Woe and Shame on the Prosperity Preachers of our World

Two things I ask of you, Lord; do not refuse me before I die: Keep falsehood and lies far from me; Give me neither poverty nor riches, but give me only my daily bread. Otherwise, I may have too much and disown you and say, ‘Who is the Lord?’ Or I may become poor and steal, and so dishonor the name of my God.”

(Proverb 30: 7-9)

Dear Followers of Prosperity Preachers,


The message of this essay is from the heart of someone who was once spiritually blind but now can see; who was deaf but now can hear; who was dumb but now can talk; and who was crippled but now can walk.

I was once like some of you who will swear that their prosperity preacher cannot do or say no wrong; who will vouch for the sincerity and trustworthiness of their religious leaders; and who will hang on every poisonous spittle that comes out of the throat of the alleged men of god of our world.

It saddens the soul of the awakened ones when we see the throng of credulous followers hanging on the profanity being spewed by the children of darkness in godly robes; and when we see people created as kings and queens being led like sheep by so-called religious leaders, into soul-slaughtering houses called House of God.

My heart cannot take it any more and hence I am moved to speak truth to those under the dominion of the children of darkness. I will say it the way my soul sees it, regardless of the shock and anger that might come from the quarters of those who are devoted believers and followers of lying prosperity preachers.

Take it or leave it, truth must be declared as the spirit of truth moves the writer to do. My only request to you will be: don’t leave it without given a moment of your time to reflect on the truth-worthiness of this message.

Hopefully, the true sons and daughters of the light who are still not totally far gone into spiritual coma will hear the voice of reason and will wake up from their state of induced trance and hypnosis.

And hopefully, when they do wake up in the various dungeons they were led and shackled, they will have the courage to walk out and come back to the land of the living and of the free.

Prosperity as a Seductive Bait of Enticement

It has become a fashion of our time to hear nothing beneficial from the pulpit for the awakening of souls of the people who are longing for spiritual freedom. All we hear these days, is the soul-poisoning admonitions on how church-going believers can secure the shortest route into material prosperity, power and prominence.

Sermons are preached where profound biblical exegesis are arraigned around the importance of “financial breakthrough” of worshippers into fabulous wealth and riches; into higher promotion among their peers; and into position of great authority and power at work and society.

Prosperity Preachers often offer special motivational pep talks on how believers, through the sowing of high figure cash-seeds and regular attendance of fellowship can come into miraculous donations of cash gifts, bank transfers from anonymous donors as well as becoming fantastically wealthy without engaging oneself in any productive activity.

The ever-growing crowd of gullible followers are told: receiving and possessing earthly wealth in very large measures are the perfect testimonies they must have to show or regale to others that the gods are pleased with their worship and the generous cash they sowed into the money plantation of the prosperity preacher.

Prosperity Preacher and The Book of Proverbs

However, I have a few questions for Mr and Mrs Prosperity Preacher.

First, are you aware of this passage from the Book of Proverbs?

Two things I ask of you, Lord; do not refuse me before I die:

Keep falsehood and lies far from me;

Give me neither poverty nor riches, but give me only my daily bread.

Otherwise, I may have too much and disown you

and say, ‘Who is the Lord?’

Or I may become poor and steal, and so dishonor the name of my God.”

(Proverb 30: 7-9)

This is a quotation from the much respected ‘holy book’. If you are aware of the wisdom contained in the passage, why are you promoting material prosperity as the main goal worthy of pursuit by church-going believers?

When you promote the profane doctrine of material prosperity as the most important aspiration worthy of pursuit to your ‘flock of sheep’, are you saying that you have found no wisdom in this particular prayer request found in the Book of Proverbs?

Is the Book of Proverbs no longer part of the ‘word of God’, according to the popular doctrine of the “inerrancy of the Holy Bible”?

How dare you turn the spiritual gospel of the kingdom of heaven/God that the Teacher of Galilee gave to the world into a profane gospel of kingdom of earth/mammon?

Didn’t the Teacher of Galilee said, “My kingdom is not of this world”? (John 18:36)

Lie and Reality

Incidentally, when we look at the congregation of the faithful but non-thinking followers swarming around the prosperity preachers, the only prosperous ones in the group are the inner cult of the priesthood/general overseer, his/her family members and the carefully chosen assistants – evangelists and pastors. These are the lucky few that own the flaunted personal jets, the luxurious limousines, the palatial mansions/palaces and the other worldly goods of luxury that only those with stupendous money can buy.

I hope we shall not be going too far if we say, as the Teacher of Galilee said 2000 years ago:

Woe to you, teachers of the law and Pharisees [Prosperity Preachers], you hypocrites! You shut the door of the kingdom of heaven in people’s faces. You yourselves do not enter, nor will you let those enter who are trying to” 

(Matthew 23:13 KJV)

And the same quotation translated from the Aramaic Bible in plain English puts the verse more clearly for those who are hard of hearing. It says

Woe to you [Prosperity Preachers] Scribes and Pharisees, pretenders, who consume the houses of widows with offerings for your making of long prayers! Because of this you will receive greater judgement.

A Message of Freedom to the Church-going Believers

Dear Innocent Church-going Believer,

This message is written and sent specifically to you. The words in this essay are not meant for the Prosperity Preachers because they have already hardened their hearts to truth. No one goes into the business of conning innocent poor souls out of their meagre earnings without being a camouflage devil incarnate or wolf in human skin.

The words of this writer can never mean anything to a congenital psychopath who is merely faking holiness and piety for the purpose of deceiving, catching and devouring the unsuspecting innocent and ignorant church-going believers

This short message is for the thousands/millions of the poor in spirit who have foolishly given their spiritual powers away to the con men/women of the cloth; who have allowed the con men/women to take them on a grand dubious ride in larceny; and who have allowed their pockets to be picked by the religious charlatans with padded gloves of deceit, feigned love and bogus piety.

It is obvious to anyone with the spirit of discernment that the prosperity journey designed by the con men of the cloth is destined to go to nowhere good for the souls of followers but it is surely destined to lead into ruin, misery and perdition.

This is a message of love to the innocent and the poor in spirit as it asks you to look within your mind/heart because therein lies the answer to the dilemma of experiential, evidence-based knowledge versus off-the-cuff, imaginary-based belief and faith.

It is common for ignorant mankind to seek answers to the great questions of life outside of themselves. With a little bit of seeking and searching for knowledge on the truth of life, each of us should be able to come to understand that all the answers mankind is seeking about life are already logged into our being from the beginning of creation. That indeed each of us is the infallible book of life.

As more and more of us are awakened, we shall come to realise that we are, as individuals and as a collective, part and parcel of life/God. Therefore, we will come to understand that there is no other place to seek answers to all the questions that life is raising than to listen attentively to the voice within each of us.

Calling Out the Eagles

This message of love is calling on you, particularly the eagles among the chicken, to wake up and to fly out of the religious cages.

You may not know it yet but you have remained a captive of the con artists of religion because you have neglected to do the essential work of cultivating and of planting soul-enlivening seeds of truth into your precious fertile mind.

It is not too late for you to wake up from your careless slumber. Your life is too precious to allow the prosperity preachers of our world to steal it or take it away by cajolery and trickery from you. It is a special gift and you have the onerous duty to keep it safe, away from the roving predatory psychopaths of our world.

Dear Church-going Believer, you need to wake up and begin the task of uprooting all the various form of devil seeds planted into your mind from childhood.

By a designed program of indoctrination that uses religious dogma, fabulous mythology and over dramatized factual stories, you have been captured from your infancy and thrown into a very dark dungeon, where light could not come through.

By using a brainwashing program deliberately designed as compulsory school education, your mind has been handicapped from growing into its true potential as a living soul.

The celebrated school education that everyone is forced to attend, unlike the Plato’s Academy, is not expected to educe the mind into coming alive, as real learning is supposed to do, by setting the mind on fire. Instead of the educated pupils receiving the precious gift of soul rebirth by way of a hard-earned knowledge of truth, you were programmed to merely believe in lies and myths and you have since been led into your present state of physical bondage and mental slavery.

The education given to you were purposely designed to deny the products/graduates the necessary skill and the wherewithal to cultivate the mental ability and the faculty for original thinking that could destroy the lies and the superstitions built around you like an invisible mental fence. Thus, this invisible fence has succeeded in barring you from knowing and tasting the joy of spiritual freedom.

At adulthood, because you have not taken the time to reflect on the subliminal concepts built into your mind in childhood, you have failed to discover that the various innocuous and popular but unexamined concepts like, God, devil, sin, hell fire, born again, salvation, church, worship, religion, success, material achievement, monetary prosperity, etc., have tremendous power to damage/destroy/atrophy the mind from ever waking up.

Among other things, this seemingly harmless theological concepts which should have been used as keys for the understanding of the mystery of existence have become your stumbling blocks. These concepts, seized and used by the prosperity preachers, have forbidden those that imbibed them without filtering, from ever growing in consciousness to become a truly living and free human-being.

You have since remained a fear-laden, guilt-ridden, downtrodden and cowardly lifeless personality. You have become a footstool and plaything of the psychopaths of our world. You are used, abused and discarded. You have become totally beholding to the selfish whims and the nefarious caprices of the sons and daughters of darkness – the dishonourable gangsters that masquerade as leaders on earth.

Unfortunately, the religious priesthoods, of whatever celestial name and colour they chose to go by, have a very high concentration of these loveless psychopathic souls in their clubs. As religious holy men and women, they have tricked you by their feigned holy piety and their deceptive charms that claim to love the souls of followers. But deep down, they are ravenous wolves and blood suckers.

You didn’t know this because you’ve been turned into a walking zombie. You have been virtually made into a thoughtless automaton like a machine that can merely follow instructions as per the assigned program of the psychological software installed in your brain by indoctrination right from childhood.

It is only under this woeful state of mind that brazen lies can be told to your face and you have no means to reject and to throw them back at the filthy liars. It is only under this zombie-like state of mind that you can be ridden like a donkey by every sweet-talking prosperity preacher, every dishonest snake oil salesperson and every dishonourable political windbag of our world.

You have never developed the faculties for critical thinking that separate man from beast. Every lie told to you sounds like truth in your ears because you lacked the spirit of discernment to detect and to separate truth from lie.

Deliverance Beckons

This writer has trodden the path you are now following as religiously and devotedly as any human being has ever done. Your devotion to the ‘truth’ emanating from the stable of prosperity preachers is the dumbest and silliest level any human being can descend. This can only happen when all the neurones in the brain have stopped firing. It is only a special group of mankind with dead brain and uncultivated mind that would fail to see the blatant lies and obvious profanities placed right in front of them by the prosperity preachers.

Please dear innocent church-going believers, religiosity based on habitual church-going and cash-seed sowing gimmicks into the coffers of prosperity preachers have nothing in common with spirituality and soul rebirth.

The whole heartfelt intention of ancient thinkers and philosophers that discovered various fractions of the truth of life and shared them with the world, is to help others who will come after them to spend less time in their search for the truth.

The various discoveries of the truth of life and the philosophical propositions they left behind are what have since been repackaged as religion by power loving homo sapiens. And as the repackaged dump down truth becomes part of a body of crooked man-made theological dogmas, the power of the original truth was neutralised and drained of its reproductive essences to bring forth the rebirth of the sleeping souls on earth.

The powerless truth being sold by prosperity preachers is no longer capable of bringing forth a new life. The revolution of rebirth and of freedom that should naturally follow after a seeker has found and known what the genuine truth of life is, are no longer happening.

This is the incontrovertible proof that what is circulating in the world today under the genre of religion is nothing but serious perversions of the fruitful and powerful ancient truth.

Paul ‘the Apostle’, the peculiar philosopher and founder of Christian ideology actually predicted and described a phenomenon akin to the prosperity preachers of today as those “Having a form of godliness, but denying the power thereof” (2 Timothy 3:5 KJV). This chapter has enough earful messages for prosperity preachers that still have ears to hear. 

In my humble opinion, the prosperity preachers are not the one denying the power, but nature/God that sets the unchangeable laws of life has denied them the power of soul rebirth because they have decided to build empires of bogus belief and faith ministry to profess untruthfulness and to market same for lucre. They are denied the power of soul rebirth because of their heartlessness that led them to intentionally build fabulous empires of fake truth on a pile of sinking sand.


Dear Church-going believers of the prosperity preachers, you have been blindfolded and blindsided from seeing what you already possessed as your inalienable divine right. You have been denied the knowledge that all the jewels and wealth you need to survive the dangers and perils on planet Earth are already packaged into your essence before you were born. You have been led about like a fool into chasing the shadows while the real essence of life is right within you all along and at your fingertips for easy access.

My simple request to you, if you have come this far is, please start today in your quiet time, in your waking up state, in your walkabout, in your day dreaming state and in every place you find yourself, to ask this important question incessantly and repeatedly, What is the truth?, and particularly, What is the truth of my personal existence?

Don’t ask for anything else more; focus all your attention on this simple quest. Forget for now all the illusion and craziness going on all around you about pursuing wealth, fame and earthly power. Just keep this question at the tip of your tongue and at the bottom of your heart, What is the truth of life and existence?

On the surface it is a philosophical quest but deep down it answers the spiritual yearning in each of us that motivates all our blind human pursuits and inexplicable actions.

I am confident that the ever present spirit of truth, which you have been denied from knowing, is always hovering around you and is within you as well. The spirit of truth is ready to answer your quest, if it is made sincerely, earnestly and honestly.

Just ask and surprise yourself.

This is the only path that I know, as one born into and bred on one of the Middle Eastern theological dogmas, that can lead you to attain true freedom. Freedom from the pernicious trickery of the prosperity preachers and other similar lovers of earthly power who are more in love with your healthy bank accounts than your soul; and freedom from those who desire to keep you and your kindreds for ever, from generation to generation, as slaves.

You have a choice now. Seek to know the truth about your personal existence and about yourself. The knowledge of the truth you shall surely discover will be sufficient to set you free from the claws of the prosperity preachers of all shades and colours.

In The Spirit of Truth



14th August 2018