Nigeria on Fire : The New Beginning VI (b)

Greatness or Perfection

It is necessary at this stage to sound a note of warning to the people of Nigeria about the choice of goals and aspirations they intend to pursue. It is common to hear every country in the world planning to embark on a programme that will make their country great.

Every commentator often says and this writer is not exempted, that Nigeria ought to have been great if only the robber leaders in our midst have trodden the path of righteousness.

When we say great, What do we really mean? Is it great as in Great Britain or great as United States of America? Is it great as New York City or great as the City of London?

If this is the sense of greatness we have all been dreaming about, then we have all missed the mark of truth and blessedness.

Britain and United States of America are two countries that are great in all that is evil and of abomination to The Creator. The greatness of these two countries was rooted in the blood of the innocents and the vulnerable peoples across the planet. Their greatness was built on the bones of saints and the blood of peace-loving people of the world.

If that is the image of greatness every Nigerian has in mind, then it is obvious we all need spiritual deliverance from the same spirit that worked ‘wonders’ for these two-of-a-kind countries. This image should be excised out of the psyche of every Nigerian immediately because it is a greatness based on evil values and psychopathic practices.

Nigeria shall be advised to pursue and aspire for perfection not greatness. Perfection should be the goal and the desire of every living Nigeria not greatness.

Perfection, for your information, is simpler than you think. Perfection means a state of normal. It is a state of the original design masterminded by The Creator. It means a state of neither good nor bad, neither big nor small, neither rich nor poor and neither great nor low. It is just being plain normal.

This is what is called excellence or ideal or utopia or paradise. Nigeria should aim at the kind of perfection found in all living organisms. A look at the anatomy and structure of a human body will draw this lesson home clearly.

The human body is built perfect. The building block of the body is called cells and it is estimated to compose of between 100 – 1400 trillion individual cells. Every cell that forms the various human organ in this gigantic design and construction fits superbly well with every other cells and organs. The various organs, though specialised, are proportionately fitted and positioned for maximum efficiency. Every organ is again uniquely designed and constructed for particular functions and is of course independent and self-sufficient.

Yet, all the more than 100 trillion cells and organs of a human body, though independent of one another, are again interdependent in the maintenance of the whole.

None of them will dare deny another of anything it needs to function. The water, the blood and all other body fluids are passed around from one cell to another. Each cell, without any sign of greed, takes whatever it needs and passes on the rest.

In the case where one cell begins to malfunction, by taking more than what it needs from the pool of materials, it leads to cancer and the eventual death of the whole human body. The perfect unison of all the activities of the body as undertaken by the trillions of cells, organs, nerves, muscles, bones, etc., is an example of perfection.

The universe is modelled and designed in a similar way to the human body. The planets and the solar system are again individually designed and constructed. Each is unique and independent of the other yet they are all interdependent in function.

There is a central co-ordination, individual co-operation and a common inter-dependency among all the planetary bodies. Each body in the system does not function for itself but for the whole universe. Just as the kidney in the human body knows that its activities is irrelevant if the whole human body frame is diseased or dead.

The same principle is applicable to the universe, each planet is aware that it must keep to its planetary duty if the solar system is to go on functioning. It therefore becomes obligatory for each organ to make a concerted effort along with its primary duty to keep an eye on its neighbours. Signals are gladly sent by neighbours to the central co-ordinating body to report any abnormal development or invasion by parasites or sickness.

For instance the planet earth will spew out hot boiling lava when its body mass is less than normal to balance up and to ensure that it maintains its planetary position. The earth was designed and measured to carry a particular weight, the hot lava released during a volcanic eruption will quickly solidify into heavy rocks to balance up or shove up its weight.

To the non-reflective human race, the planet earth is not seeing as a living organism. They do not know that there is a massive boiler and factory deep under the bowel of earth that is continuously and eternally generating heat to keep the earth ticking, breathing and in top shipshape.

Most mankind do not understand the system that organises the seasons, the weather, the wind, the heat, the cold, the growth and the creation processes of all living things. These are systems within systems uniquely designed, independently constructed and functioning interdependently. This is perfection.

Every Nigerian should take time out to learn about this natural order and system of life. It is in this knowledge that the ideas for the creation of a perfect Nigeria will be found. Our collective goal should therefore not be directed at being great but at being perfect. Perfection should be our aim, our goal and our destination. It is in the destiny of Nigeria as a model geographical space to the world to attain this perfect state. Nigeria will be:

  • of Nations where there will be no law and yet every citizen does his/her duties without fuss;
  • of Nations where there is no military or police force and no prison because everybody lives in peace with his/her neighbours;
  • of Nations where there is no gigantic general or specialised hospital except paediatrics and preventive medicine clinics because everybody is well and healthy;
  • of Nations where there is an unconditional love for knowledge and the fruits of knowledge and where schools and libraries become the national assets and resources;
  • of Nations where the only God revered and worshipped by both young and old is the God of Knowledge;
  • of Nations where people shall search and seek devotedly and piously for knowledge to the exclusion of and above all other mundane things of life;
  • of Nations where knowledge is worshipped in truth and in spirit;
  • of Nations where everybody is king and The Almighty Creator is the King of Kings; and
  • of Nations under the special dominion of The Creator of Heaven and Earth.

This is the divine plan drawn up from the foundation of the world for the geographical space occupied by Nigeria. There is no power on earth, under the earth, above the earth or in the whole universe that can derail this plan. It was settled millions of years ago. Please be warned, this is not fiction or fantasy. This is divine and it is the reality.

The new beginning revealed to this writer by The Spirit of Truth is indeed a new beginning. It is a beginning that is perfectly different from anything the world has ever seen. For seven thousand years, our planet has been forcefully taken over and governed with a ruthless iron hand by the children of perdition. At the end of their reign the total assessment of the world shows an overwhelming agreement of a blatant and catastrophic failure. Our world, our planet is reeking in misery, suffering, poverty, agony and oppression of a satanic kind. Yet, the children of perdition are still ready to convince us and to browbeat us to accept that their kind of civilisation is the best thing that ever happened to the world.

It does not matter to those in charge of our world that 95 per cent of the world is in ache, agony and woes of a fatally paralysing degree; yet the spin doctors from the celebrated and popular newspapers, magazines and ivory towers in Britain and United States of America are still singing the praises of this satanic system.

A system where less than 600 people in the world have hijacked and are hoarding the wealth and prosperity of the world for themselves and their families only and a system where 50 per cent of the world population cannot afford a meal a day without hardship. This is the system Nigerians have been predestined from the foundation of the world to eradicate on planet earth forever.

It is a job that must be done and shall be done by all The-Spirit-of-Truth-led Nigerians. All idlers, liars and hypocrites that refuse to repent from their perverted ways are not welcomed please.

Each Nigerian must sort himself/herself out first before volunteering to partake in this selfless divine service to the human race. This writer shall keep you posted and informed as The Spirit of Truth directs.


27 July 1999.

(Continues at VI(c))