Nigeria on Fire : The New Beginning VI (a)

The Moment of Truth

The world is at the tail end of a miserable and wretched so-called Golden Age but named correctly by all fair-minded persons on earth as the Age of Greed. Fortunately we are again standing at the beginning of a wonderful and peaceful New Age prophetically labelled as the Brass Age. Prophets, seers, sages, philosophers and all thinkers have again foretold this particular moment. It has been called the Paradise, the Utopia, the Millennium, etc. and at long last it is here. This is the Age of Truth.

Daniel, a dream interpreter and a visionary, was given a preview of this moment along with the vision of a 70-week cycle. A week in the code of Daniel represents 100 years. It means, Daniel had a pictorial view of the highlights of 7,000 years of events and activities on planet earth. Does this mean that The Creator of Heaven and Earth already had the foreknowledge of events that would occur 7,000 years ahead of time? Going by the psalmist, the seven thousand years of Daniel’s vision is just a seven-day cycle in the spiritual realm of The Creator.

This should not surprise all the living souls on earth because if dumb mankind can draw a weekly or monthly or yearly plans why wouldn’t The Almighty has Its own weekly or monthly or annual or millennium plans. However, since The Creator does not keep secret from all those that faithfully seek the eye of The Lord, these plans are often and from time to time revealed to the beloved. All the prophets that spoke about this moment used allegory to codify the revealed information. The reason for this was to prevent charlatans and the children of perdition from misusing the knowledge. The messages were sealed up from all the prying eyes of the soulless and wicked bunch of power-lovers roaming about on earth gulping and wrecking havoc on the meek and innocents.

John the apostle who wrote The Book of Revelation was similarly given a preview of the last seven weeks of Daniel’s vision. John, a former merchant of mineral ores, used his knowledge and experience of metals to describe the Kingdom of God on earth. He gave a detailed description of the political events that would take place both in the physical realm as well as in the spiritual realm. He gave a vivid chronology of events of 700 years with poignant notes on kingdoms and empires that would rise and fall and on judgements that would be meted to all evildoers. He touched in detail on the consequences that would befall all the idol worshippers, particularly the worshipers of mammon. He wrote about idol worshippers that failed to resist the temptation of mammon, the high priest of mammon, the kings appointed and equipped by mammon, the name of the city that would be the headquarters of mammon and what would happen to the accursed city.

All these and many more John touched upon in his Book of Revelation. To the contemporaries of John, one would not be surprised if they thought he needed a psychiatric help. The things he wrote down were more like a well-researched classic science fiction that Hollywood moguls would have snatched up in no time for money spinning Horror film. John never lied. He wrote down what he saw and in the way he understood it. This writer will advise all seekers of truth to go back to their library and read afresh The Book of Daniel and The Book of Revelation.

However, every seeker and searcher of the truth of life needs a good knowledge of the world history to fully appreciate and understand the depth of the vision these two friends of The Almighty gave to the world. The Spirit of Truth is here today to throw lights into all the coded words that were sealed up until the last day.

This section of The New Beginning is an attempt to bring together most of the issues we raised and analysed in Nigeria on Fire. The salient objective of this work is the healing of the soul of Nigerians and in turn the soul of the country. It is important for the peoples of Nigeria to acknowledge that they are ill and that their nations and country are also equally very sick. These essays were intended to create awareness about these physical and spiritual ailments in the political body.

The Moment of Truth, is a further attempt to synthesise all our findings and to bring them to a manageable resolution. It contains inspirational messages on the need for repentance under Truth and Reconciliation; and on the need to make Perfection the cardinal aspiration of Nigeria instead of Greatness, which is the most popular but less understood choice of many nations.

Lastly, it suggested and offered under Truth and Justice a simple guideline of moral and philosophical principles on which the emerging new nations of Nigeria should be established.

On Truth and Reconciliation

Now this is the moment of truth for Nigeria. Nigeria, as mentioned several times in this collection by this writer, is a blessed land. The prophecy concerning Nigeria was equally hidden but they will be revealed as at The Lord’s time. So far, Nigeria is politically poised and ready for the great task ahead. The country has been divided into 36 states and grouped into six zones. Six is a number that signifies Love and seven is the number of perfection. By this innocuous geo-political division, Nigeria is ready to grow up. In this direction the stupidity of the past must be halted. The hatred of the past and of the moment must be stopped. The cunning pregnant attitude, thoughts, words, deeds and behaviours of the past and of the moment must be aborted.

The first task of the moment is repentance. Each Nigerian must go back to his/her primary family and make peace with everyone without exception. Each person must put his/her life of lies to rest. It is sad but it is true, most family members don’t even know who and what their father or mother or son or daughter or brother or sister really is. The beginnings of most families were established on intrigues, lies and dishonesty. And webs and webs of more lies have sustained these families.

The thieving father or mother has hidden and guarded this terrible life style jealously away from his family. Nobody knows that he/she is a fake and a shallow liar who pretends to be what he/she is not. This father or mother goes about life spinning webs and webs of lies. He/she is now a wrecked socio/psychopath merely hiding under a flimsy flamboyant robe of deceit, pretended successful life and various deep-rooted psychological disabilities. These serious problems are characterised by chronic sleeplessness except when under strong sedatives. The fools call it the price of success even though this material success has brought neither joy nor satisfaction. It has, however and in no small measure, wrecked the spiritual and physical harmony of our so-called ‘high achievers’ or ‘made it’ persons.

This is the season of peace offering after a sincere repentance. It is high time Nigerians put a stop to looking toward Abuja for salvation. The salvation of each Nigerian is right in everyone’s sokoto (trouser) and has never been in Sokoto town. Why then do Nigerians have to travel so far to discover that salvation has always been at their doorsteps? In other words the solution to the problem of Nigeria is right in each household.

Every household must be re-built on the foundations, properties and fruits of true love. It is only when families are built on the foundation of divine love (not lust), it is then that peace and prosperity can grow.

Therefore, every father, every mother, every son and every daughter must first seek the truth of life. When each has found it, the next step is to confront the small and the mighty demons of your life. These demons are: pride, greed, selfishness, lies, dishonesty, false pretences, ignorance, idleness, gluttony and idolatry (the worship of gold and money or the god of mammon).

It is often said, “little drops of water makes the mighty ocean”. If Nigeria intends to be a ‘great’ nation, then it is the ‘greatness’ of each household or family that will translate into a mighty nation. If Nigerians expect the central government in Abuja to be ‘great’ while its constituent parts are in decay, then this is share malady or a grand delusion. This is the season of truth and reconciliation. The seed of this truth must be sown and must be allowed to germinate in the household.

Let each thieving prodigal son, political gangster, untraditional ruler, ungodly religious leader, uncivil servant, unconcerned professional, and uncivil common man/woman confesses his/her life of untruthfulness, false pretences, murder, robbery, and other heinous thoughts, words and deeds.

Let your family know exactly who and what you are in truth. Tell them that you are a fake, a pretender, and a charlatan. Remove the facade of all your pretences and show them what your true colours are and ask for their forgiveness.

All feuding fathers, mothers, husbands, wives, and children should reconcile after a true confession with every member of your penitent family and forgive the sins they committed against themselves and against humanity. Show each other care, love and forgiveness and see as the blessings and the glories of The Creator begin to grow in your lives.

With The Spirit of Truth and Love reigning in the land, every Nigerian will know what to do and will have the courage to do it right. The Spirit of Truth is hovering over Nigeria and it is ready to begin the work of Awakening and Rebirth of every true soul of The Creator in Nigeria. The process of the dissolution of the present political philosophy and institutional structures mentioned in The End of the End will be clearer to every Nigerian as soon as your souls have become rejuvenated from its sleeping state. The Spirit of Truth has warned that this British-Nigeria must die.

One of the divine tasks given to Obasanjo’s administration is to ensure that no Nigerian with a pure soul shall die with it. All vagabonds, wolves, mosquitoes, rodents, and scorpions lurking in every nook and corner of the country causing mischief and wrecking havoc have to be cleared away. This is the work of the host of heavens. No Nigerian should get himself/herself involved in any bloody confrontation with the children of perdition that will be fuming with anger and eager for a fight as this process goes into operation. The Almighty Creator is in charge of Nigeria and all the host of heaven are ready to sweep Nigeria clean of all wickedness, spiritual filth, robbers, political imbeciles and ruffians.

This writer shall continue to remind all sceptics that Nigeria was chosen from the foundation of the world to be a model geographical space to the world as we go into the Millennium of Peace on earth.

This writer shall continue to warn, to admonish, and to plead with all Nigerians that there is still room for repentance. The Mercy Gate of The Creator is still opened but the onus is on every sinner to repent and to seek forgiveness.

No one can forgive an unrepentant evildoer. Until there is a genuine conviction and a willingness to seek pardon from all those a sinner has wronged, no power on earth or in the universe can help.

Please, once again, you are advised to drop your stupid and ill-fitting camouflage and to face the truth of your egoistic sinful and empty life.


27 July 1999.

(Continues at VI(b))