The Hard Work of the ‘Men of God’ in Nigeria 

I found this statement on my Facebook Page today:

“I can see handwriting of favour for 80,000 people that will type Amen and Share this post twice, by 2pm tomorrow, you shall receive signed cheque in Jesus Name.” – Pastor E A Adeboye. 

Among the many gullible Nigerians that responded to the “Amen and Share” chorus, I found one dissenting voice. 

EL Dextiny wrote: “Money, money, money. Is this what Christianity is all about? Blind leaders leading the blind.”

Unfortunately, Christianity in Nigeria, like every other thing in the country, “is all about money, money, money”. 

It is painful to see Nigerians suffering so much for lack of knowledge and understanding of the world in which they are living. It is obvious to me that a people cannot be reduced to this low level of human existence without some sabotage and a cruel subliminal manipulation of their reality. 

Psychology and other behavioural sciences have amply demonstrated that human beings are naturally endowed with instinct, common sense and intuition. Without some kind of deliberate obstruction through indoctrination and brainwashing, human beings are expected to use these three natural endowments for their mental development, spiritual growth and material progress.   

But in a situation where Nigerians have been captured very early from the kindergarten age and put through powerful unrelenting indoctrination and brainwashing to make them believe in fiction and mythology, the power to cultivate the mind as a mandatory resource tool for living have definitely been taken away from them. 

The statement quoted above that says, “I can see handwriting of favour for 80,000 people that will type Amen and Share this post twice, by 2pm tomorrow, you shall receive signed cheque in Jesus Name.” was supposedly made by the General Overseer of the Redeemed Christian Church of God on his Facebook page. He used to be a professor of mathematics before he became a full time Pastor. 

I am greatly disappointed about how easily it is in Nigeria for supposedly ‘educated’ Nigerians to throw away their education and learning when they fanatically adopted or imbibed any of the unintelligent but mysterious religious ideologies from the Middle East.  

If there is no malfunctioning of the faculties, how can a professor of mathematics be so ignorant of the origin and nature of money in modern life? 

How can he be so ignorant of the economic principles of value, exchange, market, capital, commodity, goods, services, trade, production, etc.? 

What magic or miracle can induce one man to issue cheque or transfer money into the account of strangers who have not rendered any economic services to him/her worthy of financial remuneration? 

Who apart from persons who have lost their mind, their self-respect and have no human dignity whatsoever will be happy to take money from strangers without performing any economic and value-added productive services?

Who stole the minds of Nigerians and reduced them to this low level of animal existence where brain is no longer useful?

Who else but zombies can be so gullible as to believe all the lies that come out of the lying mouth of the ‘men of god’?

These are the questions that raced through my mind when I saw and read the statement in the above quotation on my Facebook page. 

Consequences of the Hard Work of the ‘Men of God’ in Nigeria 

If it is so easy to just write “Amen and Share” to receive monetary blessings, why then should anyone in Nigeria desires to work for a living? 

The ‘men of god’ in Nigeria have become part of the problem, if not the sole creator of the problem, bedevilling Nigeria and holding down/back the emancipation of the people of Nigeria from mental and colonial slavery.  

The ‘men of god’ in Nigeria have contributed immensely to the mass destruction of the minds of Nigerians. With the nature of the lifeless teaching they peddle, they have succeeded in tethering Nigerians, like sheep, to the stake ready for slaughtering by all the confidence tricksters of the world. 

Under the cruel religious management of the spiritual life of Nigerians and the enslaving leadership practices of the ‘men of god’, the reasoning capability and the critical thinking faculties of Nigerians have been purposefully sucked out of them. 

Now and as a result of the prevailing mind arrest of Nigerians, every charlatan in politics and business has found it very easy to rape, exploit and abuse Nigerians recklessly to his or her heart’s content. 

Because Nigerians can’t see the wood for the trees anymore, they run after irrelevances called “financial breakthrough” while the real and critical issue of seeking and searching for knowledge and truth that will set them free from mental and spiritual enslavement are woefully neglected. 

Well done to you, Mr and Mrs Religious Leaders. Your hard work in the lives of Nigerians is prominently in full display to the world. You have succeeded in killing off in Nigeria and among Nigerians, the divine spirit of freedom, the intuitive will to live a resourceful life, the inalienable human dignity and self-respect, and the endowed desire and self-belief to live independently without resorting to begging anyone or worshipping anything for pittance. 

In spite of the arrested development of the mind and spirit of Nigerians, caused by your loveless but indefatigable hard work, the people still love you for it. This is a classic phenomenon of the Stockholm syndrome where the captives turned around to love their hellish captors. 

It is my humble opinion that Nigerians cannot find solutions to the many socioeconomic, political and spiritual problems in their country and lives without individually unraveling and untying the enslaving ropes of religious indoctrination that have been tightly tied around their necks by the psychopathic religious leaders of Nigeria. 

In The Spirit of Truth


12th August 2018