The Dishonourable Africans – Covering Note and Introduction

Dear African Brother/Sister


I hope you have read the first publication under the millennium reflection on Africa titled, The Hypocrites in Africa. As mentioned in the covering letter to that publication, these reviews are devoted to the analysis of the problems and issues facing Africa as we begin a new millennium. The focus of the current edition is on the political dimension in the context of leadership problems in Africa.

It has to be mentioned at this stage that these publications are not ordinary intellectual materials for the promotion of self-interests fuelled by the spirit of vanity. These materials contain deep revelations that are intended to unravel the spiritual insights of the problems facing Africa. The contents of these publications are not addressed to everybody. They are meant for only those elected by heaven to lead Africa at this juncture in history. The materials are powerfully strong in language and intentions. They shall definitely disturb a lot of the fanatics of all shades and colours who are sincerely but foolishly stuck in the mud of time.

In case you are one of those who don’t believe that our world is sick and in need of a divine healing please pass over the publication. It is not meant for you. However, if you are one of those Africans troubled and worried sick about the decadence in/of our world and is sincerely seeking an understanding of the reasons why our world is in the mess it is, then please welcome on board. This writer was in a similar state of mind and this was how he got prodded into the habit of a seeker. The materials in the millennium reflections are the summary of personal devotion and the spirit of truth-led discoveries. This search for knowledge on what the truth of life is has spanned many fields, many regions, many ages, many experts, many gurus, many teachers and many masters. Yet, it is still continuing.

The habit of a writer is similar to that of a traveller who decides to undertake a journey to the unknown far end of the earth. A traveller like a writer going on a new journey of adventure only has a general vague idea about where he wants to go. At the start of a journey or of writing, the traveller or the writer is not quite sure how he/she will get to his/her destination. Or more importantly, the traveller or the writer cannot be totally sure of the many surprises that await him/her on the journey. Travelling like writing is simply a leap of faith into the unknown. The materials under this edition are full of wonderful surprises. This writer has found them very enriching and very promising as a tonic for spiritual healing. They are designed to help each seeker of the truth of life towards finding the truth and allowing the truth to set each of us free from the shackles of ignorance and fear.

I hope this material will perform the same miracle of rebirth in your life as it did for me. I hope it will set you free from every inconceivable fears, ignorance, foolishness and stupidities as it has done for me. I hope it will give you a new brand heart of love and a spirit of truth to proceed on your personal journey of life towards your own goal of perfection as it is doing for me. These, in a nutshell, are the purposes of this spirit of truth-led writing project. It is a project designed by heaven purposely for the elects and the true leaders of our continent. The task ahead of the true leaders of Africa is mammoth but it is an easy task because the hosts of heaven are backing the elects to take Africa by storm at the appointed time.

Please be warned, this publication is dangerous to your current beliefs and present life styles in case you are outside the group already elected by heaven for the important project of spiritual healing of Africans and of the social revolution in Africa. In the interest of your own physical health, please allow this material to pass you by if you are in doubt. Do not be bothered since each of us has his/her own calling in the journey of life. None of us can jump the queue or bribe our way through when it comes to things that pertain to heavenly and spiritual matters.

To all those who have been eagerly looking forward to the good news of bringing heaven to planet earth, please jump on board. The paradise project has started. But for all those who are looking forward to going to heaven, please keep the candle burning your wish shall definitely come true if it is in the plan of heaven. To all those who are seeking to know the meaning of life and what exactly is the truth of life, this publication shall be a God-sent material as it shall open the door to a completely new life for you. And in case you find the publication useful for your spiritual healing, development and growth please do not forget to pass it on to other like-minded seekers.

Happy reading.

Yours truly,

In the spirit of truth



The Dishonourable Africans is the second part of essays on the millennium reflections on Africa. This essay attempts to draw out pertinent issues and to raise fundamental questions on the truths and fallacies of the concept of leadership in Africa. In writing this essay, we have borrowed from history not as onlooker but as co-participant of the history to situate, as much as possible, in a rational perspective sense the leadership crisis and its consequent socio-economic effects on Africa. The choice of history as a tool for analysis is informed by the knowledge of the principle of cumulative effect of diabolical circumstances and interwoven benign events in the evolution and formulation of ideas and beliefs that translate into civilization. This essay recognises the interconnectedness of life, the cross-fertilisation of knowledge among different racial groups, and the inevitable impact of these exchanges regardless of its nature – mutual or forced – as it dictates fundamental changes in the cultures, values, habits, languages and other traditions of a society.

In other words, the current culture and civilization of any people is the result of the opportunities they have had to meet, to share and to exchange ideas, beliefs, habits, practices, etc. with others in the past. Without this cultural intercourse, no group of people is capable of changing from their age long customs and traditions handed to them by their highly respected and beatified ancestors. However, this is not to say that the exchange of cultural artefacts are always mutual or demanded, sometimes they are forced on a conquered people/nation by their conquerors. Notwithstanding the manner in which the exchanges took place, the final outcome is a movement away from the hitherto established way of life into something new and different. Again it does not always necessarily mean a beneficial change.

This essay recognises the inevitability of cultural evolution and the forces that prod and move people and nations in one direction or the other. In spite of these inevitable forces, this writer believes that mankind have roles to play as it makes choices of either to resist the forces when they are negative or to embrace them when they are positive. But before mankind can make effective and wise choices, we have to grow and mature to a level of understanding when proper discernment of the nature of the forces can be ascertained effortlessly. Unless mankind have some understanding we shall forever remain at the mercy and pleasure of these two countervailing forces.

This essay seeks to go beyond the physical realm into the spiritual or metaphysical realm because the writer understands that mankind is made of these two components. Therefore any effort being made to redeem mankind from its present waywardness without recognising the spiritual component of man shall remain a wasted exercise. Our world is in turmoil today because our so-called leaders of thought are putting all their efforts and emphasis on the improvement of the physical domain only. Since they neglected the spiritual domain, which is the core of life, this oversight that is born of ignorance has left humanity in chaos. Of course, there are great noises in the spiritual direction, but it is nothing more than just noises because the ‘spiritual’ leaders of the world see and use spirituality as a means to big business and to a lucrative livelihood for themselves. What is going on in our world in the name of spiritual growth and development is nothing but a perversion of all that is true and sacred.

This writer has no qualm to declare in all truthfulness that in order for this generation to move our world forward and away from the perilous state we are in we must seek a path back to the beginning of our creation – to the very first principle that informed the creation of our world. We must painstakingly retrace the historical path we have treaded so far. We must review why, how and where the journey of life got derailed and thrown into confusion. We must do all these in order that we can reconnect ourselves back with the true goal of creation. Anything short of this mystic adventure can never bring peace, prosperity and progress to Africa or the world in total.



As part of our millennium reflection on the problems facing Africa, we discovered that the question of leadership stands out like a sore thumb among several other social factors. From every region of Africa, the most important conclusion mentioned by every expert that undertook socio-economic and political analyses of Africa is, leadership vacuum is the cause of the tragic and intractable problems of Africa. This conclusion cannot but surprise the laymen and peasants of Africa who are aware of the large number of titled, qualified, certificated men and women who, not only do they parade but do hoard as well the economic, political and social landscapes of African countries as their birthrights. Since each of these countries became independent from the imperial and colonial governments, these categories of Africans have jealously arrogated leadership positions to their names and members of their family.

The peasants or masses would have remembered that on the few occasions when their paths crossed those of the elites of their countries, they have been rudely put in their places with questions or statements like: ‘Do you know who you are talking to?’ ‘Today, I will show you who I am’. ‘I will put you away in jail forever for daring to answer me back’. This is why the peasants may seem confused that in spite of the vivid oppressive experiences they have had in the hands of the elites, how can the experts say Africa’s problem is that of a leadership vacuum. The common people are bewildered and they cannot help but to ask repeatedly, what kind of vacuum? There cannot be a leadership vacuum with the large number of elites around. In their naivety, the people asked again, what about Chief, Pastor, Reverend, Alhaji, Mallam, Doctor, Professor, Honourable, Comrade, Wealthy Big-man? Moreover, they asked again with confusion written on their faces, if Honourable Wealthy Big-man is not a leader, who then is a leader?

At this stage, the experts rephrased their conclusion with some qualifications. The experts replied it is true that Africa has leaders, but only in names and titles, because these people called leaders are not those we can describe as responsible or honourable. Quite simply, they said although Africa has leaders quite all right, unfortunately, this group of people are the degenerates of Africa. They added that the people you call leaders have no iota of leadership qualities in their make up.

These so-called leaders are the bad, the good for nothing, the visionless, the daft, the ignorant, the opportunist and the dim-witted people that mysteriously came out of mother Africa. As a result of the mental vacuity of these abominable people, the characteristic traits common to these feckless so-called leaders are of a group of people with base mentality that are perpetually driven by uncontrollable beastly desires.

The experts concluded that these types of leaders often have large incorrigible tasteless habits that verge around gluttony, conspicuous ostentation, greed, hate, sleaze, arrogance and mendacity. From the lucid expertise description of the pathological symptoms of African leaders, the masses, quite easily, were able to identify these characterisations with the so-called leaders in their neighbourhoods. With the dawn of consciousness, the common people are now asking in every hamlet, in every village, in every city and in every country of Africa, what is the solution to the leadership fraud in Africa?

Here lay the greatest dilemma facing Africans. If those who are occupying leadership positions all over Africa are the incompetent, the undesirable, the nincompoop and the morally corrupt; and if experts have agreed that societies can only make progress at the behest of good and capable leaders, what then is going to be the eventual fate of Africa?

Every analyst that did a study on Africa tells Africans repeatedly that the mobs that have commandeered the leadership status of Africa as their inherited birthrights have no leadership qualities. Does it therefore mean that Africa is doomed forever in the hands of the Dishonourable Africans? If it is the question of ineffective leadership, is there anything Africans can do to make the current African leaders effective? Alternatively, is it possible for the peoples of Africa to create new leaders for themselves as a new dawn arises in Africa?

In another sense, what are we really talking about? Who is a leader? What is leadership? What type of leader/leadership does Africa really need? How does anyone become a leader in any society?

What qualifies any member of a polity to claim for him/herself the leadership positions of a community or nation?

Can the true leadership of a community or nation be determined by the people or should it be self-imposed by a marauding despot or should it be secretly imposed by a clandestine inner-circle or cult?

Are leadership traits of innate ability or are they products of personal development and cultivation?

Is it possible for those without leadership traits to steal the leadership positions of their societies?

What kind of persons swindle the people as they rob the leadership positions of their societies?

Can proficiency in foreign languages or the possession of academic certificates sufficient qualifications to make any African a leader?

Does a long or short travel overseas or a pilgrimage to the holy lands sufficient qualification to turn any African into a leader of his/her society?

Is the possession of money or material wealth enough credential to transfigure any African with soiled hands and soiled conscience into the elite class of Africa?

The above and many more other questions are now begging for answers. We have raised these few questions to help every African that is seriously seeking answer to Africa’s calamitous situation to have something to chew on and to use as pointers as we navigate together the intellectual and spiritual realms of Africa’s woes.


22 April 2001

(To be continued)