Re: Local governments: Victims of rape who are also rapists by Owei Lakemfa

“The local governments from conception to establishment, violate the preamble of the Constitution which states that its principles are built on: “Freedom, Equality and Justice, and for the purpose of consolidating the unity of our people.” Local governments were not created in freedom, are built on inequality and are, therefore, unjust. Rather than consolidating unity, the local government system as is presently constituted creates disharmony.” – Owei Lakemfa

Whenever a writer quotes the avowed principles written in the Sharia-embedded Nigeria Constitution that states, the country is built on “Freedom, Equality and Justice, and for the purpose of consolidating the unity of our people.”, my ears become super alert.

Personally, I would have had no quarrel with Nigeria’s so-called Governments and their shenanigans, if not for those principles that were written down but no one in position of power has ever seen the need to uphold and practice the letters either in spirit or in deeds.

It is the hypocrisy of everyone who has served and is serving in any arm of Nigeria’s government that gives me sleepless nights and sends me into a state of frenzy whenever I think about the hopeless conditions of the indigenous people.

The reality that everyone in the corridor of political power lives in denial and still has the shameless effrontery to pretend and to play the game of being truthful and loyal to the cause of building a nation where no one is oppressed, baffles me to no end.

Thanks to Mr Lakemfa for his ability to succinctly capture the ludicrous scam called local governments in Nigeria. To all intents and purposes, the local governments were established to serve not the purpose of emancipating or empowering the indigenous people but were actually covertly designed to satisfy the ever expanding gluttonous greed of the powers that shouldn’t be.

Since most of the local governments were conceptualised and built during the military era, they have been a principal testament to the grave injustices and inequalities that pervade every institution of government in the country.

The local governments were never intended to serve the need and welfare of the people but they were purposefully arranged and set up as a constitutionally-sanctioned 419 scam operations.

Simply, the local governments are the unhidden cash cows where those born with silver spoons in Nigeria can have undisturbed access to a free feeding bottle. Hence, local governments are specially designed automatic teller machines (ATM) for those born to rule.

There are many local governments in the desert and wilderness of northwestern States of Nigeria where nobody reports for work except on payday. Local governments in this part of Nigeria serve as a means of creating financial opportunities for feudal patronage and welfare needs of the selected slaves who are ready and willing to do the bidding of their feudal lords.

This is one of the political jokes set up to ruin our lives by its exceptional power to dehumanise our persons, to erode our sacred human dignity and to destabilise our hitherto humane societies. We have seen as the local government system are used by the state governors to select and elevate their favourites and the dregs of our societies, as councillors and chairmen of councils to rule over us. And they sure do, in the manner expected of only brigands.

From the federal level through the state level of government, the local governments are serving only the purpose of providing the means of political patronage for the thugs and hooligans who have served callously well in the rigging and stealing of votes during political party elections.

This is one of the verifiable evidence against keeping the status quo of the structure of governance in Nigeria. Unfortunately, most of the suffering indigenous people can’t see it and those who see it cannot understand the depth of its damaging impact on their existential life since it denies us all of a productive, well adjusted and functioning life as free human beings.

In a nutshell, we have been ruined collectively by all the institutions set up by the military prodigal sons. There is nothing in our lives, these contemptible ‘boys’ did not bastardise. The song of sovereignty we started singing since 1993 for a remake of the structure of the country has since gone stale. But it is still a very relevant song, if followed through, it can help to undo the errors of the past and to remake our political future.

However, if ‘Nigerians’ insisted on staying focus on the present reckless, soul-killing, sociopathic path; refused to challenge and throw out the entire institutions of the present so-called government; determined not to see the intransigence of those holding the reins of power who have refused to reconsider their undisciplined and wayward lives; and if the mass of the indigenous population insisted out of share collective stupidity to still put their faith and trust on the colonial and political dishonourable leaders to lead them to the promised land flowing with milk and honey, then the eventual consequences will be too burdensome and too painful for any of us to carry.

We can only hold on to a very thin thread of hope that the spell of ignorance and forgetfulness cast on ‘Nigerians’ can still be undone and overturned or else the doomsday we have foreseen and persistently warned ‘Nigerians’ about is getting too close for anyone to still be able to sleep with both eyes closed.

In The Spirit of Truth



30 May 2019

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