The Poor Pray While The Rich Prey

The pronunciation of Pray and Prey sounds identical but their meanings are quite different. Praying is, to worship and to send a wish list of desires and wanted goodies to the creator. While Preying is, like a predator killing and dining on other creatures for food and survival.

Homophone in English language shows there are words that have same pronunciation but different meaning. It is therefore very easy to cynically use a word in conversation that hides the true meaning or intention of the speaker. So when the poor say, they are praying and the rich say they are preying, the uninitiated in the subtlety of the English language will assume that both are saying the same thing.

The Preying Rich see opportunities to make a profit in everything and in every place. Like a classic predator, the Preying Rich are forever on the prowl to make a killing of careless preys. When the priest says, let us pray, often the Praying Poor close their eyes in prayer. On the other hand, the Preying Rich with eyes wide open, use the time to survey the congregation for the next meal.

In economic relations, preying on the poor is the only way through which the psychopathic group of mankind can make profits and become fabulously rich. If anyone says it is otherwise I will humbly submit that such objector is clearly professing a tactical deception and definitely untruthful.

A very rich person must be totally devoid of the milk of human kindness to accumulate wealth. Because it is only under a deficiency in human compassion that anyone can con the poor to exchange his/her last farthings for worthless commodities.

We see this happen every year particularly, during the so-called festive season of the year. With the onslaught of powerful advertisement since October targeted at children, the poor parents are blackmailed to expend their scarce resources to purchase useless presents/gifts. In most cases, these gifts or presents are neither required nor needed and will never be put to use. With the level of induced guilt piled on parents who couldn’t afford to buy expensive presents for their children, these parents are driven into the Shylock’s den to borrow money at exorbitant rates.

And on Christmas/New Year Day, the predator and the prey will come together at the Worshippers’ Gallery for a thanksgiving prayer. Both will give thanks to the creator of life for a successful and blessed year.

While the poor thank god for the blessings of good health, of barely bearable poor quality of life and of the gift of abundance of hope for a better future. The rich thank god for the carny ‘bloodshed and slaughter’ successfully perpetrated on the Praying Poor, which have brought abundant wealth of gold and money into his coffer.

This is the mystery of the parasitic-symbiotic relationship between wealth and poverty. Wealth creation is a very clever but inhuman strategy of draining the scant resource pool of the poor into the mega treasure pool of the rich. There is no other way to amass great and grandiose wealth; regardless of the brilliant camouflage, deceptive design of philanthropy and superficial niceties and hypocritical decency of concerns for social justice put on by the rich to gloss their exploitative endeavours, no one gets rich without stealing from the poor.

Either by the ancient institutions of slavery or modern contractual labour exchange but definitely of indentured servitude, the labour, sweat, tears and blood of the poor are stolen. By the psychological power of modern propaganda tools of advertising, the poor are again cleverly brainwashed to part with their meagre resources and wages for unwanted and unneeded commodities. The social and economic designs of graduated taxation, rents and all manners of swindling games played on the poor create a revolving cycle of perennial poverty where escape is almost impossible.

This is the story of our modern civilisation that created the Praying Poor and the Preying Rich. When next you hear the rich folks sanctimoniously berate the poor for their indolence as the cause of their poverty, don’t be fooled. It is the most insincere statement from a hardhearted and irredeemable psychopath.

When you hear the preacher man sermonising to the poor on the secret of wealth creation and prosperity breakthrough via the pathway of tithing to the church, please understand that he is into the cruel game of stealing from the poor as well. Such preachers are simply psychopaths of the religious order (aka men of the cloth). You can surely hide a lot of iniquities under ‘holy’ garments.

Dear Praying Poor and Preying Rich, don’t be mad at this writer that seems to want to spoil a good racket that has been going on for ages. This essay is simply a public service assignment to alert the Praying Poor as to the hidden cause of their wretchedness and to plead with the Preying Rich to temper vaulting ambition for mega wealth with mercy.

The thrust of the essay is to help the prayerful poor to repackage their new year resolutions towards seeking spiritual freedom rather than seeking to be rich in material prosperity and to be famous like the richest man in the universe.

Unless the Praying Poor are prepared to massacre their neighbours literally or actually and steal their meagre property, there is no other way to make big money in our world. You must be one of a kind that harbours so much hate for your neighbours to the insane level that you are prepared to profit from their misery.

Selling counterfeit and unusable goods at exorbitant prices to your neighbours is definitely not a loving deal. Conning your neighbours to part with their meagre resources in exchange for worthless virtual Bitcoins, imitation gold, instant money doubling enterprises, etc is definitely not a loving-your-neighbour affair. Trading and speculating on currencies that cream off the gains of the hardworking, value adding productive sector of the economy is surely not a love-thy-neighbour engagements.

From the above, one can see that getting fabulously rich is not a game for the fainthearted or the kindhearted or the compassionate or the merciful or the loving. If you belong to the awakened class of humanity, seeking and possessing worldly riches can never gladdens your heart. Why?

Because after gaining the whole world and you look back to see the carnage on the wretched poor you have created in the course of ruthlessly building up a portfolio of personal mega wealth, if you are truly a compassionate human being, the sight of such throng of suffering, hungry, homeless and miserably poor humanity, should make you sick to the bone marrow.

We are hoping that everyone would strive to make a realistic humane resolutions for the coming year that will go a long way in making a difference to the chaotic state of our world.

As a result of the contagious global disease of insatiable greed, the spirits of love, freedom, justice, peace and harmony are no longer guaranteed in our world. Unfortunately, hate, war, ruthless competition instead of benevolent cooperation for all our human needs have become the strategic policy guidelines of governments, business organisations and individuals. The people of the world are in a dire strait. Rumours of imminent global financial collapse and global war are the singsongs that we hear everyday.

We are hoping that in the coming year, the Praying Poor would desire to seek knowledge and understanding of the ways and means of the Preying Rich; and would become aware that it is their carelessness in the past that made it so easy to be caught for supper in the traps set by the Preying Rich.

Hence from now on, as an awakened and conscious member of the Human race, we hope The Praying Poor would resolve to be alert; to monitor (no longer praying with eyes closed) the clever and wicked ways of the Preying Rich; and to always be on guard so as to prevent being caught again to be served for dinner on the opulent table of the Preying Rich.

Have a Blessed New Year.

In The Spirit of Truth