Re: When the Chosen commit criminality, they remain criminals

There are so many issues Mr Owei Lakemfa conflated together in this essay – the chosen ones and the rest of humanity, Middle Eastern religion and its peculiar morality on slavery, religiosity and it’s past and present barbaric practices, etc.

Notwithstanding the potpourri of issues, I think the point he is making is crystal clear. It is about the fact that crime is a crime regardless of who is committing it or under what holy or unholy cover it is being undertaken.

All those who have come into a spiritual understanding of our world, would have been able to see that everything we hold dear as truth in the world today are great lies.

For instance, the Middle East is celebrated by the followers of the three Abrahamic religions as the holy land on earth. It is a place recommended for visitation in a lifetime by every believer seeking to know god and to walk with god.

But a person who has been cured of his/her religious cataract and has begun to see clearly; who has been delivered from all the childhood indoctrinations on matters of faith and beliefs; and who has been set free by the powerful knowledge of truth, there will be no doubt in such a mind that the Middle East is the most unholy place on earth.

Going by the number of recorded inhumane atrocities that are daily committed in this ‘divine estate of the gods’, this is a place one would advise the sane people of the world to avoid at all cost.

I think the story Mr Lakemfa is struggling to tell, is the story of our civilised world that is shockingly full of all kinds and manners of absurdities, particularly those absurdities under the genre of faith and beliefs.

The cruel decapitation of Jamal Khashoggi inside the Consulate of Saudi Arabia in Istanbul, Turkey is the kind of brazen macabre behaviour we have come to expect from the ‘holy’ defenders of religious faith and of ‘holy’ places in the Middle East. Anything short of a regular bloodshedding of neighbours, kinsmen, unbelievers, apostates, etc. on an industrial scale in this part of the world should be seen as extraordinary and therefore an exception outside the norm.

The people of the world who are worried by the kind of ghastly news emanating daily from the Middle East, should be advised to revisit, with a tooth-comb, every cultural value, every religious belief and dogma, and every economic and political principle that we are holding dearly as gospel truth in the world.

Collectively, these are the unseen brainwashing programmes and softwares for mental slavery that underpin our present worldview of hate, of exceptionalism and of superior specialness. We need to revisit them with a serious desire to seek a better understanding on what exactly is the real truth of human existence.

Using our common sense, reason and the imbued power of reflection through a simple process of comparing and contrasting all that we think we know about ourselves and our world, we might be able to discover new uplifting truth.

Hopefully, humanity shall then be able to set itself free from the man-created and controlled world of illusion that we are presently saddled with and conditioned to call modern civilisation instead of its true name, modern barbarism.

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