An Open Letter to the Leaders of The Southern and Middle Belt Forum: A Protocol for Truth and Freedom

Dear Leaders of the Southern and Middle Belt Forum 

I wish to respectfully forward this letter to you and I hope you will accept and consider the message of truth and freedom it contains.

Foremost, please accept my Congratulations on your recent narrow escape from the political trap set for you by the erstwhile General Abdusallami Abubakar, the Ex-Head of State of the defunct Military Government of ‘Nigeria’ under the pretence of a “Roundtable on National Issues and Security”. 

I salute your courage for putting yourselves forward as Leaders of the Southern and Middle Belt Regions of ‘Nigeria’. With your patriotic example, it becomes obligatory for every capable hand and every enlightened mind in the regions to willingly, freely and gladly contribute and give support to your laudable venture.

Working together with like-minded people, I believe the Southern and Middle Belt Regions can achieve the objective of the sacred goal of securing for the oppressed indigenous people of the regions the inalienable rights of everyone to freedom, equality, justice and political self determination.

The sole objective of writing this letter to you is to remind you that the task of seeking and securing freedom for yourself and the indigenous people of ‘Nigeria’ is not going to be easy. But at the same time, it is a historic responsibility to which we have no choice than to give all our efforts.

And to encourage you to accept that the assignment Providence has placed before you is really very simple if you allow common sense, a good knowledge of history, a selfless love for fellow indigenous people of ‘Nigeria’, and the spirit of truth to be your guide at all times.

A Protocol for Truth and Freedom 

Firstly, the leaders of the Forum need to acknowledge that at this critical moment in the sad and pathetic history of ‘Nigeria’, ‘Nigerians’ do not need a pretender ‘Elder Statesman’ and a partisan mediator to organise a Peace Conference with a hidden agenda on our behalf. 

It is my considered opinion that the leaders of the Forum need to understand that the most important programme before them RIGHT NOW, is to communicate a truthful Protocol and Memorandum of Understanding to the Fulani Establishment in ‘Nigeria’ about your new acquired knowledge and understanding of the hitherto hidden political agenda of ‘Nigeria’ under their guidance.

Moreover, it is to let the Fulani Establishment know that the indigenous people of this country have taken a principled stance and have therefore resolved to disembark from the covert agenda of a political journey that, in all intents and purposes, is froth with ill-omens and is definitely going to lead to more terrible and calamitous end for all the non-Fulani ethnic groups in the country. 

The Core North and Nigeria 

Secondly, the message of the Protocol must clearly inform our Jihadist Fulani brethren or those who call themselves the Core North that they need to reconsider their intransigences against the sensible proposal for political and economic restructuring of the country.

  • That the awkward position the people of the Core North have taken with respect to non-negotiability of the political and economic status quo of ‘Nigeria’ as it is presently structured is no longer tenable to you and to all concerned indigenous people.
  • That the belligerent position of the Core North can no longer uphold a mutual political relationship between presumed equal partners in a federated commonwealth. 

Hence, there is a need for the Protocol to acknowledge and to declare that the present chaotic socioeconomic and political situations in the country have brought distrust, suspicion and recriminations amongst the ethnic nations. And that the prevailing retrogressive development borne of a bad faith on the part of the Core North can no longer serve our collective desires or fulfil our expectations of building a progressive nation.

In addition, that the present political climate can no longer uphold mutual respect or encourage sustainable political alliances based on equal partnership between the different ethnic nations under a truthful and open Federal Commonwealth.

The Fraudulent Pillars of Nigeria 

Thirdly, the Protocol to the Core North must make it abundantly clear, that you have now realised that the two foundation pillars on which the present structure of ‘Nigeria’ is erected – The Population Census or the regularly concocted estimated mystical population statistics and The 1999 Constitution of the Federal Republic – are fraudulent political instruments covertly designed for the domination and enslavement of the indigenous ethnic nations. 

Since we have now discovered that the fraudulent pillars were based on ignoble covert intentions to enslave and to dominate other non-Fulani ethnic nations in the country, they are therefore neither fit for the purpose of unifying a newly enlightened and a fully awakened indigenous people nor are they fit to mobilise the people for peace, progress and development. 


In the light of the above, the Protocol must declare your new enlightened and progressive position as follows:

• That you reject unconditionally the fraudulent population and census figures, which have directly influenced the current political division of ‘Nigeria’ into 6 unequal Political Zones, 36 unequal State Governments plus Federal Capital Territory (FCT) and 774 unequal Local Government Areas.

• That since the population and census figures were untruthful imposition from the beginning of the establishment of the country, the ambiguous and unjust divisions of the country are therefore no longer acceptable to the indigenous people of Southern and Middle Belt Regions.

• That you reject absolutely, the 1999 Constitution with all its illegal and unjust ramifications because you have come to understand that the fraudulently crafted Federal ‘Nigeria’ Constitution merely used the word ‘Federal’ as a distraction to cover up the true nefarious objectives of the constitution.

• That the constitution has now been indisputably revealed to all who have studied its contents as a deliberately designed document for a Unitary Feudal/Theocratic Government and not for a Federal Democratic Government.

• That you have now realised that the said constitution was a clandestinely devised instrument mainly for the purpose of enabling the Fulani Ethnic group to secure an absolute economic control and a total political domination of the other ethnic groups in the country.

• That the 1999 Sharia-compliant Constitution, drafted and edited by very narrow-minded and irredentist Islamic fundamentalists, was never formally presented to the people for ratification and approval and you hereby declare it as an illegal imposition on the country by a discredited military government.

• That the Constitution as presently composed and as it is being used by the ‘Federal’ Government and the National Assembly of ‘Nigeria’ can never serve the purpose of unity, peace, progress and development of the country.

• That as a result of the inimical practices and of the religious intolerance, which the Sharia-compliant Constitution engendered, it has created an unsustainable cultural, political and economic climate and has since brought down hell on earth into ‘Nigeria’.

• That every clearheaded political scientist and every intelligent and forward-looking legal expert did advise ‘Nigeria’ against the adoption of the Constitution to no avail and they warned the leaders of the Core North that the current avoidable political disaster would occur if they did.

• That the ‘Sharia Constitution’ gifted to Nigeria has brought to the fore the well known inability of followers of the Sunni sect of Islam – the ideological brains and architects behind the sharia clauses in the constitution – to tolerate other philosophical or religious beliefs and faiths.

• That the constitution has since succeeded in destabilising irreparably, the modicum peace and fragile unity that the various ethnic groups in the country had hitherto enjoyed since 1960.

Insurmountable Cultural Differences

Fourthly, the Protocol must let the Core North realised that the Southern and Middle Belt Regions of Nigeria have now accepted the inevitable truth that there is no hope whatsoever of securing amicable changes in the present political reality of the country because :

  • There are insurmountable cultural differences between the Fulani ethnic group and other indigenous ethnic groups in the country.
  • We are now fully aware that the traditional practices and cultural orientation of the Fulani ethnic group forbid them from honestly swearing political allegiance to be truthful and faithful to humanity and to the civil Government of Nigeria except to the ‘Islamic Sultanate of Nigeria’ under the auspices of the Fulani Caliphate.
  • Therefore, it is a foregone conclusion that the basis for having and nurturing a democratic political relationship with other indigenous ethnic groups in Nigeria, who have similarly sworn allegiance to be faithful and truthful to all humanity regardless of sex, race, beliefs and faith and to respect and safeguard the human rights of all ethnic nations to freedom, equality and justice, have made any political relationship between the Fulani ethnic group and other ethnic groups in the country clearly an impossible enterprise. 
  • The Southern and Middle Belt Regions have noticed and accepted this endemic cultural difference as a serious impediment to peace and development in the country, and have sadly come to the conclusion that it is now futile to pretend that there is a future for Nigeria as presently constituted and governed under the insurmountable, incompatible and rigid cultural beliefs that leave no chance for any kind of compromise.

A Truthful Roundtable Summit 

Lastly, you must be able to put in the Protocol for immediate consideration and decision the need for urgent deliberation and amicable dialogue among all the ethnic nations in the country at this juncture in our unfortunate political misadventure. This is an essential requirement in order to resolve our various differences without further bloodshed and before the situation becomes too late for all of us.

You must therefore remind the Core North,

  • That from the beginning and in spite of the awareness of the unbridgeable cultural and religious differences, it is now more than obvious that we have been far too optimistic and too delusional by a misplaced and false hope, that we could build a country where freedom, justice and equality will be our paramount principle.
  • That having realised we made unforgivable errors of miscalculation and misjudgement, it is advisable and in the collective interest of all of us, to begin the creative processes of dismantling the ‘Nigeria’s Augean stable’ that has caused the indigenous people too much psychological damage, too many losses of lives and properties, too much sorrows and too many moments of regret for the great opportunities we have lost for our human and physical development since 1914. 
  • Hence, the Southern and Middle Belt Forum is hereby urgently insisting on the need for a Summit of Ethnic Nations in order to forestall the current toxic political relationship before it leads to a complete annihilation of the indigenous people of the Southern and Middle Belt regions of ‘Nigeria.  


Dear Leaders of the Southern and Middle Belt Forum, this is my humble and very important submission to you. Once again, I wish to reiterate that the future of the indigenous people of Nigeria is in your hands. How you handle this auspicious moment will determine whether the indigenous people of Nigeria will remain as a free people with inalienable rights to freedom, equality and justice or as a conquered and enslaved people under a brutal dominion of the Fulani Caliphate. 

In essence, the struggle you have voluntarily acceded to lead is for the establishment of a political, cultural and economic independence for the indigenous people of ‘Nigeria’.

There is no need to play any clever game of pretence, deceit and unnecessary subterfuge about what is truly at stake and what the grand objective of the task at hand is. Pretence about your sacred mandate is no longer a sensible choice at this eleventh hour to the extermination and extinction by ethnic cleansing of the indigenous people of ‘Nigeria’ from the face of the earth. Frankness, fearlessness, forthrightness and a serious sense of urgency are the virtues required, demanded and expected of you. No more and no less.

May the spirit of truth reign supreme in your hearts and may it guide you at every step of the struggle and negotiations for the inalienable human rights of the oppressed indigenous people of ‘Nigeria’ to attain unconditional freedom, equality, justice, self determination and true political and economic independence.  

In The Spirit of Truth