Nigeria on Fire : The New Beginning V


The conclusion of ‘Nigeria on Fire’ (ebook) is that there is a need for SAP, not the Structural Adjustment Programme of the World Bank but The Spiritual Adjustment Programme designed by The Creator of Heaven and Earth specifically for Nigeria.

This writer has tried as much as humanly possible, even though sometimes in very strong and uncompromising language, to re-educate Nigerians on the truth of life; to enlighten Nigerians on the evils of the self-serving interests of all our institutions – religion, government, economic, politics and civil society; and to alert Nigerians that there is a new way – The Way of Truth.

The Way of Truth found in knowledge painstakingly taught by every creation in the universe. The truth of the power, love and mercy of The Creator does not belong specifically or exclusively to a particular human organisation, race, sex, language, culture, custom, etc. It is found in each of them and in everything yet unknown as well.

This book is inviting all Nigerians to an all-important spiritual phenomenon aimed at re-inventing the human nature on earth. All sages and pseudo-sages have agreed in words and in deeds that the human nature is the only barrier between us and perfection or paradise. In essence the human nature is the great evil on our planet earth.

The ebook … is admonishing you and pleading with you in order for you to understand the genesis of our suffering and to give you courage to rise to the challenges of this age. Our great challenge as we move into the New Millennium is to excise the all-consuming poison of the human nature for good in our lives and in our planet. Towards this goal, there is a need for you to undergo a spiritual adjustment therapy of perception, of knowledge, of value, of belief and of faith in the mercy, love, and power of The Creator.

This is the SAP this writer is talking about not the con artist SAP of the economic tricksters of The World Bank and The International Monetary Fund. This true SAP is at the arms-length of every Nigerian. But you’ve got to work at it, search for it, seek it out and ask for it with everything you’ve got in your life – in short with your dear life, nothing more and nothing less.

But how and what must you do to qualify and to pass the examination of this Great SAP? Nothing much but a genuine desire to be free and to be free indeed from the bondage of fear that has held you down for ages.

The desire of your heart is known only to The Creator of life and as soon as this important seed of desire – to submit your life to the Will of The Creator – is allowed to enter your heart, The Creator of Heaven and Earth who sees every heart will take over from there and shall complete the work of your re-birth and awakening.


Very simple, it is ‘To Love Your Neighbours (and Your Enemies) as Yourself’. This is the only Law, The Creator of Heaven and Earth has given to you. It is as simple as that.

Or, do you think the burden of this law is too much for you to bear?

Then, think about the draconian decrees the prodigal sons and political gangsters have placed on you this past 60 years. Afterwards, you can be the judge as to who is Fair or Unfair – The Creator of Heaven and Earth or The-Powers-That-Shouldn’t-Be of this country?

In 1999, the people of Nigeria, in spite of all the broken promises of the past, still believed they could trust you lots – the political gangsters. But you disappointed them big time. You couldn’t fight the true fight of your life to establish a true democratic principle in your local government or states government or federal government.

Again, you forgot that it was The Creator of Life that chose you before the people of the country affirmed this by the massive support they gave you at the election polls.

Your Job Schedule, which was well cut out and principally to do only what is right for the people of these nations, was quickly abandoned for the pursuit of vanity and vainglory.

Let us therefore jointly, both the elected people and the general public put our faith in the power and the force that holds this universe together. Nigerians are a people of great faith. In spite of the anti-God and anti-people institutions through which you all approach your God, The Creator of life has seen that the majority of Nigerians are sincere in their faith.

As a result, your conniving and deceitful ‘spiritual leaders’ who have set themselves up as the altar men and women collecting sacrifices that were not imposed on you by your God and thereby causing the innocents to stumble, shall be blown away like dews even in our eyes. From now on, every faithful Nigerian shall have a direct and an unimpaired link to The Creator of Heaven and Earth.

This writer will like to disclose some general weaknesses he has as a Nigerian in order to help others who are willing to get on board the Millennium Movement.


I am a very greedy person, just like everybody else in Nigeria, but my greed is directed solely towards the acquisition of knowledge. I love to know. It is the only motive force of my existence as a human being.

I am also aware of my strong temperament to fight against all forms of injustice but again, even though not a coward, but surely a patient stalker. I am not one to get into a fight which I know I will not win. As soon as Heaven opened my eyes to the true fight of Nigeria, I could not help myself but to sign on.

Dear friends, the battle for the soul of Nigeria has started and you (all The-Spirit-of-Truth-led Nigerians) are hereby invited to please wade in and let us make this battle a fight onto glory.

Let me assure you, we are not going to fail because the Author of Life is leading this battle and is covering our back as well.

This is the only fight of your life you will be forever happy that you have joined voluntarily without being forcefully conscripted by any ungodly earthly leader.

Please remember, it is a bloodless, ‘machine-gun-less’, ‘bullet-less’, ‘bomb-less’ and ‘tank-less’ war. The war will not require any of the stupid technology the wicked powers of this world have devised for war of man against man. Ours is a war of peace and love. It is both a spiritual and intellectual war.

It is a war of true deliverance and total freedom.

It is a war against self.

It is a war designed to destroy and to reconstruct the incorrigible, insatiable and irrepressible human nature.

Dear friends, until you have won this battle against self you have no business fighting for the liberation of other Nigerians.

May you, all those who agree to join this movement on behalf of the people of Nigeria, have a glorious battle of peace and love. And may the Honour and Glory of our successes be given only to The Almighty Creator of Heaven and Earth.


29 January, 1999.                                   

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