build the new world order on peace and co-operation. It is going to be a quiet revolution, but all the same a kind of revolution indeed. There are roles to be played by humankind. It is a spiritual revolution but still each of us has roles to play.

The spiritual heart transplant mentioned above is not a physical exercise. There is a need to clear this little point before some clever Doctors of Medicine feel they have struck a gold mine and thereby foolishly embarking on spurious investment to build surgical outlets all over the world to capture this big business. The Creator shall use the sons and daughters of men to carry this message of peace, love and freedom from one person to the next person. Nobody shall claim to be a founder or a co-founder on whom the world shall again build a religion of deification of persons. This is not a moneymaking or empire building book. It is about sharing the love of The Creator with the world.

The knowledge of this book was freely given and so it shall be freely shared with Nigerians as much as practically possible. The author of the book is The Creator of Heaven and Earth. This book is therefore not in support of another hierarchical religious organisation or another road to the building of any Council of eggheads to interpret and give spiritual meaning to the words of God. The Creator has seen through all the self-centred designs of men even before they were conceived. There is therefore no room for any of those religious chicaneries of the past. Your coming into contact with this message at this time is a predestined plan. You are one of the true seekers of truth and so the Creator has chosen you to be the messenger for your household and your community. Please don’t go beyond your household and your community to share this message.

Finally, before you close this book and, of course, after a long and deep reflection on the contents, please turn to the next page and read the printed declarations after inserting your name in the space provided.

The choice is still yours, you know who you are. You are either a descendant of the indigenous people of this country or a descendant of the colonial supremacist foreigners. Whatever you know you are, insert your name and quietly and sincerely read the declaration that applies to you.

You don’t have to force it on yourself until you have fully understood the messages. Please don’t force others to believe it until they have been so well informed. Each Nigerian must make a personal and truthful decision based on informed knowledge and clear understanding of his or her own circumstances. This is no mumbo-jumbo faith crusade. This is about allowing the power of ideas and knowledge to convince and convict you to confession and repentance of all the evil things you have done either in person or in collaboration with other Nigerians or foreigners against the people of Nigeria.

Please be warned that unless there is a true confession and repentance there is no hope for you in the New Nigeria under preparation.



I, (YOUR NAME) a citizen of this portion of geographical landmass on planet earth named and called Nigeria, resolved as of today to retrieve my natural rights as an independent sovereign person from all the peoples who have through bloodshed, pillage and robbery stole my birthright from me this past hundreds of years.

I have now learnt about the truth of my circumstances and I am determined, by the Grace of The Almighty, to restore my damaged dignity and wounded personality and to take back my natural rights from the foreigners on my land who through wrongful claim of religious and racial superiority have wilfully and cleverly suppressed me from enjoying my inalienable rights as a self-governing person created in the image of The Almighty.

I have also decided and I am determined that through peaceful means and in true love for all mankind and the world, I shall again be king on the land given to my ancestors by The Creator. And I hereby resolved as at today that I shall never again be a subject to any human being or any despot in whatever guise but will voluntarily in the spirit of true love ally with all humanity as an equal and as a partner to build, adorn and protect the Kingdom of God on the Planet Earth.

So help me The Almighty Creator of Heaven and Earth.




I, (YOUR NAME) a descendant and a beneficiary of the foreigners who over-threw the legitimate and natural owners of this land mass now labelled and called collectively as Nigeria hereby apologise to the indigenous people for all the wrongs against humanity committed against them by my ancestors.

I resolved this day to relinquish all visible and invisible powers held by me or on my behalf that have put this land mass and its indigenous people in bondage and jeopardy these past hundreds of years.

I am determined as from now to adopt this land as my own and to devote my life in love and in equal partnership with the indigenous people in the development of this land to the level where our individual inalienable rights to equality, justice and liberty, shall be assured and safeguarded forever.

So help me, The Almighty Creator of Heaven and Earth.


27 JULY 1999

(Continues at V)


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